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More recent product reviews

Happy Friday my friends! Hope you’ve got some awesome plans for the weekend, I know I do 😉

Let’s take a look at some products I’ve tried over the past few weeks…

SoBe Lifewater 0 – Fuji Apple Pear

food 001

This has been my absolute favorite out of the “0” bunch. I don’t drink these too often but I like to have them every now and then when I’m sick of water or I’m getting my butt kicked in a sweaty workout session. This drink is refreshing and sweet, but not too sweet or loaded with sugar like those gatorade drinks (ew). It is sweetened with PureVia (zero calorie all natural sweetener), which still doesn’t thrill me but at least it’s not asparatame or sucralose.

Next up, 365 brand organic unsweetened Rice milk

food 005

I had never tried rice milk before, only almond, soy and cow’s. I was even more hesitant when I poured some into my cereal and saw it’s almost clear color and really watery consistency. But…once I took a bite of my cereal, I was impressed how a clear, tasteless-looking milk could be so creamy and tasty. I even had no problem drinking it out of the bowl when the cereal was all gone. I would definitely get this again.

One cup = 45 calories! And a whopping 6 grams of fiber! The only “downside” is the 1g of protein, but as Caitlin and many others are pointing out on their blogs, most of us get more than enough protein from the other foods in our diet that this is not a problem.

Another fun one, Luna Sport Moons – Pomegranate!

food 009

I had hoped to save this for a good run, but they ended up coming in handy during my recent trip to Six Flags when I started feeling weak after lots of walking around and sweating (well before lunch time). I absolutely loved these and it is a good thing I only had one package (thanks to a giveaway I won on Two Boos Who Eat) or else I’d be in trouble 😉 They were sweet but not too much so, the only down side is they stuck to my teeth really badly and I can imagine that would suck during a run when you don’t really have time to stop and pick it off your teeth (ew, sorry). But as for giving me that boost, it did the trick.

And lastly, Yoplait Yo Plus yogurt – vanilla


I used to eat Yoplait a lot until I got hardcore on avoiding artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup, both of which are in the company’s light and fat free product lines. In fact, HFCS is the 2nd ingredient on many of them!

I ended up getting a coupon for the Yo Plus line and was reluctant to try it, but I reviewed the ingredients and they were pretty decent. No HFCS and no asparatame or sucralose. Each container has just 110 calories and 3 grams of fiber, but unfortunately 16 grams of sugar! Which isn’t that bad but considering this is a 4 ounce container, it’s a big higher than I would like.  Let’s talk about taste…


I was surprised at how creamy and tasty this yogurt was. I had become such a greek yogurt “snob” that I thought for sure this would be a nasty, runny mess. But I really loved the taste of the yogurt and although it was a small container, it worked well as a snack when paired with some granola or nuts on top.

I would buy it again (on sale or with a coupon) but probably only the vanilla flavor. I have found that I prefer either plain or vanilla yogurts, then adding real fruit to them or just topping them with some flavored granola. The fruit flavors of yogurts can have too much sugar or just be jaw-locking-ly sweet, which I can’t stand anymore.

Well, there you have it. Thanks for stopping by!

Time to sugar detox!

Boy, did I feel “ugh” when I got home last night. You’ll see why soon enough…

Lunch yesterday was another “use it up” meal…I made a PB&J on a wheat bun with a banana and a salad (romaine, pumpkin seeds, parmesan cheese, balsamic vinaigrette). I know the banana looks gnarly, but it’s from being in the fridge, it was perfectly unbruised on the inside and quite ripe but not too much, just the way I like it.

Afternoon snack was my very last Chobani (sniff, sniff)…strawberry topped with 1/4 cup of Kashi Go Lean…it tasted good, but as I’m finding more and more, this snack does not hold me but for an hour or two, which I guess is better than nothing though, right?

I also had a few pieces of hard candy…one other butterscotch was not pictured 😉

When I got home, I was HUNGRY, so I had the only thing I could think of all the way home, a peanut butter Z-bar spread with peanut butter. Eek! I’m the freakin’ peanut butter monster.

I “made” some guacamole to take to the girl’s night potluck this week and I had to make sure it tasted okay…it is the “Wholly Guacamole” brand which is made with real avocadoes. I’ve actually had it in my freezer for months, so I wanted to make sure it was still good. Yep!

