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Miss me?

I’ve had a few friends recently share with me that they miss seeing the things I eat every day. While I have no intention of going back to posting every morsel that goes in my mouth, I do miss taking the pictures and it gave me a bit of a blogging confidence boost, knowing that I’ve been missed 🙂

So, here you go. My snack plate from a party we had at work today.


Two kinds of hummus, pita slices, chips, salsa, veggies and tabbouleh. Yum!

This shall be part of my lunch today 🙂

Oh and I may have had this too, since I made them.


Happy Monday!

Party time

After my great 5 mile run on Saturday, I drank some water mixed with this stuff:


It didn’t have too much flavor, which I liked, plus it has a simple ingredients list and none of that crappy high fructose corn syrup or sugar like Powerade and stuff like that (ick).

I bought another one at Whole Foods this weekend (they are 39 cents). I typically only use stuff like this on long runs (longer than 4 miles).

For lunch, I had my PF Chang’s leftovers with a pita pocket 🙂


When I left for my friend Courtney’s house to get ready for her 30th birthday party / ‘80s prom, I knew it would be a late night so I got an iced coffee with soymilk to wake me up!


A few hours later, I made a run to Subway which I pretty much inhaled while we were getting ready. It’s a veggie delight with a pile or tortilla chips (oops).


I snacked on A LOT of chips, plus some of this and diet Coke over the course of the night.


The champagne was not vegan friendly (I’m seriously just going to have to quit drinking) nor was the one cupcake I decided to have but it was a fun night so I’m not going to dwell on it too much.

Here’s my favorite pic of the night (birthday girl on the left, me on the right).


It was a great night! Hope you had a good weekend too.

First of many

One of the hilarious things about this time of year is all the Christmas parties we end up going to!

One of my favorite parties to attend every year is the party held annually by my friends Carrie and Kristin (they alternate their homes each year) which gets all us girls together for some food, drinks and FUN!

Isn’t Carrie’s tree beautiful? 🙂


The theme was “A Tacky, Wacky, Crazy, Kitschy Christmas” so it was our duty to wear something to fit the mood.

Since I don’t own an ugly sweater, behold, Josh’s silly football Santa hat with green ball ornament earrings 🙂


Court rocked her antlers!


Before we headed to the party, which is an hour away in Lexington, I snacked on a piece of bread with peanut butter.


This held me over really well but eventually I got hungry and checked out the spread.


I started with some pita chips and hummus.


Carrie steamed some edamame, which was really good and lots of people snacked on it throughout the night 😉


Over the course of the night, I had several more bites of pita and hummus plus a few drinks!

Some vino blanc…


I can’t remember the name of this next one but it had champagne in it and tasted a little bit like a cosmopolitan! It started with a P, what was it?

Ah yes, Poinsettia.


I’m so glad we used the smaller champagne flutes, that definitely helped me keep things in check.


This was some sort of pomegranate drink that Kristin made. I definitely don’t recall the name of this one. But the Poinsettia was my favorite.

We also did a good deed at the party, which ended up being a very fun activity for me. I wrote out two cards to soldiers at Walter Reed hospital.


I think all the girls really enjoyed it too!


Then there was some wastebasket-ball (which I ended up winning).


Some karaoke 😉


And a gag gift exchange, where Court and Amy scored their very own Snuggies!


Beth’s was pretty classic too.


We stayed way past my bedtime but honestly, it was so much fun I didn’t want it to end. But I proceeded to sleep most of the way back to the Ville and crashed as soon as I got home.

Thanks Carrie for hosting such an amazing party. I really enjoyed myself and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Do you attend Christmas parties? What do you enjoy the most about them?


For me, it was a combo of the belly laughs I shared with friends and writing the cards for the soldiers. I hope it blesses whoever gets them 🙂

Day 19: Finally ate that salad

This morning I finished off the last of my pumpkin pie pancakes. It was sort of sad to see them go but I know I can always make them again another time 😉


On the way to work, my mom suggested we stop at Starbucks since it was cold and we had a few extra minutes. She rules 😉


Soy latte! This seriously tastes like toasted marshmallows. Who needs those syrupy drinks? Well, I’m still pretty peeved about their pumpkin spice syrup (it has milk in it).


