Day 4: Over the hump and going strong

Now that I’ve got 4 days of not counting calories under my belt (no pun intended) I think this is going to be an easy habit to stick with. One thing that has been reassuring to me is that I have not gained any weight. In fact, before this challenge, I had creeped up just a bit and since I started being intuitive, I’ve started creeping back down. So I’m very happy with how this is going.

I plan to do a new challenge each week (or healthy behavior really) and I’m taking suggestions! I’m also curious, what are you guys hoping to change/add to your lifestyle this year?

I had quite an interesting day yesterday, unfortunately I just now replaced my camera batteries, so I don’t have much to show for it. 😦

Breakfast was a smoothie made with 1 cup almond breeze, 1 packet of Spirutein (chocolate peanut butter swirl) and one banana. I also had a small cup of flax cereal.

Midmorning I had a Fage 2% w/ Strawberry yogurt, which was so good and filling 🙂 I didn’t eat it until I was sure my breakfast had worn off and I didn’t eat lunch until I was ready either. This intuitive thing is working out well.

Lunch was leftovers from Tuesday night: baked tofu and asparagus, plus a toasted pita pocket (dry).

I had a workout scheduled at 3:00, so before I went I snacked on a cherry pie Larabar (thanks Alex) and headed to the gym. I put my friend, who is a personal trainer and all around kicker of butts, in charge of our workout and whew! I don’t know whether that’s good or bad…

Yesterday was a cross-training day for our 5K program and we decided on strength training. We began by warming up for 5 minutes on the treadmill (easy) and then went through this circuit (25 reps of each; all except squats, dips and core used 10 lb dumbbells):

  • Squats
  • Chest presses
  • Shoulder presses
  • Bicep curls
  • Dips on the bench
  • Bent over row
  • Rocking horse (abs)
  • Back extensions on balance ball

Then we did two minutes on the treadmill (my heart was pounding!) and headed into our second circuit…

  • Stationary (up/down) lunges holding 9 lb weight bar on shoulders (25 each leg)
  • Vertical presses
  • Dead lifts
  • Reverse curls
  • Upright rows
  • Crunches (w/ legs at 90 degrees)
  • Bridges

I’m sure I’m leaving something out! Somewhere in the middle of reverse curls, I got very weak and had to sit down in front of the fan with some water. I’ve never had this happen before so I’m not sure what it was exactly but it was quite startling. I’m glad I listened to my body and took a break. Luckily cooling off and fluids did the trick and I got back up and finished out all the exercises using lighter weights.

Even though that happened, I so want to do this  workout again! I think I just need to fuel better. I am so sore today but its awesome, haha! I think next time I will take some fitness water or chews to keep my blood sugar from dropping because that is what it felt like. Or perhaps eat more protein before my workout. The Larabar just wasn’t it I guess?

Once we were done, I jumped on the stationary bike and rode easily for 30 minutes reading a magazine.

Afterwards, I was STARVING, so I went over to the store and grabbed a Kashi trail mix bar and some Sobe Lifewater in blackberry grape. I have to say, I really like this stuff and I think its appropriate for me because its mostly natural ingredients, doesn’t contain HFCS or artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose, and the taste is great. Its not very sweet or jaw-locking like Gatorade and Powerade, which is good because those are so sweet it makes me sick. I’m not counting, but the entire bottle (which is a decent size) is 100 calories and contains vitamins. So I would definitely recommend it.

When I got home I had to walk the dog and then make dinner in a hurry so I could meet a friend at the mall to do some dress shopping! I had my leftover (from Wednesday) 1/2 vegetarian club sandwich and ended up picking half the cheese off because it was just too much. I also had a sweet potato with whipped butter and cinnamon.

For only having a couple of hours, we shopped our butts off! I can’t believe I was still standing after that workout. But I ended up coming home with THREE dresses! And some accessories. If you know me, you know I’ve never been a dressy person but losing 70+ pounds does a lot for your self confidence and sense of adventure. My friend bought one dress for me as a birthday gift which I plan to wear when we go out on Saturday night 🙂 Trying them on made me feel really good, being able to pick something off the rack. Major confidence boost.

When I finally got home, I did the dishes and had some delicious non-dairy “ice cream” with a drizzle of The Bee’s Knees on top. I cannot keep PB&Co in my house after this for a while, haha. I ended up having another spoonful and some chocolate goldfish too. But I went to bed with no regrets and no idea of the number of calories I ate that day 🙂

About Sarah Frankel

I am 29 years old and a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. I've been married to my husband Josh for 6 years and we have a 5 year old beagle named Suzie. Four years ago, I changed my eating and exercise habits, dropping 70 pounds and gaining an entirely new life. I took up running in September 2007 and became vegan in October 2009. I am constantly striving to improve my life so that I can live it to the fullest! I hope you will join me on my life journey.

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  1. It is funny how we are both doing the opposite challenge and yet happy with it…I think we just needed a change =)

    Damn that workout sounds AMAZING! I love when the sweat is dripping down and I feel like I am about to collapse. I start yelling at myself “YOUR A TRAINER DO IT!” ha my neighbors must think I am nuts hahahaha

    have fun mañana!!!!

  2. Hey I think this blog is really interesting 🙂

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