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Monday before Christmas

I got these Special K waffles at the store because they were on sale and I had a coupon which made them cost next to nothing, yay! They aren’t as “good for me” as the Kashi waffles, but economically they were better…10 in a box as opposed to just 6.

I toasted up two, spread with some Dark chocolate dreams PB and topped with 1/2 a medium banana sliced and served with some turkey sausage and coffee with equal & soymilk.

Afterward, I had an Adora calcium supplement, which I decided I needed to start taking again, at least sometimes.

Lunch was a packet of chunk light tuna mixed with 1 tbsp ricotta cheese & 1 stalk of celery on Arnold double fiber wheat bread with brussels sprouts. I actually really like brussels sprouts, I’m so glad I finally bought some more 🙂

After lunch snack was a small slice of banana bread….mmmm…..

I was hungry before our group came over for Monday Night football so I had a serving of mixed nuts….

Then I got dinner started with a green salad topped with cucumbers, parm cheese and balsamic vinaigrette mist…

I also had some tortilla chips with monterey jack queso!

And two slices of mushroom pizza for dinner…

Monday morning, I realized that my parents own a stationary bike, so I drove over there and rode it for 35 minutes and then did some upper body and abs work. I was so glad to get exercise in, since I knew it would be sporadic over the next few days.


Today has been so weird…not necessarily in a bad way, just not like my normal schedule. I think I’m preparing for and adjusting to being off for two weeks, slowly but surely.

For breakfast this morning, I had an English muffin (whole wheat) with peanut butter, 1/2 regular and 1/2 dark chocolate. This wasn’t much but it held me forever! I couldn’t believe it. 🙂

Lunch was a veggie burger with Laughing Cow cheese on some Arnold’s Double Fiber wheat bread and a side of veggies.

After lunch, I tried a small piece (put my hand next to it to prove it!) of pumpkin bread that we received from someone at church. It was amazing!

Then I proceeded to take a 3 hour nap, holy cow! I think the only thing that woke me up was my hunger, so I took the dog out for a walk and then came back to make dinner only it ended up looking more like breakfast. I just knew that no matter what I tried to make, it wouldn’t satisfy me unless I went with what I really wanted which was oatmeal & coffee!

This bowl contains 1/2 cup oats (made with 3/4 cup vanilla soymilk), 1/2 chocolate brownie Z bar, 1/2 medium banana, 1 tbsp chopped pecans and 1 tbsp peanut butter. It was good, but the Z bar clashed with the peanut butter and banana flavors. I’m not sure why, but I know not to combine these again.

I just ate a snack of mixed nuts…after all the carbs I’ve had today, I couldn’t stand the thought of eating anything carb-like, so I went with protein & good fat!

Hopefully tomorrow will not be quite as strange and even though the “high” tomorrow is only 26, I hope to get some sort of exercise! Definitely some strength training and ab work if nothing else 😉

Today I took the dog for 4 walks, each 15 minutes. And I did some light housework, nothing too intensive though. So today was more like a rest day. Tomorrow I hope to break a sweat one way or another!

Good night, see you all tomorrow!

Throwing caution to the wind

I ended up not needing another snack before dinner on Saturday…I took a nap instead! I think I have been really tired for a while and just didn’t realize it until I took some time off. I felt well rested and energetic when I left the house 🙂

For dinner, we went to this great place called Karma Cafe they had so much to choose from that I had a really hard time picking. I ended up ordering the Hummus sandwich (served in a pita pocket) that came with fries. I was going to substitute, but you know what? I haven’t had french fries like this in almost 2 years. So I said what the heck. They were actually pretty good…not salty and greasy like some restaurants. I ate about 2/3 of them, no way I could finish it.

We hit up a local music store here that’s really fun just to walk around in. Then we went to our usual spot at the end of the evening…our local coffee house. I love Starbucks but it feels good to support local businesses too. Both the coffee and the cookie are locally owned and made!

It felt good to just take a chance, have some french fries and a cookie for once. It’s okay to do it every once in a while, it’s not like every day. That’s the difference. I am starting to feel more “normal” these days…the old pre-2007 me used to eat this stuff everyday (in larger quantities) and not even get any enjoyment out of it. The in between me just said don’t eat this stuff ever, it’s evil!

