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900 posts

Wow. When I started this blog in May of 2008, I never would’ve imagined writing 900 posts. But that’s what this one is…number 900!

I think it is appropriate, in post number 900, to say that I am doing some serious brainstorming regarding See Sarah Eat. I’m talking design, features, possibly self-hosting, etc. I’m ready to take this blog to the next level. It has been amazing (and exhausting) for me to go back and look at old posts here recently, because so many things have changed (for the better) over the past year and a half.

The early days:

  • I used to write pictureless posts about what I ate that day.
  • I used to obey the food pyramid!
  • I used to post the calorie counts on almost every meal I ate.
  • I used to take some really ugly fuzzy pictures!
  • I wrote this: “I could never go 100% vegetarian because its just my personal belief that excluding anything or eating too much of one thing just doesn’t work for me in the long run and that goes for all foods, not just meat.” Uhh…
  • Thought I was lactose intolerant, only to realize I’m not. Or am I?
  • Went through “phases” where I thought low-carb was a good idea.
  • I was (and still am) an emotional eater.

Some of my favorite posts from the past 19 months:

And now:

I can’t wait to see what happens over the next 900 posts. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, and for being my friends. I can’t say it enough…I love this community! I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d do without it.

I’ve got so much more to catch you guys up on but I am beat (ran 4 miles after work) and it’s time to hit the hay! Good night 🙂


Hello friends!

After a nice relaxing weekend, away from the computer and taking lots of naps, I’m ready to get back to the grind. Saturday was my last 5K of the season and although I ended up slightly frustrated, I’m still very proud of running it and very much looking forward to the next time when the temperatures will be much cooler 🙂

Saturday morning it was in the high 70’s and it had rained over night so that made it seem a bit cooler although it did nothing for the humidity. By race time at 8:00, it was in the 80’s and right as we were lining up, out came the sun!

Before the race, I fueled up on some PB&J toast and fresh pineapple. It felt weird going against “tradition” (PB toast and banana) but it seemed to still work okay!


The first mile of the race wasn’t too bad, it was hot but I felt good and kept a really decent pace. But as soon as we turned at the end of a bridge to start making our way back (about halfway through), I started feeling it. I was hot, sweaty, weak and my breathing had become labored. I slowed down a bit and managed to recover and do a couple more sprints but not the plan I had been hoping for. It was just too hot.

I got a little frustrated during mile 3 because I had wanted to do better, but I sucked it up and ran the last quarter mile or so hard and finished strong!

I finished with my 2nd best time of 30:21 and I am very proud of that, especially considering the circumstances.

After the race, I felt good, drank 2 bottles of water and munched on some raisins. I walked around a bunch and waited to stretch until I got home and did so a few times throughout the day after I did some research on the topic.

I also made a new discovery that I wish I had my camera for! I made a green monster with soy milk, spinach, banana, and….peanut butter! I’d read about people using this before and I thought there was no way it would make a difference, but I swear…I felt like I was drinking a peanut butter banana smoothie, that just happened to be GREEN! I loved it and it will be making its way into the rotation. It was the best recovery snack ever and kept me full for a couple of hours!

I think next year, I will quit racing at the end of May! And I will never complain about racing in March again, ha ha. Maybe just a little 😉

I love warm weather and I hate being cold anywhere, but I have to say, to me, running in the cold is so much easier than this heat and humidity. I’ve learned a valuable lesson here. Those of you who are able to are heroes in my opinion; I think some of us are just more sensitive to certain weather conditions.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy the first day of a new week!

It’s almost time!

My big 5K is tomorrow!!

Okay, so its not really that big when you think about everything else I have done. But I have been training with a friend of mine for a month now and I’m ready to go out there and do my best. The last time I did a 5K, I had not trained too terribly well and even though I beat my previous PR, it wasn’t much fun.

