Using up the apples

I’ve been racking my brain on how to use up these apples! Thanks to everyone who made a suggestion. Basically, I got lazy (and cheap) and didn’t want to buy any ingredients I didn’t already have.

Somehow I managed to come up with this:


Vegan Apple Crisp


  • 5 small apples, cored and sliced
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 3 tbsp whole wheat flour
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup soymilk


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Grease or spray a 2 qt (8×8) baking dish
  • Core and chop apples, place them in a large bowl
  • Combine sugar, flour, and cinnamon in separate bowl
  • Add dry ingredients to apples and mix well
  • Place apples in a greased 2-qt baking dish
  • Cover evenly with soymilk
  • Bake for 45-50 minutes


I thought this tasted pretty good but it’s a recipe I want to improve upon. I think when I get some whole wheat pastry flour that would work better. But not bad.

Especially when topped with peanut butter!


I finally had to scoop the rest out and put it away in the fridge or else I might’ve eaten it all!

Dinner at Waffle House was nothing to write home about. Even Josh was a little disappointed. I think it really depends on the one you go to and apparently the one by our house is kind of lame.

I got a regular order of hash browns with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. It was pretty good but I think I would get a large order next time. I just wasn’t sure what I was getting myself in to.


I ate some cinnamon toast when I got home 🙂


About Sarah Frankel

I am 29 years old and a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. I've been married to my husband Josh for 6 years and we have a 5 year old beagle named Suzie. Four years ago, I changed my eating and exercise habits, dropping 70 pounds and gaining an entirely new life. I took up running in September 2007 and became vegan in October 2009. I am constantly striving to improve my life so that I can live it to the fullest! I hope you will join me on my life journey.

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  1. I LOVE Waffle House! How did you go and not get a waffle?

  2. What a great idea!! I love crisp and I love apples…throw on some vanilla ice cream and your all set 🙂

  3. Yums those apples sound good. I am an apple pie girl so anything with apples, makes me happy =)

  4. That looks like the PERFECT snack!
    This post is bringing back the apple pie lover in me!

  5. Those apple crisps look yummy. I bet they would be good to keep around for snacks, if possible 🙂
    I’ve never been to The Waffle House but I know do know how frustrating it can be when a restaurant has multiple locations and they aren’t all on the same page, it’s just lame!

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