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On a cereal kick

It had been a while since I had eaten regular, cold cereal for breakfast, so I must have been missing it. Yesterday’s bowl was a nice 1.5 cups of Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal in Honey Almond Flax. I love the texture and taste of this and it’s very filling, especially with some fruit and soymilk thrown in 🙂

When I got to work I had a decaf coffee with 1/4 cup plain soymilk (no pic). For my mid-morning snack / pre-run fuel, I had another flavor of Larabar…Cashew Cookie! I really liked this one because it wasn’t sweet at all and it did actually taste like cashews. That’s the thing I like about Larabars, they actually taste like what they are named! Plus you just have to love the short ingredients list: cashews, dates. That’s it! Just writing this makes me want to go buy some more to try them 😉 It was also great fuel for my walk-run that I did before lunch.

I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill so I could control my time and speed better since I’m pretty much starting over with running again. I did a 5 minute walking warm-up and then alternated 2 minutes of running at 6.0 mph with 4 minutes of walking at 4.0 mph and repeated this 5 times. Then I did a gradual 5 minute cooldown. I was dripping in sweat and feeling great too!

After this, I went and weighed in with a wellness coach, what a relief! Their scale is so much more accurate than the one I keep at home and just being accountable to them for the next 12 weeks is going to be a huge motivator. I am proud to say that I am down to 148.8, which is only 0.8 away from my pre-Nicaragua weight. My goal is 135 and I definitely think if I work hard enough, I could get there in 12 weeks. I just need to work on a plan!

This was the best lunch ever! I made a small salad with romaine, raisins, pecan pieces and sunflower kernels. Then I threw on a packet of Salmon and topped it with about 1 tbsp of balsamic vinaigrette (half the container shown). I also had a blueberry soy yogurt (my favorite flavor from Whole Soy & Co) and a diet raspberry Snapple. This was soooo filling and so tasty, I didn’t want my afternoon snack until it was almost time to leave work!

I was cold and starting to drag a bit later on in the day, so I had a cup of green tea with 1/4 cup plain soymilk.

Then about 30 minutes before it was time to leave work, I had my afternoon snack of a peach (sliced) and 1/2 cup whipped cottage cheese (with mucho protein!) which worked out perfectly because dinner wouldn’t be until later than I was used to eating.

It’s girl’s night potluck time again! I made this minestrone soup from a mix because I didn’t have power at the beginning of the week and wanted something I could throw in my mom’s crockpot. It actually turned out really good and I have some leftovers!

We also had some sweet ‘n sour slaw (storebought) and some stir fry veggies with soy sauce. It was a nice light meal but the soup definitely filled me up!

While being all girly and watching “P.S. I love you” (seriously, one of my favorite movies even if I cry through 90% of it), we had these Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. They were pretty tasty, I haven’t eaten one of these since my Weight Watchers days 😉 I usually try to avoid ‘diet’ products because they tend to have some funky ingredients but this tasted good and hit the spot, so every once in a while is ok.

Update: I am APPALLED! I just looked at the Skinny Cow website and this ice cream sandwich contains the following – chocolate sandwich [skim milk, wafer (bleached wheat flour, sugar, caramel color, dextrose, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, corn flour, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, baking soda, modified corn starch, salt, mono and diglycerides, soy lecithin, cocoa), sugar, corn syrup, water, cocoa processed with alkali, whey protein, cream, polydextrose, fructan (dietary fiber), stabilizer (microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose gum, mono and diglycerides, locust bean gum, calcium sulfate, polysorbate 80, carrageenan), vitamin A palmitate]….can I get a WTF?

Fall is a rough time of year for me…I had 7 pieces of candy corn! I love Halloween candy and pumpkin everything this time of year. Almost time to start watching some scary movies 🙂

Have a great day!

p.s. For those of you who do, please pray for this sweet lady named Erica. She is facing a tough road ahead of her from a recent health diagnosis but she’s also a fighter and I have faith she can make it through this!

Two days worth

Hey folks, sorry for the delay! I took off yesterday to tend to my apartment and we finally got our power back on yesterday afternoon, hooray 🙂 It’s so good to be back home and have a working fridge and washer/dryer again….the things we take for granted!

