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Cough, cough…

Hey guys! If you were wondering what happened to me, I am afraid I have come down with some sort of Springtime illness. I thought it was allergies at first, but now I’m thinking pharyngitis? Bronchitis, maybe?

Anyway, I really can’t stand being away from you all for so long! I miss our “talks” ha ha.

I don’t have much to blog about since my eats have been rather boring: mostly carbs and ginger ale. Plus some chai tea 🙂 I read online that the spices in chai tea were good for sore throats and bronchitis. I hate taking cold or cough medicine, it makes me so groggy which makes me feel worse than I already did.

I’ve been loading up on veggies even though they don’t taste good to me at the moment. I believe rest, fluids and good nutrition are the best things for me right now.

I watched two movies yesterday!

First, I watched the movie “Love Happens” with Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston. It’s the one where he is a motivational speaker/author who helps people deal with grief, but he’s struggling himself (he hides it). I really liked it, which I did not expect. I found the message touching and I actually found the acting to be good, which also surprised me considering who’s in it.

I also rented “The Final Destination” because I had seen the other three, so I figured, why not?

I really liked the first one because it was ground breaking; the idea of “death” having a “plan” was interesting. And the second one was quite realistic with the huge car crash at the beginning (which we’re way more likely to die in than an airplane).

The third one was just okay because the acting got way worse and the death scenes became more over the top and elaborate. Same was true for this 4th installment. It was pretty ridiculous.

One thing I did like about this film though was that the characters who have those “instincts” that something just isn’t right, went with them most of the time. I have had a few cases in my own life where I feel something “off” and I’ve always been told to trust your instincts and get away!

Even if you are just being paranoid, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So that’s what I’ve been up to, ha ha. Hoping to rent some more movies and lay on the couch again tonight.

Food, Inc.

As you guys know, I watched “Food, Inc.” the other night. Actually, I have watched it twice now because I wanted to make sure I absorbed as much as I could. I think if I watched it again, I’d likely pick up something else I missed the first two times.


Anyway, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the movie, “Food, Inc.” is a film that explores the relationship between our food supply and the big corporations that control it all. It also tells the stories of farmers who are forced to borrow money and not make much in return. And a woman fighting for stricter government standards after her son died from E Coli.

There’s so much more to it than that but I thought it would be better for me to stop there and just share my thoughts with you:

First, I became a vegan for health reasons as I’ve mentioned several times. But this movie was really the first time I had watched something that showed animals being led to their deaths. I was horrified.

What really got me was the assembly line of baby chickens. This happened in the first five minutes of the movie and I cried. There were a few more instances like this in the film but it wasn’t the primary focus, in case you were afraid to watch it for that reason.

Here are some things I learned from the film that I didn’t know before:

  • Even if you don’t eat fast food, you are still eating meat from one of the “big” companies (4 companies control 80% of the beef in America)
  • The average American eats 200 lbs of meat per year!
  • There are only 13 slaughterhouses in the U.S., where all of the meat here comes from.
  • Cows are meant to eat grass but they are fed corn because it is cheap and makes them fatter quicker.
  • The FDA has reduced it’s number of inspections over the years, big time!

I really enjoyed the commentary by Michael Pollan. I have not yet read his books but he came to visit my workplace a year or so ago and I got the chance to hear him speak. The man knows a lot about food!

I also had an “Oh, great!” moment when I saw the farmer from McLean County, KY. I didn’t even know the place existed but I looked it up and it’s more Western KY, like where Josh’s grandma lives.

Anyway, that guy seemed to care more about making money than anything. It was sad. Especially considering it’s in my state.

I also found it disappointing that the big companies all declined to be interviewed for the film. I would have liked to hear their side of the story but I guess if they won’t even comment, then I just have to assume what they are reporting on in this film is true. They obviously have something to hide.

I already don’t eat meat but one thing I could stand to do more of is shop at Farmer’s Markets. The “season” is coming to a close soon for most markets but I found one here in Louisville that is open until mid-December so I thought I would try to get out there before it closes.


