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June is over already?

I’ve been able to fill my time rather well today, but let’s just say, I’m glad I have plans the rest of the week and that Josh will be back on Saturday 🙂

This morning, I was a little on the cool side and pretty hungry (as opposed to yesterday morning) so I made an old favorite…pumpkin raisin PB oat bran.


I made this with 1/3 cup oat bran, 2/3 cup skim milk and 1/3 cup water on the stove, then added 1 tbsp toasted wheat germ, pumpkin pie spice and some brown sugar. I also threw some chopped walnuts on top.

This breakfast was exactly what I wanted and kept me going most of the morning!

I had a Z bar around 11:00, but at 8:44 I had thought I wanted or needed it. So I asked myself that question “Is this hunger or something else?” and couldn’t say for sure, so I kept on working, drank some water and chewed some gum, all which took that feeling away. Have I mentioned how much I love being intuitive?!

Lunch was a can of Hormel veggie chili with 2 tbsp fat free sour cream.


This filled me up so well. I had a pear an hour or so later and then this pre-workout snack around 4:00:


This yogurt was okay but a little too runny for me. But it was cheap this week, so I went for it.

My workout was a 30-minute cardio workout. I started out on the treadmill – walked for 1 minute, ran for 8 minutes (5.0,6.0,5.5,6.5,6.0,7.0,6.5,7.5) and then walked for a minute cool down. I love running 7.5 mph even if its only for a minute! Then I did 10 minutes (fat burning program) on the stair master and then 10 on the bike. I like breaking it up because you get to use different machines (and muscles) and don’t get bored as quickly. This workout flew by and I was a sweaty mess!

For dinner, I wasn’t sure what I wanted so I took my time, walked the dog and took a shower before I started cooking, which also helped work up a real appetite and not just eating because it’s dinner time!

I knew I had some cauliflower in the fridge I wanted to use up, so I decided roasting would be fun because I’ve never done it with cauliflower before. I used this recipe with a few slight modifications and it came out looking like this:


I had a serving with a Quorn chik’n patty on whole wheat bread with organic ketchup and a leaf of romaine. I’m so excited there are leftovers of the cauliflower, it was amazing!


Then I took the doggie for a 45-minute walk (the weather is just too nice not to) and then went ahead and baked again! I have dessert for our girl’s night potluck (which is relocating to my house this week!) so I went back to another old favorite, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins!



I’ve also been cleaning up a storm to get ready for tomorrow. Finally, I sat down to watch Tori and Dean and enjoyed some dessert.


I think this weekend I will get some fresh fruit to top the ice cream with so it can be sort of like Ce Fiore (although I get M&M’s sometimes there too, haha). Then after this container is gone, I’m not buying it again for a while. I want it to really be a treat and not a habit.

Luckily too, Josh loves French vanilla so he can have some when he gets home 😉

So, enough about me, how was your day?

Good night!

Hooray for batteries

Howdy folks! I finally stopped being lazy and purchased a nice pack of AA batteries so that the See Sarah Eat camera would be back in action, finally!

Just in time for you to see this…


Oops…so I said I wouldn’t keep ice cream in the house anymore? Well, unfortunately it was 10:00 on a Sunday and every place was closed and I got an entire container of all natural French vanilla for $2! I promise not to eat it every day, including tonight.

I like my ice cream like my yogurt…plain (or vanilla) with a crunchy topping! 🙂

I had an early morning workout today, so instead of eating a big breakfast, I started my day off with a Z bar (and multi-vitamin), which worked out because I wasn’t that hungry to begin with (unusual for me, but I went with it).


My workout was great! We warmed up for 5 minutes on the treadmill and then did upper body and ab moves, plus one leg machine, for about 40 minutes before cooling down for 5 on the tread again.

When I got back to work, I had my breakfast ingredients ready to go but I waited until I got hungry which wasn’t until after 8:30!


I forgot to take a pic, but I snacked on some mixed nuts before leaving work early for a doctor’s appointment. Oops!

When I got home, I walked the dog and then made a late lunch, trying out a new product in the process.


I don’t know how my chapstick rolled into the background, ha ha. Anyway, I cooked up one of these Quorn chik’n patties and put it on top a bed of romaine lettuce and cucumbers and topped it with Newman’s Own Southwest dressing. Also had a pear on the side.


After I ate and caught up on some TV, I felt like taking a nap, so that is exactly what I did! I also turned up the thermostat and opened the windows as our weather has turned rather mild this week, I’m so excited 🙂

When I woke up 30 minutes later, I had a piece of dark chocolate (also not pictured) and went for another walk with the dog and did some reading.

When it came time to think about dinner, I couldn’t think about anything but French toast! So I knew I was having breakfast for dinner. But then that voice in my head kept reminding me I hadn’t had many veggies today. Luckily I had a solution!