Tomorrow is going to be absolute fun! And I don’t want to jinx myself, but I feel like I can totally smoke my PR now, even though I hadn’t planned to. And I will have a friend running with me which is an almost totally unheard of phenomenon.

Saying goodbye to this training schedule…


After the race tomorrow (and a rest on Sunday!), we are going to start working on speed and see just how efficient I can be. It feels good to just focus on the short distances and not wear myself out or give my knees and the rest of my body more than it can handle. The next 5K will be June 21st, exactly 4 weeks away!

I will be reporting to you all tomorrow on the results!

Thanks to all my new readers who stopped by and left comments for me today…that really means a lot to me and helps me continue this blog with renewed enthusiasm.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

p.s. I’m thinking about making some of Matt’s banana muffins for breakfast tomorrow…hmmm…

Day 2 Caffeine Challenge

Yesterday went very much like the first day of the challenge (coffee, tea) only I did not have the Vitamin Water with caffeine in it, so I could subtract 50 from my total!

Tuesday’s caffeine total = 186 mg

I think its going to be a very easy transition. Once I use up all of my caffeinated coffee and tea at home, I can easily just purchase decaf or half-caf next time and work my way down slowly. Everything I have done gradually over time has paid off, as opposed to quick, cold turkey methods. And like I said before, I will still enjoy a caffeinated beverage from time to time, I just don’t want to be dependent.

Sorry the blog has been so boring lately, I am working on lots of product reviews coming very soon and I can’t wait for my 5k this Saturday (!!) so expect a full report on that too!

I really do want to get back to food blogging because I have not posted pictures of my food in so long that I’m starting to miss it. However, I don’t want it to become so repetitive that it loses its excitement, so it won’t be every meal or everyday but perhaps just the things I get really excited about, which happens at least once a day 🙂

Thanks for sticking around, lots to come soon!

This week’s workouts

So I mentioned the other day that I was going to a yoga class and then running later on? Well, I did go to yoga and it was amazing!

I hadn’t realized how much I missed the group / class setting! Even though it was EXTREMELY crowded (first class of the summer) I really enjoyed myself and got some serious stretching and relaxation in my day which is always a good thing. The poses were pretty standard, lots of warriors and seated twists. One thing that was new to me that I really like was lying down tree pose. I love this one standing up and lying down was a whole different experience with the same pose! Ok, yoga nerd alert…

Later in the day, I actually did NOT go running but strength trained instead. I met my friend, who is a trainer, and she had us do THREE circuits of exercises this time. Remember last time how I felt weak and dizzy right in the middle of the second circuit? Happened again, only this time it was at the beginning of the third! I think what is happening is a culmination of heat (it gets really HOT in the gym), plus not drinking enough water, plus I need some sugar or electrolytes while I’m working out. So I’m going to do some experimenting and see how it goes. However, sitting down for a minute, drinking 2 cups of water and taking a few deep breaths gets me back up and running.

Afterwards, I had this and it helped me feel way better!

food 047

SoBe Lifewater – Calm-o-mile Strawberry Kiwi

This was so tasty! I love these drinks because they aren’t real sugary and have mostly natural ingredients, which I’ve mentioned before when I tried other flavors. I have seen there is a zero calorie version but I have yet to try any of those. This entire bottle has 100 calories. I didn’t feel the need to eat a snack this time as I wasn’t hungry. Probably because I had a Fage + granola before my workout 🙂

Here’s most of what we did, I can’t remember it all…25 reps of each exercise!

