Doing my best

I had to help a friend out with her dental board exams today so it was later in the afternoon (and quite warm) before I was able to head out for a run. My half marathon is in two weeks! So I had a long run (9-11 miles) scheduled for today.

When I got started, I felt great. Running felt easy today! But unfortunately, about 1.5 miles in, I had to go to the bathroom (no. 2, sorry if that’s TMI). I was not near a good place to go to the bathroom at the time so I kept on running.

I ran 4 miles in 40 minutes.

I carried a water bottle and took a minute walk break to drink water every 15 minutes. I felt really good about that time and distance, even though I set out to do a much longer run. Honestly, I’m sure the heat would’ve gotten to me not much longer into it. I thought about going back out after I stopped at home, but Suzie was being so cute, so I decided to be a good mama and take her to the dog park instead.

So I consider this all a success 🙂 I did the best I could for today and that’s all I can ask for.


About Sarah Frankel

I am 29 years old and a resident of Louisville, Kentucky. I've been married to my husband Josh for 6 years and we have a 5 year old beagle named Suzie. Four years ago, I changed my eating and exercise habits, dropping 70 pounds and gaining an entirely new life. I took up running in September 2007 and became vegan in October 2009. I am constantly striving to improve my life so that I can live it to the fullest! I hope you will join me on my life journey.

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