I mixed this packet of Amazing Grass chocolate drink powder with 1 cup of skim milk and drank it out of the shaker cup they sent me too. Thank you Amazing Grass!


Being totally honest, this wasn’t that good. I mean, it wasn’t terrible, but I think for me it would work better in a smoothie with some other ingredients like a banana. The powder kept sinking to the bottom so I kept re-shaking. But I drank it along with my breakfast-dinner. And it did put my mind at ease about getting some more greens in.



Two slices of French toast with a tiny sprinkle of powdered sugar, syrup and 2 scrambled eggs. Perfection, for tonight.

It’s so nice out, I think I might just go for a longer walk with Suzie. We’re bachelorettes this week as Josh went away to Florida with a youth camp. I’m so proud of him but miss him a lot too.

Good night!

Eating what you want

The last several days, I have given a lot of thought to how I eat and why I eat certain things and not others. There are times I fight with myself over what to choose for a meal or a snack, having those “requirements” in the back of my head and thinking I’m not meeting them that particular day drives me crazy!

So, it is time I gave myself some credit. I eat healthy foods: whole grains, plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, nut butters, etc. I get a good balance of carbs, fat and protein. I also meet or exceed my fiber requirements every day not to mention all those other vitamins and minerals. So, why do I need to be so hard on myself?

This past weekend, I tried just eating what I wanted (within reason of course). I’ve also asked myself a few times “are you really hungry?” and I’m getting better at distinguishing hunger from boredom, thirst, and other faux-hunger cues. It’s not something I’ll ever be 100% at but I’m getting better every day and remaining positive in the process.

For example, on Saturday, I really wanted pizza! This almost never happens but we went for it and ate at Old Chicago for lunch, both ordering the pizza bar (aka buffet). I had a Caesar side salad with dressing on the side, which I barely used, and I picked off the croutons and 2/3 of the massive amount of cheese they put on there. I also had two small bread sticks 😉

Then I had 2 slices of some of the best veggie pizza I have ever had! The waiter brought it out special to me since there wasn’t any up on the bar when I first went up there. We tipped him well! But it had lots of veggies and was very light on the sauce and cheese (two things which usually cause pizza to upset my stomach, which is why I hardly ever “crave” it).

I felt so good about my choices, even when “dessert” came in the form of chocolate chip cookies. I ate both of them (they were small) as Josh doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies, and when I was done I did not feel bad or too full. I was pleased. I don’t eat cookies (or dessert) every day so enjoying them once in a while is a good thing.

I didn’t eat again until dinner that night (6 hours later!) when I got truly hungry and not when I thought I needed to eat. Because I listened to my body, ate what I was craving, stopped when I was full and allowed myself a sweet treat, I didn’t go raiding the pantry or eating other snacks to make up for not getting what I really wanted in the first place.

Too often, I get caught up in programmed meals and meal times or thinking I always need snacks when really sometimes I don’t. I also don’t always need a huge breakfast or fruit at every meal. I think sometimes I need to fit it all in even if that means eating more than I feel like or had room for – if you are short on a food group one day it does not matter! You start over at the next meal or the next day. Every day is not (and should not be) the same.

Just wanted to share that with you guys. Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.

Why I love bars

Bars that you eat, I mean, ha ha.

Bars are great for me because…

  • They make a great snack or part of a meal
  • They are convenient, don’t require assembly
  • They can fit into your purse or pocket
  • Easy to sneak into the movie theatre
  • Quiet enough to eat during church (assuming you don’t get a crunchy one)
  • There are so many different brands and flavors, the possibilities are endless
  • If you find a good brand, you can get some great vitamins and nutrients
  • Well balanced bars (good combo of carbs + protein) make great pre or post exercise fuel
  • They are fun to write reviews for!

What about you…what do you like (or not like) about bars?

I recently tried a couple more. It seems like new ones are coming out all the time, not to mention the ones I still haven’t gotten to yet.

First up, Odwalla Mochawalla (that’s a mouth full)!

food 004

When I first bit into this bar, the coffee flavor was a little overwhelming and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep going. But I took a second bite and suddenly, the mocha flavor really shined through and I loved it! I would definitely only recommend this to people who like the taste of coffee/espresso because it is rather strong. But when I finished the bar, I felt good and it really gave me a boost after a draining workout and held me over nicely until I was able to get home to dinner.

Next, Amazing Grass Chocolate Whole Food energy bar!


The kind folks over at Amazing Grass sent me some samples of their products, including this bar. I have to say, after trying the Odwalla Superfood bar, I was not at all optimistic that I would like this one, even if it was coated in chocolate!