I also took some yogurt ranch dip, so I had to make sure that was good too.

Once it was actually time to eat, I made a plate of asparagus with raspberries and some tortilla scoops with guacamole as my “sides”…

The main course was taco soup (lots of beans, veggies and spices only), with some fat free cheddar cheese and sour cream on top.

And now what you’ve all been waiting for! I took a picture of this junk like 8 times and this is the best one, so sad. But here it is, reindeer chow, aka crack, aka the devil 😉

Multiply this by about 5 and that’s what I had. I was so sick when I left, I told my friend I felt like I was growing a “food baby” hah. But I enjoyed tasting it, I just wish I hadn’t eaten so much. I have definitely learned my lesson 😉 Time to drop the sugar bowl for a while!

Here’s the recipe, as I remember it. My friend passed it on to me a long time ago but I’ve never been brave enough to actually make it myself. I would like to though, because I’d like to try it with dark chocolate or a different type of nut, etc.

Beth’s Reindeer Chow


2 cups corn Chex
2 cups rice Chex
2 cups dry roasted peanuts

2 cups M&Ms (use the red & green ones to be festive!)
2 cups pretzels
1 package white chocolate chips (which should = 2 cups, I think)

Mix all dry ingredients together, then melt chocolate and drizzle over top. Mix together and then place on wax paper to harden. Break into pieces as desired and place in a large bowl to serve.

Here’s another chunk I tried to take a picture of:

I was feeling pretty rotten last night but looking back on it today, I don’t feel so bad. It’s actually inspired me to get back on track and not let this whole season get away from me.

Happy Thursday, hope everyone had a good night and didn’t eat too much like I did 😉

Good Friday

Note to self: eat soup for lunch more often!

I had the Amy’s brand, low fat minestrone soup for lunch yesterday, along with 2 Wasa crackers and a Z bar…this lunch held me for three hours! Almost unheard of on a work day, haha. And to boot, it was only around 300-something calories for the entire meal, wow.

Here’s a close up of the soup…

I also tried a new drink since I am trying to cut back on diet sodas now…it’s got 10 calories per serving, but it contains juice, so I justified it. It’s a Snapple Noni berry drink, supposedly to help boost metabolism. It tasted pretty good, I must say!

When I finally did get hungry for an afternoon snack, I had Chobani blueberry yogurt, the second round. It was good of course, but probably not my favorite blueberry yogurt. Hmm…that title probably still belongs to the Whole Soy & Co, even though it’s a different type of yogurt altogether. Nutrition (mostly sugar) wise it’s not the best, but taste-wise it is to me.

I also had a piece of cinnamon and butterscotch (not pictured) candy 🙂

Dinner was chicken breast (with mustard), some broccoli, and tortilla chips w/ salsa, weird combo I know…still trying to use stuff up!

For dessert, I had some tofu chocolate pudding with reddi-whip, even better the second time around!

My husband and I stayed in and played cards (I wrote carbs, haha) during which I finished off the last of my wine (what you see here was it):

After we started winding down and gave the dog a bath before bedtime (fun, haha), I had a few Ritz crackers spread with some Dark Chocolate Dreams PB. Then I had another couple of spoonfuls with no crackers, eek!

But all in all, it was a good day, so no complaints! Hope you all are enjoying the weekend so far. It’s cold and sort of snowing here, just flurries, thank goodness 😉


Last night at my friend’s house, I left my camera (aka phone) in the car and wasn’t able to capture any pictures of dinner or dessert 😦 Dang it!

Oh well…lunch yesterday was a salmon “sandwich” on a whole wheat English muffin. I used one 3 oz vacuum packed package of Salmon and mixed in 1/2 tbsp of Smart Balance mayo for even more Omega 3’s!

Also with lunch I had some celery and cranberry fig hummus 🙂 After lunch, I had my second cup of coffee with Equal & 1% milk!

I was going to have this Chobani with lunch too, but I actually got kind of full and ate it a couple hours later…here it is Strawberry!

Same great texture, taste and chunks of real fruit as the other Chobanis. I’ve heard this one is a lot of people’s favorite flavor, so I was anxious to see how good it was. I really did like it but I have to say, the vanilla is still my favorite. I guess I’m a simple girl that way 😉

I have one more flavor to try (plain) and then I have seconds on strawberry, peach and blueberry. It will be interesting to see if I notice anything different on my second tasting 😉

Later in the afternoon, I broke into my popcorn and soda snack. I am really thinking about giving up sodas again, I don’t need them, it’s just that sometimes I drink so much water that I need something different once in a while. I need to come up with other ideas. Any suggestions?

