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Left the phone (aka camera) at home today, so some things will have to be left up to your imagination! I was able to capture breakfast, thank goodness, because it was a really good one!

Oat bran (Mother’s brand, so tasty and creamy!) made with plain soy milk, banana, and peanut butter (430 cal), holla!

When I got to work I had a cup of coffee with soy milk and tried a blueberry Z bar for my snack, it was really good. Gotta love the Z bars, they have come out with a ton more flavors! I have apple cinnamon waiting for me next time I need a bar. I think the product line is actually for kids, but they are just right for me too.

Happy Thursday!

Knish, quiche, whatever!

Dinner with the girls was fantastic! When I got home from work, I was hungry so I had 1/4 honey roasted peanuts and some water to tide me over.

We ended up having vegetable knish (or was it quiche? haha) with sweet potato fries and my salad (greens, strawberries, almonds and ginger vinaigrette). I hate how blurry this picture turned out, oh well…

For dessert, we had chocolate no bake cookies. I hadn’t had these in forever and they were sooo good, I had two (only one pictured):

Oh soy!

Mid-morning snack: peach (starting to turn, eaten just in time!)

Lunch: peanut butter & preserves on flax bread, flavored applesauce, banana

After lunch, I hit the gym — 30 minutes (steady, 7 resistance) elliptical trainer and some leg strengthening exercises. I did 2 sets each of walking lunges and wall squats using the balance ball, it was a great support and I found it easier to do squats properly this way.
Later in the afternoon, I tried Stonyfield‘s vanilla soy yogurt – the taste was great, not too different from their vanilla dairy yogurt, but I think I just prefer the consistency of the So Delicious brand more.

2nd cup of coffee — it was freezing in the office!

Potluck Wednesday!

Howdy folks! Isn’t today just a great day already? Hope everyone is feeling as good as I am today, if you’re not, hope your day brightens up soon 🙂

I woke up rather late this morning but I didn’t panic, I just grabbed a to-go breakfast of a Larabar, banana and chocolate soymilk (in my favorite to go cup):

Oh….my….goodness….has anyone else had the peanut butter cookie Larabar yet? It is the best bar I have ever had, no joke. I looooove peanut butter stuff and this was unbelieveable. You gotta try it, I’m so glad they came out with some new flavors, I wasn’t too excited about the other ones except for ginger snap.

My friends and I have started a potluck group on Wednesday nights; we have been having girl’s night for years, but we have always gone out to eat and so in an effort to save money and our health (and in return getting more time to spend together), we have started bringing our own stuff over.

This week, I had to do a side dish, so I made a salad with 4 cups baby greens (a spring mix), 1 cup fresh sliced strawberries (I sprinkled some lemon juice on them to keep them from wilting), 1/2 cup toasted almond slices, and some Annie’s gingerly vinaigrette dressing. I have tossed it all together except for the dressing; I haven’t decided how much dressing I’ll add in, but if I end up using 1/2 cup, the salad should be 90 calories per serving (I made enough for 4 of us).

The best part is I didn’t even have to buy anything, I had all of that stuff at home already 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday update

I usually don’t like bragging, but I can’t help but be really proud of myself these past two days! I have eaten well, gotten good quality workouts in and managed to stay in a good calorie range while hitting all the food groups. My healthy lifestyle is finally balanced again!

Sorry for leaving Tuesday hanging, I got busy yesterday I guess. Here’s how the rest of the day went:

Mid-morning snack

Lunch – veggie burger with veggie ‘cheese’ and spicy mustard in a pita pocket (I love eating them this way)


Mott’s Healthy Harvest (no sugar added) flavored applesauce – I had wanted to try one of these for a while and it was really good! Can’t wait to taste other flavors 🙂

After lunch workout – 45 minute treadmill workout (thanks Tina!)
Hershey’s dark chocolate – post workout

So Delicious yogurt in Key Lime – it wasn’t green like I expected it to be but it did taste EXACTLY like Key Lime pie 😉

After work workout – 15 minutes core/ab exercises:
– Regular crunches on balance ball (2 x 15)
– Back extensions on balance ball (2 x 15)
– Side crunches on balance ball (2 x 30, 15 on each side)
– Side bends with 10 lb dumbbells (2 x 15)
– Toe touch crunches (2 x 40)
– Bicycle crunches (2 x 30)
Dinner – Morningstar Farms Chik patty (herb roasted) with ketchup; sweet potato with Smart Balance (1 tsp) and cinnamon; broccoli.

