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Help! In need of change…

Every six weeks or so, I am ready to change things up. Whether it’s trying something new in my diet, changing up my exercise routine, or redecorating, I get bored after a few weeks and have to find something new to get me excited about my healthy lifestyle again.

Back in June while my husband was out of town, I became an ‘accidental’ vegetarian and kept it up until our trip to Nicaragua when I decided it wasn’t worth it to not eat the meat there as it was in many of our dishes. Since I’ve returned home, I’ve gone back to not eating it and already feel better again. 🙂

But now, I’m finding myself completely unmotivated to exercise. I was reading an article about Jackie Warner (from Bravo’s Workout) in FitnessRx magazine and she said (and I’m paraphrasing) if you are too tired to go to the gym or don’t feel like it in general, than you should stay home because your workout will not be a good quality one even if you do manage to get through your routine. So now I have had that in the back of my mind this week. And I don’t know if that’s good or bad.
I know I am bored with the current routine, if you can even call it that. Basically, I’ve been trying to do some cardio everyday – running, walking, elliptical or bike – for eat least thirty minutes. Then 2-3 days a week I like to get in some serious weight training. I’ve tried a few new routines based off the massive amounts of exercises I know how to do but now just the thought of going to the gym makes me yawn. I want to get serious again. When I was training for the mini-marathon this winter, I was focused with a clear goal in mind. I guess I need to find one again, something to look forward to, a deadline to meet.

I’m also thinking it’s a timing thing. I usually work out on my lunch hour when before it was after work. I think I would rather spend the work day normally, eating lunch away from my desk and enjoying the sights and sounds quietly away from the computer. But when will I work out? I doubt I will want to after work because these days by 3:00 (right now, haha) I am ready for a nap and by the time I leave work I am usually hungry and just want to go home.

I carpool with my mom and can’t really afford to miss out on how much money I am saving myself by not driving to work, so getting here early to work out just won’t work right now. So I guess what I need to do is try getting up early and seeing what I can do at home before work. But that too poses a challenge. I usually go to bed around 10-11 every night but this would have me get up at 5 or 5:30 a.m. Hmm…the good news is that in a few weeks, my husband goes back to work and he will have to get up at 5:00 so maybe I can motivate myself to start getting up with him?

Now that I have the time figured out, what am I going to do? Since the summer days are so hot, maybe I could get out for a walk or run in the mornings before the real heat sets in. Or maybe I could invest in some good workout DVDs, a balance ball and some heavier weights (the 5 lb’ers are nothing to me now).

I’ve also been reading Jillian Michael’s book “Making the Cut” which is written specifically for those who don’t have a lot of weight left to lose and want to tone up while losing the last few pounds. It’s like it was written for me! But the program requires serious commitment as it has 30 days outlined for you — I’m thinking I could start this in August with a goal of finishing by Labor Day?

We’ll see. All I know is that right now I am in need of a serious change. I am burnt out! 🙂

Donde esta…..?

After spending almost 10 days in Nicaragua, I am still back here in the U.S. speaking a form of Spanglish. I find myself thinking in Spanish first before I start saying things and then wonder why no one repeats what my friends say in Spanish. Hah.

Anyway, for lunch today, I had Health Valley’s vegetarian chili, which was very tasty, filling and even a little spicy! I crumbled up two Wasa sourdough crackers. I don’t know how I ever settled for saltines, Wasa crackers are the bomb 😉

After I ate this part of my lunch at my desk, I went outside and read some Harry Potter and munched on my strawberries. Now I am incredibly sleepy (it was muy relaxing out there) and am debating on whether or not to pour myself some of the office coffee. Hmm….

Eek, I almost forgot, earlier this morning, I had some leftover popcorn and green tea for a mid-morning snack:

Hasta luego!

Be fast

This morning I got to have something I haven’t had in what seems like an eternity…my favorite Kashi cereal! I enjoyed it so much and ate it so fast that I forgot to take a picture of it, so here is the box 🙂

I had a cup of this with a sliced banana and 1/2 cup of plain soymilk for breakfast this morning. It has held me over pretty well so far too, I have to remember to keep getting these good high protein cereals more often.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday wrap-up

Monday was my first full day of being back to somewhat normal eating habits. I am so glad because even though I enjoyed a lot of the food I had while I was away, it isn’t stuff I would normally eat and isn’t the best for you nutritionally either.