Staying with my parents was fun but the food situation was challenging at times (i.e. chocolate chip cookies). But I hung in there and don’t feel badly about anything. So here it is:


Breakfast: 1 cup Total cereal + 1 sample Fiber One; 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla soymilk

Morning snack: Organic Naturebar and large banana

Before lunch, I attended a Pilates class…while I didn’t really break a sweat, I was amazed at the intense muscle action I experienced in the class. Especially the abs, hips and thighs. I would definitely try it again 🙂

Lunch was a white (sad face) English muffin with PB&J, leftover lentils and an orange.

Afternoon snack: hot gingerbread tea, Wasa crackers with veggie cheese slices

I was craving something sweet (surprise surprise) and I found this ‘sample’ of Werther’s original Caramel-dark chocolate candy. I quickly glanced at the ingredients and didn’t see anything too evil, so I got it. This package contains 3 pieces for 120 calories…I only ate one! And I loved it…very creamy and rich, plus you could really taste the caramel infused in it. One piece really was enough 😉

Dinner – Salad with real bacon bits and Raspberry Cabernet dressing…

And lasagna..this did not sit too well with me, literally and figuratively, but we were sort of at it’s mercy with no power and being re-located and all.

Dessert – a serving of light Pumpkin ice cream and 1/2 serving of chocolate graham Goldfish (whole grain!)


Breakfast – Oat bran made with 1/2 soymilk and 1/2 water; 1/2 sliced banana and 1 tbsp of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB (aka the best stuff ever invented)

Mid-morning/early afternoon, I had a Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax bar while I was cleaning the refrigerator and apartment, then the power came back on, woo hoo!

Lunch: 1 package of chunk light tuna with mustard on whole wheat, orange.

Then came the adventure! I went to Target and Kroger yesterday trying to find stuff for groceries and such, both places were completely wiped out of anything refrigerated or frozen! It was so weird to see stores this way, this was quite a storm for our city.

While at Target (which has a Starbucks, hehe), I had a grande mocha light frappuccino:

After 2+ hours of shopping, I came home with tired feet, so I sat down for a while, then I felt a rumble, so I snacked on some peanuts about an hour and a half before I started making dinner.

This was so cool! I cooked some Laura’s Lean beef because my husband wanted tacos and then I made myself a taco salad in the process!

  • 2-3 cups romaine lettuce
  • 1/2 cup cooked Laura’s Lean beef mixed with taco seasoning
  • 1/4 cup black beans, heated up
  • 1 cup tri-colored peppers and onion mix (cooked in microwave)
  • 2 tbsp whipped 1% cottage cheese
  • 2 tbsp mild green taco sauce

My only regret is forgetting that I have some guacamole in the freezer! I told my husband to remind me of this next time we have ‘tacos’ 🙂

Tuesday is our new volleyball night and we played for about an hour and a half; others were anxious to get back home to see if their power was back on, I think we were the only ones who had been restored!

When we got back home, I was hungry, so I made myself a smoothie with 3/4 cup soymilk, 1/2 banana and 1/2 packet of Jay Robb’s chocolate whey protein mix (it was okay, just not much chocolate flavor really). I may have to stick with CIB.

It tasted good but didn’t quite fill me the way I would’ve liked, so I had a serving of chocolate goldfish, did the trick 🙂

Hope everyone out there is having a good week! 🙂

Tree pics

Here ya go! As promised…the tree in our backyard 😦

Windy weekend

Don’t know if you all saw the news but our area of the country experienced quite a windstorm yesterday. We had 60-70 mph winds that came up from Hurricane Ike! My husband and I lost power immediately (but luckily no damage to our apartment) and they say it could be out for more than a week, so we are staying with my parents. We were able to salvage most things from our fridge and freezer, thank goodness. But this week should be interesting! I have some pics from a tree that split and fell in our backyard, luckily away from the building. I’ll post one soon!

Weekend wrap-up!

I don’t know what happened to Friday’s pictures, so I think we’re just going to have to forget about it. I can’t even hardly remember what I had but I know I did good and I went to cardio kickboxing again, which was fantastic!


Breakfast: This breakfast rocks! It kept me full for HOURS on Friday and Saturday. It’s two scrambled eggs on a whole wheat Greek pita (folded) with a slice of cheddar veggie cheese and ketchup….YUMMMMMM!

I had some coffee with soymilk before I went for my first walk-run of a new program I’m starting. I went for a 5 minute warm up, alternated 2 minutes of running with 4 minutes of brisk walking for 30 minutes, then a 5 minute cooldown. It felt great!

Lunch – Strawberry-banana-soymilk smoothie and a peanut butter cookie Lunabar (not quite peanut butter-y enough for me. Larabar’s is better!)