I also remembered a market that I’d been too with my parents a few times which has a lot of local goods, so I think I will make a trip out there as well.

Next summer, when all the markets are back open, I hope to get all of my produce from there!

It will be a gradual process but I hope to also convert some of my purchases to organic. I’d been hesitant in the past due to cost, but since I avoid meat and dairy products in order not to consume hormones or antibiotics, why not hold my the food I do eat to the same standards?

I really enjoyed the film and it really made me think and realize that while I care a lot about being healthy and vegan, I need to be more conscious of where all of my food is coming from and what is in it.

“You can change the world with every bite.”

Have you seen this movie? What did you think?

There is so much more to it than the little bit I covered here. I hope you will rent it and see for yourself. Have a great day!

Perfect day

I had a yummy bowl of microwave oats this morning!


This bowl contained oats, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, a tsp of pancake syrup, and topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips. Perfect.

I ran out of regular coffee at home (still have decaf) but I had recently bought some Stash chai green tea, so I had that instead of coffee. I used to do this a lot more in the past so I think I’ll get back to it.

For lunch, we celebrated mom’s birthday with the family at Calistoga Cafe. You might remember my last visit there. It’s a good place, a lot like Panera but with it’s own uniqueness.

I got the Monterey Veggie wrap (with no feta) with a pickle and some chips. It was yummy and filling!


After lunch, we went with my parents and grandmother to a local theatre to see this very amazing and touching locally-produced movie called “The Perfect Gift” which was the perfect movie for me to see going into this holiday season.

As a Christian, this movie meant a lot to me, but I also think that regardless of your beliefs, it would be a good movie to see because the overall message is that we need to put the love back in Christmas. So go check it out if you are in the area.

During the movie, I ate some Twizzlers 😉

It took me forever to settle down and finally make dinner. Since I was so indecisive, I snacked on a carrot + hummus while I pondered.


Eventually, I got started on making Mama Pea’s black bean burgers, substituting a few ingredients based on what I had on hand.

I also cut the recipe in half to make 2 burgers since I’m the only one eating them (I saved the other one for lunch this week).


The last of my couscous 😦 It’s okay though, I bought a ginormous bag of brown rice this weekend!

I also had some salad with hummus aka the perfect salad dressing.


After dinner, I had my second viewing of “Food, Inc” so I’ll be doing a post on that soon. I swear, I could watch that movie over and over and get something different out of it every time.

For a snack, I had my last 1.5 pieces of cinnamon chip bread with peanut butter and chocolate chips.


And tea!


Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty perfect. But I’m ready to start a new week! It’s a short one too, only two days of work, woo hoo!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Is it at your house, nearby or do you have to travel out of town?

I’m so glad we’ll be staying in town this year, having dinner with my in-laws. We’ve been together for 10 years, married for 4, and this will be the first holiday we’ve celebrated with them on the actual day. 🙂

Day 25.2: Recipes and Nightmares

I promise this is my last post for the day, it’s crazy trying to catch up two days in one!

For dinner tonight, I made another recipe out of Vegan Planet, this time it was the Hot Tamale Vegetable Pie.


I got my ingredients together. I used black olives instead of pimientos because I had them and wanted to use them up instead. I also used a yellow onion instead of red for some variety.


Throwing it all together was pretty easy! First veggies…


Then adding the tofu-flour-seasonings mixture.


Going into the oven, I was impressed at how easy this was to make and hoping it would turn out well.


While this was cooking, I started watching “A Nightmare on Elm Street” one of my all-time favorite horror movies. It doesn’t scare me like it used to when I was a kid but I still enjoy watching it.

I’m looking forward to the remake they are doing that comes out next year but I also get nervous when they do this because something always changes. We’ll see!

When it came out 35 minutes later, it looked pretty good! I let it cool for 5 minutes or so.


I tried a slice with some salsa on top to test it out.


This was pretty tasty! I loved all the veggies and the chiles and salsa made it pretty spicy. It was a bit on the crumbly side so I think I would bake it a few more minutes next time.