Around 2:30, I was hungry, so I had my Whole Soy & Co peach yogurt and it was very good. I really enjoy the Whole Soy & Co brand, but I still think So Delicious is probably my favorite so far. I would like to try Stonyfield Farms brand soy yogurt because I used to enjoy their regular yogurt a lot before I figured out dairy bothers my stomach.

Around 4, I left work and while I was waiting for my ride, I did some reading and started to nod off so I sat back to close my eyes for a bit but was awoken by some loud hunger growls! So unfortunately, I had to resort to the vending machine and I got some peanut butter crackers (which we would’ve killed for in Nica).

When I got home around 6:30, I made myself some pinto beans with brown rice and hot sauce and some green and yellow squash. I also enjoyed a nice glass of Bare Foot Shiraz, which was amazing. I really love this brand! I decided to go with a red this time because I had been on a white wine kick for a while now. I think I made an excellent choice.

After dinner, I took an impromptu nap on the dining room table (eek) then woke up and did some household stuff before I started searching for dessert. I’m trying not to keep ice cream in the house because it was definitely one of my vices while I was out of town and I’m also trying to use up some stuff we already have (especially what we don’t need to have in the house). So it ended up being some reduced fat vanilla wafers with Nutella, I made little sandwiches out of them! It was really good actually 🙂 I had one serving of wafers (about 8) and about a tablespoon of Nutella, which was all that was left in the jar, I had to scrape the sides and everything, haha.

Later on that night, while we were watching wrestling, I had some Wild oats brand organic plain popcorn with a sprinkle of salt and some spray butter.

Almost back to normal! 😉
I could not bring myself to exercise…I am still very tired (obviously from the dining room table nap) and it’s that time of the month on top of everything else. Hopefully I will be able to get back into the swing of things very soon.

Best intentions

I had a peanut butter and strawberry preserves sandwich on Healthy Life’s 100% natural Farmer’s 12 grain bread, a banana, and a to-go cup of unsweetened applesauce. I chose to sit outside to eat today so I could get away from my desk (a bad habit) and to warm up because the office is just a freezer today! I think I adapted to the warmer temperature while I was out of the country. I can’t stand being cold!

Peanut butter is rare in Nicaragua, the only thing close I could find was Reece’s cups! So of course the whole time we were gone that is all I could think about. If we go next year, I’m packing a jar to take with me! As soon as we got home, I went and bought a nice new jar of Kroger brand organic all-natural creamy peanut butter. I still have some Sun butter left and I will use that up too eventually.

There were many things in Nica that were better tasting than what we have here. As much as I love bananas here, including the one I ate with lunch today, the bananas in Nicaragua are 10 times better! We were also served fresh pineapple with breakfast almost every day and it was the best pineapple I had ever tasted in my life! They just have fruit growing on trees all around the place we were staying and I took a lot of pictures (I just need to upload them!). It was such an amazing experience all around.

Good to be back

Buenos dias!

It is so good to be back home and I think I’m finally starting to get back into the normal routine now that it’s Monday 🙂 I had a great time on my trip to Nicaragua and it was bittersweet to leave on Friday. The food down there was fantastic, I never thought I would go to a third world country on a mission trip and wind up gaining weight. I have plenty of pics to share later on when I get a chance!

To start things off this morning, I had a big bowl of steel cut oats this morning (I made them last night) and reheated them with 1/2 cup of soymilk, then stirred in a tbsp of semisweet chocolate chips and 1/4 cup of raisins.

When I got to work and got settled in, I had a cup of hot green tea and some honey roasted peanuts for a mid-morning snack.

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!


Where the heck have I been?

Well, I am getting ready to go out of the country on a mission trip with my husband and a group from our church. I guess somewhere in the last several days I have managed not to post anything. Sorry!

