Hey y’all! I promise, even though I live in Kentucky, I don’t say that too often 🙂

Hope your Monday was great, even if it was Monday. Mine was pretty good until it got toward the end of the day, but more on that later (it’s really not that bad).

Breakfast was AWESOME! I made oat bran with skim milk and water (1/3 cup each) and topped it with some yummy MaraNatha almond butter and a banana.

NewFoodpics 028

The almond butter just melted right on top, yum!

This was so good that it kept me full until lunch time, a rarity! Well that and I had two cups of coffee (one with milk and one black). Haha.

On my way into work, I parked a little over a mile away from my building (I work on a college campus) so I could get a nice walk in since my schedule didn’t allow for an actual workout today. It was so nice and cool this morning (around 58) so the walk was very refreshing!

Lunch was a new product try…I’ve been wanting to make eggplant parm for a while but I’m the only one who eats it so I thought perhaps an individual serving might suffice?

NewFoodpics 029

This was on sale for 1/2 off in the Kroger natural foods section so I jumped at the chance. I usually don’t hold frozen dinners up to much of a standard since they are after all…frozen dinners.

But this one was pretty darn good!

NewFoodpics 030

This didn’t taste like a frozen dinner…it tasted like really good leftovers! I loved it and if it’s ever on sale again and I’m in the mood, I might just grab it again.

After lunch, I went to my first day of class! I’m only taking one class this semester as I don’t see myself finishing this degree anytime soon and I actually hope to be in a new profession sometime in the next year or so. I already have two Bachelor’s degrees, so I don’t really need another.

I’m just taking classes on topics that interest me and that might apply to a future career someday soon. So, my first day of Exercise Science was great. The teacher is new to our college, he just received his PhD and he seems very knowledgeable. I’m excited for what all we’ll learn this semester.

Mid afternoon, I snacked on some celery and PB.

NewFoodpics 031

And around 3:30, I got hungry again so I had the snack I would’ve had this morning.

NewFoodpics 032

Right before I left work, I started feeling kind of “off.” I’d had a dull headache most of the day but I thought it was overconsumption of caffeine, not wearing my glasses, or something else and just sort of went on about my business.

But as I was walking to my car this afternoon, I started feeling a bit achy and my ears and throat hurt. I’m sure going from season to season more than once over the past couple of months doesn’t help – it feels like Fall right now but by Wednesday it will be Summer again?

Anyway, realizing that it is August, which is when I got a cold last year, I immediately went into prevention mode. I stopped at the store for some essentials. Well, modified essentials. I thought of soup, ice cream and diet Sprite. But here’s what actually came home with me 🙂

NewFoodpics 034

Amy’s No Chicken noodle soup!

NewFoodpics 035

Breyer’s all natural French vanilla ice cream. It still has more sugar than I care for but at least there are only three or four ingredients as opposed to all those fake kinds!

And lastly…

NewFoodpics 036

La Croix natural Lime flavored sparkling water! Also known as fake Sprite, haha.

It felt good to be able to find healthier alternatives to my cold prevention / comfort staples. Before I even thought about eating though, I drank some water with this:

NewFoodpics 033

What do you use to fight off a cold? I don’t believe in cold medicine anymore, it just makes me sick, so I like to use home remedies, vitamins and herbal tea these days. Works like a charm.

Dinner was a no brainer. What goes with soup? Grilled cheese! While I was putting together all my ingredients though, I got a craving for a turkey melt so I made it happen.

NewFoodpics 037

NewFoodpics 039

Lean turkey, 2% American cheese, fresh local tomatoes on whole wheat toast with a squirt of mustard. Perfect!

Soup’s on!

NewFoodpics 038

My only complaint about this soup was the high sodium content. But since I’m not sodium sensitive I let it slide this one time. I think in the future, I would do more research to find a better choice.

I was impressed with the ingredients though. I expected this to be a watery soup with vegetables bits in it, but there were some thick noodles and for lack of a better word “fake” chicken pieces, which made the soup chunky and filling. I ate the whole can because the calorie content is low.

All together now 🙂

NewFoodpics 040

This dinner really hit the spot. I’m still not feeling so great though so I think I should go to bed and watch some TV or perhaps a movie.

My spirits are good though so I’m hoping some rest and a small(ish) bowl of ice cream will do the trick 😉

Good night, very early!

About Sarah Frankel

I am 29 years old and a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. I've been married to my husband Josh for 6 years and we have a 5 year old beagle named Suzie. Four years ago, I changed my eating and exercise habits, dropping 70 pounds and gaining an entirely new life. I took up running in September 2007 and became vegan in October 2009. I am constantly striving to improve my life so that I can live it to the fullest! I hope you will join me on my life journey.

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  1. OH NO! I hope you didn’t catch my cold! Lol…I hope you are able to fight it the old natural way =)….it’s funny because everything you brought is almost what I got AND I lived on soup and cheese paninis the whole week lol…great minds think alike =)

    That class sounds so interesting! Def something I would love to take…maybe I should look into classes on my end…

    Going to bed and dream of my oats for mañana lol

  2. I hope you don’t get sick!

    I actually don’t really get sick. I haven’t actually been sick in about two years which is kind of weird.

  3. I hope you head it off before it comes! Looks like you have all the essentials!

  4. I don’t know HOW you do it…in my essential bag of feeling better would be: miso soup, some chia goodness (have you checked outmy Share yourself giveaway???) a bottle of red wine (with a screw top) fuzzy socks, and a cup of ginger tea….

  5. I just checked and the last time I was sick was apparently around August 11, 2008 – weird!

  6. Wow, that’s crazy! Like you said, you must not like the change of seasons. I tend to get sick in the spring every year – right before the pollen and trees bloom, and the allergens go crazy! I wonder if you’re allergic to something in the fall?

    I do the same thing you’re doing – hydrate to the max, take extra vitamin C, and wash my hands like crazy! If your nose is really bothering you at some point, the Netty Pot is helpful and all natural. Totally weird and gross to do it, but it helps! Feel better!

    Your breakfast looks amazing, ps. I’ve been obsessed with oat bran lately.

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