The popcorn was a mini-bag of Orville Redenbacher’s Natural butter with salt & cracked pepper! It’s so peppery, it’s almost spicy, you know what I mean? But it’s very tasty…can you see the pepper specks in the pic below?

When I got home, I started warming the dish that I made for potluck and took the dog for a walk. When I got back, I had a tbsp of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB and decided that I didn’t really want this and I have successfully made myself sick of DCDPB for at least a few days!

Here is the dish I made…it’s from my Vegetarian Cooking cookbook, one of the first ones I ever owned. It’s small and has a green cover, you may have seen it in an earlier picture of when I was looking through recipes over the weekend. But this is the first time I have ever made a recipe out of it. I’m not a vegetarian, but one of our friends is, so we make vegetarian-friendly dishes every week she is there.

I ended up deciding on the Asparagus Ricotta Quiche (this is not the actual name, this is what I called it) because I had most of the ingredients already, just had to buy some asparagus and ricotta cheese, haha.

I made the crust myself, using all-purpose flour, water and Smart Balance spread. It came out a bit thicker than it should have but no one complained!

The filling consisted of 2 eggs, 1 cup ricotta cheese, 6 tbsp parmesan cheese, 2 tbsp plain yogurt, salt, pepper, and chopped asparagus. I liked that the ingredients were simple and common every day things.

Here it is before going into the oven:

And here it is after:

It sure did smell good but I had never eaten anything like it before so I wasn’t sure how it would taste and I didn’t taste-test it before last night, which is so unlike me! Usually I want to make sure no one is going to fall over dead from eating what I made, haha. But I took a chance.

It was REALLY GOOD! I can’t really describe it, but it was very tasty, the parm & ricotta cheeses were a good combo and the asparagus just gave it a little extra flavor but not too much. The dish itself came out really thick and it was easy to cut and serve, just like a pie. All four of us ate the whole thing!

Also served with dinner were sugar snap peas and cauliflower with cheese. I’m glad we are able to get so many veggies in at dinner, especially when I miss out on them during the day. But sometimes when I don’t get enough protein in a meal, my after dinner munchies can get out of hand. Case in point…

Before and after dinner, I had a few handfuls of M&Ms…I had been craving them earlier in the day and remembered that my friend still had a stash from Thanksgiving, eek. I also had 2 cookies that another friend made…they were called Tiny Timmys (not sure why) and contained butterscotch, pineapple, walnuts, and cherries — they were really good!

I don’t feel guilty at all (yay) and I think for the next few weeks, I am going to make Wednesday night my “allowance” night where I can enjoy a little more than I normally would. Especially next week…my friend makes this stuff called “Reindeer Chow” (you’ll have to stay tuned) that I ate my weight in last Christmas and there is no way I am turning it down this year. I’m just glad I know ahead of time that it will be there because I can plan for it and maybe even do some extra exercise to off-set it a bit, haha.

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday night! Be back soon.

Favorites, old & new

After my awesome workout yesterday, I came back to work and enjoyed an old favorite that I hadn’t had in a LONG time…Hormel vegetarian chili! I picked up a can of this at the store over the weekend because they are on sale for $1 — I may grab a couple more before the sale ends!

Here’s my bowl (the entire can, yes) with 1/4 cup 2% cheese and 2 tbsp fat free sour cream! This is a great, filling lunch and gave me adequate carbs + protein to refuel after my workout.

Later in the afternoon, I was brrrr, cold again, so I had a cup of decaf vanilla chai tea with some Equal and a splash of soymilk. For those of you who may be wondering…once I am done with this box at home, I am going to try some alternatives to artificial sweetener again. I was once a very outspoken a.s. opponent, but then I got caught up using too much real sugar, honey, etc. which packs more calories. So now, my goal is to find a happy medium, maybe switch back and forth, sort of how I do with soymilk and cow’s milk (totally unrelated, haha).