At my parents’ house I had this Plum-A-Granate Snapple tea, it was so tasty! I may have to get another 😉 I also snacked on some honey roasted peanuts mid-afternoon.

Went to a birthday dinner at Bravo’s. I was tired from my run and it had been a long day so I wasn’t really in the mood for anything. I had a couple pieces of this bread and a tomato-mozzarella salad, which was really good actually.

At my friend’s place, we were served lemonade and cupcakes with no sugar added neopolitan ice cream (80 calories for 1/2 cup):

A few hours later, the party continued at another friend’s house, where we watched the season premiere of SNL. How brilliant is Tina Fey?! 🙂 Starbuck’s soy latte to help me stay up…

Then some Halloween candy…


Same breakfast as Friday & Saturday! It’s the best one I’ve had in a while, seriously. I think the fact that it’s savory keeps me from craving sweet stuff and it’s a lot of protein and fiber so it keeps me full for a long time, I just love it! I’m sad I’m out of eggs right now 😦

This time I threw in a few dried apricots (we’re so out of fruit)!

Snack @ church – Pumpkin Spice Flax Kashi bar, I loved it! Crunchy and the spices were perfect, not to sweet and not too bland, just right 🙂 Plus I love that I got some Omega 3’s in without even knowing it.

Lunch – Lentils and a piece of toast with Smart Balance (it’s so grocery time)…

At a family reunion, I made myself a big vegetable plate (this was during the storm)…

When I got home, we still didn’t have power. I made myself a snack (trail mix) and then took a nap in front of the open window with a nice breeze.

I woke up and still no power, so I made a peanut butter and preserves sandwich, then packed everything up and went to my parents’ house.

And ate a cookie…

Thank God I managed to save my pumpkin ice cream, right?! There’s another cookie underneath it; I checked the package, each cookie was 120 cals. I had planned to exercise on Sunday but with the bad weather and relocating, I didn’t get a chance.

I also had a handful of Chex Mix in between, sorry no pic! It was a crazy day but we made it and thank goodness we had a place to go, I feel so bad for complaining when I know there are people out there worse off than we are. Hopefully everyone will get restored soon and they can get our city cleaned up.

Happy Monday!

Feeling fantastic on Friday!

Hey folks! Sorry I was such a bummer yesterday…I am feeling much better after a great day of eating, exercising, and relaxing last night. 🙂

Yesterday morning, I made another chocolate-banana smoothie (I swear, I think Starbucks stole my idea, hehe) with a new kind of soymilk…WestSoy unsweetened vanilla (just 100 calories, 9 g of protein, and only 1 g sugar!) which tasted very good, I was impressed! I also used a new protein powder, Jay Robb’s whey protein in chocolate (about 1/2 the packet):

I also had an egg scrambled on a piece of whole wheat toast and another piece of whole wheat toast with some blueberry preserves.
When I got to work I made a DECAF coffee with Silk creamer. I cut off caffeine yesterday and also managed to stay away from soft drinks, hooray!
Mid-morning, I had some Wasa sourdough crackers with cheddar veggie cheese:

Before yoga class, I was feeling rather hungry, so I bought this Larabar in Cocoa Mole…WOW! I don’t know if I was that hungry or this just tasted great. So far this one and the Ginger Snap are my favorites 😉

Yoga was amazing again! I was able to stretch out some really sore muscles and also relax a bit and do some deep breathing which was perfect for the mood I have been in lately. I love it! I am looking forward to going back next week.

I didn’t eat lunch until almost 2:00 thanks to that Larabar! But I tried one of Kashi’s new frozen pocket bread things…this one was yummy, but it’s not as big as it looks, haha…

I had three slices of watermelon that looked like that, yum! I’m going to miss watermelon 😦

Much later in the afternoon, I had my soy yogurt and threw on an apple cinnamon bar to give it some chewiness and make it more filling…success!

After work I was able to do some shopping before I came home to eat dinner thanks to that late filling snack. Dinner was a chicken breast, marinated in BWW’s spicy garlic sauce with green beans, ketchup and a piece of whole wheat toast with Smart Balance:

After dinner, I watched the new 90210 episode on my DVR, went upstairs and took a long hot bath and then came back down for some light pumpkin ice cream! 🙂

After this, I drank some hot herbal tea and hit the sack! It was a great night and I am feeling good this morning because of it 🙂

Happy Friday!

Where’s my smile?

