Peanut butter power

I’m so glad you guys enjoyed my review of Food, Inc. I can’t stress enough that you should see the movie yourselves and also just get out there and research more about food and where it comes from. This is stuff we need to know.

For breakfast this morning, I made oats but didn’t feel like pumpkin or banana so I just threw on some raisins, peanut butter…and chocolate chips!


It was great 🙂

Mid-morning I snacked on an apple and peanut butter.


For lunch, I tried a frozen meal from Amy’s Kitchen. I was feeling like Indian food today.


This dish tasted really good, my only complaint would be the size.


I should’ve paired it with a salad or extra veggies. It was a decent meal though and it lasted me a couple of hours.

Later, I had some peanut butter…


And carrots + hummus:


Finally, I felt satisfied and I went for a 3 mile run around campus then did some ab work. On the way home I snacked on some mixed nuts to hold me over for dinner.

When I got home, I went for a 3 mile walk with another friend. My legs feel good and it was fun but I am tired!

Luckily while I was out for my walk, I was able to cook up a batch of brown rice in my steamer/rice cooker. I totally forgot the steamer has that function too.


When I got back from my walk, I sautéed some vegetables on the stove.


I sprinkled the veggies with chili powder and hot sauce. Then I threw half the batch on a cup of brown rice and chowed down.


I threw on some more hot sauce once I mixed it all up. I like the flava.


Now I’m relaxing on the couch, catching up with blog reading and Facebook. I think here in a bit I will have some toast with peanut butter and chocolate chips, as if I haven’t had enough peanut butter today!

Josh even pokes fun at my nighttime snack now, it has become such a routine.

What about you? Do you have a favorite go to night time snack?


About Sarah Frankel

I am 29 years old and a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. I've been married to my husband Josh for 6 years and we have a 5 year old beagle named Suzie. Four years ago, I changed my eating and exercise habits, dropping 70 pounds and gaining an entirely new life. I took up running in September 2007 and became vegan in October 2009. I am constantly striving to improve my life so that I can live it to the fullest! I hope you will join me on my life journey.

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  1. That’s my fave pb! 🙂 I love it – and the dark chocolate peanut butter of course. Let’s see…night snack. Usually mini-meringues from TJ or cool whip, some granola. Just something small to take the bite off my hunger – not a lot.
    Happy Thanksgiving! I should really be in bed by now but alas, I’m not. Still have Jillian to do. Must mean I pack before BL is over!

  2. Probably low fat edy’s or a vitamuffin! Not the healthiest but I just can’t help it 😉

  3. I have too many snacks at night just to count one. Toast with PB is usually the starter ;). Happy T-Giving to ya!! I’m watching TV and having to study :(…now…no, right now…in a minute…right?…

  4. OMG I love how you eat peanut butter, then more peanut butter, then a little bit more for good measure. Then some nuts! 🙂 A girl after my own heart!!!

    Night time snack- usually a bit of banana with…you guessed it…peanut butter 😀

  5. I try to eat dinner late enough so that I don’t snack through the night, but I do love me some dark chocolate!

  6. hmmm do I even have to tell you what my go to snack is??? lol….


  7. I love toast with pb and chocolate chips. It is such a treat!

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