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Saturday saturday saturday

I got Suzie a new sweater over the weekend because it’s been so cold. It took me forever to get her to stand still for a picture and it’s not a great one, but here she is 🙂 (That’s for you, K!)

I went to my parents’ house for a bit on Saturday and ate a serving of cashews while I was there, I don’t know what happened to the pic 😦

When I got home, we went grocery shopping and then came back and ate some lunch. I had a whole wheat English muffin smeared with Mighty Maple PB and topped with 1/2 a medium banana sliced. I also had some tortilla chips & salsa as a side.

Then I got cleaned up and headed out shopping with my best girlfriend. We hit two malls and in between had a Starbucks run…grande peppermint mocha twist! Nonfat, of course.

Then for dinner, we went to Whole Foods for some (expensive) salad bar action. I actually cut back a lot from what I usually get because I didn’t want to spend too much (this still ended up being $8, wow). I got some vegan chicken salad, buffalo tofu (my fave), edamame, white beans, cauliflower. and some seasoned sweet potato wedges (yum).

I also got a nice roll which I heated and spread with Smart Balance back at home 🙂

Later on for dessert, I had some more tofu chocolate pudding, which I split with my friend, all gone now!

These little cars have been staring at me for a while (my husband is a big Stewart fan) and I had to know what they were so I tried one…turns out they are chocolate cars filled with peanut butter, uh oh!

I stayed up really late and still wasn’t feeling too hot so I took another pain pill and ate some nuts as a snack…I got these at the mall, they are a mixture of almonds, pecans and cashews, covered in cinnamon sugar. They aren’t the best, but man were they good!

And that’s my Saturday…be back with Sunday soon!