Movie snack – Barbara’s peanut butter puffins (1 cup = 147 calories); diet Sierra Mist.

When I got home, I needed something else, so I had a cup of hot cocoa –

My goal for the day was to be at or under 1889 calories, I ended up at 1742! Doing it this way makes so much more sense to me.
Here is how I calculate it:
Take your current weight x 13
Subtract 500 calories (to lose 1 lb per week, you need a 3500 cal deficit)
Add in calories you burned from exercise
What’s left is your target
153 lbs x 13 = 1989 – 500 = 1489 + 400 (calories burned) = 1889 calories
This is strictly for fat loss — I need to lose the weight I gained on my trip and a few pounds I’ve been hanging on to even before then. If you do not need to lose weight, then do not subtract the 500; your weight times 13 is the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight (plus, you need more if you exercise)!

**I am not a professional, this is just based on my own experience and research and should not be taken over the advice of your doctor or health professional.

Finally up to date!

So here I am blogging about my food on the actual day I ate it, yay!

This morning for breakfast, I made two scrambled eggs (with a bit of soymilk to fluff them up), two pieces of flax toast with 1/2 tbsp preserves and a cup of chocolate soymilk. I have fruit in the house now but I just wasn’t feeling it this morning so I decided to pack some for later in the day:

I had a cup of coffee with soymilk about an hour after I got to work (no pic). I enjoyed it but I don’t want to make a big habit out of it, I want to only have it when I truly want it, so that it doesn’t become another caffeine addiction.
Have a great day!

Sunday and Monday

Sunday was my husband’s birthday, so I woke up early (even after getting home late on Saturday!) to make some buckwheat waffles. They were so thick and filling, we could both only eat two (with sugar free syrup, btw)! I had mine with some chocolate soymilk…there was no fruit in the house 😦

At church, I had this vanilla soy yogurt as a snack:

For lunch, we went to Chili’s and I got the exact same thing I did last time we went there about a month ago (sorry no pic)…the chicken fajita pita with broccoli instead of french fries. I also had about 5 chips with salsa.

My husband got a nice piece of dutch apple pie, his favorite. I chose to buy a slice so we wouldn’t have leftovers and so the family could enjoy a nice, more calorie friendly treat. I got lowfat vanilla ice cream (110 cal for 1/2 cup) and some small sugar cones (20 cal each). I had two of these:

I got hungry for dinner a few hours later, so I made a veggie burger with cheese, lettuce and light mayo on 12 grain bread. Applesauce on the side…

Before I left the house to go grocery shopping, I still felt a bit like I was not full, so I had a cup of chocolate soymilk, can’t go to the grocery hungry!

But that night I did myself in with some Barbara’s peanut butter puffins! I had three cups I think, sheesh 😉

After this I decided I really need to be more intuitive with my eating and also need to track calories as much as I can without overdoing it. But I’m still not getting on that scale, I promise!

Started off the day with a very filling breakfast: whole wheat bagel with sun butter and preserves, 1/2 cup strawberries and a cup of chocolate soymilk (545 calories)

When I got to work, I enjoyed a cup of coffee with vanilla soymilk (25 cal). I have decided that the occasional cup of regular coffee is okay again. In fact, I think it gave me an energy and mood boost that made me have a very good Monday 🙂

Around 10:30, we were having a party at work but I wasn’t really that hungry for a snack, so I just had a few of these apple slices (about 50 calories):

Lunch was a can of Healthy Life spicy vegetarian chili (yum) with 2 sourdough wasa crackers (390 cal):

About an hour after lunch, I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. It felt so good to exercise again, hopefully I can get back in the groove! When I returned I had three Hershey’s dark chocolate kisses (about 75 cal) and tons of water!