Chobani Review # 3 – Peach

I don’t know how else to say this, other than this yogurt rocks. And no, I am not just saying that because I was sent samples from the company. I’ve already remarked on the texture and taste of the Chobani yogurt in general, but it also has many other things going for it that make it a brand I would like to purchase in the future, if my Whole Foods location ever decides to start carrying it.

I would compare this flavor to the same of the Whole Soy & Co soy yogurt, with a strong flavor and real chunks of peach you can chew, except with the signature Greek texture and thickness, which is far superior in my opinion. Also, the Chobani brand has far less sugar per container, which is very important to me as a consumer. Not to mention, twice as much protein as the former brand.

So far, with me, Chobani is 3/3. Now that I have tried three flavors, I feel obligated to rank them:

1. Vanilla
2. Peach
3. Blueberry

I have two flavors left, Strawberry and Plain, that you will be seeing before too long I am sure!

Here’s a close-up of the lucious peach:

This yogurt, being all that I had for an afternoon snack, held me over quite well. The only other thing I “ate” before leaving work was two pieces of hard candy because my mind was trying to make me think I was hungry. This did the trick!

Dinner was AMAZING! My husband is a really great (meat) cook. We had lean sirloin steak (this was a really thin cut so it’s not as big as it looks, haha) and I had some green beans and barley to round out my meal. Before we ate, I took lil’ Miss Suzie out for a quick walk.

On the way home, I also stopped and picked up this beauty! I haven’t written too much about wine on here in a while because I had been abstaining (no particular reason really) but with the holidays being here and feeling cozy indoors, I thought I would enjoy having some vino in the house!

BareFoot is one of my favorite brands! It’s inexpensive and every one I have tried has been amazing, instantly a new favorite. This was my first time trying the Cabernet Savignon…I was really in the mood for a red and this one did not disappoint. It was perfect! Sometimes white and rose wines can taste too sweet to me and sometimes red wines can be too bold or rich. This Cabernet was neither. It was light and crisp, flavorful but not overly sweet. I’m glad I got it.

I had two glasses over the course of the night, along with some sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding with reddi-whip:

After I took the doggie out for one last stroll before bedtime, I had a spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB. I think I need to put the entire stock of PB&Co on my Christmas list, hahaha…

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Sunday eats + 2nd Chobani review

With breakfast this morning, I was craving yogurt, so I had my second Chobani…vanilla!


It was perfectly sweet and creamy, delicious!

I threw in some pomegranate seeds — the rest of breakfast was a whole wheat English muffin with 1 tbsp fat free cream cheese and Canadian bacon. Wow, my breakfast was very multicultural — Greek yogurt, English muffin, Canadian bacon, haha.

At church, I had 2 small cups of coffee with Sweet ‘n Low + powdered creamer. I also had a Z bar to hold me over 😉

On the way home, we stopped at Jimmy John’s…I got a Beach Club Unwich (turkey, provolone, avocado spread, cucumbers, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, wrapped in lettuce). From home, I added a pickle and some tortilla chips with salsa!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday — it’s rainy here but we’re using it as an excuse to put up the Christmas decorations tonight 😉

Official product review: Chobani Blueberry Yogurt

First of all, I just want to give a huge thanks to Tiffany from Chobani for sending me these amazing free samples of yogurt:

I was beyond thrilled because this was the first time I’d received any free samples since I started See Sarah Eat and I’d been drooling over Chobani the past several months from reading other food blogs like those of Kath and Tina.

They arrived at my house on Wednesday and I couldn’t wait to try them, but the past two days had been so busy, I hadn’t really had time, until now…

Since blueberry is my favorite flavor of just about any yogurt, I decided to try that one first. I had this as my mid-morning snack today because I woke up before 7:00, believe it or not. I am such an old person now, haha.

I love the thick consistency of greek-style yogurt and this brand did not disappoint. I loved how it has real fruit on the bottom, I distinctly remember chewing on real blueberries, almost like I had put them in there myself. This brand was also not overly tart like some other greek yogurts I’ve tried before and definitely did not have an aftertaste, a common complaint of mine when eating some of my “light” or “carb-friendly” yogurts.

Nutritionally, this container of yogurt has 140 calories, which is great for a snack. It does contain 19 grams of sugar, but reading the ingredients, I can see that it comes from the milk and fruit — no artificial stuff or HFCS! Plus with 14 grams of protein, I don’t feel bad about ingesting that much sugar, especially if it’s from all natural sources. It also contains the active cultures that any yogurt you eat should have.

