Feeling alright

Hey guys, happy Wednesday 🙂

In the words of Bon Jovi “Ooooh, we’re halfway there…”

Aww, yeah!

I don’t have any food pics to share with you yet but I hope to have those up tonight. Basically, after a long day at work and a nice walk at the park with Suzie and a friend of mine, I was whooped and fell asleep around 9:00. But I woke up at 11:00 to go downstairs, turn my phone off, wave at my husband (literally, I was too tired to speak) and then go back to bed, ha ha.

But I’m feeling good today. I don’t have any cold symptoms and that tired worn down feeling is gone, even if I have been feeling the need for more sleep lately — I think I’m ready for hibernation mode since it’s been so cool outside. We’re having 70’s this weekend after a brief heatwave over the next couple of days. What is this?

But, I still took some Vitamin C this morning and I’m still washing my hands every opportunity I get 🙂

Weight Update

I looked at my calendar this week and realized that it has been a month since I started working toward a lower sugar lifestyle. I officially began this journey on my husband’s birthday, July 27th, and here we are a month later already, I can’t believe it. Read my post about it all here: What’s going on?

Since I prefer to look at my weight progression over the course of a month, rather than week to week, I thought it was high time for an update. I do weigh myself every Monday but I don’t feel like it is worth it to mention every single week since we know there are times when it fluctuates for reasons that we cannot control.

On 7/27, I weighed in at 160.5 lbs.

On 8/24, I weighed in at 151 lbs.

So, in a month’s time I was able to get back into my comfort zone by paying more attention to the foods I was putting into my body, cutting back on processed junk, exercising moderately and resting when I needed to rest. It is easy to get caught in a rut of desserts (like baked goods, candy and ice cream) and sugary foods (like sweetened yogurts, energy bars, fruit). It’s like an addiction. Now that I have that under control, I no longer feel the urge to eat sugary foods, even fruit. I do like to have a serving with breakfast for the nutrients and because it goes well with oatmeal but other than that, I don’t really crave it the way I used to.

I do eat dark chocolate almost every night but it’s enough to satisfy me and dark chocolate does have antioxidant qualities (that’s my story anyway). I do have the occasional dessert but only on special occasions (like Wednesday nights with my girls) and I am not keeping them in the house! I do have a container of ice cream in my freezer right now from the other night when I was feeling ill, but it’s not staying there, ha ha.

I also realize that it’s easy to get caught in exercise ruts too. I think sometimes I would exercise more so that I could eat dessert, and that is not healthy either. I also ate way too much when I was running/training and it has been a hard transition now that I don’t run long distances anymore. I’ve had to relearn body needs vs. wants and habits.

Now, I just try to stick to moderate workouts, including a good mixture of walking, running, weight training and yoga. Plus occasionally venturing onto new cardio machines like the stair master and rower. I’ve also come to appreciate days off from exercise or at least lighter days and not packing a gym bag to work every single day. Today is one of those days…I wore tennis shoes though so I can at least take a few short strolls to clear my head 🙂

Exercise, like dessert, can be overdone. I think I am finding a balance, slowly but surely. I still plan on tracking my calories for a while just because it has been interesting for me to see the days when I need more than others and what foods keep me more satisfied at what times. I set no goals for the day and it is in no way obsessive. If it becomes that way, I will end this little experiment.

In summary, I feel great. I feel like I’m in control again and I certainly don’t feel deprived in any way. I feel like I’ve found what works best for my body and I have no plans of changing that any time soon. It is important that we all find what works for us and this won’t necessarily be the same as another person in your life, another blogger, etc. It’s something you have to find for yourself, even if you are inspired by others along the way.

Thanks friends! Be back soon 🙂


About Sarah Frankel

I am 29 years old and a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. I've been married to my husband Josh for 6 years and we have a 5 year old beagle named Suzie. Four years ago, I changed my eating and exercise habits, dropping 70 pounds and gaining an entirely new life. I took up running in September 2007 and became vegan in October 2009. I am constantly striving to improve my life so that I can live it to the fullest! I hope you will join me on my life journey.

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  1. Thank you for this post, it’s very inspiring! Congrats on the weight loss too!

  2. Way to go, Sarah! You’ve come so far and made so many great changes, in just a MONTH! That’s awesome. Very proud of you sister!

    I loved your comments about exercise and food. I am MAJORLY guilty of falling into that rut…run to eat, run more to eat more…etc. It isn’t healthy and doesn’t put me in a good place mentally. It’s a dangerous rut to get into. I have been pondering this on my week “off” from running, even though I slipped and did jog 2 miles of my 5 mile walk this morning. I just couldn’t stand it! But I definitely need to find a better balance between food and exercise, and not go overboard either way. Thanks for the insight!

    And yeah, the weather! What’s up?! Beautiful, fall-like weather for a few days then BAM! 90 and humid again today…ugh. But have you looked at the weekend forecast?! It looks like we may have even cooler temps coming soon! Yippee for fall!! Have a great Wednesday, darlin.

  3. That’s awesome! I should definitely cut back on the sugar and see how it works for me! I feel like I’ve been stuck at the same weight forever. 😦

    • Give it a shot! I was kind of feeling the same way, plus I had put on some pounds over the summer even though I thought I was eating intuitively I was overdoing it with carbs and sugar which make me feel hungrier than I really am.

  4. WOW what a great job! I am so proud of you!!!!!! (((HAPPY DANCE)))))

  5. BTW I need to get into that mind set too about working out. I feel like I have to do it EVERY DAY and if I don’t, I have this nagging feeling all day. But I must admit that it was nice to take some time off while I was sick…maybe I can try to stick to it =)

    Thanks for ALWAYS inspiring me =)

  6. Great post, Sarah! I love how you found a healthy balance for your weight and diet and fitness. THIS is true healthy living, not obsessively exercising or restricting severely, but enjoying a wholesome diet with an occasional treat, and exercise to nourish you, not fatigue you! YAY you!

  7. Wow, Sarah, so impressive! I loved this post. I’m taking September to start the new academic year at work, but to also focus on clean eating and removing sugar from my diet as much as I can. It really makes such a difference in how I feel!

    Thanks for the inspiration! Gotta love those realizations, and making those practices work!

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