3 minute warm up on treadmill (3.0 mph)

  • Squats with bar behind head (mine was 9 lbs)
  • Chest presses with bar
  • Dips using weight bench
  • Bicep curls with bar
  • Shoulder presses with bar
  • Tricep extensions with resistance band
  • Bicep curls with resistance band
  • Lateral raises (with 2.5 lb dumbbells, I was pooping out!)
  • Bicep curls with 10 lb weights
  • Chest flyes with 10 lb weights
  • Tricep extensions with 1, 10 lb weight
  • Ab twists with 4 lb medicine ball
  • Step ups on weight bench (the part where I almost fainted)
  • Stationary lunges holding 10 lb dumbbells (each leg)
  • Ab v-crunches using 4 lb medicine ball
  • Back extensions on the floor
  • Bridges (for back)
  • Bent over row using 9 lb weight bar
  • Dead lifts with 10 lb dumbbells
  • Reverse flyes with 5 lb dumbbells
  • Another ab exercise I can’t come up with a name for, toe touches maybe?

Oh my gosh, writing that out made me want to almost pass out! My friend is crazy, but she’s a professional. I totally trust her. 🙂

Between circuits, we did 1 minute walking @ 3.0 on the treadmill and 1 minute of running at 6.0 (for me) before stepping off to start another round.

Today I did get to run…for 30 minutes! I’m so happy to have done it and I feel great, especially after stretching. I’m really looking forward to my next 5K which is next Saturday, oh my gosh! After this race, I’m going to start working on improving my speed, which is going to be fun (haha).

Hope you all are having a beautiful Thursday!

5K training halfway point

I’m now two weeks into my 5K training and I have to say, I’m LOVING this program! It is technically supposed to last 5 weeks but since my race is in two, I cut it down to 4, so I’m halfway there already, wow!!

This program works for me mostly because it has me running every other day, giving me a chance to really recover. The off days are actually for cross-training so I’m not just sitting around or anything 😉 At first it felt like I was doing more cross-training than running but now it all makes sense — the cross-training (and rest day) actually helps me run better and easier!

On Monday, I ran 2.23 miles with my friend Farrah and it was fantastic! It was the most comfortable I’ve felt running in a while, so I know I can build back up to 3.1. I’m planning on sticking to 5K races this summer because that’s all that’s coming up really. And its my preferred running distance now!

I’ve only ran one other time this week (treadmill-15 minutes) and I was supposed to run on Friday but I was so sore from Thursday’s workout and I left my running shoes at home 😦

But I just listened to my body (and the universe apparently) and took a day off. Saturday is meant to be a rest day but since I’m not resting today, it can be traded out with yesterday. I love the flexibility of training programs, its the only way to go.

Our next 5K is being held on Saturday, May 23rd! Only two weeks to go!

I’m not planning to PR at this race. I used this race last year just to keep up my running (which unfortunately didn’t last) and I’m using it this year to get back into racing short distances which I do plan to keep up long term. We have another 5K scheduled for June 21st and I hope by that one, I will have worked on speed a bit and see if I can’t push to get under 30:25, which I did at the Anthem 5K back in early March.

Thanks for all the love and support, you guys are the best!

Shaking things up

I’m a firm believer in changing up your routine every so often, whether it be trying new foods or products, starting a new fitness regimen or just adding to your workouts, whatever. It’s important to keep your body (and your mind) guessing so everything stays fun and exciting and you don’t get bored and QUIT.

In honor of that, I took off work today (!) and I am going to see Wolverine (featuring RYAN REYNOLDS–that’ll get some hits on the blog, hehe) with my two best friends, Josh (the husband) and Courtney. And we’ll get something good to eat and later on head down to the Everclear / Gavin DeGraw concert tonight 🙂 Lots going on around here with the Derby and all.

Here’s the three of us at the Def Leppard/Styx/Foreigner concert in Summer 2007!


Aren’t we cute? 😉

I’ve also decided it’s high time I get back into Yoga. You remember my post about how much I’ve missed it. Well, here at work they are starting up another series of classes that will meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which works perfectly into my schedule. The Friday class is actually Pilates, so I will be getting a good variety in during the week I hope. Thank goodness I took the summer off from school, I need it!

I am also beginning a new training program for a 5K that I am running on May 23rd. It’s easy and not at all complicated and actually has me running short distances every other day which I think is just what my body was asking for.

