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Now that’s a workout!

This city is still freezing cold and snow-covered, which I have finally decided is NOT meant for me to be running in.

I can do cold, to an extent, but I’m tired of dodging ice patches and snow piles on the sidewalks and streets!

So, in lieu of running outside yesterday, I chose to stay indoors, which was almost a disaster. When I walked in, every single cardio machine in the room was taken! I know the weather had a lot to do with that.

I walked into another room and did an abbreviated abs session and came back…still full!

So I waited a few more minutes and FINALLY someone hopped off an elliptical machine.

Remembering my experience on the elliptical last time, I knew I didn’t want to fall short on my workout this time around.


Check that out vs. last time!

I believe it is good to up the resistance on the machine to an extent but you should still be able to maintain a decent speed.

I am glad that my stats on the machine today were only a little bit slower than my normal running speed. Every 10 minutes, I increased the resistance (started at 5 and went up to 8) and then from 30:00-35:00, I did an awesome climb and cranked the resistance up to 12!

I was totally covered in sweat when I was done, which to me, is always a good thing. It was exactly what I’d hoped to achieve yesterday and it’s exactly what I did!

What was the last satisfying workout you had?