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Focus on your strengths

For those of you who may be new to my blog, you may not know that from 2007-2008, I lost 70 pounds through my own hard work and lifestyle changes. When I was getting ready to turn 25, I found that I just wasn’t happy. Sure, I was married to a great guy, had a good job and managed to have a social life with my wonderful friends. But I did not like myself. The way I looked, the way I felt, nothing. So I worked hard and I changed.

But, ever since I reached a certain point on the scale, I’ve been obsessing (off and on) about how to get past it. I never really reached my original “goal” weight but I got to a comfortable point and never made it any further. When the number doesn’t go down, I get frustrated and think I’ve failed somehow. Then there are some times when that number starts to creep up and I get worried, especially when my clothes start to get tighter. So I refocus, get those few pesky pounds off and I’m back to where I was. This especially happens in the summer, I’ve come to refer to it as my “summer fluff.”

I know a lot of people think maintenance is easy but I do not. I feel like it has been a much harder struggle than weight loss ever was for me. Maybe that is because it’s been so long ago now that maintenance mode has just taken over. But I feel like every choice I make is important and if I don’t want to end up back where I was in pre-2007, I have to always be working hard at it. Partially, that is true. But I also need to stop putting so much pressure on myself. Because I know me and when I’m under pressure, it’s no good. It doesn’t motivate me, it breaks me down.

So, recently I have ceased weighing myself. I think it’s been well over a month since I’ve stepped on any scale. While I’ve given up weighing before, this time I feel like I really don’t care what I weigh anymore. Not in a “I’m giving up” way but in a “I’m breaking free from this torture” way. If I’m still wearing the same clothes I was after my initial weight loss, if I feel good and if I can be comfortable where I am, then why does it matter if I weigh one number or another? Why am I always trying to improve when I’m perfectly fine where I am?

I have also realized that by always being focused on calories, weight, exercise, that I am missing so much of the rest of my life. Did I mention I’m turning 30 next year? 😉

If I’m being real with myself, I have to remember that I originally sought to lose weight for health reasons. I was sick, borderline everything and only 25 — a scary situation. These days, I am very healthy, all of my numbers are in the optimal ranges and my doctors are always impressed with my diet and workout regimen. So why do I care that I don’t have a flat stomach? Why do I care that I never got out of a certain “decade” in weight numbers? None of those things are health-related anymore.

I think some of it is comparing myself to others, seeing people my same age and height that weigh a lot less than I do. Some of it is the media I’m sure, even though I like to deny that one a lot. Some of it is my natural perfectionism. I am my own worst critic sometimes. But I’m making some great progress!

I hope she doesn’t mind me saying this but I had a real breakthrough when my friend Stephanie posted the following statement on her blog: “in my head, i’ve always admired very lean women, with their flat stomachs, small chests, and perfect pencil legs. but in my heart, i realize that’s not me, and i’m better learning to love what i do have than longing for what i don’t have.”

It was like the light shone down from above and the chorus sang “Hallelujah!” I had a major revelation about myself thanks to some thoughts from a friend about her own situation. This is why blogging is great and why we need to communicate with each other through this medium.

Little by little, I am learning to embrace who I am, my life, the body that I have and you know what? It’s great! Instead of wanting to be the next size down, I love my size. I also love that I have to buy one size at one store and a different one at another because clothes are made differently and I am not shaped like anyone else but me. It’s okay that I can’t wear low rise jeans, really. It’s better to wear what is flattering than to try to hide what is not in order to be trendy.

So if you’ve ever felt this way too, my advice would be this: instead of focusing on the things we don’t have or what we do have that we don’t like, we need to start focusing on our strengths. I’ll go first.

I may not have a flat stomach but I have incredible arms! Stuff may jiggle in places I don’t like but darn it, I have completed 5 half marathons, I still work out 5 days a week and I feel incredible! I am also feeding my body the healthiest diet I know and still allowing myself the occasional splurges (I heart french fries). I may never wear a two-piece but my doctors say I am very healthy!