Later on in the afternoon, I had some baby carrots & a Laughing Cow cheese wedge (70 cal for both) and a fresh peach (60):

After work, I went back to the gym and did about 20 minutes of upper body weight training. I have decided it would be easier for me to break up the different groups of muscles and do a little weight training everyday instead of trying to get the full body in a few days a week. Here are the exercises I did (inspired by the Pirate Workout on

– One-arm dumbbell rows with balance ball (using 10 lb dumbbell; 2 x 15) *this move worked out so much more than my arm, it was great!

– Dumbbell lateral raises (using 5 lb dumbbells; 2 x 15)
– Bicep curls, alternating arms (using 12.5 lb dumbbells; 2 x 15)
– Tricep extensions (using one 10 lb weight; 2 x 15)
– Chest presses on balance ball (using 12.5 lb weight; 1 x 15)
– Shoulder press (using 12.5 lb weight, 1 x 15; 2nd set, using 10 lb weight, muscle fatigue at 6)
I felt really good about this workout and I’m only mildly sore today so I did enough but didn’t overdo it either.
Dinner was two veggie dogs on a piece of flax bread (makeshift bun, haha) with ketchup and mustard and some green and yellow squash (about 235 calories). I also had a nice glass of Bare Foot shiraz (120 cal):

I definitely paid more attention to my body tonight. I waited 2 hours after dinner to have a sweet treat which was 1/2 cup of ice cream in a cone (130 calories):

Then later on, I got a little hungry and knew that a cup of fat free hot chocolate would make me feel full and also help me get my daily calcium in (it has as much as a cup of milk and only 50 calories):

Grand total for Monday – 1750 calories (my goal was to be under 1800!)
I managed to get in a cardio workout, some weight training and I had 9,000 steps on my pedometer (which I took off at the gym)!
It was a good day. I already feel back on track 🙂

Playing catch up…

I don’t know how it keeps happening that I get away from here for a week or more! Actually, it’s a few things…my online picture service was down for a few days and then I went out of town with my best bud this weekend to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to see qualifying and practice for the Nascar Allstate 400 at the Brickyard and also a FREE concert of my all-time fave band, the Goo Goo Dolls ❤ It was a great weekend!

This might take a while so bear with me…pardon my lack of description, I’m just going to let the pics speak for themselves 🙂

Going back to Wednesday, where we left off –


New flavor of So Delicious yogurt, Cherry vanilla, very good!

This is Kashi Go lean crunch cereal…I ended up having two bowls as a ‘snack’ after we played volleyball Thursday night!

Breakfast before we left for Indy (eaten at 5 a.m.!)

I don’t have pics for the rest of Friday unfortunately, I needed to save the space for my weekend excursion! But I did well, I packed snacks and lunches to take to Indy with me…the only thing I got at the track was coke zero because I simply couldn’t pass it up and drinking water all day was getting boring 😉
Before we left town, we stopped at Speedway (haha) to get gas and some coffee…I had a 20 oz with 2 packets of cinnamon hazelnut creamer. It woke me right up!
When we arrived at the track, I had a raspberry So Delicious yogurt while walking from the car, we definitely got our exercise in. Lunch was a packed peanut butter (2 tbsp!) and banana sandwich on 12 grain bread, applesauce and baby carrots. I think that held me over until we had dinner at a friend’s house that night, she made this delicious dish with whole wheat angel hair pasta, chicken, squash, tomatoes and onion and several spices. It was yummy! We also had some watermelon and coffee for dessert and then a ‘Polish mistake’ which was spicy sausage and cheese on top of a small piece of rye bread. Later that night I also had a clif Z bar, I think it was chocolate chip.
For breakfast on Saturday, I made a heaping bowl of quick cooking oats with soymilk, peanut butter and banana. I knew I would need lots of fuel to make it through the long day 🙂 I also had a cup of coffee with soymilk.
Mid-morning, I had some dried apricots; then for lunch, I had one of those tuna to go packs with the tuna and crackers (it came with mayo and relish but I only used a squirt of each). I also had a big red delicious apple with lunch. I ate my other clif Z bar (chocolate brownie) before the concert because I was feeling a little lightheaded.
We stopped for dinner on the way home at Max & Erma’s…I got the black bean veggie burger which was covered with guacamole, it was very messy but tasty. It also came with a side salad which was very green and had sun dried tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette on it, yay!
When I got home, I needed something sweet, so I had one of my So Delicious neopolitan (or Napoleon as I like to call it) mini-ice cream sandwiches:

We are going out of town AGAIN this coming weekend but I should be able to keep up better because I’m just guessing there won’t be as much to take pictures of. But I could be wrong! 🙂

Happy Tuesday! I will catch up on Sunday and Monday next…

Putting the scale on the shelf

Happy Wednesday blog readers!