The current me says there is nothing wrong with it…I have control of food, it does not have control over me any longer. I have achieved balance in my life and it is very healthy. I feel good.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I can’t believe tomorrow is Monday…it will be weird not getting up to go to work!

Not too cold!

So, I’m already breaking one of my rules…according to, right now it is 36 degrees here but I am not outside walking or running. Mostly I don’t have the time to today…I have taken a couple of short walks with the dog and I just spent an hour or so cleaning my mom’s house. Tonight I am going out with the girl’s to do some (window) shopping, so I should get some more steps in there.

Breakfast this morning was light because I had a lunch date three hours later, so I didn’t want to be stuffed. I made an English muffin with peanut butter & hazelnut spread (Kroger brand generic Nutella) and a cup of instant flavored coffee…

Here’s a close up of the stuff…it does taste a lot like Nutella, but there is a slight difference. I think maybe they use less sugar which is why there are fewer calories per serving in comparison.

I had a Christmas lunch with some friends from church at a place called Alley Cat Cafe, which was a small eatery but very warm & homey and the food was great too! I got a cup of the bean soup and half a Milano sandwich (portobello, eggplant, onion, pesto on bread) and it came with a piece of cornbread and pickles on the side…I ate everything you see here!

Then I walked the dog, did some cleaning (had a few pieces of hard candy too!) and then came back home and ate a serving of mixed nuts because I am hungry again. I may have to have something else before dinner since it won’t be until 7 or so, but we’ll see…

Have a great night! Be back tomorrow.

Rocked out

I am so tired today, must’ve been all that “rocking” we did last night. Rockband really is a fun and interactive game, I spent most of the night standing up, though I did take my one turn behind the drum set, haha.

But let’s back up a bit and show you the rest of what I ate yesterday 🙂

Mid-afternoon after that awesome 50 minute walk in the warm sunshine (which is now gone) I had a carb master yogurt and some Kashi Go Lean for a snack…

Then two hours or so later, I had what was supposed to be my mid-morning snack as a later afternoon snack…5 Ritz crackers (shaped like snowflakes, hah) and a mozzarella cheese stick (also served as fuel for the gym):

After work (officially off until Jan 5th, oh my!), I went to the gym and did several upper body weights and a few ab exercises in about 30 minutes. I’m not sore from it today though, I think it’s time to revamp the upper body workout, haha. My legs are still hurting though, in a good way!

Then me, my husband and best friend had dinner at Taco Tico my husband loves cheap Mexican food and had been begging me to go here for a while now. I looked up their nutrition information online ahead of time so I would be prepared. I ended up getting three chicken soft tacos and looking back on it, I probably could’ve done with just two but they were very good…the chicken was seasoned with something, had a very peppery taste and I put some hot sauce on mine too, yum!

I also had two of these fried cinnamon chips….

During the Rockband gathering, I started to get hungry again so I had a serving each of two different kinds of chips. I would’ve rather had something else but it’s what was there, I should’ve put a protein bar or something in my purse if I’d thought more ahead of time.

Even though I’m tired today it was a good night…I played guitar and bass a lot, but I played drums on one song I can’t remember and I sang Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”, Ratt’s “Round and Round” (two of my all time favorite songs!), System of a Down’s “Toxicity”, Sixx AM’s “Life is Beautiful” and I think that’s it.

I also got my blogger Secret Santa gift in the mail yesterday, yippee! I was so touched but then it made me feel kind of bad because I haven’t sent mine yet I hope the lucky person that has me as their Secret Santa will be ok if there’s is a little late. I promise it’s coming! I wouldn’t lie on my blog 😉

Hope everyone had a good Friday and is enjoying their Saturday so far!

Wow, weather!

I can’t believe the weather we’re having today…nearly 60 and sunny (with some wind)! I wish it would stay this way but sadly, a cold front is coming through and it’s going to be FREEZING here in a few days.

For lunch, I had some salmon mixed with 1 tbsp ricotta cheese, on an English muffin and a side of broccoli. Pretty boring but it did the trick!