Does it get any better than that? I think not 🙂

Meat free: One year later

Wow, a year has flown by!

Prior to September 2009, the vegetarian (and later vegan) diet was becoming more appealing to me for a number of reasons. I started to notice more how I felt when I ate meat and when I didn’t. I had been an “accidental” vegetarian off and on because when I just ate what came naturally, I was usually not putting meat in my meals.

But, nothing was ever official until September of last year when I decided to take a “gradual” approach to refining my diet (read: “To vegan or not to vegan”).

You may also remember this post, on September 10th, when I ate at Shane’s Rib Shack for my Dad’s birthday. It was the last time I ever ate meat!

A few days later, after a fun trip to Chicago to see U2, I realized that this was going to be a great change for me and I wanted to go a step further to eliminate all animal products from my diet. It was just going to take time and baby steps in order to get it right.

I did not go vegan until October 1st, but I am definitely celebrating my year of meatlessness today. I wasn’t sure at first if this would be a permanent change or just an experiment, but after feeling as great as I do, learning things I have learned and living healthy and happy for one year without meat, I know this is the way for me. I don’t need meat and I don’t want it.

I also recently read a quote that my friend Carrie posted on Facebook that made me happy too:

“As a vegan, you personally save the lives of approximately eighty-three animals a year, reduce your carbon output by an average of 3,000 pounds, and conserve 1.4 million gallons of water a year.” – Jolinda Hackett

Today is once again my Dad’s birthday (hooray for another year of life) only this time we are having dinner somewhere other than Shane’s Rib Shack, which still remains a family favorite.

At least I can fondly remember that place for the time when one chapter of my life ended and another began. 🙂

4 months of vegan

Wow, it seems like October 1st was just yesterday. But in some ways it also seems like a lifetime ago, right?

After some experimenting in September, I decided to try vegan for a month in October 2009. Thankfully, it has stuck around much longer than a month.

I got to celebrate my first vegan Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. I had a few minor “slips” over that time and even considered sliding back to just being vegetarian, but after reading some encouraging comments and posts from other vegan bloggers and remembering why it is that I chose this diet and where it has taken me, I recommitted to it and feel very good about that choice.

Even deeper than just a diet, I set out to change a lot of things about my life, which I had felt at the time were getting out of control. I made a list…let’s see how I did.

  1. Eating a plant-based, animal-free diet (no meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) – essentially only vegan foods With the exception of the occasional hidden ingredient that I miss, I feel like this has become second nature to me. I don’t miss anything and I’m enjoying food so much more now that I know what it is I’m eating!
  2. Exercising for health, fun, stress relief, and peace of mind — not to run myself down or to “undo” over eating  I definitely feel like my relationship with exercise is in a much healthier place these days. I don’t guilt myself over missing a workout or use exercise as punishment. I’m really enjoying everything I’m doing for my body and mind.
  3. Listening to my body and resting when I need to rest  This is a big one, it’s tough too. I think I’ve done okay with this, but we’ll see when I really get challenged. I think the last few snow days we’ve had were signs for me that I needed to take things slow 😉
  4. Creating peace and harmony in my daily life through prayer, meditation, and relaxation Oh yes! I have been taking a lot of quiet time for the past month or so, doing my daily Bible readings and practicing yoga. I cannot even tell you how much more calm and relaxed I feel now; it carries me throughout the day.
  5. Eliminating or reducing things in my life that cause me stress One of these things was finding a new perspective about my current job. Ideally, I see myself in another career field somewhere down the line but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy what I’m doing right now. Also, learning to ignore negative noise (instead of trying to solve it) is something I am so glad I finally figured out. It’s lead to “hiding” a lot of people on Facebook, turning off the TV, and lots of other little things but it makes a difference. We are bombarded with it, it’s not healthy!
  6. Focus more on serving others through volunteering or random acts of kindness and favors Still need a lot of work here. I smile at everyone, open doors for people, and give directions constantly, but I need to go out of my way to help someone.
  7. Start ministering to people in my church in an area I feel passionate about This is a work in progress as well. Our Women’s Ministry team is just now getting back together and we’re going to take things slow. But I do hope that something will develop within the next year or so. Just this week I did volunteer to work in the nursery one Sunday a month. I’m also a greeter at church, but we’re on a six week or so rotation.
  8. Stay close to God and find a Bible study to participate in I’m still looking for a group, but I have been diligent about reading the Bible on my own, something I had just been doing on Sundays for way too long. It’s amazing how much closer to God I feel when I stay in the Word. Plus there is always more to learn, even when you think you have heard it all before.

