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Body Pump 74 & 100 posts!

Last night, I attended a Body Pump class where the instructor taught the new Body Pump 74 “release” which is a whole new routine with new songs and everything.

The instructor said last night that they will teach this version for three weeks and from then on add their own modifications until the next release comes out.


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The new things about this routine were quite noticeable:

  • Squats had a new move of down, hold and then up for a 2 count. I felt the burn!
  • We did lunges for almost 6 minutes straight! My legs were shaking and crying by the end of that. We were on each leg nearly 3 minutes before switching.
  • We were on the ground (and the bench) doing pushups, dips, and other moves for triceps which was a nice change from the presses with the bar.
  • We also did pushups for shoulders in addition to the other stuff, which required a lot of quick transitions.
  • The ab moves were a little different including…
  • Planks! We had to stay up in plank position and step our feed wide and back in multiple times (called Walking Hovers).

I’m sure there are more but that is what stood out in my mind. Surprisingly, I’m not sore yet today. But it hasn’t been 24 hours yet, so I’m not going to get too excited!

1oo Posts

It is so hard for me to believe that this is River City Fitness‘s 100th post. When I first started this blog in January, as a spin-off of my food blog See Sarah Eat, I had no idea that it would make it this far or that I would have fallen so in love with it.

When I first decided to separate these two areas of my life into their own blogs, I wasn’t sure how it would work out. But now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I feel like doing so has helped me focus on the two more individually and that my posts are more thoughtful and easier to read than my old “marathon” posts. I hope you agree!

I’m really grateful for those of you who’ve joined me from reading my other blog and also those who have found me through other means. I really appreciate your readership and I hope the next 100 posts are even more exciting than these have been.

Happy Friday!

p.s. You can now follow my workouts on the new Weekly Workouts page! You can also “like” this blog on Facebook!

p.p.s. I got another 5k tomorrow! Recap to follow 🙂