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Tuesday update

I usually don’t like bragging, but I can’t help but be really proud of myself these past two days! I have eaten well, gotten good quality workouts in and managed to stay in a good calorie range while hitting all the food groups. My healthy lifestyle is finally balanced again!

Sorry for leaving Tuesday hanging, I got busy yesterday I guess. Here’s how the rest of the day went:

Mid-morning snack

Lunch – veggie burger with veggie ‘cheese’ and spicy mustard in a pita pocket (I love eating them this way)


Mott’s Healthy Harvest (no sugar added) flavored applesauce – I had wanted to try one of these for a while and it was really good! Can’t wait to taste other flavors 🙂

After lunch workout – 45 minute treadmill workout (thanks Tina!)
Hershey’s dark chocolate – post workout

So Delicious yogurt in Key Lime – it wasn’t green like I expected it to be but it did taste EXACTLY like Key Lime pie 😉

After work workout – 15 minutes core/ab exercises:
– Regular crunches on balance ball (2 x 15)
– Back extensions on balance ball (2 x 15)
– Side crunches on balance ball (2 x 30, 15 on each side)
– Side bends with 10 lb dumbbells (2 x 15)
– Toe touch crunches (2 x 40)
– Bicycle crunches (2 x 30)
Dinner – Morningstar Farms Chik patty (herb roasted) with ketchup; sweet potato with Smart Balance (1 tsp) and cinnamon; broccoli.

Movie snack – Barbara’s peanut butter puffins (1 cup = 147 calories); diet Sierra Mist.

When I got home, I needed something else, so I had a cup of hot cocoa –

My goal for the day was to be at or under 1889 calories, I ended up at 1742! Doing it this way makes so much more sense to me.
Here is how I calculate it:
Take your current weight x 13
Subtract 500 calories (to lose 1 lb per week, you need a 3500 cal deficit)
Add in calories you burned from exercise
What’s left is your target
153 lbs x 13 = 1989 – 500 = 1489 + 400 (calories burned) = 1889 calories
This is strictly for fat loss — I need to lose the weight I gained on my trip and a few pounds I’ve been hanging on to even before then. If you do not need to lose weight, then do not subtract the 500; your weight times 13 is the amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight (plus, you need more if you exercise)!

**I am not a professional, this is just based on my own experience and research and should not be taken over the advice of your doctor or health professional.