Wow, it’s been a while since I have looked at that list and yet I am amazed at how those are all things I am still working on. Those are still my goals. But I have done a lot too. And I want to do more!

So what’s next?

This month, I’ll be joining my friend Carrie and several others from our area at the first meeting of the Louisville Vegetarian Club. I’m really excited to meet other like-minded folks and share our experiences, recipes, etc. I know it has only been 4 short months, but I am pretty certain that this is my way of living, for LIFE.

I also want to get my friends and family to try more animal-free/plant-based foods. While I know it’s highly unlikely I will never convince my husband to be vegetarian in any way, I still have control over what we get from the grocery store and I can help him reduce his intake of animal products, if he agrees to do so.

He already doesn’t eat red meat, which is awesome! And he tried macaroni & chreeze once before so I hope to introduce a few new things to him in the future. It’s taken me almost five years of marriage to learn all the foods he likes and dislikes (haha) so I should be able to make some thing he would at least try. I’ve got many ideas flowing through my head right now!

My family liked my vegan meatloaf at Christmas and even asked for the recipe! So I hope to keep things like this going. I need to be consistent.

I guess the point of saying all of this is that I love what the vegan diet has done for me, inside and out. So now I feel like it’s time to share it with others instead of just keeping it to myself all the time. So that will be my new goal for the time being. I’m also finding it sort of interesting how that sounds just like what I’m supposed to be doing as a Christian as well.

I’m also becoming more sensitive to the other issues surrounding this lifestyle: like animal cruelty, unhealthy farm practices, environmental impact, etc. I originally chose it for health reasons but there is so much more going on out there. It’s another goal of mine to continue to read, educate myself and be more aware!

Plus becoming part of a community of  fellow vegetarians and vegans is going to be so rewarding, I already know. Sort of like how finally plugging into a church made me feel right at home with my faith, I know this group will make me feel at home with this other aspect of my life.

900 posts

Wow. When I started this blog in May of 2008, I never would’ve imagined writing 900 posts. But that’s what this one is…number 900!

I think it is appropriate, in post number 900, to say that I am doing some serious brainstorming regarding See Sarah Eat. I’m talking design, features, possibly self-hosting, etc. I’m ready to take this blog to the next level. It has been amazing (and exhausting) for me to go back and look at old posts here recently, because so many things have changed (for the better) over the past year and a half.

The early days:

  • I used to write pictureless posts about what I ate that day.
  • I used to obey the food pyramid!
  • I used to post the calorie counts on almost every meal I ate.
  • I used to take some really ugly fuzzy pictures!
  • I wrote this: “I could never go 100% vegetarian because its just my personal belief that excluding anything or eating too much of one thing just doesn’t work for me in the long run and that goes for all foods, not just meat.” Uhh…
  • Thought I was lactose intolerant, only to realize I’m not. Or am I?
  • Went through “phases” where I thought low-carb was a good idea.
  • I was (and still am) an emotional eater.

Some of my favorite posts from the past 19 months:

And now:

I can’t wait to see what happens over the next 900 posts. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, and for being my friends. I can’t say it enough…I love this community! I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d do without it.

I’ve got so much more to catch you guys up on but I am beat (ran 4 miles after work) and it’s time to hit the hay! Good night 🙂

Day 29: Good news and World Vegan Month

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the well-wishes for my health assessment today. Thankfully, I received all good news.