Here is a pic of my blueberry yogurt once I stirred it up:

I cannot wait to try the other flavors, as you can see, I have enough to last for a while 🙂

Hopefully the next time I am at my Whole Foods store, I can ask someone (and/or write a letter) how we can get the ball rolling on getting Chobani into our local store!

Munchie Monday

Yesterday, I had a lot of hunger grumbles, so I felt kind of like I was munching on stuff all day. But I didn’t go overboard, so it was still a successful day!

Mid-morning, I had some mixed nuts as a snack. I finally replenished my stash, this is my favorite mixture!

Then I hit the treadmill for a walk/run workout. Basically, I started out walking for 5 minutes, increasing my speed every 30 seconds until I reached 4.0; then I jogged starting at 4.5 and increased my speed every 30 seconds until I reached 6.0, then I ran at that speed until I had been running for 10 minutes. I repeated the same cycle and then walked the last 5 minutes gradually decreasing my speed to cool down.

Here are my stats!




I don’t know what happened to my lunch picture, but I had a roast beef, lettuce, and Smart Balance mayo wrap, some celery with Cranberry Fig Hummus (another Sam’s purchase, so good, more info to come), and a tangerine. If I find the pic I will update this later!

A couple hours later, I was hungry again and I dug into my afternoon snack, which was the…best…snack…in recent history!

I purchased some Kroger Lite yogurt (this one is French Apple Pie) which is made with artificial sweetener so it has a lower calorie count and sugar grams than other brands. It also contains 30% daily calcium, 15% Vitamin D, and 7 grams of protein!

Anyway, back to the snack…I topped it with some Kashi Go Lean cereal for some crunch. It was so good!


The best thing about this snack, other than the taste? It was only 150 calories!

But before I left work, I also had a cup of fat free cocoa to hold my stomach over…

Then I went back to the gym and did 5 minutes warm-up on the stationary bike and about 20 minutes of upper body weight lifting (chest, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps). It was great!

On the ride home, I was “starving”, so I ate my safety bar from my purse:

Now that I have had these all again, I really think the chocolate brownie is my favorite flavor. I don’t remember it being that one before, but I guess tastes change, huh?

Dinner was steak, prepared by my husband, which looks huge but it was really thin, plus I cut off a lot of the right side which contained some visible fat. I also had some green beans and 1/2 a sweet potato with 1 tsp Smart Balance light and cinnamon sprinkled on top.

For dessert, I had 1/2 cup of prepared sugar free, fat free vanilla pudding with 2 tbsp fat free Reddi-Whip (65 calories). I forgot to take a picture of it though! 😦

My friend Renee brought over these amazing looking (and smelling) brownies for the Cleveland game last night (get it Browns, Brownies? haha) and even though I wanted one really bad, I just stuck to eating a crumb from the half empty container 🙂

After taking the dog out again, I came back in for some decaf mint green tea, the perfect nighttime relaxer / stomach settler…

Hope everyone had an ok Monday, it’s behind us now! 😉

Dilemma of the day

Usually on Thursdays, I take an extra long lunch hour in order to get in a good run, some stretching and a yoga class. Today I do not have enough time to do both, so I have to make a choice…running or yoga? Hmm…


Yesterday’s lunch was kind of strange. I was in a hurry packing up my bag yesterday morning so I just threw a few things in there. Plus I wasn’t really in the mood for anything in particular. So I ended up having another Pure Protein bar (new flavor) and buying a caesar salad from the cafe. I only used half the packet of dressing they gave me because the calorie and fat content was rather high.

Product Review

Pure Protein Bar – Chewy Chocolate Chip

I liked this flavor of Pure Protein Bar more than the S’mores, but it still pales in comparison to the Blueberry Crumb Cake. I got about halfway through this bar before I ever tasted a chocolate chip too! The chocolate ones are letting me down, I think I’m going to stick to the fruity flavors (I must find “Strawberry Shortcake”). But I would still like to try them all, just to be sure!


Later in the day, I was cold, so I made some decaf herbal tea, honey apple flavor. It was ok but I really prefer ‘spicy’ teas. This was the last bag, so I finally used them all up, hooray!

