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Slowest computer in history

The past couple of days I have been blogging from our “old” computer which is upstairs in the “office” of our apartment. Josh has been hogging the laptop as of late, though I am glad he’s at least getting our money’s worth out of what we pay for internet access 😉

This computer is usually okay for using Windows Live Writer but when it comes to internet, which I had to access this time around, it is slower than anything I can even imagine. It just took me 29 minutes to actually start blogging from the time I sat down. I can’t wait to get rid of this thing.


Anyway, sorry I didn’t post yesterday but I got home late and Josh was on the fast computer (ugh).

When I woke up yesterday morning, I had a strong urge (and a few extra minutes) to do some yoga, so I chose Yoga Download’s 20 minute hip opening flow class. It was awesome!

The day’s eats started off the same as the previous one with banana oatmeal with PB. I think I am finally getting burned out on bananas so I might have to come up with a new fruit to put in my oats for next week 🙂

We did a 60 minute cardio workout, warming up for 5 minutes on the treadmill, doing intervals on the bike for 40 and then another 5 on the tread to cool down. It was intense!

I also had my friend, who is a trainer, do some measurements on me so I can see where I stand…more on that later (don’t worry I’m optimistic as usual)!

Mid-morning I had my very last mini Larabar…I would be sad but I’ve had them for so long that I’m kind of glad to have used them all up!

Lunch was another salad…


Romaine, green pepper, red pepper, cucumber, and honey mustard dressing 🙂

This was just a side for the main entree…


What is this?


I had a coupon for $2 off a Kashi meal so I took advantage and got this bad boy for just a little over $1. Pretty soon I’m going to write about how to be healthy and try new stuff on a budget because I keep figuring these little things out.

The meal was good but I was glad I paired it with the salad because I don’t think it would’ve been filling enough on its own. The only one I’ve had that was is the Black Bean Mango and I’m pretty sure that is due to the beans.

Mid-afternoon, I had a carrot with PB as a snack which held me over very well!

When I got to Courtney’s that evening, she offered me the last glass of Yellow Tail Shiraz and I could not pass it up, I hadn’t had good red wine in a while…I know it’s cheap but Yellow Tail is one of my favorite brands!

NewFoodpics 013

Dinner was Margie’s bean loaf (a faux meatloaf made with beans and veggies), green peas, corn, and mashed potatoes that I brought. They are out of a bag, Ore Ida brand I believe, red potatoes that you steam in the micro and then mash once they are done. They are not the most cost effective things in the world, but they were way healthier than most instant or already made mashed potatoes!

NewFoodpics 014

Forgot to mention the bean loaf and potatoes got a drizzle of veggie gravy on them 😉

For dessert, Beth brought confetti cookies and a homemade lemon icing “dip” which was too runny to ice the cookies with. She said it was made with lemon zest and powdered sugar, which is something I would usually avoid (trying to steer clear of the added sugar) but I tried it and it was great 🙂 I like to make exceptions once in a while!

NewFoodpics 015

I also had some decaf vanilla chai tea while we watched the most recent 2 episodes of True Blood. I really enjoy my regular night with the girls, I think it’s one of the things that keeps me sane!

Hope you all had a great Wednesday…be back soon with today and a special post about cooking with canola!

Another moment

I totally had another one of those “moments” this morning when I was getting ready for work. Since this is my blog, I will even admit to you that I took a picture of myself in the mirror because I was somewhat impressed with the way my stomach looked this morning. That never happens! All those ab exercises must finally be paying off, haha.

Lunch yesterday was some salmon salad (salmon + ricotta + celery) open faced on a whole wheat English muffin, a side of mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, 3-4 different beans) and a hot green tea.

Someone brought clementines into work, so I had one for some sweetness and Vitamin C, plus it sorta rounded out the meal 😉

Later on, I had some fat free hot cocoa to warm me up : )

Then my afternoon snack was a Kroger brand Carb master yogurt (strawberry), topped with chopped pecans.

I don’t know how, but I managed not to need another snack until I got home to eat dinner! I had a really good day.

For dinner, I grilled some marinated tofu (in BWW Spicy Garlic sauce) on the George Foreman and steamed some green beans in the microwave. If I had thought about it earlier, I could’ve made some barley or thawed out a roll or something to have with this, but it actually worked just fine.

A little while later, I had 2 no bake cookies that my stepmother-in-law sent me home with on Sunday. They were soooo good. I love how they are small too, I looked these up and they should be about 82 calories per cookie.

I went out and walked the dog and then had one more small one before I went upstairs, brushed my teeth and got into bed 🙂

I hope this feeling stays with me for a while! Hope you all enjoyed your Monday!