I’ve noticed the past two days have not been good for me. I have hardly smiled. I don’t know what’s going on but I haven’t felt this “down” in a long time. Maybe it’s the weather, changing of the seasons always seem to mess with me. I’m also coming off my ‘cycle’ so you ladies out there know how that feels. I also have been getting frustrated in other areas of my life as well and I guess it just came to a boiling point. I think it’s time to take a step back and re-assess things to see what is making me unhappy and what I can do to change it!

Breakfast – Banana chocolate smoothie (used last packet of hot cocoa mix) and scrambled egg on whole wheat toast. Had a coffee with Silk creamer mid-morning.

Snacks – Trail mix & grapes

Went to Yoga class before lunch! It was very relaxing and also quite challenging. It worked out some of my soreness from earlier in the week but added some new soreness today.

Lunch – Albacore tuna ‘steak’ (I didn’t care much for the flavor) on a salad with sunflower kernels, pecans and balsamic vinaigrette spritzer. Also had my soy yogurt because it didn’t quite fill me up!

Last Coke Zero for a while! I’m going to quit soft drinks again and work on caffeine too!

Around 4:00, I thought I needed a snack but looking back I could’ve waited until I got home. I got this terrible bag of Cheez-its out of the vending machine, we have nothing good here at work! They didn’t even taste that good and gave me a whopping 320 calories for nothing! 😦

We went to BD’s Mongolian Grill (a fave) for my dad’s birthday last night. I got shrimp, a little bit of crab and tilapia mixed with tons of veggies, an egg, and Kung Pao sauce. I liked it but not as much as the one I had last time with the spicy buffalo sauce. But it’s cool to try something different every time!

When I got home, I felt overwhelmed for no reason. I cried a bit and then ate my sorrows. I really need to do some reading on emotional eating. I’m usually in control of it but have found that when it does hit, it hits hard…

So Delicious neopolitan sandwiches

Some chocolate chip bunny grahams with caramel PB (ate some out of the jar too!)

Two dark chocolate kisses (after the caramel PB these didn’t taste so good, so I should’ve just left ’em). Oh well….tomorrow is another day!

I hope I get out of this funk soon, thanks for sticking with me!

Weighing in, plan of action, etc.

It’s Wednesday, so I weighed myself this morning and I am up half a pound. Normally, I would get really frustrated and try to figure out where I went wrong. But, I know nothing I did made me gain weight, sometimes the body just goes through fluctuations (that being said, I’m going to take it easy on Starbucks this weekend, hahaha).

However, I am still 6 lbs heavier than my lowest weight of 144, which I haven’t seen since June (my original goal was 135 and I’ve never been lower than 144). I know it has something to do with running or higher intensity activity. I haven’t ran more than once a week since the end of May when I was running at least 3-4 days per week training for a half-marathon. It’s hard to get readjusted. Now that it is almost Fall, I’m motivated to get back out there.

Honestly, I am doing great at 150 lbs considering I used to weigh as much as 225! I just need to stay focused on healthy eating, exercise and just use weekly weigh-ins as accountability and not as a sign of progress (or lack thereof).

I signed up for a program where I work that calls for weekly weigh-ins on Wednesday afternoons. This is a group I joined back in January 2007 when I first started this journey. However, this specific section is for maintainence. They will also be doing measurements and body fat analysis, so it will be good for me. I’m going to put my at home scale away so that I won’t be tempted to use it — as of next Wednesday afternoon at 12:45, I will have officially started over with a new scale and I will just go by what that one says from now on.

Just for fun, I went back through my old blogs and tried to take notice of things that may have changed and led to the weight gain, here are some things I noticed (some of these are just a coincidence and completely unrelated, this was just a fun exercise):


  • We were eating meat just about every night with dinner (lean pork chops, chicken, turkey, the occasional steak)
  • I was enjoying wine with dinner at home more
  • I was eating 1600-1800 cals per day on average
  • I was a big fan of the Food Pyramid…I think it still is valuable, I just question anything recommended by the government these days, haha.
  • Was hooked on Nutella and french bread


