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Back in the saddle

Wafflewich (PB, banana, syrup) and turkey sausage

Wafflewich (PB, banana, syrup) and turkey sausage

I have noticed the past few days, since I have not been “food blogging”, that my choices have become a little off-balance. I’m still maintaining my weight, my clothes still fit and I’m staying within my comfortable range of calories on most days, but as far as choices go I could be doing better. That being said, what do you do when you start slipping? You get back in the saddle and stay on the horse!  Don’t wait until you have completely fallen off — although, if you do, it’s still good to get back up 🙂

Today, I noticed that I ate a larger-calorie breakfast (this one clocked in at 500, instead of my usual 300-400) and it has held me over for quite a while —  I think I may even make it to lunch without a snack. From that, I have determined that my problem a lot of times, is that I try to eat smaller meals which end up leaving me feeling unsatisfied and therefore I eat snacks to compensate. So, I think for the next few days, I may try bulking up breakfast (and maybe even lunch too) to see if that helps.

In addition to this breakfast, I had one cup of regular coffee with 1 packet of Equal and 1/8 cup 1% milk when I got to work (approx. 20 calories). I’m hoping to get my caffeine habit back down to just one cup a day and then eventually losing the artificial sweetener. The milk I can justify for calcium and Vitamin D!

I have also added a new supplement to my daily regimen — Fish Oil capsules! I have spoken with my doctor, done lots of research and consulted with my health coach here at work who all agree that my extremely low HDL (aka good cholesterol) is a cause for concern. I try to include fatty fish in my diet, while being careful of mercury content, I eat nuts and nut butters, oatmeal, I exercise…just about everything you can do to raise HDL, I have done and do regularly. So I have decided to try out the fish oil until the next time I get blood work done to see if it has made a difference (my last reading was a 35). I also want to get back into taking flaxseed, preferably by adding it (ground) to my foods that I eat in order to get the real benefits. I used to use wheat germ in my oatmeal, wonder if that would help too?

I did notice when I was training for the mini-marathon last year, my numbers got a little bit higher (up to 50). The training stopped end of April then add on top of that a summer where I ate lots of enriched or processed products, ice cream and other not-so-good-for-you foods (added saturated fats). Hmm…that may be how it went back down to 35 so quickly. But thank goodness my LDL is in the optimal range, hovering around 90. Still, the ratio is also important. Did you know that the same foods that increase HDL, lower LDL, and vice versa? Our bodies (and what we put into them) are so interesting sometimes.

Thanks again for making the move over to the new site, I can’t wait to add more to it. Have a great day! Hope everyone is staying warm, it’s 6 degrees here right now, ouch!

Blame "Donkey"

Last night, my husband and I were watching that “Top 10 of 10” or whatever it was called on AMC, where they list the top 10 movies of 10 genres. Of course, I only made it through the first section, animated, because I am a lightweight, but one of the films listed was “Shrek” and one of the last things I heard was the part where Donkey asks to stay with Shrek and mentions “in the morning, I’m making waffles!” That must’ve stuck with me, haha…

This morning, I used the last of my Hodgson Mill buckwheat pancake mix to make waffles. I followed the directions mostly, I just omitted the tbsp of oil (the egg makes it smooth enough) and added 2 tbsp chocolate chips! I absolutely love, love, love the HM products, I can’t wait to try even more of these, I keep seeing them popping up everywhere. They have a multigrain cereal that I would like to try and a whole wheat gingerbread mix, if I can find it 😉

Once they were done, I added a tbsp of almond butter and 2 tbsp sugar free pancake syrup on top 🙂 Served on the side was some Canadian bacon for some protein!

I hadn’t had waffles in what seems like forever and I’m glad I allowed myself to follow my craving. Even though I hope to get back on Phase 1 here soon (once I’m done eating up the fruit and a few other things), these waffles would totally be Phase 2 approved! 🙂

Now I’m sipping on this big mug o’ coffee with equal and 1/4 cup 1% milk. I’ve come to realize that I like dairy milk in coffee more than soymilk, unless it’s flavored. Plain soymilk just doesn’t mix real well for some reason 😦

Once I’m done with the coffee, me and Suzie are venturing out into the cold for a quick walk/jog to get our blood pumping (I just wrote pumpkin, can you tell what’s on my mind, haha). Hopefully it’ll warm up soon?!

Have a great Saturday everybody! Mine is going to be busy but fun and I’ll be back later to tell you all about it.

Sunday sights

For breakfast, I had some Kashi Heart to Heart honey oat waffles (very good!) with some of my new Mighty Maple PB from Peanut Butter & Co and a side of turkey sausage links.

I was impressed by the waffles because they were very tasty and only 160 calories and 6 grams of sugar for 2. I love it when these babies are on sale 🙂

I hate, hate, hate to say this, but….I did not enjoy the Mighty Maple peanut butter NEARLY as much as I had hoped. It was good, but I didn’t get the sweet maple-y vibe that much. I was hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone with this stuff…I sometimes put PB and sugar free syrup on my waffles, so I thought this would be a good substitute for that same thing.

I liked this PB but I probably would not buy it again. It’s definitely no Dark Chocolate Dreams or Cinnamon Raisin 😦 I still love PB&Co!

At church, I had some coffee with sweet ‘n low and powdered hazelnut creamer (just a little bit). I also ate a blueberry crumbcake Pure Protein bar, but that picture got all jacked up.

Lunch was my Ramsi’s leftovers, more veggie masala please!

Later on in the afternoon, after some napping, dog walking, etc. I decided to give the Mighty Maple another try, this time on some Wasa crackers…still not in love, darn it. Oh well, at least it was on sale and I had a coupon 😉

I took the doggie out for another stroll and when I got back, I was FREEZING! It has completely turned to winter here in KY, ugh. So I made some hot sugar free cider to get the feeling back in my hands and feet and caught up on some of your all’s blogs too.

I had dinner pretty late for me, around 8:30, after doing a little bit of grocery shopping and walking the dog. I swear, I have never walked so much in my life! But I absolutely love it and I know Suzie does too 🙂

I made a veggie burger with a slice of cheddar cheese (2%) and some ketchup, cut it in half and stuffed each half into a whole wheat pita pocket. Who needs bread? Haha. I also had a side romaine salad with 1/2 tbsp each of pumpkin seeds and sunflower kernels and 1 tbsp of Kraft Light ranch dressing (nice change from my usual balsamic).

Did some major household cleaning, laundry, dishes, etc. and then enjoyed my regular sugar free chocolate pudding cup, just the way I like it 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving time! 😉

p.s. I purchased something else over the weekend that made me sooo happy. Stay tuned!

Yay, Celtics!

I’m not really a basketball fan (pro, anyway, plus my state doesn’t have a team) but I was glad to see that the Celtics took down the Lakers last night. I like it when someone wins who hasn’t in a while and I can’t stand it when the same teams win everything every year, so I was happy!

I also slept great last night and woke up this morning ready for a brand new day. I’m feeling much better!

Breakfast this morning was two Kashi Heart to Heart waffles, one with 1 tbsp Cinnamon Raisin PB and the other with 1 tbsp unsweetened apple butter. Banana and chocolate soy milk on the side 🙂

I’m excited because I made egg salad for lunch today, it’s the first time I ever made it. Basically I hard boiled 3 eggs (tossed out two yolks, kept one) and sliced them with cucumbers, 1 tbsp light mayo and about 2 tsp of organic yellow mustard. Here is what it looked like:

It made two servings so I brought some for today and I can have it again tomorrow or the next day. I hope it’s good!

Happy hump day 🙂