Afternoon snack was another Kroger Carb Master yogurt (raspberry, very good!) and the rest of the hot & spicy peanuts from yesterday. I like using stuff up because it means I can buy new stuff to try next 🙂


For our girl’s night potluck this week, we had my friend Courtney’s Taco Soup. It was the perfect night for it as it dropped down into the 40’s last night, brrr. She kicked it up a bit this time, adding medium spices (instead of mild) and some diced tomatoes with chiles. It was very good! I had mine with some 2% cheddar cheese (1/8 cup) and 2 spoons of fat free sour cream.

My contribution this week were Turkey Hummus Rollups. I made three and then sliced them into 5-6 pieces (each roll). I had these four, plus one that I tried while we were waiting to start eating. I got inspired by the Biggest Loser Cookbook recipe for turkey rollups but I decided to use hummus instead of garden veggie cream cheese.

Easy Turkey Hummus Rollups

  • 3 whole grain tortillas (I used Tamxicos 100% whole wheat)
  • 8-10 slices of natural deli turkey breast lunchmeat (I used Hormel, 9 slices, 3 each rollup)
  • 3 tbsp roasted red pepper hummus (or flavor of your preference)

Directions: Spread 1 tbsp hummus onto warmed tortilla. Place 3-4 slices of turkey over hummus. Roll tightly and use sharp knife to slice into desired servings. Repeat for rest of ingredients.

Dessert and Product Review
For dessert, we had the Skinny Cow caramel Skinny Dippers. I reluctantly tried one, each bar has 7 g of sugar, I had decided I would do it as long as it was less than 10g…barely! When I opened the package, I noticed the bar was rather small and as you can see, less than half the bar is covered in chocolate.
It tasted ok, but rather artificial. When it comes to things like ice cream, I would almost rather not eat it at all than have this. It really didn’t do much for me. The ingredients were not quite as bad as the ice cream sandwiches we had a few weeks back, but they were still a lot of artificial stuff. Each pop is 80 calories.

When I got home, my stomach was feeling a little empty (that’s the other thing about these ‘diet’ products) and I decided the best thing for it would be some hot chocolate. It was cold and it fills up my stomach well for only 25 calories. Here is the kind that I use. It does have artificial sweetener (sucralose) in it, but no trans fats like some other brands (and it contains calcium).

I decided to have some light whipped topping on it while I was at it. I won’t do this every time though because sometimes I do just prefer the chocolatey goodness.

This helped yet again. Full (comfortable), relaxed and ready for some good sleep! 🙂
Hope everyone’s Wednesday was spectacular!

Long night, early morning…

My car won’t start so I had to get up muy early today to catch the bus. But I love the bus…it’s the best chance I have to get some reading done and it’s very relaxing. And only I would think this was cool, but I had to walk over a mile to get to my first bus stop, yeah! So I’ve already worked 25 minutes of cardio into my day.

But let’s talk about yesterday now, shall we?


Following my awesome Pure Protein bar experience and a killer workout at the gym, I came back to work, ready for some lunch! I had made myself a turkey wrap, using a Tam-x-icos! whole wheat tortilla, Hormel Natural Choice deli turkey, some romaine lettuce and a little bit of mustard. The wrap came out looking rather small, so I was afraid it would not fill me up, even with a light mozzarella cheese stick and brussel sprouts to round out the meal. I was way wrong! This wrap kept me going so long that I almost didn’t even need a snack before dinner. I ate around 1:00 and didn’t have my yogurt until 4:30. I know to some people that doesn’t sound like a long time but if I manage to stay full more than a couple hours after lunch, that was a seriously good lunch, haha.

Product Reviews

Tamxicos 100% Whole Wheat Tortillas

The nutritional profile for these tortillas is outstanding. Each one is just 120 calories and contains some calcium, Omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber from whole grains. The first ingredient is stone ground 100% whole wheat flour. The tortillas are also low in fat and sodium.

I have a hard time shopping for tortillas because the ones I usually buy (generic store brand) tend to be made with whole grains, but also contain many horrible ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and even worse, partially hydrogenated fats. On top of that, the tortillas are bland, tear easily and don’t meet my taste standards 😦

Thank God for Tamxicos (this is the same company that makes Wrap-Itz, btw). Yes, I paid about $2.00 more (total $3.39 for package of 8), but it was worth every penny and then some. The tortilla is nutritious, balanced, and most of all, it tastes great! I loved the dense texture of the tortilla and it didn’t taste flour-y but more grainy, which I prefer. After heating it up in the microwave for 10 seconds (as recommended), I wrapped up my wrap and it stayed together all morning in the fridge and when I ate it too.