I was really inspired by this post from Heather about how she decided to quit running after 7 years and focused on honoring her body through activities like yoga. I’m not giving up running entirely, I have just learned my limits and I’m going with what feels good for me and not pushing my body further than it wants to go right now.

I’ve also joined an official walking club put together by a hospital in our city. My family and I are going to hold each other accountable and meet regularly for walks because its not only good for our health, its good for our relationships 🙂

I’m so excited to turn over and start this new chapter of my life! Hope you all do the same for yourselves.

Official race recap

Hey guys!

Whew, sorry about that. This weekend was complete insanity, thank goodness I at least set up those two blogs to post on Saturday so I didn’t leave you completely hanging!

Anyway, I am absolutely proud to say I have turned in my last paper and this semester has officially ended! We can now (eventually) return to your regularly scheduled blogging for a LONG time now 🙂

Saturday’s Kentucky Derby Festival mini-marathon was amazing!

This was the first time I have ever walked an entire mini-marathon and probably the longest distance I’ve ever really walked at one time.

Here are my stats:

Time: 3:30:51

Distance: 13.1 miles

Calories burned (est.): 1,179

The race was challenging for sure. I was also feeling strange as I crossed the start line walking…I have never done that before! The first three miles are pretty flat and include one water stop along the way. The next three miles go through Iroquois Park, which, for us big city Kentuckians, are some big hills! Once you leave the park, its flat (with the exception of one slightly incline road) until you reach Churchill Downs in mile 8-9, that has you going up and down a couple of ramps pretending you are a horse 😉

Yes, I live in the home of the Kentucky Derby. No, I’m not really excited.

I don’t hate the Derby, I just don’t get the hype. But I’ve lived here since I was 5, so that might be why. The hassles that come along with it, like crowds and traffic, constant news coverage, etc. are annoying, but the concerts are usually pretty good. We’re going to one Friday night 🙂

Did I mention my birthday falls around this time and has fallen on Derby many times in the past. There’s another one. Hehe. Ok, back to the real race!

I was dreading the park but really it was not the most challenging part of the race for me. The most challenging for me were those last 3.1 miles. Just mentally knowing that I hadn’t gone further than 10 since this time last year was really ingrained in my head. But I made it and we even sprinted the last 0.1 which felt so amazing! I’m not nearly as sore as I was last year when I ran the whole thing and I just felt so much more at ease and relaxed. This was the best (fitness) decision I ever made 🙂

Have you guys ever ran and walked a long distance? What was different for you?

I am so glad I chose to walk, for many reasons. First, I was not alone. I walked the entire way with my aunt and a good friend who is a trainer at the gym I go to. Second, it was beyond warm, I even got some sun, so I know if I had been running it could’ve caused me some problems. And last, when you are walking, you definitely have more time to take in the sites and snap some great pictures. Here are just a couple:



The Running Elvises

The Running Elvises

So true...

So true...

We did it!

We did it!

Another one to add to the collection :)

Another one to add to the collection 🙂

I am so proud of my aunt for finishing her first half-marathon!

At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d want to do this again, but now that I have done it, I hope to do it every year. I had so much fun! So there you have it folks…I am a 5k-10k runner and a 10-mile to half-marathon walker! 🙂

My next 5k is May 23rd, so today I am starting a 5k training program, yay!

Hope you all are doing great, I’m catching up on your blogs little by little. Thanks for sticking around!

Personal records

One of my favorite sayings of all time is “Attitude is Everything.” I don’t know who said it first (can someone Google that, haha) but it was sort of the mantra of our volleyball squad back in high school — we even had shirts that said it on there. It stuck.