About an hour after lunch, I walked toward the gym, which is when I discovered the awesome weather! I went in, changed my clothes and then went BACK OUTSIDE for an amazing 50 minute walk. I hadn’t done that in a while…and it was so good for my sore muscles.

I am going to go back after work to get in some upper body and ab work while I wait for my husband & best friend to pick me up 😉 We are attending a “Rockband” party tonight, so it should be loads of fun and a very late night. Oh well, I’m on vacation as of an hour from now, haha!

Happy Friday & weekend to you all. Be back tomorrow most likely!

Oh yeah, I’m sore

When I sat up to get out of bed this morning, I felt it…the lunges, squats and other leg exercises I did yesterday, haha. That just reaffirms to me that I need to make them a regular part of my routine so that it’s not such a shock when I do them 😉

Breakfast was the same as yesterday, exactly…oats w/ apple, pecans & PB! Why mess up a good thing?

I had two cups of coffee with just Equal (no milk, I think I’m going to try this for a while) and was in a meeting for so long that I had to skip over my mid-morning snack and proceed directly to lunch.

I have a lot of work left to do so I think the workout is going to get pushed to the end of the day and it will definitely be light due to lower body soreness!

Check y’all later! HAPPY FRIDAY!

Strength will rise

Lunch yesterday was similar to Tuesday’s…Veggie burger on English muffin spread with Laughing Cow cheese (so good, btw), a side of mixed veggies, and a clementine. Another very balanced meal 🙂

A little while after lunch, I had this fat free cocoa as a treat and to warm me up, it gets cold where I work 😉

Real afternoon snack was another Kroger light yogurt + Oatmeal Squares. This particular flavor of the yogurt (cherry cheesecake) and the cereal really clicked well today, this was super good!

On the way home, I was pondering what to eat for dinner and I really wasn’t in the mood for anything I already had at home, so I stopped at the store to check some stuff out. This is where I made a big boo-boo…I grabbed what I thought was a diet A&W root beer from the fridge at Kroger because I thought it sounded good. Halfway through drinking it, I realized it was a REGULAR! Gasp! I put the rest away and hopefully the 180 calories of it I already consumed won’t hurt me too much. Ick.

When I got home, I started things off though with a romaine salad topped with cucumbers, parm cheese and 2 tbsp of light ranch dressing.

I decided on a frozen dinner, which I don’t eat very often, but it was convenient and something different, plus I didn’t have to make it myself which gave me more time to relax after a long day. I chose the Ethnic Gourmet’s Chicken Korma an India-inspired dish of chicken roasted in garlic and ginger sauce served with long grain brown rice.

The dish was very tasty and filling, my only complaint was that it was slightly bland, I think I will choose a spicier dish next time — my husband has worn off on me, uh oh 😉

I went to bed at 8:30, so no dessert, oh my! I definitely needed to though and I’m glad I did today 🙂


Sorry for the horribly uncreative title of this post…I could not think of anything and it turns out I’ve never just used the word “Thursday” before, so at least it’s new, haha…

Breakfast this morning was apple-cinnamon-PB-pecan oats, yum!

The bowl you see above contained:

1/2 cup oats made with 1/2 cup skim milk
1 small apple chopped
Sprinkle of ground cinnamon
1 tsp sugar free syrup
1 tbsp chopped pecans
1 tbsp chunky natural PB (Kroger brand, picked it up last night!)

I had a cup of coffee with skim + Equal (just one) and mid-morning snacked on some lovely mixed nutters…

I did another 30 minutes on the treadmill today, mostly the same as Tuesdays. Then I went into the weight room and did some good stretching and then decided to finally get in some leg work: lunges (with back leg resting on weight bench), squats, leg extension machine, leg curl machine, and some hip + gluteal work on the floor.

I haven’t worked my legs out in a while, so I know I’ll be feeling this tomorrow 😉

Have a good night, be back soon enough!

Blogging is therapeutic

I’m starting to feel the stresses of the holidays and trying to get all of my work finished before I am off for two weeks, which is why my (picture) blogging has been somewhat non-existant the past couple of days. But no worries…instead of letting it go on any longer, I decided to take a break from everything and focus back on my food and the blog, which I have found to be a very therapeutic process so far 😉

Tuesday (the rest of it)

I had 1 cup of coffee with skim milk + Equal in the a.m. and later on before my workout, I had 1/4 cup of mixed nuts, mmm hmmm…I ate them so quickly that I forgot to take a pic…here is the empty bag!