Apparently, I was pretty hungry because I went back for seconds and added an Ezekiel muffin on the side 🙂


I still have two more servings to have later in the week, I can’t wait!

For dessert, I’m having So Delicious peanut butter zig zag. It’s almost gone and I have a couple other frozen desserts left. I will be taking a break soon in order not to get burned out.

Dessert should be a real treat, which for me means not having it every single night. But tonight is okay 😉


Off to finish the movie!

If you are a fan of horror films, what are some of your favorites?

Day 15, pt. 3: Best Burger Ever!

After work, I met Farrah for the most awesome workout!

First, we got on the treadmill and did 2+ miles in 28:00 minutes, alternating walking with running each quarter-mile. We got to where we were running at 6.5 mph and walking at 4.0 so I can see where we’ll get even faster and perhaps start walking less.

Afterwards, we did a killer weight routine, doing each exercise for 25 reps:

  • Chest presses (12.5 lb dumbbells)
  • Seated row machine (30 lbs)
  • Upright rows (12 lb bar)
  • Bicep curls (12 lb bar)
  • Tricep extensions (12 lb bar)
  • Seated shoulder press (7.5 lb dumbbells)
  • Front raises (5 lb dumbbells)
  • Lateral raises (2.5 lb dumbbells)

You can tell I was getting worn out by the end there! We also did a great abs routine, utilizing our legs, which reminded me a lot of pilates. We’re going to be hurting tomorrow 😉

Now, onto the food…

The other night, I declared the pumpkin pie pancakes I made to be the best pancakes ever. Well now I have a new place holder for Best Burger Ever!

Introducing Five Star Foodies artichoke burger:


I saw these burgers on Heather’s blog and immediately contacted the company for more information. Valerie at Five Star Foodies got back with me so fast and offered to send me a FREE SAMPLE of the burgers to try out.

She also told me more about the company, the best method to use in cooking the burgers and where I can find the products at stores near where I live. I was also impressed by how quickly they arrived!

What’s not too like: I love artichokes and the burgers are vegan too. But how did they taste?


I used the method Valerie suggested (pan frying) and took a little nibble before I dressed it up to get a good idea of what it would taste like. I could definitely taste the artichokes and it was even a little bit spicy!


I also had some sugar snap peas that I got at the store on the way home. I was craving some warm veggies since it’s so cold today! I swear, I thought it was December for a moment today.


I topped the burger with avocado, organic ketchup and placed it between two slices of whole wheat toast. Awesome dinner!



Now I’m about to devour the snack that never gets old, only this time I’m using some of the leftover bread from last night’s dinner.


Josh is at a concert tonight so I’m at home watching scary movies by myself, ahhh! I just watched “One Missed Call” and it was okay…more creepy than scary. But I did turn a few extra lights on just incase!

Now I’m going to watch “Shutter” in an attempt to stay up and wait for Josh to get home. I hope he’s having a good time, poor guy. He’s been coughing and not sleeping a lot lately 😦

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Good night!

Day 9: Peanut Butter Monster

TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend?

Tonight I am taking a trip to Barnes & Noble with my BFF to read and talk, pretty much our favorite thing to do. Then tomorrow, Josh and I are heading out of town to visit his grandma since we have decided to stay local for the holidays (yippee)!

Yesterday’s lunch leftovers were awesome. Even though I won’t buy this soup mix again, it was good while it lasted.

Picture 021

This lunch was very filling and I didn’t get hungry for my snack until a few hours later, so that was awesome 🙂

Picture 022

Uh oh, time to get some more hummus!

After work, I headed to the gym to meet Farrah for a workout. We’re both still experiencing quite a bit of leg/hip pain from our squats and runs earlier in the week so we took it easy with a 5 minute warm up (walking) on the treadmill.

Then, we started to do the Jennifer Love Hewitt workout from the October issue of Shape magazine, but found it to be incredibly awkward for us.