But, I was pleasantly surprised. This bar did not at all taste like the other and the chocolate coating was the perfect touch. It did not taste like greens at all! The bar was chewy and took a while to eat, which is good for my satiety. My only complaint is that as I was eating it, some chocolate pieces kept falling off, so I made a little mess 😉

I’m really excited to try the drink powders next!

Happy Thursday.

Kashmir Indian Restaurant

I have decided that one of the most fun ways to spend my summer this year is going to include being a tourist in my own city! Just from walking down the streets of some of my favorite neighborhoods, I am amazed at the number of wonderful sounding restaurants that I have yet to try…and I’ve lived here for 22 years!

This past Saturday, my dear friend Courtney and I decided to mark one of those places off the list (for me, she had been there before and raved about it): Kashmir Indian Restaurant. It in located in the Highlands neighborhood, which, if you ever come to Louisville, is a must visit!

First off, we went on a Saturday night at 7:30, which is a busy time for most places but this place was only half full from what I could tell. We were immediately greeted by a nice gentleman who asked us if we would prefer inside or outside dining…outside please! One of the best things about summer is the option of eating outside when the weather has cooled off a bit. We really got to enjoy the breeze and people watch.

Pic courtesy of Kashmir

Pic courtesy of Kashmir

 As we were being seated, we were served water, which was so nice because we had just gotten out of a movie and were rather parched. There are other drinks on the menu, including an extensive wine list, but it was a just water kind of night.

For my meal, I ordered the Channa Saag, which was described as “whole chick peas cooked with spinach in an onion and tomato curry.” Chick peas? Spinach? Curry? WINNER! The entrees are served in a not-too-large silver serving dish with another dish containing basmati rice on the side, so you can build it yourself on a separate plate (or share with friends).


This picture does not do justice to the color of the dish, it came out looking really green (because of the spinach) and would look unappetizing to a lot of people but it actually made me excited! The dish was heavenly, I finished it all plus another portion of rice an an order of naan, which Courtney accurately describes as “a big Indian style pancake.” Yum. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of that!

I only recently discovered a love for Indian food, having only been to two restaurants before, including Shalimar back in March, but I am glad that Kashmir has been added to that list and it will definitely be a place I go to again. They have an endless amount of choices on the menu (not to mention a weekend Lunch Buffet) and I’m sure that no matter your preferences you could find something to eat there.

I’m going to have to drag Josh sometime and test out that theory 🙂

Challenge update

Check out my “You Are What You Eat” guest post over at Carrots ‘n Cake!

So, last week, I challenged myself to write  7 letters or cards to people I hadn’t seen or talked to in a while. How did I do?

Well…I managed to get out 4 but after that bunch, it was hard to keep it up. However, those people were very glad to hear from me, so not all was lost and it was still very rewarding for me.

What’s new for this week? I HAVE NO IDEA 🙂

I was thinking, coming up with a new challenge every week is getting rather…well, challenging! Ha.

Since July 1st is just around the corner, I thought, why not make the jump to monthly challenges? Great idea!

Plus it gives me time to come up with one 😉 Unless you all can make a suggestion?

Hope you all are having a good week so far. I’m still being lazy and haven’t bought new batteries for the camera yet but when I do, there will be more pictures again!

Good night..


Hello friends!

After a nice relaxing weekend, away from the computer and taking lots of naps, I’m ready to get back to the grind. Saturday was my last 5K of the season and although I ended up slightly frustrated, I’m still very proud of running it and very much looking forward to the next time when the temperatures will be much cooler 🙂

Saturday morning it was in the high 70’s and it had rained over night so that made it seem a bit cooler although it did nothing for the humidity. By race time at 8:00, it was in the 80’s and right as we were lining up, out came the sun!

Before the race, I fueled up on some PB&J toast and fresh pineapple. It felt weird going against “tradition” (PB toast and banana) but it seemed to still work okay!


The first mile of the race wasn’t too bad, it was hot but I felt good and kept a really decent pace. But as soon as we turned at the end of a bridge to start making our way back (about halfway through), I started feeling it. I was hot, sweaty, weak and my breathing had become labored. I slowed down a bit and managed to recover and do a couple more sprints but not the plan I had been hoping for. It was just too hot.

I got a little frustrated during mile 3 because I had wanted to do better, but I sucked it up and ran the last quarter mile or so hard and finished strong!

I finished with my 2nd best time of 30:21 and I am very proud of that, especially considering the circumstances.

After the race, I felt good, drank 2 bottles of water and munched on some raisins. I walked around a bunch and waited to stretch until I got home and did so a few times throughout the day after I did some research on the topic.

I also made a new discovery that I wish I had my camera for! I made a green monster with soy milk, spinach, banana, and….peanut butter! I’d read about people using this before and I thought there was no way it would make a difference, but I swear…I felt like I was drinking a peanut butter banana smoothie, that just happened to be GREEN! I loved it and it will be making its way into the rotation. It was the best recovery snack ever and kept me full for a couple of hours!