I went into the race today just hoping to run it all. I had no times really in mind, although 40 minutes loomed in the back of my head. I knew I hadn’t trained as well, hadn’t really prepared myself for the race much up until this week. So I didn’t set my expectations too high, just hoping for a pleasant run on an amazing day (its 70 right now). Plus, I wanted to be there for my family who were walking their first 5k this morning 🙂

For breakfast, I fueled up with a whole wheat bagel topped with peanut butter and a banana, plus a glass of skim milk. I might have to make this a tradition 😉


There were so many people at the race this morning! I think last year there were 6,000 and this year there were 10,000. WOW! How cool is that, this many people out there for their health and a good cause 🙂



When I started the race, I began a nice, slow and steady jog. I kept my pace the same throughout the first mile and was shocked to see 11 minutes on the clock when I passed by the marker. I couldn’t remember at what time I started, but that was pretty good!

Then during mile 2, I felt I could pick up the pace a little bit, even though I did slow down to take 2 sips of water, throw some on my head (it was HOT) and move along at the water stop. There was a small hill during this mile that challenged me a bit, so I had to slow up just a bit. I crossed the mile marker that read 20:30. What?!

Then, the last mile, I thought…I’ve already made it around 21 minutes…I only have one more mile to go…perhaps I could go all out? So I did. Unfortunately, fatigue caught up with me, so I had to slow down for a minute or two to catch my breath. But when I saw the finish line in the distance, I picked it up again. Then I sprinted to the finish, just like I always do, even though I felt like passing out a bit at that point!

Here’s what I thought was my time: 31:15 (assuming I started 30 seconds after the clock, I was close to the front). Not too bad for wanting to stay under 40 minutes, right? Last year, I finished this race at 30:40, so this wasn’t so far off that, hooray!

After the race, we swung by McDonald’s for some bevvies, and I got a small coffee 🙂 Just about the only thing you’ll see me get at McD’s these days!


When I got home me and my mom checked the website for our official times. All three of my family members finished walking the race in under an hour; my Aunt Sharon did it in 45 minutes, so she kicked some major tail! I am so proud of them all.

So, I know you are dying to know. My OFFICIAL time was….


Distance: 3.1 miles

Pace: 9:38/mile

Calories: about 300

For a race I wasn’t sure if I could run, for a race that I let intimidate me until this week, I freaking PR’ed!

You can imagine how ecstatic I am and will remain the rest of the day. This just shows me that I can do it and I will.

Check out a couple of my previous 5k experiences

May 31st, 2008 – UofL Alumni “Run for the L of it”

March 2008 – Triple Crown of Running (back when I was on Xanga; good Lord!)

Next up: March 21st, 10K. Previous time: 1:02:29. It better watch out! 🙂

Happy Saturday you awesome blog people you!

I’m baaaack!

I just got back from my 11:30 a.m. run with my training partner, who told me at the end that I made her a bit jealous today. Why, do you ask? Because…


I’ve always thought, from the beginning of my “struggle”, that 80% of this was a mental block that I had about being able to run a certain distance. Yesterday, even though I took walk breaks, I saw that distance go by, knowing I had run most of it. I think that must’ve given me an extra boost because here I am ladies & gentleman, I’m back!!

I know now more than ever that as the weeks and months go by, I’ll be back to running more frequently and longer distances. I just needed to see myself do it 🙂 And so far, I have no pain (I used to get some knee pain last summer/fall).

I warmed up for 8:30 or 0.50 mile. Then, as you know, I ran 3.1, varying my speeds from 4.5-5.5 and at the end I “sprinted” at 6.0 again. Subtracting the first 8:30 and the last few that I cooled down, I calculated that I did the 5k (or 3.1 miles) in 38:30, or a 12:25/mile. Wow, check out that difference, just from yesterday!

I don’t know what my goal for Saturday is yet, other than to run the whole thing and finish it. I think under 40 minutes is a good ballpark, but I know that I naturally run faster outside than on the treadmill. A lot faster! So we’ll see…

Hope everyone is enjoying the day, the sunshine here is beautiful, I think Spring might be on its way soon, yippee!