But rest assured, my eating is still fine and I have actually been doing really well just not at posting pictures, ha ha.

We are leaving tomorrow and will not return until the 19th, so it will at least be then before you hear from me again. Thanks for sticking around, I can’t wait to get back to regular food blogging again, I have missed it!

Sarah 🙂

Was it the granola or am I just busy?

I don’t know what happened this morning but I would like to think it was the granola cereal I ate for breakfast! I ate around 6:30 and didn’t feel hungry until I ate lunch around 11:45! This hardly ever happens, usually by 10:00 I am starving for a snack. Not today…

This is the Nature’s Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Plus granola cereal. I got it when it was on sale for about $2.00 and just now opened the box up. I just checked the website and saw how many flavors they had other than this one, so I can’t wait to try another one soon! But this one is really good too.

I woke up craving cereal and granola and this hit the spot ever so perfectly (probably why I was satisfied until lunch). It was very filling and crunchy and has lots of seeds in it that I know give me good stuff like Omega 3’s & 6’s, etc. It’s not the sweetest stuff in the world (don’t think pumpkin pie when you buy this) but it is a great cereal and granola in one. I topped mine (a 1 cup serving) with a sliced banana and 1/2 cup of plain soymilk. Yum-o!

No mid morning snack to report, so let’s get right to lunch…LEFTOVERS! My leftover Shanghai stir fry from Ramsi’s was just as good as it was last night and to balance the meal out, I had a red delicious apple and some So Delicious soy yogurt in blueberry, which is now my 2nd favorite flavor next to vanilla. The peach yesterday was good too. Just not the cinnamon bun flavor 😦

That’s all for now! If there is no rain tonight, we are heading to the baseball game and fireworks downtown but we’ll be eating before going into the park, I cannot even fathom eating ballpark food these days, ick.


Lovely Wednesday

It’s official! My two favorite days of the week are Wednesday and Saturday. We usually do a girl’s night on Wednesdays (I’m going to miss the next two weeks, sadness) and we always have a great time. But before I get too ahead of myself.

Lunch yesterday was sun butter and apple butter on whole wheat bread with So Delicious peach soy yogurt and some carrots (yum) –

The peach yogurt was very tasty and even had little chunks of peaches in it. I didn’t have to stir it at all, I just ate it as is. I’ve really enjoyed the other flavors of So Delicious, just not the cinnamon bun. I will have to try some more soon!

Then I went for a HUGE walk again in the afternoon for about an hour, I got muy sweaty by the time I got back to the building though.

For afternoon snacks, I had some granola bites and a mini clif bar –

Then we went out on the town last night! We went to Ramsi’s, a local eatery in our fine town that boasts many different international cuisines, which is why they call it the “Cafe on the World.” We sat outside and the sun had just started to go in and the weather was pretty much perfect for outdoor dining. I really enjoyed myself!

I started things off with a glass of Beringer White Zinfandel (the absolute BEST tasting one out there and not too expensive either!) and then I ordered the Shanghai stir fry (veggies served over basmati rice) with the chili garlic sauce. I only ate about half-2/3 of what’s pictured (lunch leftovers, yay) but I did eat all of the bread.

Since we were closeby, we stopped at Ce Fiore again, where this time I tried the Raspberry-Pomegranate frozen yogurt (I ordered a kid’s size this time, a little bit smaller) with m&m’s, strawberry and blueberries. It was fantastic and so cute to look at!

But when I got home I remembered what dairy products have been doing to me lately 😦 So I’m going to have to avoid them for a while and also get some Lactaid or something for those times when I just can’t turn frozen yogurt away!

Hope everyone had a great night as well!

1 week!

I am leaving the country a week from today! I am excited but also kinda nervous. But just FYI, I will most likely not be able to blog from next Wednesday through the following Friday.

Breakfast this morning was another smoothie (I am hooked!) made with soy milk, blueberries and raspberries (another purple one but lighter this time) and a Thomas whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese. Simple and perfect!

My mid-morning snacks were a cup of Stash decaf chocolate hazelnut tea, 1/4 cup of cashews and a banana.

Happy Wednesday!