I was originally looking for a low-carb tortilla to fit my diet plan, but many low-carb tortillas on the market are actually made with enriched flour, which for me really defeats the purpose. I am teaching myself to eat only “good” carbs, so of course I want a tortilla made from stone ground whole wheat flour over enriched any day! Fantastic product.

Hormel Natural Choice 100% Natural Oven Roasted Deli Turkey (lunchmeat)

As a consumer who has tried just about every lunchmeat ever made, I am a hard sell. Some lunchmeats truly gross me out, some taste bland, some have a weird texture or an odd layer of “goo” on them…you get the idea. I’ve also heard so many horror stories about lunchmeat, that I actually stayed away from it for a while until I started testing out the “natural” types.

Turkey is by far my favorite lunchmeat, even though I grew up on bologna-cheese-mayonnaise sandwiches (ick). I do appreciate both ham and roast beef when I’m in need of a change, but my go to lunch sandwich will almost always be turkey. I actually purchased this box of lunchmeat a little while ago and I made a turkey rollup snack using two pieces of the lunchmeat wrapped around one light mozzarella cheese stick. But I had yet to review it.

The lunchmeat is pre-sliced and one thing that sets this batch apart is that it was incredibly easy to pull apart. That is my biggest complaint about the Smart brand (meatless lunchmeat) is it coming in a big hunk that is almost impossible to pull slices off of without tearing it into smaller pieces. No problems of that sort here. It also smelled like turkey and didn’t have any gooey stuff on it.

Turkey is an excellent choice nutritionally because it is low in fat and calories and packs lean protein. The pieces seem rather small, but you get 4 slices for 60 calories and 10 grams of protein! The sodium stood out to me a little bit, but I’m not sodium sensitive, so it’s not too much of a concern. It’s just probably not a good idea to eat lunchmeat every day.

The natural line is free of preservatives that you can’t pronounce and has only 6 ingredients, which are all natural. Side by side with another brand, Oscar Mayer’s Natural turkey breast, the nutritional info is nearly the same (only you get 1 more slice with the Hormel for same calories). While I would not exclude the Oscar Mayer brand from future purchasing, the taste, texture and appearance of the Hormel brand is superior.

Mid-afternoon snack

Kroger Carb Master Yogurt – Vanilla

I’ve actually had this brand before and I’ve always been impressed by it’s low-sugar (3 g), high-protein (12 g) profile, even if it is artificially sweetened. My only complaint is that it just comes in 4 flavors, which makes variety a little hard. The vanilla is very creamy and just sweet enough though, so perhaps I can just keep rotating flavors and “spice” them up either with actual spices or nuts, fruit, etc. toppings.

I know many low-carb (sugar) yogurts have been discontinued and the ones that are still around are rather expensive. The Kroger Carb Master yogurt was 5 for $3.00, while a 4-pack of Dannon Light ‘n Fit Carb Control (of 4 ounce containers no less) was well over $3.00 and at my store only comes in one flavor.

I know Greek yogurt is a good alternative but unless I just get the plain, it appears the others have a high sugar content. Any suggestions?


I got home and decided I needed a preamble to dinner (while it was cooking) because I was rather hungry. I made a salad of romaine, pumpkin seeds, sunflower kernels (1 tbsp each), a sprinkle of parmesan and Newman’s Own Balsamic spray.

Main course was baked chicken breast, seasoned, with habanero ketchup and a nice serving of broccoli, which I lightly sprayed with I can’t believe it’s not butter spray. I don’t like to use a lot of this but 1-2 sprays is enough to give it an extra little flavor. I don’t do this all the time though, sometimes I really just want to taste the broccoli 🙂

When our Monday Night Football crew arrived (with subs, pizza, regular soft drinks, etc. – oy!) I made myself a cup of decaf coffee with Splenda and skim milk to help me relax. I don’t know what it is about warm drinks…well I guess it could be the milk. I’ve read where warm milk will help you relax and settle down to go to sleep at night.

Later on, I had a sugar free chocolate pudding cup!

Hope everyone survived Monday and that the rest of your work week goes quickly!