Let this post serve as a testimony to healthy eating and exercise because I haven’t always had numbers like these.

  • Blood pressure: 104/76
  • Total cholesterol: 125
  • LDL (bad) cholesterol: 65!
  • HDL (good) cholesterol: 49!!!!!!!!!! (this is a huge improvement from my 34 this time last year, hoping for even higher next year)
  • Triglycerides: 56 (normal range is 50-200)

In order to get my HDL cholesterol to come up, I’ve been doing a lot of different things over the past year.

  • I have maintained my weight and I do not smoke.
  • I used to eat tuna or salmon at least once a week (back when I still ate seafood), I took fish oil capsules for a while, and I’m always on the look out for products containing Omega-3’s (including a bottle of canola oil I had for a while).
  • I’ve eaten lots of oatmeal, fruits and veggies.
  • I’ve also used ground/milled flax seed in both my smoothies and oatmeal.
  • I’ve also focused on getting more healthy fats in my diet by cooking with healthy oils, eating plenty of peanut butter, nuts and my good friend the avocado.
  • I try to enjoy a glass of red wine every once in a while.
  • I’ve kept up with my aerobic exercise.
  • I’ve taken calcium supplements.
  • I’ve remained very much anti-trans fat, avoiding it at all possible costs.

My body fat percentage and measurements were also down but those numbers above are the most important. With heart disease being the number one killer of men and women in the U.S., those are numbers we all need to know!

Stepping off of soap box

Breakfast this morning, eaten so gladly at 9 a.m., was oatmeal with sliced apples (cooking the apples with the oats is the way to go) and some PB.

Picture 071

I was also pleased to learn that I inadvertently celebrated National Oatmeal Day which is October 29th every year! Woo hoo 🙂

In vegan news

Vegan MoFo III is coming to an end in two days. After almost 29 days of eating vegan, there is no way I am going back now. I have never felt better! I’ve also had little to no digestive issues in this past month. I’ve tried a ton of new recipes with many more on the agenda. I’m feeling so confident in what I am putting into my body. But what will help me stay motivated?

World Vegan Month

That’s right…Vegan MoFo (October) comes to a close just as World Vegan Day (November 1) and World Vegan Month are approaching!

For more info, check out my friend Carrie’s Examiner article on World Vegan Month 🙂

Happy Thursday!

Back on track

I just wanted to take this moment to share something with you today. You might remember, back in July, I was experiencing a slight weight gain that startled me a bit. I was also tired, somewhat unmotivated and bored with my “routine.” The summer seems to be a time of temptation for me too, with holidays, cookouts and birthday parties galore.

Once I did some investigating (thank goodness for this blog), I found that I was eating too much and exercising too much for my body. I had lost a bit of control. I also had a sneaking suspicion that some of the sugary foods I was eating were not only NOT satisfying me, but that they could’ve been increasing my hunger.

I decided to start with reducing the sugar in my diet first (checking labels, cutting back on fruit and watching “bad” carbs like baked goods and processed snacks) and I was immediately impressed. My energy was better. Food tasted better. Workouts were more productive. It’s amazing how getting a chemical out of your body will do that 😉 I also realized how carb-dependent and heavy my diet was and I made adjustments to that as well. There is nothing wrong with carbs…I just had that “pyramid mentality” of thinking I needed at least 7 ounces a day and that’s just not the case.

Then, just 8 short weeks ago today, I got really serious. I started counting calories again, though not obsessively, and I realized that I had been eating more because I thought it was what I had to do, instead of listening to my body and paying attention to my habits. Once I started tracking, I could see what days resulted in what calorie intakes and it all started making sense again. I don’t set a range for myself, I just tally up what I have for the day. I know I’m going to have to eat more on days I work out, around my menstrual cycle, and due to some other biological factors. Somedays, especially if I’m not very active, I will eat less.