Potluck night

Lunch yesterday was roast beef with lettuce and Smart Balance mayo stuffed into pita pockets…

Black beans with fat free sour cream…

And a juicy tangerine 🙂

About an hour after lunch, I really started dragging (probably all the carbs), so I made myself a cup of coffee with 1 packet of Equal. Notice the horrible flourescent light in the mug, not nearly as cool as Kath’s chandelier coffee!

And a couple pieces of hard candy (cinnamon and key lime flavor)…

Later in the afternoon, I had my yogurt with 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean, such an amazing snack. I could eat it for breakfast too, hmm…

When I got home from work, I knew I still had a couple of hours until dinner and my stomach was already grumbling (stupid hormones), so I had some mixed nuts…

Potluck dinner this week was baked spaghetti and some mixed veggies. There was pasta salad too but I didn’t want to overdo it. Honestly, as good as this tasted, pasta just doesn’t agree with me. It sits on my stomach too heavy, makes me bloated and that’s just not worth it to me.

Dessert was some Starbucks peppermint hot cocoa with fat free reddi-whip…check out this cute mug, I love it! I slurped this stuff, it’s so tasty 🙂

And then I had 2 of these…oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

It was a great night with the girls! I ate more than I usually do and some things I hadn’t had in a while but I don’t feel guilty at all. In fact, the only thing I remarked on in the above picture was how nice my leg looks, hahaha.

But that being said, I’m ready to get back on track today 🙂 Hope everyone had an amazing Wednesday, be back soon!

Knish, quiche, whatever!

Dinner with the girls was fantastic! When I got home from work, I was hungry so I had 1/4 honey roasted peanuts and some water to tide me over.

We ended up having vegetable knish (or was it quiche? haha) with sweet potato fries and my salad (greens, strawberries, almonds and ginger vinaigrette). I hate how blurry this picture turned out, oh well…

For dessert, we had chocolate no bake cookies. I hadn’t had these in forever and they were sooo good, I had two (only one pictured):

Friday night

Dinner last night was pretty boring but still tasted very good. I wasn’t too hungry when I got home from all the snacking (hehe) so I just made a Chik patty on an English muffin with spinach and ketchup and a sweet potato (with cinnamon sprinkled on top). I only ended up eating half the sweet potato because I was full.

Then I went out and ran some errands and when I got back I really had a taste for my soymilk-chocolate instant breakfast-banana smoothie and nothing else would do!

Then later on that night, I had 2 1/2 Kashi cookies…other half not pictured but after I ate half of a third one, I knew I had gone too far, so I stopped.

Then I chewed a piece of gum from Italy (a friend of mine just went there and she brought it back for my husband because he loves bubble gum)!

Two for the road

Less than an hour ago, I was really craving some Kashi cookies, so I opened the new box of Oatmeal Raisin Flax and of course, they were great, just like the others. I’m still thinking Happy Trail Mix are my favorite though 😉

Only one is pictured, but I ate two, it’s hard to just eat one!

Good night, for real this time! 🙂

We’re halfway there!

That always makes me think of the Bon Jovi song 😉 But yay, it’s Wednesday! I’m actually only working a half day tomorrow and I’m off on Friday for our move, so today is almost the end for me!

First off, let me just say I ate three Kashi oatmeal dark chocolate cookies last night (2 at first and then I went back for the last one later on). I am not guilty though, I worked my butt of last night packing up the apartment. So much so, that I don’t really remember going to sleep after crashing into bed. I must have slept good though because I woke up before my alarm again today. Also, I finished off the package, so I’ll be taking a break for a while.

Speaking of which, you all may have noticed, but I haven’t been tallying calories on my blog posts the last couple of days. I’m trying to get away from it because I feel like I really get obsessed with it and then frustrated when I don’t lose any more weight. I’m currently at 145 lbs and I’m 5’4″, which is a little higher than I would like to be, but still a very comfortable and healthy weight (I’m at 21% body fat). I think I want to concentrate more on toning and firming now more than anything. It’s kind of funny to think that I’m disappointed about 145 when I was over 200 pounds for many years previously.

Breakfast this morning was fast and easy. I made my last three Eggo blueberry pancakes and since I’m still not quite comfortable drinking soy milk yet like I used to drink skim milk, I decided to make a smoothie with breakfast.

This time, it was 1 cup soy milk, 1 small banana sliced, and 1 tbsp natural peanut butter. It was great…I’m not surprised!

Another day in the 80’s here! It’s just the calm before the storm. At the bus stop this morning I was almost ‘cold’ and it must truly be summer when you think 62 is cold. It’s going to be a long day but I’m going to the pool with friends tonight so I have that to look forward to.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Update 10:22 – Just ate some dried pineapple for a snack (no pic, I don’t like repeats for some reason). I brought yogurt with raspberries and sliced almonds but I just wasn’t feeling that hungry yet. I’m off to the gym soon!