This morning at work, we had a party to celebrate all the October birthdays in our department and I snacked on some fruit (strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, grapes) and some peanuts.

For lunch, I had the salad I had been talking about making for a couple of days now. I wasn’t too excited about it this morning, especially considering how cold it was today, but once I ate it, I changed my tune 🙂


This salad contained: romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes with chiles, black beans and half a chopped green pepper. I used hummus as a dressing and had a few fire roasted tomato Triscuits leftover from the party that I saw on the approved vegan snack list!

Both the salad and the crackers were flavorful and spicy. What a great lunch 🙂

Unfortunately it was not too much later that I realized I forgot to bring an afternoon snack! I had been trying to get away from “convenience” foods like these but it was pretty much my only choice.


Actually it was either this or some cinnamon Teddy Grahams. I almost went for the latter, until I saw partially hydrogenated stuff on the list of ingredients. They may be vegan, but they are still disgusting!

Plus, the bag would’ve cost me almost 400 calories while the bar was a mere 160. I made a good choice 🙂

After work, I hit the gym solo to do a nice walk/run. I decided to up the running amount today and do a little experiment with various speeds. Apparently, I’m most comfortable at 5.5 mph but I can stay at 6.0 for a while. And if I need to jog and recover, 5.0 is perfect.

I stuck with our 0.25 mile intervals but instead of alternating walking a lap with running a lap, I walked one (warm up), ran three, walked one, ran three, walked one, ran two and walked one (cool down).

I did 3.02 miles in 40:00. By running more this time, I shaved 5 minutes off my normal time. I was going to try for 4 miles today but my calves and knees were starting to tire and hurt so I kept it at 3.

For dinner, I made a new to me vegan recipe from Happy Herbivore!

Behold, Vegan Red Beans & Rice 🙂


The original recipe called for Adobo seasoned tomatoes but I ended up with diced tomatoes with green chiles instead.

Here is my portion:


Verdict: So yummy! And totally easy and inexpensive to make. I have leftovers too so you will be seeing this again over the course of the week 🙂

For dessert, I had the other half of my banana soft serve from last night topped with a little bit of peanut butter.


I’m so sleepy and so glad that I did all the housework yesterday so tonight I an just RELAX!

I think I see some tea in my future and an early bed time. I’m thinking 9:00 is looking pretty good right now…I swear I’m only 27! Ha ha.

Good night friends 🙂

Day 17.3: Purses, fries and Nascar

I had a great night! First off, the purse party was actually pretty cool. I usually don’t buy much at parties because things tend to be way overpriced, but I actually got a great deal on this huge thermal tote bag that I’m going to use to take my lunch to work.

I’ll have to show you all when it comes in 🙂

At the party, I snacked on some chips and salsa. Then later on for dinner, the girls and I decided to go to Penn Station for some grub. They luckily have some vegan options!

I got a grilled vegetarian sub (no cheese) with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, banana peppers, mushrooms, etc. and topped it with a little mustard. I also had to get the fries because these are some of the best!


After dinner, we watched the Nascar race and I had some So Delicious chocolate velvet for dessert 🙂


I better get to bed soon, I’m hoping to get in some sort of exercise in the morning if I can get myself out of bed. It’s been so cold that it just makes me want to stay under the covers!

Hope you all had a great Saturday too. Good night!

Day 6: The running munchies

Okay, so it’s time I did some re-assessing here. The thing that drives me crazy about running is the major appetite that it gives me, which in the past, led me to overeating a lot of sugar and carbs which led to weight gain and hence, a hiatus on running to calm things down.

I want to find a happy medium. I am not going to be running any marathons, I’m pretty much a short distance gal these days. I love me some 5Ks.

But I don’t want to have to give it up completely just because it makes me ravenous (or tricks me into thinking I am). I want to nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand. So after I tell you what I ate yesterday, I’m off to do some research.