My workout kicked butt! I got on the treadmill and did 30 minutes…I started out walking 1 minute and then I alternated speeds for every minute after that until I reached a mile and then I walked for another minute and repeated the process. I didn’t quite make it to 3 miles, but I was concerned more about time than anything. I did some great amounts of stretching after this too, which felt so good. I can’t believe how, when I first started exercising regularly, that I didn’t do this at all!

When I got back to work, I dug into lunch which was a veggie burger on an English muffin w/ Laughing Cow cheese, a side salad (romaine, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, parm cheese, balsamic vin), and a clementine. These are my favorite kind of lunches because it seems that I have hit every food group in one, hehe. Nerd alert!

In the afternoon, I was cold and in need (want) of something sweet, so I had a packet of sugar free spiced cider, perfect!
My real afternoon snack was a Kroger light yogurt and some Oatmeal Squares cereal 🙂

Close-up…or what some of you refer to as “food porn” haha…

I managed to not eat anything else until dinner, hooray! I’ve noticed that when I stay busy I don’t think I’m hungry when I’m really not. That is a challenge for me day-to-day but I’m doing better this week.

Dinner was a hamburger (using lean beef) topped with mozzarella cheese (1/2 stick, split with husband, we were all out of cheese slices), ketchup and some green beans on the side.

I was feeling rather energetic, so I went to volleyball again…two weeks in a row! Usually I am ready to go home after an hour and a half, but this week, we stayed for 2.5 hours! I was exhausted and hungry when I got home, but it was so much fun.

For dessert/snack, I had the rest of the no bake cookies, just three little ones 😉

Then it was to bed with me. Tuesday was a great day.


For breakfast, I was really craving protein, so I made two scrambled eggs, some turkey sausage and a smoothie (skim milk + frozen strawberries). It really hit the spot and was a nice change.

Mid-morning, I had a clementine and a mozzarella cheese stick, yum! I’ve noticed that fruit + protein (cheese, nuts, PB, etc.) is probably the second best snack, next to just nuts 🙂

Wednesday’s workout didn’t come until after work because I went out to lunch with my aunt! We went to our regular place, Cracker Barrel, but I was in the mood for something other than a salad…

I ordered the Grilled Chicken Tenderloin, which came with three sides, so I got carrots, green beans and applesauce. I ate everything on the plate and also a small corn bread muffin with whipped butter (not pictured).

This lunch held me for a LONG time. Sometimes I wonder if I ate bigger meals, maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to snack as much? I still needed one though, just not until much later and mostly to make sure I didn’t crash during my workout 🙂

Kroger carb master yogurt (vanilla) + Kashi Go Lean — yogurt + cereal = third best snack option.

This held me off until dinner again, yippee!

I went to the gym after work and did 20 vigorous minutes on the elliptical trainer and then did some upper body and ab exercises. I am really starting to notice a difference in my abdominal muscles, they are starting to feel a lot stronger and I am able to hold my stomach in a lot more than normal — I think even though they say ab exercises alone won’t flatten your stomach, they certainly do help a little bit!

Instead of having our girl’s night potluck on Wednesday night, we decided to have girl’s night out, so we went to Penn Station. I went the low-carb route and ordered the Philly Cheesesteak salad and had about 1/2 packet of light ranch dressing on the side.

After dinner, we walked around a bookstore, then hit up Starbucks (I got a tall nonfat Peppermint Mocha twist–not sure where picture is) and drove around the rest of the night listening to Christmas music and looking at lights on people’s houses. It was a good time.

When I got home, I had the smallest nibble (literally, less than a tsp) of the Kroger brand hazelnut spread that I just bought…I was curious to see if it really compared to Nutella (aka crack…this stuff is worse than reindeer chow, haha). Well, I don’t think my nibble really helped, but it certainly smelled and looked like it. But it has 30 less calories per serving. Interesting…

Be back with Thursday’s (today’s) eats later on! Thanks for hanging with me 🙂