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Falafel Friday

When I was getting ready to leave work, I was completely stumped about where to get some food for dinner.

Josh and I had decided earlier in the day that we’d go to separate places and get takeout since our diets and favorite foods are quite different 😉 He got pizza…surprise, surprise.

But where do I go? I went to Twitter and asked my near-Louisville friends to get their ideas. They both mentioned Shiraz!

Now, I just ate there two weeks ago but what the heck 😉

I thought maybe I would try something different but on the drive there, all I could think about was falafel and sweet potato fries!


Next time, I SWEAR I will get something different, ha ha.

I usually eat the whole order of falafel but since I have made a commitment to be more in control of my portions for the Pound for Pound Challenge, I divided the falafel in half.

I also decided to skip the hummus this time. But I did eat all the sweet potato fries since there weren’t that many. Using my small dinner plate helped!

It was delicious!


I’m perfectly full but I foresee some form of chocolate chips & peanut butter in the next couple of hours!

Now it’s time to watch “The Hangover” and hopefully not fall asleep on the couch before 9 p.m. 🙂

Enjoy the weekend!

Glorious yoga

I went to another yoga class at my workplace today and it was AWESOME!

I really love the instructor, only the 2nd male I’ve ever had, and the class included a lot of my favorite poses (pigeon, Warrior Series, etc.) and a few that I had never tried…like Eagle.

When I left, my legs were feeling it and I felt totally at peace and calm. There is nothing quite like how a good yoga class can make you feel.

This was my third yoga class this week and I am feeling so good about everything, including my training. I can almost attribute the “frustrating” weeks of my training program to those when I did not include yoga!

Tomorrow, I get to visit my friend Carrie at Eternal Health Yoga and I can’t wait. That will make 4 yoga classes this week, woo hoo!

Do you practice yoga regularly? Do you find that it enhances your fitness program (not to mention overall well-being)?

Last one until Monday

Hey guys!

So after reading through your comments and giving it some serious thought, I know that I definitely still want a whole day’s eats as part of my blog. Just not every single day.

My food tends to get repetitive, especially when I make a recipe that only I will eat and I repeat a meal several times over the course of a week!

So I plan to do a full day of eats, drinks and everything one time a week…on Mondays!

The rest of the days of the week will be focused on other things like recipes, products, weight loss challenges, thoughts, etc. This way I can keep posting on the blog daily but not get overwhelmed or think it’s too boring.

So enjoy, this is the last full day for a few 🙂


Raisin chocolate chip oatmeal.

Somehow I managed to leave my morning snack at home, so I had to break into part of my lunch early, which worked fine.


Then an hour or so later, I ate the rest of it which was leftover chickpeas and brown rice.


I drank a cup of Yogi Stress Relief tea but forgot to document it for you guys 😉

For my afternoon snack, I got to try a new flavor of Whole Soy & Co – apricot mango!


This was tasty and even though I’m not a huge fan of the 18g of sugar, that is lower than a lot of other soy yogurts on the market.

I just try to only have them once in a while.

After my snack, I went to a yoga class before heading home.

For dinner, I made another Morningstar Farms Grilled Chik’n patty on whole wheat bread with mustard and a side of broccoli with Smart Balance Light.


I think I will use my last one in spaghetti sauce again, they don’t have a whole lot of flavor on their own, but this dinner filled me up just fine.


After dinner settled, I headed to the gym and ran a few miles on the treadmill.

I rehydrated with this! Told ya, it’s becoming a habit.


I love these things. But does anyone know of any “natural” fitness drinks? I’d hate to keep spending $1 a pop since that is one of the reasons I gave up bars for Lent!

When I got home from the gym, I had a small serving of oats with almond butter and chocolate chips.


Perfect end to a pretty great day. See you guys tomorrow 🙂

My first frittata

For girl’s night potluck this week, I had the main course. I wanted to try a new recipe and I was definitely feeling like a breakfast dish.

Only this time, instead of baked oatmeal, I was feeling more like something savory. I decided to bust out my copy of Vegan Planet and make a frittata!


I was shocked at how easy this was to make. I decided to use vegetables I already had on hand and thanks to Lindsay, I learned I could substitute corn starch for arrowroot.

In the mix: asparagus, red onion, red and green peppers.


I was a little unsure about using tofu in a dish like this. I wasn’t sure how it would look or taste.