The first move was challenging (side step ups/leg kick/holding a dumbbell), but then the second move proved nearly impossible for me (trying to stand up with one leg from seated position) and painful for Farrah whose knee was starting to hurt. So we ditched it and did our own thing the rest of the time, including:

  • Chest flyes, chest presses, reverse flyes
  • Upright rows
  • Abs (crunches, side crunches, etc.)
  • Tricep extensions and kickbacks
  • Bicep curls
  • Shoulder presses
  • Push ups!

I really love upper body workouts. The difference in my chest, shoulders and arms now from where they used to be is one of my favorite things about myself. It’s good to focus on the positive 🙂

We had quite a bit of rain roll through the area overnight and into today. On the way home last night, the clouds were really cool to look at:

Picture 023

When I got home, I so did not feel like cooking (I had planned to make a lentil curry) and while debating over having oatmeal for dinner, I ended up heating up some leftover barley and tossing in some mixed veggies and barbecue sauce. Weird, but it totally worked!

Picture 024

Then I nibbled on some chocolate chips and PB while we watched “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4” which means apparently, I am only tired of the bread part of that snack, ha ha.

Picture 025

Picture 026


Today, I have declared myself the Peanut Butter Monster!

First off, I had oats with peanut butter and banana for breakfast, which was so delicious on a cool, rainy morning.

Picture 027

And both of my snacks and lunch revolve around PB. By the end of the day, I will have had 4 tablespoons! Oh well, at least it’s good fat right? 😉

Something that made me smile today…

Picture 028

My friend Will gave me this coffee cup for my birthday (way belated but no matter). It says my name, Sarah – Meaning: Princess, followed by these words:

You truly possess

A charm special and rare.

You can hold your head high —

You have that special air.

To your many admirers,

You seem almost royal.

Your devoted followers

Will always be loyal.

Because of your name,

Enchantment and romance

Will fill your life long

With laughter, song and dance.

I hope at least that last part is true. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone! Have a blessed day.

Sleepy Saturday

Well, I think we can almost officially call this Fall now! The leaves are turning, the weather is cooler (at least in the morning and evening hours), Starbucks have Pumpkin Spice lattes back…IT IS FALL!!

I’m so excited because I think this is becoming my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of winter but perhaps I can be creative this year and find a way to enjoy that season more too 😉

So, where to begin! Oh yeah, let’s start with how Friday went down…

Breakfast was plain oat bran with banana and almond butter. The jar is almost empty so you know what that means…oats in a jar soon!

NewFoodpics 092

Then mid morning I snacked on more banana and PB after a 15 minute walk (this was half, the banana from this morning was huge):

NewFoodpics 093

For lunch, I had one of my favorite vegan convenience meals!

NewFoodpics 094

I don’t want to become dependent on these but it got me through this time 😉

YUM! Just as good the second time around…

NewFoodpics 095

After lunch digested, I went to the gym for a 40 minute treadmill workout with Farrah. We did walking and running intervals until we reached 3 miles…went something like this – 5 min walking warm up (2.5 mph), Run 5 minutes (5.5 mph), Walk 2.5 minutes (3.8 mph) – repeat run/walk sequence 4 times – cool down walking for 5 minutes. In the run sequences I did 6.0 for the last minute a few times.

It was awesome! I felt like I could’ve pushed it more but I didn’t because I want to honor my body and not reach those limits as I’m not a competitive athlete or anything. My body thanked me by not being sore and I wasn’t too tired either.

Snacks were some REAL dark chocolate (no milkfat in this piece):

NewFoodpics 096

Some almonds…

NewFoodpics 097

For dinner, I convinced Josh to go to Shalimar, a really great Indian restaurant here in town. I ordered what I’ve seen Gina eat several times…Baingan Bartha!


I had mine over some rice with garlic naan on the side. I think this dish was vegan, no? It was just peas, eggplant and sauce I think. Geez, it was so good. I ate most of it, but not all.


