Better mail those taxes

Tomorrow is April 15…have you mailed your taxes yet? We had to pay state this year, so I just mailed mine yesterday, bummer. I always remember tax day though because its my parents’ anniversary. They will be celebrating 35 years tomorrow, yay Mom and Dad 🙂

Breakfast this morning was oats (made with coconut milk and water), with flax & pumpkin (and some cinnamon-instead of pumpkin pie spice-trying something new) stirred in, and topped with nuts and PB. It was fabulous, a little lighter of a portion than usual so I wouldn’t get too full for the gym and could eat a mid-morning snack. If you’ve noticed, I’m trying to get back to my 6 small meals a day to try it out for a while. I’m one of those people that gets bored or burnt out on a routine easily, so its good to change things up every now and then.


My workout was somewhat light today because I’m experiencing some soreness and pain in my hamstrings and glutes, the area right between them. And my inner left thigh. It hurts a little bit to walk, so I knew it would to run. I rode on the stationary bike for 20 minutes, which felt really good, then I did some ab work and upper body weight machines. I so plan on playing volleyball tonight, as long as my leg doesn’t feel as bad or worse by tonight.

Lunch and Snacks preview


For lunch, I have a Boca vegan burger, wheat bread (one piece, trying to make it last!), brussels sprouts and an orange. I wish I had some cheese! I didn’t buy any this weekend because I’m still waiting for Kraft 2% slices to go on sale 😦

For snacks, I have a Chobani yogurt and a banana nut Pure Protein hot ‘n healthy oatmeal square that will most definitely be making a trip into the microwave.


Happy Tuesday! I’m so glad Monday is over 😉


About Sarah Frankel

I am 29 years old and a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. I've been married to my husband Josh for 6 years and we have a 5 year old beagle named Suzie. Four years ago, I changed my eating and exercise habits, dropping 70 pounds and gaining an entirely new life. I took up running in September 2007 and became vegan in October 2009. I am constantly striving to improve my life so that I can live it to the fullest! I hope you will join me on my life journey.

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  1. 35 Years?! Way to go to them!! Peach Chobani!!

  2. Yes, thank goodness Meijer carries it now, my WF is still not on board!

  3. OOOooooh, scrumptious!

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