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My throat hurts

For breakfast this morning, I broke out some Great Harvest bread that I bought on Saturday. This one is vegan 🙂


I toasted up two slices with pumpkin butter and peanut butter. Plus an apple on the side for some fruitiness.


On the way to work, Mom treated me to a soy chai tea latte, which really hit the spot on my still, very sore and achy throat. If it doesn’t clear up by Wednesday, I am going to the doctor!

Mid morning I snacked on some more plantain chips, love these things.


Good thing I only bought one bag 😉

For lunch, I had some leftover spaghetti squash from Saturday. It was really good again today! I’m so glad I finally tried it.


Speaking of spaghetti squash check out my latest Examiner article: Swap your spaghetti for squash

I sipped on some hot tea during class today which also seemed to soothe my throat. Class was also interesting today as we learned more about weight training!

I snacked on some mixed nuts later in the afternoon.


When I got home, I immediately knew what I was going to make for dinner. EGGPLANT!


I sliced up a medium eggplant, then put some hemp milk and corn meal in separate bowls, dipping each piece of eggplant in the milk then meal.


Then I cooked them in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Voila!


On the side I made some couscous, which I have been craving for a while!


I’m a simple girl. This plain couscous was AWESOME. All together now…


I really enjoyed my dinner 🙂 The eggplant slices came out kind of crunchy like chips!

After I ate, I did a lot of housework that sort of got left by the wayside this weekend while I wasn’t feeling good and out of town yesterday. I decided to use that as my activity! But I do have a work out scheduled for tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

For a snack a little while ago, I had some Honey Sunshine Kashi cereal with hemp milk. I’m getting used to the hemp milk and I was pleased to see it contains Omega 3’s.


I may or may not have had some blood orange Dots too 😉 Ahh, my throat is so sore. I’m off to gargle some salt water and go to bed!

Good night 🙂

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Day 4 – Lazy Sunday

Not only I am sleepy today but my legs are sore from all the walking I did yesterday, so I’ve decided today needs to be at least somewhat lazy for me.

I’ve still got laundry going in the other room but I’m sitting here with my feet up and thinking of taking a nap once this post goes up 🙂

For breakfast this morning, I made pumpkin oats.


I don’t know what it was but this bowl just didn’t blow me away. I think it might be the pumpkin, honestly. Perhaps I got an old can or it just tastes better when it’s in season?

Or maybe I need to cook them with some non-dairy milk instead of just water? Hmm…

This bowl contained 1/3 cup oats (cooked with water), 1/3 cup pumpkin, 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice, 1 tsp chocolate chips, 1 tsp pancake syrup and 1 tbsp peanut butter.

I also tried another Starbucks VIA product today that I got as a sample while I was there yesterday doing the taste test.


This Italian Roast was okay but I definitely prefer the Columbian, so I am glad those are the ones I purchased yesterday with my coupon. These are something I probably won’t make a habit out of since a pack of 3 normally costs $2.99 but I’ll definitely use my coupons first!


Spiked with some Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla.

For lunch after church, my parents, Josh and I went to McAlister’s Deli, which I hadn’t been too in a long time.

I ended up getting the Pick Two combo of half a Greek salad (with no feta) and a cup of the vegetarian chili. It was delicious.



I’ve been doing some thinking and research about soy. I’ve heard a lot of things on both sides, that soy is beneficial, helps prevent cancer, good for bones, etc. But I’ve also heard that soy is dangerous, can not really cause cancer but aid in it, and also screw with your hormonal cycles.

As a woman who has struggled with irregularity of my cycles for as long as I can remember, anything that messes with that jumps on my radar. We’re talking late periods, no periods (for months at a time), heavy, light, painful and not so much. Two are hardly ever the same which makes finding the cause pretty impossible. Since there is not a clear, definitive answer that I know of about soy and it’s relation to this, I don’t know that I will do anything other than be aware.

I don’t need to become so reliant on soy since I have decided to go vegetarian and now vegan. I think I do okay with my non-dairy milks (other than Almond Breeze which does contain soy) but it is in so many other products I use that I think I need to start paying more attention.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of soy or do you avoid it? Why?

Thanks as always for your feedback and I hope you have a great Sunday!

R & R

Hello! I hope wherever you are that you are having a great day. It’s rather rainy and cloudy here, perfect day to stay in the house catching up on rest and relaxation!

I’m rather sore today so exercise of any kind is the furthest thing from my mind 😉

Last night for dinner, we went to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate our friend Beth’s birthday. I started off with a couple pieces of bread (no butter) because I was hungry by the time we got there!



For my dinner, I ordered the Fresh Vegetable Salad with no cheese. It came with Asparagus, Green Beans, Tomato, Cucumber, Roasted Beets, Apple, Edamame, Radicchio, Romaine with Pomegranate Vinaigrette.