Even though I felt pregnant (with a food baby) for the next couple of hours, I still managed to eat a serving of ice cream (not vegan trying to use it up):

NewFoodpics 098

Then we watched a couple of bad movies (The Mummy Dragon Emperor something or other, dumb and Valkyrie which wasn’t too bad actually) and I snacked on two sheets of graham crackers (these need to leave my house like now) and a couple of marshmallows.

Then I had some tea and went to bed 🙂 Zzzzz…


Hello Saturday!

For breakfast, I had two very non-vegan Eggo waffles with PB and banana. I decided to have fun and make a waffle-wich!

NewFoodpics 100

On a Pokemon plate no less. Haha. Close up of the yummy goodness…

NewFoodpics 101

On the way to meet my mom for a nice walk at the park with Suzie, I grabbed a tall soy latte from the ‘Bucks. It was tasty…I think there soy latte feels like a treat even though it’s fairly low in calories! I resisted the pumpkin spice latte for now 😉

At the park, we walked around the track twice which is about 2.4 miles, plus walking to and from the car, we got a good workout in! So did my silly dog.

For lunch, we went to Mimi’s Cafe, which is easily my favorite restaurant. While perusing the menu though, I couldn’t help but think how hard it would be for a vegan to eat there.

I ended up getting the veggie burger with fresh fruit. I only used half the bun as it was huge and not even close to whole grain.


This was pretty good and definitely filled me up. But I can’t eat veggie burgers all the time…

I think I might write to the company…not to complain, but just to find out their suggestions for vegan menu options. Other that a garden salad with no dressing…that’s what I’m finding on the websites out there – that’s not a meal!

I also had some delicious unsweetened raspberry tea 🙂


Before I went grocery shopping, I popped a piece of real dark chocolate. Now that I am back home, I’m thinking it is time for a nap. I’m going out with some girls to Ramsi’s tonight…I see falafel in my future…and it is beautious!

Have a great day friends!

Why we blog

My walk at the Zoo this morning was killer! My aunt and I ended up doing 5 laps = 5 miles! And there are some really great hills there too. It was a great way to kick start the day, it really set the tone.

When I got home, I chugged water and snacked on some nuts!


Then I went and did my grocery shopping which turned out to be awesome! I went to two places, shopped for two people and spent a total of $31.87. Doing research, checking ads and coupons, not buying most packaged crap, plus buying stuff in season really does SAVE MONEY.

I had to hurry up and eat a lunch because my mom took me to see “Julie and Julia” this afternoon 🙂

My lunch was weird but it totally worked. I wasn’t that hungry but I knew I needed something so I heated up some leftover chickpeas (with hot sauce and sour cream) and brussels sprouts.



All together now!


I didn’t even finish the chickpeas because I was full! I saved the rest to throw in a salad later. It’s crazy how much different my eating and appetite are now that I don’t eat much sugar. Have I mentioned how happy I am?

The movie was great…it reminded me a lot of us food and fitness blog writers and the various reasons we started and maintained our blogs. For some of us, it is to keep us accountable to healthy eating or exercise, for others it’s to inspire their readers to live healthier lives, and some of us really just don’t know (ahem, yours truly).

But we do it anyway because there is that drive inside of us to do something creative, to share our experiences with the world whether we have 2 readers or 200. I’m so proud to be a blogger.

After the movie, my mom took me out for some coffee (my mom rules) and I got an iced one (it’s finally in the 90’s here now) with some skim milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon (a trick I learned from Tina, another great blogger).

It’s been a great day friends!

I just ate some dinner because I was HANGRY (another great blog) and I didn’t feel like eating at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight anyway (truly).

So I made something I’ve had for the third time this week but it hasn’t gotten old!

Guess? It included some of this beautiful thing


I’m going to have to go to Turkey Burgers anonymous…NOT!


I did things a little differently this time and left off the cheese because I really wanted to savor the flavors of the burger (I seasoned it with garlic powder, chili powder and sesame seeds this time) and avocado that I topped it with. But I sure as heck didn’t leave off the ketchup! Organic…no HFCS.


YUM! So good. It’s equally good with the cheese, but I’m glad I tried it without since I really wasn’t feeling it today.

