24 cupcakes

No, don’t worry, I didn’t eat 24 cupcakes last night, haha. That’s how many I baked this morning! We are having company tonight and for dessert, I am serving carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing 🙂 I used a mix, but I substituted pumpkin for oil, so that will definitely save a few calories. I did the math and with the icing, each cupcake should be about 120 calories!

Back to yesterday now…

Honey nut cheerios, 1% milk, blueberries

Honey nut cheerios, 1% milk, blueberries

After my quickie (but goodie) workout at the gym, I headed to work and had my usual coffee + chocolate milk. Mid-morning after class, I broke into this new find:
Detour Runner bar - Chocolate Chip

Detour Runner bar - Chocolate Chip

I find these line of bars interesting because each one is based on what type of exerciser you are! I chose them for the flavors and because they were on sale at Kroger last week. I think the other one I have is for a Biker 🙂
The Runner bar was awesome! It was chewy and crunchy and had real, visible chocolate chips all over it and a layer of chocolate on the bottom. It really lived up to it’s name and it felt so incredibly decadent for a protein bar ~ 200 calories. I would very much get it again.


Lunch was another smorgasbord…I like using stuff up but sometimes it gets pretty interesting. Yesterday, I had to make a stop over to Wendy’s to get some vegetables in my life. I ordered a caesar side salad, which was $1.29 as opposed to getting a $4 salad at the cafe which is not nearly as good. I looked up the nutritionals online and since I skipped the croutons and only used half the packet of dressing (which they’ve changed recently from a kind that had 200 calories down to 120 per packet!) I only “spent” 130 calories for some nice greens with bacon, parm cheese & real caesar dressing!
The rest of my lunch was another Smart Ones Chicken & Cheese quesadilla and some clementines. (pic if MIA, if I find it, you’ll see it soon)
During the afternoon, I was so antsy to get out of the office and out into the sunshine! We’ve been having a lot milder weather here recently and since it’s still February and anything is possible, I wanted to take full advantage. But I have this sort of mental block where I have to have a “purpose” for going out for a walk, at least when I’m by myself. When someone goes with me, my purpose is to be with them 🙂
So I decided I was craving some chocolate and that would be my purpose. I walked over to the bookstore, grabbed this bad boy and then walked back:
Ghirardelli...oh yeah!

Ghirardelli...oh yeah!

And yes, that is a diet soda in the background…I wasn’t planning on it but when I saw that they had diet wild cherry Pepsi, I couldn’t help myself. Haha. I’ve been able to keep myself to just one a few days a week instead of every day. Everything in moderation, right?
Here’s what I actually ate of the chocolate. I took a page from Jenna’s book, I’m going to make this last a while!
You really can eat just one, I promise.

You really can eat just one, I promise.

My real afternoon snack, which I waited to eat until I was really hungry again was another Yoplait yogurt. I think I am over it — I want to get more of the Cinnamon Roll flavor but so far that’s it. So next time, once these are all gone, I will try another brand or go back to some old favorites. I’m actually quite missing the So Delicious brand since I’ve been seeing it on Tina’s blog recently!
Definitely more of a dessert

Definitely more of a dessert

I met a friend for dinner at McAlister’s Deli and I had originally intended to order soup & a sandwich but then I realized that is what we are having for dinner tonight (Friday) so I changed my mind quickly! I knew I was low on veggies, but I really wanted Sun Chips because they hadn’t had them at Penn Station on Sunday when we went there. So I ended up getting the Greek Chicken Wrap and Sun Chips, with some unsweetened tea, perfecto!
I had a really great time with my friend, we ended up staying there for three hours! It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having good conversation, huh? 🙂
When I got home, I got my clean on because we are having company and I still had so much to do. I’m happy to report that I got everything I needed to get done and still managed to be in bed by 11:00! Then I woke up early this morning, not on purpose, so I went ahead and made the cupcakes. Now all I have left to do is put together the appetizers and ice the cupcakes before our company arrives, hooray!
Oops, almost forgot about dessert! I had half a cup of light french vanilla ice cream with 1 tbsp dark chocolate M&Ms, must be craving the chocolate!
Will share pics of the spread later, hope everyone has a great weekend and wonderful Valentine’s Day whether you love it or hate it, it’s just another day to be thankful for 🙂

About Sarah Frankel

I am 29 years old and a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. I've been married to my husband Josh for 6 years and we have a 5 year old beagle named Suzie. Four years ago, I changed my eating and exercise habits, dropping 70 pounds and gaining an entirely new life. I took up running in September 2007 and became vegan in October 2009. I am constantly striving to improve my life so that I can live it to the fullest! I hope you will join me on my life journey.

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  1. That’s a lot of cupcakes! You’re going to give Betty Crocker a run for her money 🙂

    Thanks for the bar review!

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