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I decided today that I wanted to show you all everything I eat and drink in a day. Sometimes I leave things out because I think you are tired of seeing it, but really that is me.

It could be that this is your first time visiting my blog and I would be wrong to assume that you’d be tired of seeing anything. So here we go!

Breakfast this morning was an awesome combination: oats (with almond milk), flax, strawberries, and almond butter.


I forgot to photograph my boring black coffee, which is why I had to put “almost” in the title, ha ha.

I snacked on some nuts mid-morning.


And some pomegranate raspberry green tea 🙂


Lunch was in three parts:

First was a salad with balsamic vinaigrette (vegan).


I was surprised I didn’t end up using half the dressing. That’s why it pays to just use a little at a time instead of dumping the whole thing on there!

Second was leftover spaghetti from last night.


And finally, some Musselman’s all natural applesauce with real cinnamon.


More tea! Rooibos Red this time.


My afternoon snack was a piece of bread with peanut butter.


And oops, a Diet Pepsi. I do have one every now and then, like once a week if that. I just haven’t been able to let them go 100%, yet.


I kept dinner pretty light because I was going to the gym not long afterwards.


Chickpeas, brown rice and steamed asparagus. Looks simple and boring, but it really hit the spot and gave me good fuel for a workout.

Find out what I did over at River City Fitness!

I also drank this SoBe Lifewater while at the gym.


I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home (right by the gym, another big selling factor) and then enjoyed my favorite snack ever.


The best part? I finished the last bite at 8:59.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my whole day. I kind of liked it too 😉

If you are a blogger, do you blog all of your meals, snacks, etc. or are there things you leave out? Why or why not?

Normally, I would’ve left out all the drinks and probably the nuts since I eat them every day.

Weddings and anniversaries

I had dinner with a friend last night who is getting married in a month! It also made me realize that my 4th wedding anniversary is coming up in a month too, since her wedding date is the day after mine 😉

I can’t believe its been that long but I’m so looking forward to the next 4 and so on with my husband. Butter annoyances aside (ha ha), I really am a lucky lady!

For lunch yesterday, I tried a new Kashi meal: Black Bean Mango


This frozen meal is vegan and boasts 8 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber. It also has  low amount of sodium compared to Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones and other less-healthy frozen choices.


This was very good. My only complaint is that it didn’t fill me up as much as I would’ve liked. It did okay but 2 hours later I was hungry again. I think next time I will pack a salad or something else substantial to go with it. Today all I brought was applesauce, but at least it was my fave flavor 🙂


Around 2:00, I got a mad chocolate craving, what to do? Duh, go find some chocolate. I have found that when cravings strike, its best to just go for it (moderately of course) and not try to fight it or replace it with something else. Unfortunately (?) I also wanted a diet wild cherry Pepsi real bad…


This chocolate bar was awesome and I ate it in very small pieces so it took me over an hour to completely savor it. It ended up “holding” me off my real afternoon snack for 2.5 hours! Giving the body what it wanted worked. Even though I no longer count, this bar only has 180 calories and is a pretty good size too.

I don’t drink sodas much anymore, maybe 1 per week, sometimes less. My biggest complaint with these is the artificial sweeteners which I try to avoid at all costs. But thankfully, this one won’t do much damage and it will probably be another week or more before I have another one.

My “real” afternoon snack was a big carrot with a triangle of Laughing Cow cheese. This snack did not appeal to me at all at 2:00 but at 4:30 it really hit the spot!


I had dinner at Texas Roadhouse and I was the first to arrive to the hot bread basket! Luckily I managed to limit myself to just one, but it was so good.


I also had a few peanuts while waiting for my friends to arrive. I ended up ordering the Country Veg Plate (pick 4 sides) and started off with a caesar salad with dressing on the side (and croutons got picked off):


A lot of that cheese ended up at the bottom too and when I was done, it looked as if I hadn’t even used that dressing! I love the fork-dipping trick, you save yourself a lot of calories, plus you only get as much dressing on your salad as you want, not how much the restaurant dumps on it!

The rest of my meal was wild rice, green beans and a sweet potato with cinnamon butter (which I scraped some off).


I ate about half of the rice, every last bit of the sweet potato and I ate most of the green beans, minus the bacon pieces in there, which I didn’t know it would have. It kind of the made the beans too salty, so I probably wouldn’t get those again.

When I got home, I was ready for something sweet, so I took a page from Mari’s book and made a smoothie that I treated like ice cream 🙂


I just blended 1 cup of frozen berries with 1 cup of plain soymilk, poured myself a small serving and put the rest in the freezer for later. It came out sort of like a sorbet!

I also had a small cup of Honey Nut Cheerios before deciding it was time for bed and I wasn’t really hungry anymore. The old me probably would’ve stayed up and ate at least another cup of cereal or more. So glad I’m more in touch with myself now 🙂

Before bed, I watched “The Onion Movie” with Josh, it was pretty funny because it pokes fun at a lot of the negative aspects of our culture, but at times it was a little silly too.

That was my night, hope yours was good too!

I heart Stonyfield!

I made a special trip to Whole Foods last night and got some yogurt while I was there. One was from my favorite brand, Stonyfield Farm, and it’s lowfat Maple Vanilla! I just ate it and it’s fantastic.


Later on this afternoon, I had a 100-calorie mini-bag of popcorn and a diet dr. pepper. It’s weird, I don’t even drink soft drinks anymore, nor do I miss them, but occasionally for some reason, I have like one a month if that. I think it was boredom and tiredness that caused it today.