I think next year, I will quit racing at the end of May! And I will never complain about racing in March again, ha ha. Maybe just a little 😉

I love warm weather and I hate being cold anywhere, but I have to say, to me, running in the cold is so much easier than this heat and humidity. I’ve learned a valuable lesson here. Those of you who are able to are heroes in my opinion; I think some of us are just more sensitive to certain weather conditions.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy the first day of a new week!

Another donut?!

Okay, so you are going to be seeing me eat a lot of donuts on here now that I have a sample of Holey Donuts to review!

This morning, I had another green monster (I put ice in the blender which made it almost double in size!) with a new donut to try…Raspberry Fudge 🙂


This donut is a little more calorie-dense because it is a whole donut with raspberry filling inside, but man is it good! I especially loved the crumbs and drizzled chocolate sauce on the outside.


I can say, in all honesty, that after having healthy gourmet donuts, I will not eat another kind! I wasn’t a big donut eater to begin with, especially since I started my healthy lifestyle in 2007, but I’m even less of one now, as far as your regular crappy donuts go.

Here are the stats for the raspberry fudge donut (far left):

Nutrition Info For Diane.xls

I have lots more to try but I think I’ll take a couple days off just so I don’t go into donut overload and subsequent burnout. They are in the freezer and should hold up for a while, ha ha.

Today, I am running 2 miles easy to prepare for my last 5K of the season, which is tomorrow!

I’m really excited and just hope that the weather is not too unbearable at 8 a.m. tomorrow. We’re expecting a heat index of over 100 degrees today, so I am running my 2 miles early, but the humidity is already bad out there.

That is why the racing season is wrapping up for me now (most likely until at least September). I’m going to continue to run 1-2 times a week just to keep it up and not “lose” it this time, but my focus is going to be more on strength training, yoga and other forms of cardio (that can be done indoors)!

I’m really excited for tomorrow and also what the future holds…

Happy Friday!

Yes, I ate a donut

The black bean burgers I made for my potluck dinner last night turned out great! Sadly, my camera batteries died earlier in the day so I do not have a single picture of them 😦

However, you can view the recipe for yourself here: Homemade Black Bean Veggie Burgers

I followed the recipe to a T and they came out great. It made me feel like I was eating something so much healthier than a frozen preservative-filled veggie patty. We served them with avocado, which has now become one of my favorite veggie burger toppings 😉 On the side we had sweet potato fries, a salad (with feta, nuts and raisins), and for dessert: bananas, blackberries and ff vanilla yogurt. It was a great night!

This morning, I knew I was having a green monster, but since I still have yet to purchase any protein powder, I always have to eat something with mine in order to stay full for a longer period of time.


Luckily, I had received a shipment from Holey Donuts yesterday…a Ultra Low Fat Gourmet donut company! I’m sure most of you have heard of them by now on the blogs, but for my readers who haven’t…oh my gosh!

I’m not a big donut eater, mostly because they hurt my teeth and my stomach with their sugariness and lack of nutrients, but “gourmet” is my new favorite word, so I thought I would give these a shot and let Josh try some too since he’s a big donut fan and could benefit from trying a healthier version.

For dessert last night, Josh tried the donut holes and he said they were “pretty good.” He’s not a man of many words. But he’s looking forward to trying some more of our stash soon.

This morning with my green monster, I decided to try the Low Fat Pink Velvet Strawberry Frosted which is apparently a Valentine’s Day special of theirs.


Oh my goodness! This reminded me of my beloved strawberry cupcakes that I request for my birthday every year 🙂 This is what donuts are supposed to taste like. After 15 seconds in the microwave, this donut was soft but not falling apart and the icing was melted but not dripping off the side.

Check out these nutritionals:

Nutrition Label.xls

I have never felt so good about eating a donut before!

Holey Donuts, I think you have created a monster, ha ha. Can’t wait to try more of my samples and write an official review for you guys soon. Please check out the website in the mean time!

Happy Thursday 🙂

Leftovers are the best

When I woke up this morning, I took the dog out for a walk and while we were walking, I started thinking about the leftover chocolate chip pancakes I had in the freezer from this weekend 😉

So, I heated those up and topped them with peanut butter and a little bit of syrup, plus some fresh pineapple (ahhh…) and a cup of English Breakfast tea.


Great way to start my day!

After two days of hard running, I get the next two off and on the agenda for today, a 60-minute yoga class!! I’m so excited.

I’ll also be working out with Courtney before our girl’s night potluck dinner, so that will be fun too. I like active rest days, woo hoo!

I have main dish tonight and I will be making homemade black bean veggie burgers for the first time, I can’t wait to see how they come out.

Happy Wednesday, we’re half way to the weekend!