  • This was when I realized that some dairy products do not agree with me and I began replacing everything with soy (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.) Maybe I should try some dairy yogurt or milk to see if anything changed? I know I can’t tolerate dairy cheese (other than the occasional sprinkle of parmesan), that was always a problem…
  • I experimented with vegetarianism but mostly ended up eating lots of fake meat products and starches and not enough protein!
  • One word…Beer.
  • I must’ve eaten pizza 10 times near the end of June! Yuck.
  • I think I was sleeping better in June, I mentioned it quite a bit (I did more night preparation of my lunch and workout clothes, hmm, something to think about).
  • Oh yeah, mid-June, we MOVED! Talk about stressful…
  • I ate fruit (and sometimes granola or almond slivers too) with my yogurt if I ate it as an afternoon snack (I’ve been eating it by itself lately)
  • This was apparently the first time I realized carrots & hummus was an awesome snack, so it’s not a recent discovery 😉
  • Was still running or at least doing the elliptical trainer on intervals (60 minute cardio sessions) and lots more strength/weight training than I am currently
  • In June, I took a break from counting calories completely
  • Ate more carb/grain based breakfasts (pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, cereal, toast w/ PB, etc.)
  • Mini-clif bars! I need to get those again…
  • Turkey burgers?!? I haven’t had one in ages.
  • Bigger breakfasts: 400-500 cals
  • I was apparently on a smoothie kick then too, haha…


  • I started drinking full-caffeine again after having cut it out and switched to decaf
  • I’ve started drinking those evil diet soft drinks again
  • I’ve gained more weight since I STOPPED eating those lovely moist and chewy Kashi cookies!
  • I have hardly eaten oatmeal or oat bran lately and it used to be a regular thing, at least 2 days per week for breakfast
  • Running has been minimal
  • I started eating a ‘sweet treat’ after lunch everyday
  • Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins attacked! Lol…
  • Kept a container of Nutella in the house again (yikes)
  • Didn’t post a lot in July because I was out of town for most of it!
  • Started baking a lot! Zucchini bread, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, etc.
  • In July & August, we went out of town three different times, which led to lots of eating out on the road.

I’ve made some interesting observations about myself and realize what a great thing it is to have a food blog to look back on from time to time.

I am going to persevere and not give this half a pound another thought…eye on the ball!

Happy Wednesday!

Is today Tuesday or Thursday?

We played volleyball last night, which really threw me off…I came home thinking “Yeah! Tomorrow is Friday!” and then quickly realized “No wait, we play v-ball on Tuesdays now.” Bummer…haha.

Yesterday, I started things off with a simple milk + berries + ice smoothie:

And I had two poached eggs (yay, protein!) and a piece of whole wheat toast with real blueberry preserves (after you’ve had these, you’ll never eat jelly again)…

When I got to work, I had some coffee with Silk creamer and then mid-morning, some honey roasted peanuts, yum…I ate my snack a little early, so before I went to Body Sculpt class, I had an apple from my lunch.

Body sculpting was great again! I’m not as sore today as I was last week, but I am still sore in the calves from step aerobics on MONDAY! Whoa…

Lunch was an interesting experience. I started off with some carrots & hummus, this is very tasty and filling and works as a snack or part of a lunch, either way.

Then I tried this Clif Mojo bar for some meal replacement / protein:

It was just ok, it tasted more like jelly than peanut butter 😦 I would use it as a pre-run or recovery snack but perhaps another flavor would be better? For the calories (220), I could’ve eaten at least half of a real PB&J sandwich!

Before leaving work, I had some herbal tea and a raspberry soy yogurt. I was craving protein for dinner, but my great husband had already started some spaghetti, so I just threw in some veggies (spinach and peppers) and some turkey sausage and that seemed to do the trick:

After playing v-ball for 2+ hours, I was hungry when I got home, so I had something I hadn’t in a while…a bowl of cereal with milk! Behold, a cup of Kashi Heart to Heart with 1/2 cup Lactaid milk…

It was so good but I really should keep a higher protein cereal in the house (this was the last of H2H so I will get some). I needed a bit more, so I had a small spoonful of Caramel PB:

Then it was off to bed before I got into anything else! Haha. That seems to work for me, going upstairs, brushing my teeth and laying down keeps me from going back to the kitchen to get anything else to eat.

I ate more than normal yesterday, around 1800 calories, but that’s still not too bad considering I should’ve burned around 600-700 through exercise. I need to get a heart rate monitor, so I can more accurately calculate that.

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!

Are you ready for some football?

Hooray for the return of football season! I never in my life thought I would say that…see what being married has turned me into? Haha.

