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Rodes City Run 10k 2011

It took me a while to write about this race because I really had to process my feelings about it.

Before the race, I was feeling pretty confident but then I think I fell into that trap of “oh, I can so beat my time on this” or at least match what I have done in the past. However, I did not run this race last year and it is more difficult than I remembered or gave it credit for. Not to mention for the two weeks prior to the race, I had not consistently ran enough to be ready for it.

So with that in mind, I’m happy that I finished. Yes, it was my worst 10k time to date, but hey…I ran a 10k! I need to take pride in that alone. It’s way too easy to fall into those traps of negative thinking. I’m glad I pulled myself out!

When the race started, the weather was mild but windy and the sun was shining. There were a ton of people at this race, but probably not as much as the Anthem 5k.


I lost my friends almost as soon as we started because they run faster than me and I refuse to push myself that hard at the beginning of a 6 mile race. My stomach wasn’t too happy with me at the beginning but it got better as the race went on.

My favorite part of this race is always running past the church where I got married, almost 6 years ago!


Then we made that turn and started what I find to be the hardest part of the race. That slow, steady incline coming up Grinstead Drive around Cave Hill Cemetery. Oh my Lord. No matter how long I’ve been running or how much I’ve trained, I am never prepared for inclines or hills. They just take so much out of me. But I kept it slow and steady and managed not to stop.

Once we got to miles 4 and 5, I was feeling pretty good and knew that even though I would not match my previous 10k times for this course, that I would still finish about where I wanted to. But then, that last 1.2 miles felt like an eternity. I started getting frustrated and my legs were starting to hurt.

But somehow I managed to finish and boy was I glad when it was over! (Official time: 1:09:37)

You see, that’s not usually how I feel. That’s what made me sad. If running always felt like that I wouldn’t do it. But this was just a not-so-good one and I have to take it for what it was and move on. Luckily, a week later (this past Saturday), I went out and ran 8 miles on my own and felt glorious. Hopefully that is how the 10-miler will go this upcoming weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

2010: A year of running

Happy 2011 everyone!

I still have a lot to catch you all up on but for now, I thought I would reflect back on the past year, most of which I have spent running! There was a time when I thought I would never run regularly again, let alone in long distance races but I have proven myself wrong again. Oh, how I love to do that!

I did a lot of other fitness-related things in 2010 but it was definitely the year of running for me. As a matter of fact, in 2010, I ran…

  • Nine 5k races!
  • One 10k race
  • One 10-miler
  • Two half marathons
  • My first 15k race
  • A nighttime 3 mile race
  • A 5-miler through Iroquois Park

There is nothing better to keep you motivated than to register for races. I tend to want to quit over the summer when it gets too hot and during the winter when temperatures fall below freezing and you have to wear 4 layers of clothing to stay warm. But having the races (and a great training partner) kept me going all year long!

There were times that I got discouraged and doubted myself. The mileage intimidated me as did my past finishing times. But after the 15k in September and especially the half marathon in October, I realized that I really can do whatever I set my mind to. I don’t have to be the fastest, I don’t have to beat my PR every time I go out there. I just need to have fun and enjoy the fact that I CAN RUN. And I can do so without soreness or injury. I am very blessed.

I am also happy to say that I have not slowed down at all. In fact, I started of the first day of 2011 with a 10 mile race! There are many more coming up this Spring, including the Triple Crown of Running and the Kentucky Derby Festival mini-Marathon that I have to look forward to. I do hope to beat my 5k PR sometime in 2011 but no pressure! And maybe, just maybe, I will go for a full marathon in the Fall. We shall see!

What fitness goals did you accomplish in 2010? What do you hope to do in 2011?

Don’t Eat Like Me

…at least not like I did on Saturday, haha.

Lots of lessons to be learned here. For one, don’t let yourself get to the point of real painful hunger before you eat. I know this and yet I’ve been guilty of doing it lately. Also, be very careful when you are sleep deprived! Sleep helps to regulate those hormones that make you feel full or hungry and when they get thrown off, so does your appetite and thinking you need to eat more.

But I have to say, I had fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

As my pre-race breakfast, I had two slices of whole wheat toast with PB and a banana:


I had a mini Larabar after the race (cinnamon roll) and ended up having another mini Larabar (pecan pie) before I met my friend for the awesome Indian food from Shalimar, which was a lunch buffet!


On my first trip I tried the tandoori chicken (toward the front with onion on top), some chicken tikka on top of rice, mixed veggies cooked in Indian spices (the best!), and definitely some Naan was had. Underneath the Naan is some lentil dal. I’ve been craving Indian food forever and this totally hit the spot.

On my second trip, I got another piece of tandoori chicken (so juicy, tender and generally healthy because of how it is cooked), basmati rice, paneer of some sort (sorry, next time I will write it down!), and more of those mixed veggies! Oh and two more pieces of naan, haha.