This was an “appetizer salad” but man it was huge!


Here is a pic of me and some friends at dinner, including the birthday girl on the right 🙂 I look like I have something coming out of my head, no? Check out the huge salad bowl!


I ate the whole thing 🙂 It was delicious and I wasn’t too full when we left either. Lots of friends ordered some amazing looking cheesecake, but I am just not a fan, even before I stopped eating dairy.

We had another birthday party to get to, but I managed to stop at Starbucks to pick up a tall soy pumpkin spice latte! This is only my second one so I think I am doing okay at moderation!

While hanging out with friends and watching the UFC (which was so disappointing-yet another guy I like lost) I snacked on some tortilla chips.


I was proud of myself for passing up dessert at the restaurant and not eating any birthday cake either. But honestly, I did not want it and the pumpkin spice latte helped too I’m sure!

I also had some peppermint tea before bed. It’s my favorite!


This morning, I woke up and made some hot cereal with peanut butter and sliced pears.


Now that I’ve had a day or two to think about it…I do prefer almond butter! I never thought I’d say that in my life. But MaraNatha did it for me. I’ve heard Barney Butter is good too but I can’t afford it (the one place in town I can find it has it selling for $9 a jar)!

I drank some coffee with Almond Breeze and a second cup black. I got a bit hungry at the end of Sunday School and I forgot to bring a snack so I had a blueberry muffin to hold me over.


I have no idea if it contained dairy but I’m almost sure it did. Oh well.

For lunch, Josh, Mom, Dad and I went to Zaytun’s Mediterranean Grill, which was so exciting to me as this is my favorite type of food. This was my third time visiting, as I have been once with my friend Aleta and another time with Mom.

I ordered a vegetarian platter that came with hummus, Baba Ghanouj and falafel. Doesn’t get much better than this!


I ate all the hummus (with 4 pita slices) and 2.5 of the falafel balls (I made Mom try some). Josh got this really huge meaty gyro, which he said was okay. I was proud of him for trying it though. He’s just not as into it as me 😉

When we got home, I ran a couple of quick errands and then had a piece of organic dark chocolate for a snack.


I’m doing my best to stay off my feet today but I think it’s time to switch the laundry around so I’d better at least do that, ha ha. Hope you have a great afternoon, be back later with dinner!

Sleepy Saturday

Well, I think we can almost officially call this Fall now! The leaves are turning, the weather is cooler (at least in the morning and evening hours), Starbucks have Pumpkin Spice lattes back…IT IS FALL!!

I’m so excited because I think this is becoming my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of winter but perhaps I can be creative this year and find a way to enjoy that season more too 😉

So, where to begin! Oh yeah, let’s start with how Friday went down…

Breakfast was plain oat bran with banana and almond butter. The jar is almost empty so you know what that means…oats in a jar soon!

NewFoodpics 092

Then mid morning I snacked on more banana and PB after a 15 minute walk (this was half, the banana from this morning was huge):

NewFoodpics 093

For lunch, I had one of my favorite vegan convenience meals!

NewFoodpics 094

I don’t want to become dependent on these but it got me through this time 😉

YUM! Just as good the second time around…

NewFoodpics 095

After lunch digested, I went to the gym for a 40 minute treadmill workout with Farrah. We did walking and running intervals until we reached 3 miles…went something like this – 5 min walking warm up (2.5 mph), Run 5 minutes (5.5 mph), Walk 2.5 minutes (3.8 mph) – repeat run/walk sequence 4 times – cool down walking for 5 minutes. In the run sequences I did 6.0 for the last minute a few times.

It was awesome! I felt like I could’ve pushed it more but I didn’t because I want to honor my body and not reach those limits as I’m not a competitive athlete or anything. My body thanked me by not being sore and I wasn’t too tired either.

Snacks were some REAL dark chocolate (no milkfat in this piece):

NewFoodpics 096

Some almonds…

NewFoodpics 097

For dinner, I convinced Josh to go to Shalimar, a really great Indian restaurant here in town. I ordered what I’ve seen Gina eat several times…Baingan Bartha!


I had mine over some rice with garlic naan on the side. I think this dish was vegan, no? It was just peas, eggplant and sauce I think. Geez, it was so good. I ate most of it, but not all.


Even though I felt pregnant (with a food baby) for the next couple of hours, I still managed to eat a serving of ice cream (not vegan trying to use it up):

NewFoodpics 098

Then we watched a couple of bad movies (The Mummy Dragon Emperor something or other, dumb and Valkyrie which wasn’t too bad actually) and I snacked on two sheets of graham crackers (these need to leave my house like now) and a couple of marshmallows.

Then I had some tea and went to bed 🙂 Zzzzz…


Hello Saturday!

