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Challenge Day 2

Today it was much harder to listen to my body because I had quite a few distractions. I was busy at work and I keep thinking about all my upcoming plans this week for my birthday. And I seriously think I need a detox from Facebook (future challenge perhaps)!

This morning was easy. I knew I wanted yogurt + fruit, which usually doesn’t happen in the a.m. but I’ve been seeing everyone’s parfaits and I got jealous 😉 Plus it’s been warm here in KY and when I’m warm, I like to eat something cold.

Here’s what went in:


The Kashi Summer Berry granola comes courtesy of my blog buddy Alex, who sent me a package of goodies in exchange for some PB & Co! Thanks again Alex. I’ll post more from that stash soon!

I am pleased that this fat free Stonyfield was thicker like the French vanilla. It must just be Stonyfield’s “lowfat” line that’s too runny to eat with a spoon!

Here’s what it looked like all together…like the glass? 


Side view:


The yogurt and granola were AMAZING! These flavors all went together so well and I was really pleased with my new breakfast even though it didn’t last me very long. I think making this with higher protein Greek yogurt would do the trick. But that granola kicks butt!

At work, I had my usual 1 cup of coffee and then I got pretty hungry for a mid-morning snack, just shy of mid-morning, haha. I’m listening to you body, okay?!

I broke into another new product Alex sent me all the way from California:


Mrs. May’s Naturals The Cube, Cranberry Crunch

These were so good, I loved the flavor, they were like granola bites, only more dense and nuttier. Plus they’re cute 😉


These held me for a while, but I got ravenous just before 11:00, so I went ahead and ate lunch early (still listening)!

I had a can of Bumblebee Tuna (anyone else thinking of Ace Ventura 2 right now?) in spicy thai chili (sorry no pic) on a whole wheat English muffin and the Green Giant digestive health blend of veggies (yellow carrots, spinach, white beans).

I went for a 50 minute walk outside with some co-workers, which was nice because it was a day off from running and the sun was out after raining for nearly 7 straight days!

When I got back I was already hungry again (hmm) so I had another Alex goodie, a Luna Sunrise Bar!


I’d had this one before but its been years. I was really in the mood for chocolate so I didn’t go into it with the best mind set.


I liked the bar ok and the nutritionals are great, but its not going to be a favorite. I think I prefer the chocolate-y Luna bars even if they all do start to taste alike after a while. I still love though how this bar is designed with women’s health in mind. But it didn’t really rock my socks this time.

Unfortunately, after this, I stopped listening for a while. Or maybe not. But I had a bag of peanut butter M&M’s, a small one, haha. Like I said, hormones probably. No negativity here though! They were good.

When I got home and started up the oven for my dinner recipes, I munched on two carrots and finished off the container of Just Hummus, there were only a couple tbsps left anyway. Yum. I am really into fresh veggies right now, especially carrots and cucumbers. I also bought some kale that I’m ready to try now since I never have!

Dinner was awesome! Check out my post on New Recipes to see what I had that was so delicious and filling.

I’m nowhere near wanting dessert yet, so we’ll just wait and see what happens the rest of the night.

What I’ve learned today:

  • Its okay to eat lunch early if I’m really hungry, no one will know but me!
  • Eating smaller portions every 2-4 hours works great for me
  • My biggest culprits to keeping calories/portions in check are boredom and dissatisfaction (i.e. Luna Bar today)
  • I can get through two days without counting calories!

This is definitely a learning experience and one that I hope sticks with me beyond this week. Not counting calories definitely takes the stress out of eating healthy, which should be fun and adventurous! I am somewhat worried about putting on weight, but I have to remember to listen to my body both with diet and exercise, and finding that balance which will result in weight balance as well.

Back to The Biggest Loser!

Housework wins

Early yesterday afternoon, I started thinking that volleyball just wasn’t a good idea this week — I have a ton of housework to catch up on (we have family coming over on Sunday) and my husband is still sick, plus I was pretty tired from getting an early start, so I talked myself into staying home last night. Not necessarily a bad thing; it meant I got to watch the entire episode of The Biggest Loser at once. I have to say, I like everybody on there this season unlike last year where I hated almost everybody toward the end, except for Michelle who won. I’m so glad there’s more likeable people on there right now, makes it easier to root for them! 🙂

Anyway, here’s what went in yesterday!