Breakfast yesterday was a banana PB oats!

Picture 001

I used 1/3 cup Almond Breeze and 1/3 cup water this time and it did make them taste creamier and added a little flavor so I think I will do that from now on. I should’ve tried that with my pumpkin oats before they ran out. Oh well!

Snacked on some nuts mid-morning, this is becoming rather redundant but I love them 🙂

Picture 002

For lunch, I had leftover tofu and some broccoli.

Picture 003

Then I still felt hungry so I raided the leftover snacks from the day before’s baby shower and took a few crackers (checked the ingredients on the box first). Pretty good!

Picture 004

A couple of hours later, it was workout time! Farrah and I ran around 1.25 miles in 10 minutes. We actually sprinted a little bit because we were trying to beat a train that was coming 😉

After our “warm up” we went into the gym and did a quick strength routine, including:

  • Squats
  • Dead lifts
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Dips on the bench
  • Seated rowing machine
  • Leg lifts (front, side, back)
  • Abs
  • Back extensions
  • Tricep kickbacks

Whoa, no wonder I am sore today. Whenever I reflect back on what we did I am amazed because it doesn’t seem like that much at the time. We even cut off early because we were both pretty sweaty and tired 🙂

When I got back to my desk, I snacked on a Nature Valley bar (last one).

Picture 005

I love these and they are vegan but I need to reduce my intake of processed snacks for a while (again). But they will come in handy if I’m ever stuck at a gas station needing a snack 😉

I also had some of these evil things, thank goodness they are gone now.

Picture 006

It’s this kind of stuff that running makes me crave. But I don’t keep them in the house so I should be okay from now on. Tortilla chips aren’t too bad but I have trouble keeping it to one serving if you know what I mean.

I had a Pampered Chef party to go to after work and so I packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I ate on the road.

Picture 007

Most of the Pampered Chef recipes for the cooking shows include meat, mostly to showcase their baker that can go in the microwave, so I knew I had to be prepared.

They ended up making a pork tenderloin salad but the host graciously suggested they keep the meat separate. What a sweetheart! I didn’t even ask 😉

Picture 008

The salad contained some sort of salad mix, red onions (which she sliced with a gadget I so need to get), thawed frozen corn, and a dressing she made using ranch dressing and some seasonings from the Pampered Chef catalog. I know ranch dressing is not vegan, but I used a little bit anyway. I’m still working on getting this whole lifestyle down, so please excuse me for now.

I also had a nice plate of veggies and a few chips. Thank goodness they were some hungry kiddos running around so I couldn’t go back for more chips!

Picture 009

What’s funny is there was this awesome looking cake and I had zero interest in it! Usually desserts get me big time but not last night. Hmm…I’ve noticed I’m craving the salty stuff. Why is that?

When I got home, you guessed it, I was hungry…or so I thought?

Picture 010

I thought I was done after this but my stomach started growling around 10:30, which is way past my “cut off” eating time, so I had another snack.

Picture 011

Let’s just say I learned a lot today. I didn’t do anything wrong and I’m not disappointed or anything with myself. Nope. Not one bit.

I just want to change some things and get out of some ruts. I think I am officially “over” the chocolate chips and PB snack. For real. Hello burn out! And I really don’t like the bread that I bought. I mean, it tastes good but it’s too flimsy and I’d rather spend more and get better quality (like Ezekiel English muffins, yum).

Time to make some lists and get some recipes in the queue, this girl wants her whole foods back! And let’s try a few new things too 🙂

Thanks for reading…have a great day.

Missing some parts

For some reason, I am missing a lot of Saturday’s pics; I guess it goes with the theme. Saturday night, we left a dinner party early to head up to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the UFC pay per view, only they decided at the last minute not to show it! We were disappointed but my fighter lost (again, this is three in a row for me!) so I guess it was better that I didn’t see it after all.
I think Saturday morning, I woke up and had a bowl of honey nut cheerios with 1% milk and perhaps some turkey sausage? I will post that pic if and when I find it. After breakfast, I met my mom and two aunts at the mall for a nice 3-lap walk (= 3.6 miles) because they are all interested in training to walk some races this Spring. It’s good to know I have been a positive influence on my family and I am so proud of them for taking this step.