For breakfast, I had two very non-vegan Eggo waffles with PB and banana. I decided to have fun and make a waffle-wich!

NewFoodpics 100

On a Pokemon plate no less. Haha. Close up of the yummy goodness…

NewFoodpics 101

On the way to meet my mom for a nice walk at the park with Suzie, I grabbed a tall soy latte from the ‘Bucks. It was tasty…I think there soy latte feels like a treat even though it’s fairly low in calories! I resisted the pumpkin spice latte for now 😉

At the park, we walked around the track twice which is about 2.4 miles, plus walking to and from the car, we got a good workout in! So did my silly dog.

For lunch, we went to Mimi’s Cafe, which is easily my favorite restaurant. While perusing the menu though, I couldn’t help but think how hard it would be for a vegan to eat there.

I ended up getting the veggie burger with fresh fruit. I only used half the bun as it was huge and not even close to whole grain.


This was pretty good and definitely filled me up. But I can’t eat veggie burgers all the time…

I think I might write to the company…not to complain, but just to find out their suggestions for vegan menu options. Other that a garden salad with no dressing…that’s what I’m finding on the websites out there – that’s not a meal!

I also had some delicious unsweetened raspberry tea 🙂


Before I went grocery shopping, I popped a piece of real dark chocolate. Now that I am back home, I’m thinking it is time for a nap. I’m going out with some girls to Ramsi’s tonight…I see falafel in my future…and it is beautious!

Have a great day friends!

Starbuck’s value meal?

Here’s another interesting article for you guys! Apparently, with the economy the way it is, Starbuck’s has received quite the decline in sales. More and more people cannot afford their latte habit any longer and are going to cheaper chains like McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts to get their caffeine fix. Starbuck’s is in the process of assessing the damage and may be creating their own “Value Meal” in order to attract customers back to their coffee and breakfast offerings.

Read the article here.

What do you guys think about this? Are you still spending more on Starbucks or have you cut back to save money? If the company were to come up with a “value meal” for customers, would you consider it?

I was sort of tickled when the final quote of the article was from someone from my hometown! She said she is willing to pay extra for a good cup of joe. I also agree with her; I too was not impressed with the McDonald’s mocha I had a while back.

Happy Thursday!

Missing some parts

For some reason, I am missing a lot of Saturday’s pics; I guess it goes with the theme. Saturday night, we left a dinner party early to head up to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the UFC pay per view, only they decided at the last minute not to show it! We were disappointed but my fighter lost (again, this is three in a row for me!) so I guess it was better that I didn’t see it after all.
I think Saturday morning, I woke up and had a bowl of honey nut cheerios with 1% milk and perhaps some turkey sausage? I will post that pic if and when I find it. After breakfast, I met my mom and two aunts at the mall for a nice 3-lap walk (= 3.6 miles) because they are all interested in training to walk some races this Spring. It’s good to know I have been a positive influence on my family and I am so proud of them for taking this step.

After the walk, we hung out at Starbucks, where I enjoyed a grande skinny vanilla latte (nonfat milk, sugar free syrup), which was divine! After we were done, I headed over to Whole Foods because it was so close by and I couldn’t pass it up and I ended up getting a ton of stuff from the salad bar for lunch + an oatmeal roll, YUM! Must find that picture.

The first pic I have is my second afternoon snack of the day, a chocolate milk. I had previously eaten some honey roasted peanuts before taking a huge nap (thinking I was going to be up late at the sports bar):
Horizon single chocolate milk

Horizon single chocolate milk

We got ready and went to a dinner party for my friend’s birthday, which I now wish we would’ve stayed at longer, had we known our UFC plans would get thwarted.

Low fat homemade lasagna, chips & salsa, meatballs

Low fat homemade lasagna, chips & salsa, meatballs

I went back for seconds on the meatballs and chips + salsa! Everything was great. Especially dessert…

Strawberry cake with strawberry icing, one of my faves!

Strawberry cake with strawberry icing, one of my faves!

After our BWW fiasco, we went home and let the doggie out (who was happy to see us home early) and then played some cards (I wrote carbs, haha) before calling it an early night. Over the course of the evening at home, I got hungry, so I had some graham crackers to tame the tummy.


Even though we missed the UFC, Saturday ended up being pretty great. We got to spend some time with friends, ate some good food and I got a great walk in with my family. Hope your Saturday was just as enjoyable.


Sorry for the big break in posts guys, I don’t know what happened. Time flies when you’re on vacation and not ready to go back to work, haha…

Here is the rest of Tuesday:

Snack – Starbuck’s grande mocha lite frappuccino that I drank while enjoying the MMA section of Barnes & Noble!