When I poured the mixture on top of the veggies, I was getting nervous.


But when it came out of the oven, it sort of looked like eggs and the consistency was quite similar.


The only problem was the veggies sort of “fell out” so it got a little messy 😉


But I have to say, it tasted pretty good. It didn’t taste like eggs, more like baked tofu, but I liked it!

And because the ingredients were so simple and fresh, the calories were pretty low in this dish.


For dessert, I had some strawberries that were pretty good. I’m so looking forward to Spring and Summer fruits.


We also enjoyed a bottle of Beringer Pinot Grigio.


I had a glass with some bread that arrived later (this Meijer fresh baked bread is vegan and totally delicious).


I also had a cup of Plantation Mint and another piece of bread (and another that went unpictured)!


Everything was so good and I was really pleased with how my first “frittata” turned out.

I do think I will try it again and I’m also ready to tackle a tofu scramble that sounds really good 🙂

What dish have you made that you were unsure about, but it turned out good?

Almond butter is awesome

Thanks everyone for your feedback on how often you post your meals.

I’m definitely still giving it a lot of thought and I think I’m close to making a decision about how I want this blog to “flow” 🙂

Breakfast on Wednesday was pumpkin oat bran with raisins and almond butter.


I love, love, love peanut butter but man…there is just something about almond butter, I can’t explain it. It’s just awesome! Yeah, I suck at writing titles by the way.

I had black coffee and nuts mid-morning but forgot to photograph them.

Lunch was a Morningstar Grilled Chik’n patty with hummus on whole wheat bread and a side salad with balsamic.


Don’t worry, that was only half the salad I packed in the container!


My salads have been pretty boring but mostly I’m just trying to use ‘em up before they go out of date!

I had some Jasmine tea after lunch, it’s one of my favorites 🙂


Then my afternoon snack was a banana and peanut butter.


I think I am doing pretty good on my No Bars During Lent challenge. It’s made me realize a lot of things, one of which is that I’m missing out on eating stuff like this!


I think once Lent is over, I might keep a couple of bars in the pantry for emergencies or times when I can’t make another snack but I definitely want to try to keep this up long term.

Later, I drank this after my awesome gym workout.


I’m afraid I might be trading one $1/day habit for another. Hmm…

That V-water is my favorite though, it tastes just like Tang and I mean that in a good way 😉

When I got home from the gym, I was hungry enough that I needed something to hold me over while I cooked dinner, so I snacked on some more nuts.


Speaking of nuts, check out my guest post over at Trading Up Downtown, where I learned about NuVal scores and “traded up” a few of my products (including these nuts, which score a 49, compared to a 9 for cashews).

Next up, a girl’s night potluck recap where I made a dish I have never tried before!

Two in a row

I recently posted on Twitter asking other running bloggers how often they run. Some said 5-6 days a week, some 3 or 4, with alternating days. Everyone is different!

I had started to think that perhaps I needed to cut down to 3-4 and try not to run two consecutive days anymore because I’m worried about injuries and getting burned out like I did last time I trained for a mini marathon.

So since I ran two miles yesterday, technically I should have just laid low today. But since I like to do long runs on Saturdays (not that I have in a while) I want a day off before that.

So I headed to the gym and went right over to the Cardio Cinema. They were showing “Gone in 60 Seconds” this time. Definitely not a favorite, but still fun to watch while running.

Holy crap, that movie is 10 years old. What?!

Oh yeah, I ran 3 miles in 32:57!

When I first started, my hip felt tight and my knee hurt a bit but after the first mile, I was good to go. I’m so glad I ran today and didn’t talk myself out of it. Now I can rest tomorrow and get ready for Saturday 🙂

I also took a yoga class today which ended up being taught by the same instructor that I got frustrated with once before. But luckily, I changed my attitude, realized the class was about my practice, and it ended up being okay. Not great, but okay!

How often do you run?

Have a plan?

On Wednesday, I was struggling to decide what workout to do that day.

Even though I am on a “training plan” for a half marathon, I know it is not realistic (or fun) for me to run 5 days a week and cross-train for one, rest for one. Boooorrrrinngggg. Plus, hello burnout!

So I’ve just been taking it week by week, day by day. If I feel like running, I’ll run, or if I can’t run I’ll do something else. Not to mention our lovely winter weather has intervened many times.