Breakfast yesterday was a smoothie made with fat free Lactaid milk (1 c.), a packet of Whole Foods Soy Protein (Chocolate – I did not like this, it was very chalky and hardly chocolate-y), and a cup of strawberries. I also had a piece of toast with 1 scrambled egg on top:

For my mid-morning snack, I had some coffee with Silk creamer and a Muscle Milk light bar (I’m not liking these too much anymore either, plus they have partially hydrogenated oils, why?!?):

After the snack and before lunch, I attended an Aerobic Variety class, which was mostly step aerobics with some strength moves thrown in. It was a very good workout, I really like the lady who teaches it, she also does the Cardio Kickboxing class on Fridays. So I will definitely go back to this one again.

Lunch was an old standby: a Boca veggie burger with cheddar “cheese” on top of a salad with raisins, sunflower kernels, pecans and balsamic vinaigrette spritzer dressing.

After I ate it though, I didn’t feel full (probably because of my workout), so I got a big red apple from the cafe and devoured it!


And after:

Later in the afternoon, I enjoyed some hot black tea and this yogurt, my favorite flavor next to Cherry which I can only find at Whole Foods…

After work, I went to a 30-minute “Arms and Abs” class. I may need to give it another chance, but my first impression was not good, I think I am better off just sticking to the daytime classes I’m already attending. I didn’t hardly break a sweat and neither my arms nor abs feel the least bit ‘worked’ today. Hmm…

Dinner was a barbecue pork chop (courtesy of my meat lover husband) and some broccoli with a whole wheat dinner roll. Nice and balanced and very filling!

We had some friends over for the kick-off of Monday Night Football and my friend Courtney brought over some sugar free / fat free Jello cheesecake pudding, which we topped with some berries and crushed graham cracker, a nice light sweet treat! I also had some coffee with fat free Lactaid milk too (no pic)…

Hope everyone made it through Monday! See ya next time 😉

Not so lazy Sunday

Sunday mornings, I always feel like a special treat for breakfast. This week was no exception, especially since I had worked so hard on keeping track of my calorie intake and exercise the past week!

So I made myself a nice breakfast of blueberry buckwheat pancakes, topped with other berries and sugar free syrup and some turkey sausage. The whole meal only cost me 470 calories! I omitted the oil from the pancake recipe and it didn’t taste any different, that alone saved me 120 cals! 🙂 I used a mix (3/4 cup), 1 egg, milk and 1/2 cup of blueberries. It would make 3 big pancakes, but my first one was a casualty, but I could have only eaten 2 anyway, so it worked out.

I had some coffee with Silk creamer on the go that morning and I didn’t take a snack to church because I knew this breakfast was going to hold me 🙂

When I got home, I made a salad of romaine, sunflower kernels, pecans, raisins, and a pack of chunk light tuna with 1 tbsp of whipped cottage cheese mixed in and sprinkled with just a bit of paprika (saw this at a restaurant once, not my own invention, haha). Oh and I used the balsamic vinaigrette ‘spritzer’…

For only 246 calories, this was a very filling me. I got to work on some much needed house cleaning and chores! But not before remembering to take my vitamin and a calcium + Vit D. supplement…

Later in the afternoon, I had some honey roasted peanuts to hold me over until dinner!

For dinner, I tried something new. I grilled some tofu on my George Foreman indoor grill (got the idea from Broccoli Hut):

Here is the tofu I used, this is my favorite brand and size because I hardly ever have leftovers!

I marinated half of it in Carribbean Jerk sauce and the other half in Mango Habanero (both from Buffalo Wild Wings):

After grilling each half for about 5-6 minutes, they looked (and tasted) done. I also enjoyed some italian cut green beans (from frozen) and a glass of milk…

Well, the Carribbean Jerk was fantastic, just as it was with my chicken last week! But the Mango Habanero was so freaking hot I thought my face was going to melt off! I have eaten it before on other things but for some reason I could hardly take it this time. So I don’t think I’ll marinate tofu with it again…still a good and filling dinner! I also had some cantaloupe, forgot to mention that 😉

More sports! I went to watch the WWE Unforgiven pay per view with my husband at the in-laws’ house. They had pizza, so thank God I ate before I went. Not only can I not eat all that cheese without getting sick but I just don’t like pizza that much unless it’s really gourmet and not just delivery. I’ve become such a snob!

I snacked on some grapes during the PPV and when I got home, had a serving of peanut butter pretzels so I wouldn’t go to bed hungry. My total for the entire day was 1556 calories, I was super happy with this, especially for a weekend!

Hope everyone enjoyed theirs as much as I did 🙂