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Up with the dog

It never fails that when we have a late night out, the dog still decides to get up earlier than I would have even if I hadn’t been out all night! We got home around 2:30 this morning and Suzie thought it was time to go out at 7, even though I took her for a quick walk when we got home, ugh. But I love her…I mean, look how cute she is 🙂


Yeah, she’s taking a nap right now. I’m making coffee!

Updated to add: I feel like such a jerk for writing about how cute my dog is now that I’ve read of Meghann’s loss. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. My heart is breaking for her, I can’t imagine…

I ended up having breakfast for dinner last night because it as the only thing on my mind. I thought long and hard about veggies, hummus and other things I could make but nothing else would do.


Sometimes you just gotta go with what you are feeling! Plus some chocolate chips thrown in for good measure 😉

Last night, we went out to a small bar to see our friend Chad’s band and it was great. It took a medium coffee with skim milk to get me there but once it got going, I didn’t even notice how late it was. I also had a glass of Chardonnay while I was there. I’ve decided wine is the only thing I really like to drink, so when I want something and it is available, it’s great.

I wore more eye make up last night than I have in YEARS (if ever)…


Since I had my normal breakfast for dinner last night, I decided to switch it up for breakfast this morning. I made an omelet with 2 eggs and red pepper, mushrooms and green pepper, topped with 2% cheese and a squirt of organic ketchup. Two slices of whole wheat toast made this meal complete.


The coffee is done percolating…hope you all have a lovely Sunday!

p.s. It was probably totally wrong of me, but while I was grocery shopping yesterday I saw a box of Coffee Mate creamers and on the front of the box it says “0 grams of trans fat” but when you turn the box over, you see “Partially Hydrogenated Oil” high up on the ingredients list — which I knew already but I had never noticed the labeling on the front — I had a pen in my hand since I was checking things off my list and decided to write “lies” right on the front of the box. Crap like that drives me crazy…they are taking advantage of people.

VBLT, etc.

On Wednesday night at our girls potluck, my friend Beth made vegetarian BLT’s, which we dubbed “VBLTs”, using Morningstar veggie bacon. I was a little scared at first, not sure why, I like veggie bacon!

But once I made my sandwich, just like a “normal” BLT, with lettuce, tomato and light mayo, I knew this was going to be good.


Sweet potato fries + ketchup on the side…this meal rocked!

Another fun meal, that was Heather-inspired (she made a broccoli + egg dish recently), was on Thursday night (yes, I ate at home on my anniversary) when I made breakfast for dinner.


2 egg omelet with chopped broccoli, topped with 2% cheese and ketchup and a side of instant grits 🙂

I like it when meals are so good that I don’t feel the need to have dessert and this was one of them.

Don’t worry, we went out to eat last night sort of for our anniversary. We kept it low key though. We’re looking forward to going all out next year for our 5th, including a vacation to either Las Vegas (where we took our honeymoon) or a beach!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

The incredible eggs?

I know that eating 2 eggs every morning is probably not a great idea in the long run but hopefully after these first two weeks have ended, I can get more creative with my breakfast options. I just needed something I could make rather quickly that would be mostly protein. Perhaps next time, I can fork over the extra $$ and get a substitute?

Today, I had two scrambled eggs with a slice of cheddar veggie cheese melted on top (so yum) and 4 links of turkey sausage. While I was cooking, I sipped on a smoothie made with 1 packet of Kroger brand no sugar added chocolate instant breakfast, 1/2 cup plain light soymilk and 1/2 cup water and ice.

Question: What are your thoughts on eggs? Research has shown that they aren’t as bad for you as originally thought, but is it a good idea to eat them everyday? What are some other good sources of protein you use for breakfast?

First Friday

This is the first Friday I have worked since the end of June! So let’s just say, I wish I was off today, haha 😉

I woke up this morning quite hungry, perhaps because I slept in 45 minutes later than normal from staying up later last night. So I knew some protein was in order, I love my new egg poacher!

I wasn’t in the mood for toast or bagels, but I wanted some carbs, so I had a bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with light vanilla soymilk (8th continent ROCKS!):

I definitely want to get a workout in today but I am not sure just what yet. It is going to be so nice outside today that I would really like to take a walk but I also wanted to get in some ab work…hmm…

Happy Friday!

New egg poacher

I purchased one of those microwaveable egg poacher things in Gatlinburg over the weekend (for $2!) and decided to try it out this morning, it’s fantastic!

I have two different kinds of toast there, one is the very last piece of my Healthy Life flax bread and the second (left) is Arnold’s 100% whole wheat, which I have to say is pretty good and soft compared to what I’ve been using lately.

We also purchased some all-natural cinnamon apple jelly on our trip, but it’s neither real cinnamon-y or apple tasting, so I’m a bit disappointed. But my husband said it is “the bomb” so at least I know he’ll eat it. I’m moving on…I bought two other kinds of preserves and some peanut butter so I still have those to try out 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

Yay, Celtics!

I’m not really a basketball fan (pro, anyway, plus my state doesn’t have a team) but I was glad to see that the Celtics took down the Lakers last night. I like it when someone wins who hasn’t in a while and I can’t stand it when the same teams win everything every year, so I was happy!

I also slept great last night and woke up this morning ready for a brand new day. I’m feeling much better!

Breakfast this morning was two Kashi Heart to Heart waffles, one with 1 tbsp Cinnamon Raisin PB and the other with 1 tbsp unsweetened apple butter. Banana and chocolate soy milk on the side 🙂

I’m excited because I made egg salad for lunch today, it’s the first time I ever made it. Basically I hard boiled 3 eggs (tossed out two yolks, kept one) and sliced them with cucumbers, 1 tbsp light mayo and about 2 tsp of organic yellow mustard. Here is what it looked like:

It made two servings so I brought some for today and I can have it again tomorrow or the next day. I hope it’s good!

Happy hump day 🙂