After the walk, we hung out at Starbucks, where I enjoyed a grande skinny vanilla latte (nonfat milk, sugar free syrup), which was divine! After we were done, I headed over to Whole Foods because it was so close by and I couldn’t pass it up and I ended up getting a ton of stuff from the salad bar for lunch + an oatmeal roll, YUM! Must find that picture.

The first pic I have is my second afternoon snack of the day, a chocolate milk. I had previously eaten some honey roasted peanuts before taking a huge nap (thinking I was going to be up late at the sports bar):
Horizon single chocolate milk

Horizon single chocolate milk

We got ready and went to a dinner party for my friend’s birthday, which I now wish we would’ve stayed at longer, had we known our UFC plans would get thwarted.

Low fat homemade lasagna, chips & salsa, meatballs

Low fat homemade lasagna, chips & salsa, meatballs

I went back for seconds on the meatballs and chips + salsa! Everything was great. Especially dessert…

Strawberry cake with strawberry icing, one of my faves!

Strawberry cake with strawberry icing, one of my faves!

After our BWW fiasco, we went home and let the doggie out (who was happy to see us home early) and then played some cards (I wrote carbs, haha) before calling it an early night. Over the course of the evening at home, I got hungry, so I had some graham crackers to tame the tummy.


Even though we missed the UFC, Saturday ended up being pretty great. We got to spend some time with friends, ate some good food and I got a great walk in with my family. Hope your Saturday was just as enjoyable.

New Year’s Eve 2008

Wednesday morning I woke up really sore and groggy! I decided to take the day off from the gym (reluctantly) and also made an easy breakfast of a product I’d had in the freezer since I went to Whole Foods the other day:

Amy’s Tofu Scramble pocket sandwich!

I cooked it per the instructions and had it alongside an orange, plus some turkey sausage.

Close-up…it was really good, probably one of my favorite Amy’s products so far, it’s much like a breakfast burrito, very filling and proteinous 🙂

Had a regular Starbucks coffee with my mom before we got our nails done…just skim milk + Splenda!
Mid-morning, I had some honey roasted peanuts to hold me over until lunchtime.

I did a ton of household chores and got some things organized before I sat down to have some lunch finally. I had a PB&J on an Arnold’s sandwich thin, plus some yogurt + Kashi Go Lean, and green tea.

I decided to try what I’ve seen other bloggers do with sandwiches to make it last longer. You guys were right, this really does help!

Mid-afternoon after running some errands at various stores, I had a snack of Oatmeal Squares + chocolate hazelnut spread. I really gotta get this stuff out of my house!

We went to a party at a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve where they hosted a Murder Mystery party…it was really cool, we had to stay in character the entire time until the game was over. I ended up guessing the murderer correctly, so I was proud of myself! Unfortunately, my husband was the victim 😉

Appetizers – bacon wrapped shrimp, meatball, jalapeno popper (had 2nds on shrimp, meatball)

Salad with balsamic and two little breadsticks…sorry for the dark pics, we had mood lighting, haha…

Main course, baked spaghetti! This stuff was so good and I was so hungry, I had another serving plus a slice of garlic bread (not pictured)…

Dessert – chocolate pudding cake (just ok) and two mini cheesecakes. I also tried 1 candy cane hershey’s kiss (not my fave), had some coffee with dessert and later on a small glass of champagne to toast 2009!

Hope you all had a great New Year’s celebration, whatever you did. We had a great time doing the murder mystery, you all should definitely try it if ever given the opportunity!

On the fence

Saturday was a happenin’ day! I got things started with a nice short walk with the doggie and then I made breakfas — oats with milk, apple and PB:

I went to a Ladies’ Christmas Tea at my church and I wasn’t planning on eating anything since I had breakfast but we were there for a couple of hours so I did ‘sample’ a few things. I didn’t eat this entire plate…I had the entire mini quiche, most of the fruit and half of the other things (raisin bread, breakfast casserole, cheese grits):

I also had some coffee with flavored creamers!