I tried to wake up this morning to exercise and realized that at 5:15, it is still pitch black outside here, so that’s probably not the best idea. I think what I will do is either some workout dvds or perhaps wait until 6:00 when the sun starts to come up, so I can get outside. That will require planning things out the night before and making my lunch ahead of time and having a quick breakfast.

This morning, I was just way too tired, so I laid on the couch until almost 6:30! I was out late at the movie last night and then had trouble getting to sleep once we got home even though I had no trouble sleeping in the theatre, ha. I think I just had a lot on my mind.

Speaking of which, I have weighed myself every morning since I returned home from Nicaragua and I’m really starting to find it counterproductive. So I think when I start my 30 days with Jillian Michaels, I am also going to try and go 30 days with no scale. Truthfully, now that I have lost this much weight, I am less concerned with the number and more interested in how I feel and look these days. So I’m going to take the scale off the floor and put it back on the shelf where it belongs!

Breakfast this morning was kind of random…I made the rest of my leftover steel cut oats with 1/3 cup plain soymilk and some blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and a packet of McDonald’s granola that I didn’t use from Friday at the airport. I also had a cup of chocolate soymilk because I was craving it!

Then on the way to work, mom suggested Starbucks and since I was tired, I didn’t feel too bad having a regular (non-decaf!) tall soy latte. Don’t think I need much more ‘milk’ products today!

As I was drinking my $3 coffee (60 cordobas), I began to feel like that spoiled U.S. American again and really missed being in Nicaragua. It really is ridiculous to spend that much on coffee. Guess if I really want some, I’m going to have to buy a small coffeemaker, I had gotten rid of mine because I had quit drinking coffee and when I did drink it, I only had 1 cup and it was a 12-cup pot!

Have a great day!

Tuesday nite movie

I am so tired! We went to an 8:00 showing of “The Dark Knight” last night and I kept falling asleep toward the end so I think I missed some stuff, dang it. I hate that I’m old and fall asleep in movie theatres. I also fall asleep at home on the couch when we rent them too. Sheesh.

So, recapping…yesterday afternoon I had to get out for a while because I was falling asleep and in need of some good blood circulation, so I went for a nice 15-minute walk and picked up a Hershey special dark chocolate bar (had a mad chocolate craving) and a diet Dr. Pepper. After checking out the Hershey website, I saw that they have some ‘extra’ dark chocolate and some cacao reserve, I will have to try these next time, if I can find them!

I ate half the bar and put the other half away for another day, it really seemed to do the trick. It held off my appetite and woke me up enough to finish out the work day. I still feel really unmotivated to work out, so I sat outside and read some more Harry Potter while waiting for my ride.

On the way home, I started to get hungry, so I ate what I had brought for my afternoon snack: So Delicious soy yogurt in strawberry (new flavor) — so yummy! It’s so creamy and not overly sweet and actually has real fruit chunks in it. I love this brand, it’s the best so far!

I had to make dinner in a rush so we could make it to the theatre on time, so I heated up some left over pinto beans and brown rice, tossed in some chili garlic sauce (hot), and then toasted up a pita pocket and stuffed in some red pepper hummus and poured myself a glass of Bare Foot Shiraz.

As for the movie, Heath Ledger was brilliant and Christian Bale did a good job, though his “Batman voice” was a little humorous this time around. It was a little long too, which is why I fell asleep toward the end. But luckily it was bargain Tuesday ($6) and I hadn’t seen anything in the theatre in over a month.

I took some vanilla wafers and Silk soymilk (the very vanilla is easy for me to drink by itself) as a snack, I ate all but two of the wafers (shared with a friend) and not pictured are two dark chocolate hershey kisses my friend shared with me 🙂

What a day! Hopefully I will be exercising again soon, I know I will feel better when I do.