But having that sheet in front of me also showed that I sometimes eat out of stress, boredom, etc. and I believe I have remedied that now. I think I might almost be a recovering emotional eater! Tracking my meals also helps me plan for the week and be super efficient at grocery shopping. I’m spending less money now and using up lots of things that have been sitting around the house for too long.

I have a very healthy relationship with calorie tracking now. I don’t try to limit my numbers or beat myself up if they go above a certain range. I just live.

And I have noticed that since I’ve been doing that, reducing sugar, and controlling portions again, I eat much less. I don’t eat out of habit or by the clock anymore. I’m not eating a certain number of calories because so and so eats that much. I have stopped comparing myself to other people, other runners, other women my age and size. We are all so different!

I eat when I am hungry, with real foods that I want to eat (not that I think I have to) which satisfy me, with an occasional “treat” (but not every day). Sometimes I don’t need a snack after dinner. Sometimes I don’t need one mid-morning. Sometimes I have a light lunch or a heavy dinner. Sometimes I’m not hungry for breakfast first thing in the morning, so I wait until I am.  Nothing wrong with any of that.

On the exercise front, I have still been working out 5-6 days a week. But I’m not killing myself anymore. I still get a good mixture of cardio, weight training and yoga when I have the time. But I went from sweaty, long and intense workouts that made me want to pass out to shorter, more moderate level workouts that still make me sweat, but don’t zap my energy for the rest of the day. That don’t leave me too tired that I can’t do anything when I get home from work. That don’t make me extraordinarly hungry for the rest of the day and so on. I don’t rely on “calories burned” to determine the quality of my workout anymore. I don’t set time limits…even small bouts of exercise are effective.

Right now, the only thing that matters to me is that I am moving. That I am having fun. That I am honoring my body by giving it what it needs and not pushing it too hard. A little pushing is okay 😉 If I need to rest, like yesterday, then darn it, I will rest. There is nothing wrong with taking a day (or two) off now and then. And naps are such a good thing too!

I also weigh myself reguarly, one time per week, always on Monday mornings before I eat breakfast. I find it is a good way for me to start off the week. Whether it is up or down, it gives me the motivation to set some weekly goals, even if that is just to keep doing the same things. But this works FOR ME and I know not everyone can see it this way. In fact, I used to let a weigh in disrupt my entire week. Now, it is just a side note. I’ve even had slightly “up” weeks since I started this new “track” but I haven’t let it affect me negatively.

Well folks, it has all paid off. In the last 8 weeks, I have lost exactly 10 lbs. I am still not back down to my “happy weight” yet, but I am very happy with where I am at right now. I feel great and I feel the healthiest I have EVER been. I love my diet, my workouts, and the way my clothes fit. I love not being stressed out about food or exercise anymore. Everything seems to be back on track.

I just want to say that if there is something you are struggling with in your life, including weight, don’t give up. Don’t succumb to the stress and the pressure. Search yourself, be intuitive and find a healthy balance for you and only you. Use others as inspirations but not guides. Listen to your body and only speak to yourself positively. If you think you might need professional help, don’t be afraid to seek it out. I think it takes more bravery to do that than anything. You are worth it.

Be kind to yourselves and each other. God bless 🙂


Hello friends!

After a nice relaxing weekend, away from the computer and taking lots of naps, I’m ready to get back to the grind. Saturday was my last 5K of the season and although I ended up slightly frustrated, I’m still very proud of running it and very much looking forward to the next time when the temperatures will be much cooler 🙂

Saturday morning it was in the high 70’s and it had rained over night so that made it seem a bit cooler although it did nothing for the humidity. By race time at 8:00, it was in the 80’s and right as we were lining up, out came the sun!

Before the race, I fueled up on some PB&J toast and fresh pineapple. It felt weird going against “tradition” (PB toast and banana) but it seemed to still work okay!


The first mile of the race wasn’t too bad, it was hot but I felt good and kept a really decent pace. But as soon as we turned at the end of a bridge to start making our way back (about halfway through), I started feeling it. I was hot, sweaty, weak and my breathing had become labored. I slowed down a bit and managed to recover and do a couple more sprints but not the plan I had been hoping for. It was just too hot.

