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It’s Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Hope you all have an amazing day with your loved ones. Remember, enjoy yourselves 🙂

Since I’m a believer in treating Thanksgiving like any other day, I started things off with a good breakfast…oats (made with 1/4 cup soymilk and 1/2 cup water) topped with cinnamon, a big green apple, walnuts and almond butter. What did you say? Yes, ALMOND BUTTER!

I have been meaning to try almond butter for some time and yesterday at the store, I found this jar of MaraNatha no stir Crunchy Almond Butter for $3.49, which is a little more than I pay for PB but less than I’ve seen other almond butters sell for, so I grabbed it.

When I opened the jar, I immediately got a whiff of fresh almonds, a smell I absolutely love. Then I stirred it up a bit (even though it’s no stir) just to check out it’s consistency. I haven’t even purchased crunchy PB in a while, so it was a nice switch. Then I measured out a tbsp and tossed in on top of the oatmeal.

Now, I love peanut butter, this we know. But! I love that it was the same consistency as peanut butter (only crunchy) but it tasted totally different! Very much like almonds, very gritty and thick, stick to your ribs type nut butter. Amazing! I think it puts my smooth Skippy Natural to shame, for real.

I will definitely use it again and may be on the almond butter bandwagon for a while now. I also really enjoyed Sun Butter when I tried it and I have been meaning to pick up another jar of that as well.

As usual, I had a cup of Pumpkin Pie Spice coffee this morning with a packet of Equal and 1/4 cup soy milk. Only one cup today though since I got all jittery yesterday, haha.

Have a great day everybody! I’m hoping to get a walk or run in before we leave for my aunt’s house 🙂