I also tried this dish with chick peas in it but didn’t like it too much, probably because it was cold. I ate about two bites of this.


We were pretty full but not uncomfortably stuffed when we left. We skipped the buffet dessert and hit up Starbucks. It ended up being so warm on Saturday (even though it was 35 at race time) so we opted for the cold drinks:


Tall mocha lite frappuccino…I was thinking of you Erica ๐Ÿ™‚

After a trip to the library and Target, Courtney and I parted ways and I got ready for a social function with our Sunday School group from church. That’s pretty much where the crap hit the fan, haha.

I was sooo tired by the time we got there and my muscles and bones were aching from the 10k that morning. I should never plan social events for nights after a race, note to self!

Luckily we didn’t eat right away andย I was able to work up a decent appetite.

My husband made his awesome chicken tortilla soup and everyone raved about it! He was hoping for some leftovers but they cleaned it out. I think that’s a good sign myself ๐Ÿ˜‰


I also had a sloppy joe sandwich, pasta salad, green beans, baked beans, and some seven layer dip, which I only took one bite of because I did not like it at all.


I was full after eating all of this but I absolutely COULD NOT resist dessert. I had a lack of willpower, 4.5 hours of sleep, a 10K ran, all things going against me. I also couldn’t choose, so I had a little of all three (banana pudding, some chocolate pie thing and chocolate chip cookie cake). After I finished these and half a cup of coffee, I felt like I was going to explode. I was in PHYSICAL PAIN in my stomach. I had to lean back on the couch because it hurt so bad. That’s just not good.


I felt so awful after that I can pretty much guarantee you I won’t eat to that point again. At least not for a very, very long time after I have forgotten all about this experience, haha. Everything tasted very good though.

Honestly, I could’ve done worse, I just shouldn’t have caused myself pain over it, haha.

Not my best but still a great race!

It was freaking cold today, that is the best way to describe it. I think at the start time the temperature was 35 degrees, what the heck?! It was like 60 two weeks ago at the last race.

Anyway, today made me realize that it doesn’t really matter how fast you go, finishing the race and then watching your family cross that finish line after you is the best feeling in the world. Even when its cold, you’ve watched three people barf (yeah), and you are 31 seconds slower than last year.

But hey, I’m proud of my 1:03:00 people! WOOOO HOOOO! Leave it to me to get an even number ๐Ÿ˜‰

I kicked some pretty good butt for not training nearly as much this year as last year. I hadn’t even run 6 miles yet, the most I’d done is 4. I took 30 second walk breaks at each water stop which I know slowed me down a bit but if I hadn’t done that I honestly think finishing out the race might’ve been harder.

I’m definitely a 5K girl. The first 3.5 miles went by smoothly, it was the second half that was hard to get through. But I did it!

Here are some photos I took today, I’ll update more later when I’ve eaten and rested a bit…

The start line

The start line

Running past the church where I got married! :)

Running past the church where I got married! ๐Ÿ™‚

The finish line, yay!

The finish line, yay!

Taking a breather after the race, I don't look happy but I am

Taking a breather after the race, I don't look happy but I am

Family portrait, I'm so proud of them!

Family portrait, I'm so proud of them!

My Larabar stash, I was so thrilled to see these!

My Larabar stash, I was so thrilled to see these!

I had a cinnamon roll LB, best recovery snack yet!

I had a cinnamon roll LB, best recovery snack yet!


I’m off to eat some Indian food with my best friend and then do some perusing at the library. Couldn’t really ask for a better Saturday. Hope you all enjoy yours too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading and being there for me.

Preparing for the 10k

Even with my renewed confidence after the 5k two weeks ago, I am a bit nervous about the 10k this Saturday, which is expected now that it is the week leading up to it. I know I will be fine that day and I will finish the race whether I run it all or not. I haven’t practiced 6 miles yet but I hope to this week.

The cool thing is that all of you guys who are running in races (Caitlin, Jenna, Tina), competing in triathlons (Meghann),ย or just hopping on the treadmill or jogging outside every dayย are really helping to build up my momentum. Yes, I am nervous, but I am not doubting myself anymore. I really do appreciate all the support you all give me. Thanks guys, you have no idea!

I did a quickie/easy workout today to ease myself back into what will be a busy week.

Time: 25:00

Distance: 2.08 miles

Pace: 11:38/mile (used 2 miles in 23:18 to calculate, the rest was cool down)

Calories: about 166

I find it is better to underestimate calories until I get a heart rate monitor to know for sure. Next time someone asks me what I want for my birthday, I’ll mention that. Or gift cards, haha. I’m hoping to do 4-5 miles tomorrow and then perhaps the big 6 on Wednesday or Thursday! Friday I will most likely cross-train or rest before the race again.

How is your day going? The weather here is in the 60’s and I couldn’t be more happy. I should’ve ran outside today! Oh well, there is the rest of this week ๐Ÿ™‚