Last night when I was ready to make my smoothie, I had a plethora of choices of fruit and everything else, so I was torn! However, I finally decided on banana because my current bananas are not quite ripe enough for me to eat yet (I’m picky like that), but I thought in a smoothie it wouldn’t matter as much.

So this concoction is 1 cup of Silk vanilla soymilk, 1 small banana sliced, 1 packet of chocolate no sugar added carnation instant breakfast, and about 4-5 big ice cubes. It was beyond good (especially served in a cute wine glass — I packed up all my Git R Done glasses, haha):

Sweet, creamy, refreshing… 🙂

And I don’t know if it’s because I needed them or they just taste so good, but I also had two of my Kashi oatmeal dark chocolate cookies (heated up for 10 seconds, mmhmm)!

End of a great weekend

I’m always sad to see the weekend end, but this one was particularly fun, so it’s even worse. But I do like to start a new week fresh, so it’s not completely upsetting. I had a great time hanging out with friends, playing Rock Band, swimming and lounging by the pool and also getting some much needed housework done. This week is going to be all packing, all the time, so I should stay pretty busy.

When I got home, I was so excited to make myself dinner. I haven’t actually made a whole dinner in a long time but my husband was out playing frisbee golf last night, so I was on my own. I made a turkey burger (using 93% fat free ground turkey) and topped it with veggie cheese, tomato, onion and served it on a whole wheat English muffin (which have become my favorite ‘buns’) with organic yellow mustard. I also had 1/2 a sweet potato with spray butter and cinnamon and a small spinach and red leaf salad with 1 tbsp Annie’s light honey mustard vinaigrette.
I couldn’t fit it all on one plate, so here is the first course, the salad:

And now the amazing burger and potato (ignore the newspaper and packing tape, haha)!

I ate dinner pretty late, but before bed I wanted a snack and also knew I was low on my calcium intake for the day, so I decided to drink a glass of soymilk, which I had never really done before so I went in cautious. But even though it was different, it still tasted good. I also had 2 Kashi oatmeal dark chocolate cookies to dunk in it, the best (only one pictured, I went back for seconds)!

All in all, a great day 🙂

"Lazy" Saturday

After my late night last night/this morning, I decided to take it easy today. However, this day has been anything but lazy!

I got up somewhat early for when I went to bed and started off with a nice filling breakfast:

3 Eggo blueberry pancakes, 2 pieces of turkey sausage, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup skim milk (472 calories).

I don’t think I will buy this brand of pancakes again because they are not whole grain and the calories are a little high but they have been a treat. I still have one more serving left that I will eat sometime this week.

Then after breakfast, I ventured out to find a bathing suit since I knew I would be swimming today and luckily Wal-mart ended up being the place. I haven’t bought one since I lost all this weight and even so I’m still very self conscious so it was a challenge. But I feel good with the one I got and I didn’t pay too much for it, so I was happy.

I also went to Target where I picked up some Kashi cereal, oatmeal dark chocolate cookies, and some mini-Clif bars! Oh, and soymilk 🙂

Before heading to the pool, I had a nice lunch of chunk light tuna (1 whole can with 1 tbsp light mayo) on a mini-bagel, some pineapple and edamame. It was an interesting combo but I’m just using up what’s left in the fridge. It was yummy though! (475 calories)

At the pool, I snacked on some prunes and a mini-clif bar, the chocolate brownie one. I didn’t know what to think of these when I got them but I had heard such good things from many fellow food bloggers, so I tried one out and let’s just say I’m a believer now! I can’t wait to try the other flavors. It’s just enough to stave off hunger without being huge or overly caloric (each one is 100 calories). Plus it’s got some awesome nutritional values!

I also enjoyed a nice, huge raspberry tea from Sonic 🙂 We laid out next to the pool for a couple of hours but spent about an hour in the water actually swimming, walking and lots of other pool exercises, so even though I didn’t ‘formally’ exercise today, I still feel like I got a good amount of activity in. Plus all the running around this morning!

When I got home this afternoon, I knew it would still be a while before dinner, so I tried one of my new Kashi Oatmeal dark chocolate cookies (I have been craving oatmeal chocolate cookies for like 2 weeks) with some milk and it was perfect! I felt like I was indulging and it only cost me 170 calories!

Tonight we are having dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and we’re hoping to catch the end of the Lakers/Celtics game (Go Boston! I can’t believe I said that, but even my New York-loving husband wants to see the Lakers go down, so we’re all about Beantown) before we watch the UFC pay per view tonight!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far!

p.s. Husband obviously not a real Boston fan…game is tomorrow night! Ha ha.

p.p.s. I ordered the blackened grilled chicken salad at BWW with no croutons and light italian dressing (no nutritional info available, no pic). When we got home, I had a piece of angel food cake as a snack.