Since it’s early, I will probably have a snack before we go to BWW, then I might order a glass of wine there (wink wink), and most likely will stash a dark chocolate bar in my purse for later…it’s going to be a long night, but the perfect ending to a great Saturday.

Hope you all are having fun too! “See” you tomorrow 🙂

Fast cars and a yard of bricks

Well, hello there!

I am nearing the end of a really great weekend, that began with a trip to Indianapolis and ended on the couch with my dog watching the “Halloween” remake from a couple of years ago. I’m a big fan of the original but I love Rob Zombie, so I guess I can say it’s okay. The first half is pretty awesome though.

Anyway, on Friday morning I got up at 5 a.m., ate a quick bowl of oats + almond butter and hit the road with my best friend Courtney for the two hour trek up to Indy. We stopped at Speedway for coffee first too. Haha, Speedway on the way to an actual Speedway 😉

Chevy Day was a major success! We got to see two practices, a Q&A with Tony Stewart and lots of other fun displays and people watching. For lunch, I ate an almond butter sandwich I packed in my purse (they let food in thank goodness) and a bag of Sun Chips. I also had some mini Larabars stashed in my purse for snacks.

It was hot, though not nearly as hot as last year, and we were parched and tired of water, so we invested in some frozen Lemon ices, which were totally yummy, even if they contained over 60 grams of sugar (eek)!


It really quenched it though!

We were so blessed to have friends we could stay with in Indy and they so graciously fed us both dinner and breakfast the next morning. On the way to their house, we couldn’t help but notice this amazing place…


I had never been to one before!! And now we want one at home! 😦 I wish we hadn’t been limited to stuff that has to sit in a hot car all day or else I might’ve made some major purchases!

We arrived to a lovely grill out dinner, which really hit the spot after a long day of traveling, loud car watching and sunshine (thank goodness for spray sunblock, it’s the best).

I had a bratwurst with onions and ketchup, corn on the cob, some chips and a lovely fruit salad. Behold.


Over the course of the rest of the evening, I had two chocolate chip cookies, two Miller Lites and half of this bad boy that we picked up at Super Target.


It was some chocolate brownie peanut butter thing with peanut butter cups and chocolate drizzle. Heaven in a plastic container for $2.49.

Yowzah, I’m definitely an emotional eater, I think I was tired, not to mention everything just looked so darn good.

The next morning, my friend made some amazing pancakes, that I topped with half a banana and a small drizzle of syrup. I also had a not pictured yogurt for some protein.


At the track, I munched on another mini Lara since the pancakes didn’t hold me over too long. When it was time for lunch, I only had one thing on my mind…


I think the reason for not eating stuff like this on a regular basis is that it really is a special treat when you get to. It wasn’t the best tasting food I’d ever had but it definitely satisfied a craving and it will be a long while before I have it again 🙂

On Saturday, we watched qualifying, which was delayed by 4 hours thanks to some lovely rainstorms. But it definitely cooled the weather off so that helped 😉 We also got to see a lot of drivers walk by and got some autographs!

We left the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (aka the Brickyard) around 4 in the afternoon, so we stopped for dinner on the way home. We tried to find something we didn’t have at home, but we settled on Max & Erma’s because we were just ready to eat and options were limited. Plus it was the same place we ate on the way home last year so it was like tradition!

I got half a chicken salad croissant and a bowl of chicken tortilla soup.



It was a really great meal and we had an amazing waitress which made it an even better time. I think we just might have to hold up this tradition!

On the way home, I snacked on some peanut M&M’s…needless to say this was an indulgent weekend! I’m looking forward to getting back to more balanced eating and exercise this week 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed your weekend as well…”see” you soon!