I got a little frustrated during mile 3 because I had wanted to do better, but I sucked it up and ran the last quarter mile or so hard and finished strong!

I finished with my 2nd best time of 30:21 and I am very proud of that, especially considering the circumstances.

After the race, I felt good, drank 2 bottles of water and munched on some raisins. I walked around a bunch and waited to stretch until I got home and did so a few times throughout the day after I did some research on the topic.

I also made a new discovery that I wish I had my camera for! I made a green monster with soy milk, spinach, banana, and….peanut butter! I’d read about people using this before and I thought there was no way it would make a difference, but I swear…I felt like I was drinking a peanut butter banana smoothie, that just happened to be GREEN! I loved it and it will be making its way into the rotation. It was the best recovery snack ever and kept me full for a couple of hours!

I think next year, I will quit racing at the end of May! And I will never complain about racing in March again, ha ha. Maybe just a little 😉

I love warm weather and I hate being cold anywhere, but I have to say, to me, running in the cold is so much easier than this heat and humidity. I’ve learned a valuable lesson here. Those of you who are able to are heroes in my opinion; I think some of us are just more sensitive to certain weather conditions.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy the first day of a new week!


Sunday night, as I was walking my dog around 8:30, I had a revelation. I was wearing flannel pajama pants and a really tight black “Bob Dylan Forever” tank top because that’s how I roll; it’s never too early for pjs! I should’ve taken a picture of that.

We were almost back to the house, when I noticed that my tank top was riding up on me causing my stomach to stick out a bit. But I didn’t care. I pulled it back down and laughed. It hit me then and I realized just how comfortable I am with my body now, finally.

I have accepted my faults, none of which are truly faults, but they are just things I notice. My stomach still looks “flabby” even though I’ve lost weight, done a ton of abs work and cardio, etc. The reason is that I have excess skin thanks to years of abuse — stretching out my stomach — which is where I tend to gain weight first. But I don’t mind it anymore. Only one person besides me (well, and the dog) sees it and they both still love me 😉 I have also found clothes that hide it rather well, so who cares?

I also have a little bit under my arms and inner thighs but those have never really bothered me. In fact, I am so proud of my arms and legs! They have walked, ran, and lifted weights, done yoga and other amazing things.  My upper body is probably my favorite because it is where I notice the biggest difference in my weight loss and training. I actually have visible arm muscles now!

Anyway, the point of this post was to let you know that I have accepted myself, just the way I am. I worked really hard to get to this place and there’s no going back, only forward. I am proud of all that I have accomplished, but especially my newfound interests in running, healthy foods and nutrition, as well as maintaining such a large loss for a year and a half now. I am proof that it takes true lifestyle changes, things that you can live with long term.

Now that I have challenged myself to no longer count calories and have thrown the scale in the back of the closet, I am so much more relaxed and comfortable with my day-to-day eating and exercise. There’s no more pressure!

This looks exactly like my dog, who does the same thing!

This looks exactly like my dog, who does the same thing!

And anytime I’m feeling down, I can always go back to this post and remember how things used to be and what they are now!

Thank you for reading this.

p.s. I think this might have something to do with the fact that I have done yoga the past two days, but hey, whatever works 😉

Official race recap

Hey guys!

Whew, sorry about that. This weekend was complete insanity, thank goodness I at least set up those two blogs to post on Saturday so I didn’t leave you completely hanging!

Anyway, I am absolutely proud to say I have turned in my last paper and this semester has officially ended! We can now (eventually) return to your regularly scheduled blogging for a LONG time now 🙂

Saturday’s Kentucky Derby Festival mini-marathon was amazing!

This was the first time I have ever walked an entire mini-marathon and probably the longest distance I’ve ever really walked at one time.