A few supplements I took from at my parents’ house while I was waiting for them to get home…Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Calcium+Magnesium…
A Lindor truffle that I think had caramel in it, this was so good! Glad I only had one though 😉

This is the soup I made for dinner…this was way better than the zesty Chicken Gumbo, which I think is because that one had less sodium, but neither one had enough chicken and were really watery….I probably won’t buy them again unless on sale + coupon as was this case.

Close up of the soup, I had to dig to find this much, haha…

A toasted Arnold sandwich thin with melted mozzarella cheese…mmm….

Went and played volleyball for two hours but didn’t get to play the entire time because we had three teams of five so we rotated in and out. I was sort of disappointed because I usually get a better workout but oh well, maybe next time!

When I got home, I had a series of snacks/desserts, unfortunately. I think it’s time for my monthly hormones to challenge me, which might explain this…

#1- Silk Chocolate soymilk

#2 – Honey roasted peanuts, 1/4 cup

#3 – Oatmeal squares (1/2 cup) + chocolate hazelnut spread

Lots to catch up on, be back soon!

Saturday saturday saturday

I got Suzie a new sweater over the weekend because it’s been so cold. It took me forever to get her to stand still for a picture and it’s not a great one, but here she is 🙂 (That’s for you, K!)

I went to my parents’ house for a bit on Saturday and ate a serving of cashews while I was there, I don’t know what happened to the pic 😦

When I got home, we went grocery shopping and then came back and ate some lunch. I had a whole wheat English muffin smeared with Mighty Maple PB and topped with 1/2 a medium banana sliced. I also had some tortilla chips & salsa as a side.

Then I got cleaned up and headed out shopping with my best girlfriend. We hit two malls and in between had a Starbucks run…grande peppermint mocha twist! Nonfat, of course.

Then for dinner, we went to Whole Foods for some (expensive) salad bar action. I actually cut back a lot from what I usually get because I didn’t want to spend too much (this still ended up being $8, wow). I got some vegan chicken salad, buffalo tofu (my fave), edamame, white beans, cauliflower. and some seasoned sweet potato wedges (yum).

I also got a nice roll which I heated and spread with Smart Balance back at home 🙂

Later on for dessert, I had some more tofu chocolate pudding, which I split with my friend, all gone now!

These little cars have been staring at me for a while (my husband is a big Stewart fan) and I had to know what they were so I tried one…turns out they are chocolate cars filled with peanut butter, uh oh!

I stayed up really late and still wasn’t feeling too hot so I took another pain pill and ate some nuts as a snack…I got these at the mall, they are a mixture of almonds, pecans and cashews, covered in cinnamon sugar. They aren’t the best, but man were they good!

And that’s my Saturday…be back with Sunday soon!

Dessert all day?

I feel like I have been eating dessert all day! I guess we all need a day like that now and again, right? That’s what I’m telling myself 😉

Awhile after lunch, I had a serving of fat free sugar free chocolate pudding with fat free Reddi-whip, while I perused recipes for what to make for our Wednesday night potluck!

A couple hours after that, I went out to get some stuff from the grocery store, which just happened to be a few doors down from Starbucks! So I got myself a tall Peppermint Mocha Twist because I’ve been wanting to get one since the holiday stuff came out 🙂

When I got home, we got to work on putting up the tree and other holiday decorations. I have to say, I wasn’t into it at first, but now this whole season is kind of growing on me 😉

Dinner was a taco salad: lots o’ lettuce, 1/2 cup seasoned lean beef, 1/4 cup 2% mex cheese, 1 tbsp green taco sauce, 2 tbsp medium salsa, 2 tbsp fat free sour cream.

After-dinner dessert was the other small half of pumpkin bread with icing that my friend gave me yesterday. I’m glad I at least made this stretch two days 😉

Then not too long ago, I had the rest of the Ginger snaps with a little bit of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB! OMG, how I’ve missed it 🙂

Definitely brushing the teeth and going to bed now! Meh, I have to go back to work tomorrow, oh well. Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend 🙂

See you all tomorrow!

p.s. Only exercise I’ve had today is a few walks with the dog, shopping & cleaning, but at least I did that 🙂

Who put The Cold in charge?

Before I get to the ‘boss’ in question, here is how today has gone so far…

I’ve noticed that with this Cold has come a bunch of cravings that I normally wouldn’t have if it were just me. Like yesterday with wanting the chocolate donuts and the day before I had a massive craving for a Big Mac and fries, knowing I don’t even like them and if I ate them I would get obnoxiously sick! So for some reason, this cold thinks it’s in charge.

It did get to make a decision today though…a green tea frappuccino with whipped cream (yep, I ate it too). It tasted like a milkshake and even though it had 370 calories (!) it felt good on my throat and I don’t feel too terrible for indulging. The Cold made me do it! 🙂