But this week, I have been enjoying a free 7-day guest pass to a gym, so the possibilities have been many. However, on Wednesday, I couldn’t make it to this gym (it’s girl’s night potluck night) so I had to get it in at work.

I decided to run 2 easy miles on the treadmill, then do some weight training.

Before I left work, I made a plan:

I’m guilty of going to the gym and doing exercise that I like and end up neglecting certain areas of the body, like my back and legs. So I wrote out all the areas first and then filled in an exercise for each one.

I also tried to choose exercises that I hadn’t done recently, since I also tend to get in ruts. I swear I’ve been doing chest presses for ages now, ha ha. It’s good to change things up!

The best part is, when I got done, I didn’t really feel like I had done that much but I was definitely a little sore today. I did every exercise on the list, 2 sets of each and 10 reps each, except for abs which were 25 each set. I think if I hadn’t written all that down, I definitely would not have done as much.

The 2 mile run was great too, I ended up doing intervals varying my speed between 5.0-6.0 mph and then sprinting at the end. I’m definitely feeling confident about my 5K on March 6th 🙂

When you go to the gym, do you have a plan? Or do you just wing it?


I decided today that I wanted to show you all everything I eat and drink in a day. Sometimes I leave things out because I think you are tired of seeing it, but really that is me.

It could be that this is your first time visiting my blog and I would be wrong to assume that you’d be tired of seeing anything. So here we go!

Breakfast this morning was an awesome combination: oats (with almond milk), flax, strawberries, and almond butter.


I forgot to photograph my boring black coffee, which is why I had to put “almost” in the title, ha ha.

I snacked on some nuts mid-morning.


And some pomegranate raspberry green tea 🙂


Lunch was in three parts:

First was a salad with balsamic vinaigrette (vegan).


I was surprised I didn’t end up using half the dressing. That’s why it pays to just use a little at a time instead of dumping the whole thing on there!

Second was leftover spaghetti from last night.


And finally, some Musselman’s all natural applesauce with real cinnamon.


More tea! Rooibos Red this time.


My afternoon snack was a piece of bread with peanut butter.


And oops, a Diet Pepsi. I do have one every now and then, like once a week if that. I just haven’t been able to let them go 100%, yet.


I kept dinner pretty light because I was going to the gym not long afterwards.


Chickpeas, brown rice and steamed asparagus. Looks simple and boring, but it really hit the spot and gave me good fuel for a workout.

Find out what I did over at River City Fitness!

I also drank this SoBe Lifewater while at the gym.


I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home (right by the gym, another big selling factor) and then enjoyed my favorite snack ever.


The best part? I finished the last bite at 8:59.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my whole day. I kind of liked it too 😉

If you are a blogger, do you blog all of your meals, snacks, etc. or are there things you leave out? Why or why not?

Normally, I would’ve left out all the drinks and probably the nuts since I eat them every day.

Cardio, abs, yoga

Today, I decided to try out more of the classes at Urban Active. I’m really impressed by this gym!

Before I headed out the door, I had to document how incredibly pink I was today. I did not plan this, I swear 😉

First, I went back to my favorite Cardio Cinema (today’s selection: the new Star Trek) and walked for 20 minutes, gradually increasing the incline up to 15.0 and then back down. That got the heart rate up and broke a sweat!

Then, I headed to a short 15-minute abs class. I wasn’t too impressed…I guess I am more advanced at ab work than I thought because I barely felt a burn.

Afterwards, I attended the “Urban Yoga” class which was pretty challenging and had me sweaty and fatigued, especially in the legs. Yet I felt refreshed and free at the same time. I love yoga.

I still have a few days left on my free pass then I need to decide if I’m going to join. I really want to, I just have to take a look at our budget and see when exactly it can happen.

Do you belong to a gym? What is your favorite thing about it?

It's real now!

I woke up this morning to find this email on my Blackberry:

Uh oh, it feels real now!

I’ve participated in this Mini Marathon the past two years but last year I did not train very well, so I decided to enjoy the course and walk. It was still a challenging race though!

Now that I have decided to run again this year, I’m a little nervous but at the same time I’ve made peace with it and know that no matter how I finish, I will finish and it will be a great time. And after my 5-mile run yesterday, I know that I can definitely get there.

I want to give a shout out to my girl Mari who will be running her first 5K very soon. I still remember my first one and it was such an awesome experience. Good luck girl!