Then I went back home and walked the dog again for about 25 minutes, then took her to see Santa Claus at Feeders Supply (our new home away from home, haha). I will have to post that picture on here soon, have to scan it first!

But then I went to lunch with my parents at Great Harvest which is an amazing place and for some dang reason, my pictures of it are GONE! But I had 1/2 a turkey sandwich on Nine grain bread with lettuce, tomato, mustard and some carrots with ranch dressing as a side (I only used about 1/3 of the packet they gave me).

I went back home and did some laundry and then took the doggie for a long, 45-minute walk in the nearby neighborhoods. It felt so good to go out and get some exercise since I knew I’d be eating more than I usually do (calorie-wise) at the party that night.

I went to Target to pick up a birthday gift for my friend and I felt hungry so I decided to try one of these, even though I have a ton of bars at home (ahh). It’s a Clif Mojo sweet ‘n salty trail mix bar. It was FANTASTIC! It’s huge and only 180 calories. I like trail mix that has chocolate in it and that’s exactly what it tasted like. Once I’m out of the others, I will definitely buy some of these!


Here is the spread…

I munched on some grapes and a few pieces of broccoli that I didn’t photograph.

I had two of these plus 1/2 cup of white that wasn’t too good, hmm…

“Main course” if you will, it’s a low fat paella with turkey sausage & shrimp that my friend Carrie made (holy yum! I had two servings) and a bacon-wrapped water chestnut made by Amy (so sweet & crunchy). Both these ladies read my blog, so big shout out to you gals! 😉

Of course, Beth made her Reindeer Chow again and I fell under it’s spell, again. She put them into little portioned-controlled holiday bags (haha, think she’s trying to tell me something?) and I ended up having two of these, plus 1/2 of a 3rd one on the way home, yikes.

I tried a bite of a bourbon ball, but I didn’t like it, so I didn’t finish it:

It was a fun night, we had a gift exhange, played some games (including a quiz, charades and a wrapping paper fashion show) and of course took lots of incriminating photos. But we all really enjoyed ourselves and can’t wait to do it again next year 🙂

I’m still on the fence about how “well” I did with my eating. I don’t think I did too bad, except for the reindeer chow. But like I said before, it’s only once a year, and I think this is the last time I’ll have it…oh, except that I took another bag home with me and it’s in the pantry, haha. I might have to give that away as a gift 😉

Hope you all had a great weekend, more updates to come!

Fried chicken weekend

Mornin’, blog-universe! Or blogiverse? Blogverse? Haha, anyway…here’s my weekend update!


I had dinner at Jimmy John’s (becoming a regular) again on Friday night with my friend before we went to a concert to benefit the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation 🙂 I got a Hunter’s Club (roast beef) unwich with no mayo (added mustard) and a pickle. Thanks to Jimmy John’s handy website, I calculated my meal was 320 calories.

The concert was great, we saw some fantastic artists perform at our local Hard Rock Cafe: Tristan Prettyman, John McLoughlin, Delta Goodrem (my personal fave of the night–she’s also a cancer survivor!), and Thriving Ivory. Between the acts, they did a live auction and the event raised over $10,000!

After we got home, I had myself a little Handi-snacks sugar free chocolate pudding cup. I definitely like this flavor better than the caramel!


I woke up Saturday morning knowing I had a full day ahead of me, but totally intending to get some exercise in. I started things off with a protein-ous breakfast:

I went out with my mom for some coffee (grande nonfat cappuccino – just 80 calories), then we got our nails done (sweet!) and I was able to find some really awesome low carb cookbooks and a Sports Nutrition book at Half Price Books. I got 4 books and only spent $9, wow!

When we got back to her house, I had a tbsp of peanut butter to hold me over. We were headed to my cousin’s daughter’s birthday party an hour after this…

My family (both sides of it) are notorious for their love of fried chicken. I think I might be adopted…just kidding. But I’ve never quite appreciated it as much as the rest of them. But since beggars can’t be choosers, I made myself a plate with a breast and a leg and some green beans. I picked ALL the skin off and ate the chicken underneath which was very tender and definitely filled me up (protein, yay)! Take a close look at this photo because it’s the EXACT SAME thing I had for lunch on Sunday at our church conference.