Here are my stats:

Time: 3:30:51

Distance: 13.1 miles

Calories burned (est.): 1,179

The race was challenging for sure. I was also feeling strange as I crossed the start line walking…I have never done that before! The first three miles are pretty flat and include one water stop along the way. The next three miles go through Iroquois Park, which, for us big city Kentuckians, are some big hills! Once you leave the park, its flat (with the exception of one slightly incline road) until you reach Churchill Downs in mile 8-9, that has you going up and down a couple of ramps pretending you are a horse 😉

Yes, I live in the home of the Kentucky Derby. No, I’m not really excited.

I don’t hate the Derby, I just don’t get the hype. But I’ve lived here since I was 5, so that might be why. The hassles that come along with it, like crowds and traffic, constant news coverage, etc. are annoying, but the concerts are usually pretty good. We’re going to one Friday night 🙂

Did I mention my birthday falls around this time and has fallen on Derby many times in the past. There’s another one. Hehe. Ok, back to the real race!

I was dreading the park but really it was not the most challenging part of the race for me. The most challenging for me were those last 3.1 miles. Just mentally knowing that I hadn’t gone further than 10 since this time last year was really ingrained in my head. But I made it and we even sprinted the last 0.1 which felt so amazing! I’m not nearly as sore as I was last year when I ran the whole thing and I just felt so much more at ease and relaxed. This was the best (fitness) decision I ever made 🙂

Have you guys ever ran and walked a long distance? What was different for you?

I am so glad I chose to walk, for many reasons. First, I was not alone. I walked the entire way with my aunt and a good friend who is a trainer at the gym I go to. Second, it was beyond warm, I even got some sun, so I know if I had been running it could’ve caused me some problems. And last, when you are walking, you definitely have more time to take in the sites and snap some great pictures. Here are just a couple:



The Running Elvises

The Running Elvises

So true...

So true...

We did it!

We did it!

Another one to add to the collection :)

Another one to add to the collection 🙂

I am so proud of my aunt for finishing her first half-marathon!

At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d want to do this again, but now that I have done it, I hope to do it every year. I had so much fun! So there you have it folks…I am a 5k-10k runner and a 10-mile to half-marathon walker! 🙂

My next 5k is May 23rd, so today I am starting a 5k training program, yay!

Hope you all are doing great, I’m catching up on your blogs little by little. Thanks for sticking around!

Not my best but still a great race!

It was freaking cold today, that is the best way to describe it. I think at the start time the temperature was 35 degrees, what the heck?! It was like 60 two weeks ago at the last race.

Anyway, today made me realize that it doesn’t really matter how fast you go, finishing the race and then watching your family cross that finish line after you is the best feeling in the world. Even when its cold, you’ve watched three people barf (yeah), and you are 31 seconds slower than last year.

But hey, I’m proud of my 1:03:00 people! WOOOO HOOOO! Leave it to me to get an even number 😉

I kicked some pretty good butt for not training nearly as much this year as last year. I hadn’t even run 6 miles yet, the most I’d done is 4. I took 30 second walk breaks at each water stop which I know slowed me down a bit but if I hadn’t done that I honestly think finishing out the race might’ve been harder.

I’m definitely a 5K girl. The first 3.5 miles went by smoothly, it was the second half that was hard to get through. But I did it!

Here are some photos I took today, I’ll update more later when I’ve eaten and rested a bit…

The start line

The start line

Running past the church where I got married! :)

Running past the church where I got married! 🙂

The finish line, yay!

The finish line, yay!

Taking a breather after the race, I don't look happy but I am

Taking a breather after the race, I don't look happy but I am

Family portrait, I'm so proud of them!

Family portrait, I'm so proud of them!

My Larabar stash, I was so thrilled to see these!

My Larabar stash, I was so thrilled to see these!

I had a cinnamon roll LB, best recovery snack yet!

I had a cinnamon roll LB, best recovery snack yet!


I’m off to eat some Indian food with my best friend and then do some perusing at the library. Couldn’t really ask for a better Saturday. Hope you all enjoy yours too 🙂 Thanks for reading and being there for me.