Honey nut cheerios, 1% milk, banana

Honey nut cheerios, 1% milk, banana












My darling clementines ;-)

My darling clementines 😉

There’s a lot that went into lunch, so I feel I should explain it. I brought a Morningstar Farms garden veggie patty (with 2% american cheese, tomato slice, ketchup) but I totally forgot the freakin’ bun! I was disappointed at first, but all the veggies I ate were very filling: Green Giant “just one” broccoli and cheese, carrots & hummus (not pictured), and a pickle! This was a very satisfying lunch and I was very pleased with my fruit and veggie intake by the end of the day.
Last week at the store, I bought a new ketchup to try out:
Heinz "One Carb" reduced sugar ketchup

Heinz "One Carb" reduced sugar ketchup

Basically, this ketchup is the same as regular Heinz, only it contains no HFCS and most of the sugar is replaced with Sucralose. It contains 5 calories per tablespoon compared to 15 for regular ketchup. I think it’s a good change for our household…my husband is at risk for Type-2 diabetes (family history) so anything I can do to reduce his sugar intake is probably a good idea. Plus it tastes pretty good, I had some on my veggie burger!
I had a craving for chocolate after lunch so I picked out 2 Hershey’s Bliss dark chocolates from my stash. I got tired of the same boring desktop background, so I put them on a picture of my doggie 🙂
After I unwrapped and completely savored one, I realized that was all I needed, so I put the 2nd piece back for another time 🙂 I like the size of these, I think that makes it easy to eat just one, at least for me…
I had lunch kind of early yesterday so I dug into my yogurt early too…
Yoplait Light rasperry cheesecake

Yoplait Light rasperry cheesecake

Okay, so I now have three Yoplait flavors I would buy again: Cinnamon Roll, Very Cherry and Rasperry cheesecake. This one was very tasty! I think overall, I prefer the “Thick and Creamy” ones the best, but for just a regular light yogurt, this one was pretty delightful.
I had a meeting around 3 where there was food and I was pretty darn proud of myself for having restraint. I ate all of the fruit and only two bites of what I think was some kind of raisin bread. It was good, but I wasn’t really hungry and didn’t want to blow calories on something I didn’t absolutely love:
Before I left work, I was hungry again and I knew it would be a while before I had dinner, so I went ahead and ate my other snack I brought…a Wasa cracker and a slice of 2% american cheese (just 80 calories!):
There were leftovers from the meeting, including chocolate iced brownies, but I said no and I really felt good about my decision to just eat this snack I brought, which was perfectly satisfying, I swear to you!
This was also a fun snack for me because it means I have used up all the crackers, which I’ve had for quite some time, and I can now venture out and try some new ones…can anyone say Kashi?! YAY! If you have some cracker suggestions, I would love to hear them. I love the Wasa line but I’ve had all of them now and want to try some new brands just to experiment.
When I got home, my ill husband made dinner (bless him) and it was also another very colorful meal:
Sausage with peppers & onions on wheat bun, side of veggies + red potatoes

Sausage with peppers & onions on wheat bun, side of veggies + red potatoes

The veggies were one of my favorite Green Giant mixes — can you tell Green Giant was on sale this week? And I totally had coupons. I think I got 4-5 different products (two small boxes, a package of 4 “Just One” containers, and one 19 oz bag) for less than $5, love it! 🙂
After dinner, I immediately ate another dark chocolate covered cherry my husband gave me for V-day. I thought I’d give you a picture of the inside this time, it kind of exploded on me as I was eating it…
We watched a movie, Zack and Miri, which was okay; it was sweet and pretty darn hilarious — it had lots of Kevin Smith’s humor (he’s the director), which I appreciate, but quite a bit vulgar too, but I shouldn’t be surprised considering the subject matter. We have a subscription to Blockbuster online, so we still have two more movies at home to watch and send back hopefully this week!
After the movie, I did some laundry, dishes and watched “The Biggest Loser” and by 9:00 I was ready for a snack!
Wheat bun with 1 tbsp chocolate hazelnut spread

Wheat bun with 1 tbsp chocolate hazelnut spread

This really hit the spot and I didn’t require or even desire another snack the rest of the night. Yesterday was a red letter day, I was very pleased. I found one of my old notebooks that I used to jot down food and exercise in last night, so it was fun looking through that, especially after my post yesterday about calorie counting. I was inspired, so I went ahead and planned out all my meals and snacks for today, which made it easy to get going when I got up this morning!
Hope you all had a good Tuesday, “see” you again soon!

Wet Wednesday

Thank you all so much for the comments on my last post about the Kongs! And thanks to Andrea for recommending another pet products site to me, I can’t wait to check it out. 🙂

Yesterday was a great day, even though I spent most of it sitting down with no shoe on my left foot. I am not in any pain as long as I don’t bend or flex my foot, which is pretty much something we do all day long without even thinking about it. But it’s getting better, slowly but surely.

Interestingly enough, I had planned for 2 cups of coffee yesterday morning, but after 1, I was comfortable and didn’t feel the need for a 2nd so I passed, even though this had become my “habit” for a while.