Later in the afternoon when I got home, I had this nice snack of mixed nuts. I have really come to love cashews and brazil nuts. I also love pecans. I think peanuts are slowly becoming my least favorite, which is surprising..those used to be the only nuts I would eat.

I took a nice nap on the couch after being exhausted from the birthday party. Sometimes just watching kids run around is enough to wear you out 🙂 But I didn’t have any cake or ice cream — because I didn’t want any! I love being in control again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any formal exercise in, but I did a lot of running around and my eating was pretty good all day so I didn’t feel too bad.

We headed out to dinner with some friends and we chose to go to Jason’s Deli, we hadn’t been there in a long time!

I chose the salad bar because I couldn’t decide on a salad and I knew I could get more veggies in that way. Behold…

My HUGE plate from the salad bar contained the following:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Red onion
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Hard-boiled egg
  • Bean salad (kidney, cannelini, chickpeas I think)
  • Red pepper hummus (my favorite!)
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumbers
  • Artichoke hearts
  • Light ranch dressing

I also got a cup of the veggie soup, but was sad to find carrots, corn and a few pieces of pasta in it, all not approved for Phase 1. But I ate around them.

I made a second trip to the salad bar for some more beans, hummus and cauliflower. Everything was so good and I was definitely full when I left but not uncomfortably.

After all the food excitement, we got in the Halloween spirit and went on the Danger Run! For those of you not familiar, this is where you drive around in your car following clues to find the destination of your haunt (it’s usually a different one every year). We did really well on the first half, but the second half (in Indiana) got us all confused, so we used the ‘cheat sheet’ and headed straight to the 2nd haunt 🙂

Afterwards, we stopped a gas station and I got a decaf coffee (it was cold outside!) with Splenda and a little bit of whole milk (I know, I know, but it’s all I could find).

When we got home, even though it was late, I was still in the spirit, so I watched Friday the 13th (the original, with Mrs. Voorhees) and had a sugar free chocolate pudding cup.


Yesterday was another LONG day, but good. I started things off with two poached eggs, turkey sausage and a cup of milk (with sugar free chocolate syrup).

Before leaving home, I also had a cup of regular coffee with skim milk and Equal. At church, we had our annual business conference, and they served KFC. I had two pieces of chicken with the skin peeled off and some green beans (just like Saturday’s lunch). The meeting lasted several hours, so I had some mixed nuts while there too.

When we got home, I was exhausted, so I took a nap…for over an hour! Again, no exercise, kind of disappointed, but I obviously needed to rest. I need to look at my schedule and see if I can schedule my workouts in a way that resting on the weekend won’t be a big deal.

When I woke up, I made myself some dinner. Two veggie burgers with cheese and some sauteed mushrooms and zucchini (in soy sauce). Although calorie-wise, this wasn’t much, I felt a little stuffed after I ate it. I think I could’ve just gone with one veggie burger.

After dinner, we went back to church to attend a financial class, which was very informative. This is an area in my life that I need to become at peace with so I was glad to get started last night.

When I got home, I had a second wind, so I did some laundry, dishes, swept and mopped the floors, and straightened up the house to get ready for our Monday Night Football group.

I had the rest of my sugar free orange jello with a spray of light reddi-whip:

I went to bed around 10:30 and felt very tired and nearly fell asleep but something just kept waking me up. I don’t know whether it was the comfort level or thoughts in my head, but eventually my stomach started growling, so I helped myself to some of my Smucker’s Natural PB:

I need to try more brands, but for natural PB, Smucker’s did a great job. I’ve had this one before but it has been a while. It’s just peanuts and salt and it’s very gritty AND creamy, just the way I like it 😉

This seemed to do the trick because I ate this, drank two glasses of water, went back upstairs and the rest I don’t remember, haha.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!