Having some issues

I tried to post my meals a couple of times over the long weekend and for some reason, my computer and WordPress just weren’t communicating very well! So unfortunately, I am a little behind, but I hope you guys hang with me 🙂

Here’s Friday

Oats, 1% milk, banana, PB, walnuts

Oats, 1% milk, banana, PB, walnuts

McDonald's McCafe - Nonfat mocha

McDonald's McCafe - Nonfat mocha

A few words about the above beverage…I had a free coupon, so I decided a cold Friday that I actually drove myself to work was a great day to cash it in. It tasted okay, more like hot chocolate than mocha (coffee), but halfway through drinking it, I had the genius idea to check the nutritionals online! This SMALL NONFAT mocha contains 240 calories. I know mochas from Starbucks are higher than some other drinks but I was still shocked. I know it’s from sugar too. I drank about 2/3 of it (because I was cold) and then promptly dumped out the rest to avoid added calorie damage. I will not get this one again, but I see from their menu that many of the other choices are doable (they have some sugar free syrups too).

Sausage, lettuce, red pepper wrap with mustard

Sausage, lettuce, red pepper wrap with mustard

For lunch, I made this genius invention of a sausage wrap…I have a plethora of tortillas in my fridge but no lunchmeat or tuna, so I decided to cook the last smoked sausage (Garlic Mozzarella) and then chop it up and wrap it with some vegetables. It ended up being a little much, so I had to eat it more like a burrito than a wrap. Still good though!

Wrap with carrots & hummus, grapes

Wrap with carrots & hummus, grapes

Plain nonfat yogurt, Kashi Go Lean crunch, coffee w/ Equal & 1% milk

Plain nonfat yogurt, Kashi Go Lean crunch, coffee w/ Equal & 1% milk

After work (and the above awesome snack) I went and ran 3 miles, which I mentioned in my previous post 🙂 It was such a good feeling, one that I hope I can repeat this week!

For dinner, my husband and I decided we were in the mood for Mexican, so we went to Ernesto’s Mexican Restaurant which is quite close to us and the grocery store, our usual Friday night haunt (we are such an old couple, haha). I ordered the enchiladas (chicken) which came with rice and refried beans, perfecto! I also had a few chips with salsa (not pictured). I was proud of myself for not asking for sour cream…when you aren’t at home, the full-fat sour cream really can add unneeded calories and fat to your meal (even if it does taste really good).

2 chicken enchiladas, mexican rice, refried beans

2 chicken enchiladas, mexican rice, refried beans

Dinner really hit the spot! I was very happy with our choice, but I also think I was still “high” from my awesome run earlier! Dessert back at home was really simple, just a Jello pudding cup with some cool whip on top…I don’t usually buy or use cool whip, but I have it left over from a recipe I made a couple of weeks ago and I just refuse to waste anything; unfortunately cool whip has trans fat, blech! But a little bit shouldn’t kill me, right?

Jello sugar free dark chocolate pudding, chocolate cool whip

Jello sugar free dark chocolate pudding, chocolate cool whip

At the grocery store, I bought some more tea since I finally ran out of the other kinds I have had at home for so long (thank goodness). I chose a variety pack because Lord knows, I get bored easily and hate eating or drinking the same things multiple times in a week or so. It’s just a problem I have!

Here is the box I bought, it’s Lipton’s Herbal variety pack

Six flavors of Lipton Herbal tea

Six flavors of Lipton Herbal tea

After we watched a movie (“Get Smart” it was just ok), it was 10:30 and I knew I should get to bed even though I’m accustomed to staying up later on the weekends. I’d had a long day and I knew if I didn’t get my rest or at least relaxation that the next day would seem even longer! So I made myself a cup of chamomile tea hoping that it would relax me and help me drift off into slumberland…

Lipton Herbal "Quietly Chamomile"

Lipton Herbal "Quietly Chamomile"

It did just that! I was in bed reading a book and before I knew it, I was nodding off and reading the same paragraph over and over. I was somehow able to finish the chapter, then I put the book away and went into a long and peaceful sleep 🙂

By the way, I am currently reading Morgan Spurlock’s “Don’t Eat This Book” which is really great, but I’m pretty sure I never want to eat fast food again. Not necessarily a bad thing I suppose?

The ugly truth about the American diet

The ugly truth about the American diet

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Friday night, sorry you are hearing about mine on Tuesday!