After a while, I dug into my mid-morning snack of 1/4 cup mixed nuts! This provided good fuel for my workout too…

Since I didn’t want to overdo anything with my foot, I stuck to a 5-minute warm up on the elliptical trainer, which was fairly easy to do because it uses your legs more than your feet. Then I did a round of upper body machines including the chest press, lateral pulldown, shoulder raise; and then I did some dumbbells for biceps and triceps. An easy workout, but still a good one.

When I got back to work it was lunch time! I had a romaine salad with pumpkin seeds and sunflower kernels and light ranch dressing; with a veggie burger with 2% cheddar cheese (the best!) and some mustard on the side. Oh and a lovely juicy vitamin-c packed tangerine 🙂

This lunch held me really well, but I still had an afternoon snack, of course. I sipped on a cup of hot sugar free cider and then later on had another Pure Protein bar, one I had never seen before…Peanut Butter Deluxe.

It resembled the Chocolate Peanut Butter on first glance, but it tasted more nutty than that one. I didn’t see this flavor listed on the website, so I guess it either is new or got discontinued recently. But it was still good!

I got home early and took Suzie for a nice walk. I am going to have to start wearing a pedometer to see how much walking I’m getting in now with this dog! But after we got back, I made dinner, which was nearly perfect…meat, veggies, whole grains. My kind of meal.

Baked chicken breast, green beans and barley! I got the barley (Mother’s brand, which I just realized is owned by Quaker!) a while back and hadn’t tried it yet, it is pearled barley, which has a very LOW glycemic index number (in the 20’s!). It also tasted really good, I think I might like it better than rice 😉 I used it as a side dish, but you can also eat it as hot cereal like oatmeal or in soups.

I used habanero ketchup on the side, so my mouth was burning! I decided I needed something sweet to tame it. I had two dark chocolate hershey kisses that I’ve had forever!

While watching “The Biggest Loser”, I had two (2) tablespoons of Mighty Maple PB. Then I took the dog for another walk, brushed my teeth and went to bed. I made some jello earlier in the night but knew I really wanted PB and my tastebuds would not be fooled 😉

Can I just say how disgusted I am with that show right now? I mean, I know I’m not there but it seems to me like the blue team is just evil. I know when it comes down to it, it’s a game, but I think this is the rudest anyone has ever been on this show before and it’s just so uncalled for. It’s hard to root for people who are so ugly on the inside. If the black team goes down, I will not watch it anymore!

Steps off the soap box…

Happy Wednesday!

Active Thursday

Yesterday was quite an active day for me! But I am glad, I think I needed it.

I started things off with another bowl of cereal, this time the Kashi Heart to Heart Oat Flakes w/ Wild Blueberry Clusters. This kind had a lot of flavor and the flakes were crunchy and did not sog in the soymilk! My only complaint was that my particular bowl didn’t have enough blueberry clusters 😉 Topped with a banana and soymilk…

Decaf coffee with 1/4 cup soymilk…love the mug?

Mid-morning snack / pre-run fuel: Clif Mojo bar, Peanut Butter Pretzel…

This one was so much better than the ‘dipped’ Peanut Butter & Jelly bar…I read the ingredients and quite agreed that it tasted like what it promised to. It was also good fuel and held me over through a run and an hour long yoga class!

The run today was a total of 25 minutes…we ran for over a mile, then walked for a few minutes and then ran the rest of the way (little over 2 miles total). Afterward, I went to yoga and realize now what a great idea it is to stretch like that after a run, I’m not sore at all today! We did some pretty challenging stretches and poses though, my arms and shoulders are sore today.

Lunch was leftover minestrone soup and two Wasa sourdough crackers…

Werther’s original dark chocolate caramel candy (one piece=40 calories)…

Gingerbread spice herbal tea with 1/4 cup plain soymilk…

Late afternoon snack…strawberry soy yogurt and an orange (I’m so ready for orange season, this was so tasty!)

Dinner – Chicken breast (w/ ketchup), cauliflower, whole wheat bread with Smart Balance. Perfection! To me at least 😉

After dinner, my husband surprised me by saying he wanted to go for a walk! So of course I said yes…I think we were gone about 30 minutes. It was more of a stroll for me, but it was still nice to get the legs moving (and the husband’s too!) and enjoying the nice weather.

When I returned, I did some housework and then sat down to finish The Biggest Loser episode I recorded from Tuesday. While watching, I enjoyed some pumpkin ice cream with sugar free chocolate syrup (won’t buy again, it tastes too fake)…

I think I am rooting for Ed & Heba, but I also like Amy & Shellay a lot too. So we’ll see how things turn out, sometimes people’s personalities take a while to develop on the show 😉

Happy Friday!