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My contribution this week

Every week on Wednesday nights, we have an all-girls potluck at my best friend’s house. This week we decided on a Mexican theme, so I decided to make some homemade salsa and tortilla chips! Two things I had never done before…

First, I got some whole wheat soft taco size tortillas and cut them in 8th’s, they were still pretty big pieces 🙂

This is the cinnamon sugar (3 tbsp sugar, 1 tbsp cinnamon, which I think was too much) I made for the sweet chips, the others just had salt sprinkled on them before they went into the oven…I was out of cooking spray and don’t yet have an oil mister, so I just used some spray butter to coat the chips lightly.

The first batch baking in the oven, I love how it looks neon…

The cinnamon sugar chips about to go in the oven…

The first batch cooling, they actually look like chips, haha! I cooked each batch for 15 minutes at 350 degrees in the oven, no frying for me!

And here is the one and only pic of the salsa…I used a packaged mix (chipotle) with two chopped fresh tomatoes and a little bit of chopped red onion. I haven’t tasted it yet but it sure does look good!