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Hopefully my last treadmill run

…of the season!

It is starting to warm up here in The ‘Ville, so I am anticipating lots of outdoor activity at least for the next week or so. Woo hoo!

But today, I had a final fling with the treadmill. I decided to do a practice 5K, just to make sure I remembered the distance.

Distance: 3.1 miles / 5 kilometers

Time: 33:08

Pace: 10:40/mile

This was a bit slow for me but once again, I was on the treadmill and my legs (but esp. glutes!) are still pretty sore from that Jackie Warner workout on Tuesday. For real, I need to do that one again once the soreness improves!

I am really excited about the race on Saturday and I can’t wait to see how I do. I’m thinking about going without a watch this time because that is how I ran my very first 5K and it was fun to just sort of “feel out” my pace and not beat myself up about time.

What about you? Do you time yourself during races? Or do you just relax and enjoy the flow?

Movin' on up!

I am so thrilled to report to you that not only was I able to run OUTSIDE yesterday, but I increased my mileage up to 6! It had been a long time since I’d seen that number 🙂

Distance: 6.0 miles

Time: 1:01 (61 minutes)

Pace: 10:10/mile

I was happy to finally be over the 5 mile mark and hopefully over the next few weeks, I’ll get up to seeing the double digits.

This particular run was also exciting because we took a new path, going through parts of downtown that I really enjoy, including jogging past my favorite place to see a concert, the Louisville Palace! I didn’t bring my camera so I found this photo from Wikipedia 😉

There were a couple of times when I felt out of breath or that I needed a break, but I think it was just my lungs adjusting to the cooler air and not the humidified, stuffy inside gym air. We’ll see how I do the rest of the week!

The Anthem 5K is this Saturday 🙂

I know Mari and some other gals are running their first 5K’s soon, I wish you ladies much luck and most importantly HAVE FUN!


Hello friends!

After a nice relaxing weekend, away from the computer and taking lots of naps, I’m ready to get back to the grind. Saturday was my last 5K of the season and although I ended up slightly frustrated, I’m still very proud of running it and very much looking forward to the next time when the temperatures will be much cooler 🙂

Saturday morning it was in the high 70’s and it had rained over night so that made it seem a bit cooler although it did nothing for the humidity. By race time at 8:00, it was in the 80’s and right as we were lining up, out came the sun!

Before the race, I fueled up on some PB&J toast and fresh pineapple. It felt weird going against “tradition” (PB toast and banana) but it seemed to still work okay!


The first mile of the race wasn’t too bad, it was hot but I felt good and kept a really decent pace. But as soon as we turned at the end of a bridge to start making our way back (about halfway through), I started feeling it. I was hot, sweaty, weak and my breathing had become labored. I slowed down a bit and managed to recover and do a couple more sprints but not the plan I had been hoping for. It was just too hot.

I got a little frustrated during mile 3 because I had wanted to do better, but I sucked it up and ran the last quarter mile or so hard and finished strong!

I finished with my 2nd best time of 30:21 and I am very proud of that, especially considering the circumstances.

After the race, I felt good, drank 2 bottles of water and munched on some raisins. I walked around a bunch and waited to stretch until I got home and did so a few times throughout the day after I did some research on the topic.

I also made a new discovery that I wish I had my camera for! I made a green monster with soy milk, spinach, banana, and….peanut butter! I’d read about people using this before and I thought there was no way it would make a difference, but I swear…I felt like I was drinking a peanut butter banana smoothie, that just happened to be GREEN! I loved it and it will be making its way into the rotation. It was the best recovery snack ever and kept me full for a couple of hours!

I think next year, I will quit racing at the end of May! And I will never complain about racing in March again, ha ha. Maybe just a little 😉

I love warm weather and I hate being cold anywhere, but I have to say, to me, running in the cold is so much easier than this heat and humidity. I’ve learned a valuable lesson here. Those of you who are able to are heroes in my opinion; I think some of us are just more sensitive to certain weather conditions.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoy the first day of a new week!

Another donut?!

Okay, so you are going to be seeing me eat a lot of donuts on here now that I have a sample of Holey Donuts to review!

This morning, I had another green monster (I put ice in the blender which made it almost double in size!) with a new donut to try…Raspberry Fudge 🙂


This donut is a little more calorie-dense because it is a whole donut with raspberry filling inside, but man is it good! I especially loved the crumbs and drizzled chocolate sauce on the outside.


I can say, in all honesty, that after having healthy gourmet donuts, I will not eat another kind! I wasn’t a big donut eater to begin with, especially since I started my healthy lifestyle in 2007, but I’m even less of one now, as far as your regular crappy donuts go.

Here are the stats for the raspberry fudge donut (far left):

Nutrition Info For Diane.xls

I have lots more to try but I think I’ll take a couple days off just so I don’t go into donut overload and subsequent burnout. They are in the freezer and should hold up for a while, ha ha.

Today, I am running 2 miles easy to prepare for my last 5K of the season, which is tomorrow!

I’m really excited and just hope that the weather is not too unbearable at 8 a.m. tomorrow. We’re expecting a heat index of over 100 degrees today, so I am running my 2 miles early, but the humidity is already bad out there.

That is why the racing season is wrapping up for me now (most likely until at least September). I’m going to continue to run 1-2 times a week just to keep it up and not “lose” it this time, but my focus is going to be more on strength training, yoga and other forms of cardio (that can be done indoors)!

I’m really excited for tomorrow and also what the future holds…

Happy Friday!

Running update!

Hey guys, Happy Friday to ya!

I thought it was high time you got an update on what I’ve been doing to burn off the great foods I’ve been eating, so here it is…

After running my best time in a 5K last Saturday, I was pumped. I even went to a festival and walked around all day and I was not the least bit sore. I definitely think keeping myself in the 5K mode was the best decision I ever made. I can still enjoy running, challenge myself, and not hurt myself or be extremely sore and tired all the time. This is great 🙂

Now I am working through a program that will help me increase my speed and endurance so that I can hopefully do well in my next 5K on June 20th!

My goal is not to PR but just to finish and hopefully in good time. I’ve noticed that when I set that type of goal, I end up exceeding my expectations. That’s not being a defensive pessimist is it? Haha.

Here’s what this week of training looked like:

Monday : Off, Memorial Day

Tuesday: Speedwork – Ran 10 minutes, Did 2:2 intervals of running hard and walking, cooled down 5 minutes jogging.

Wednesday: Ran 4 miles!

Thursday: Cross training, major upper body strength training and some ab work, we only did one set of squats so we wouldn’t poop our legs out

Friday (today): Ran 4 miles!

This weekend (either Saturday OR Sunday) I am supposed to run 5 miles which intimidates me a little bit because its beyond my current comfort zone but I’m going to try, assuming the weather and my schedule at home cooperate. I would like to add that I do take walking breaks because sometimes a girl has got to catch her breath and let my burning calves rest for a minute.  I used to think you couldn’t (or shouldn’t) stop but that’s a thing of the past.

Next week’s schedule looks a lot like this week’s only we won’t have Monday off 🙂 One of the days next week has “3 miles” listed on it and I squealed when I saw that. Three miles seems like a breeze now, which must mean I am getting used to it! I didn’t get in any yoga this week, so I might try to do a Yoga Download or squeeze in a class this weekend if I can.

I’ve read a lot of posts and comments about people being “jealous” of other runners for being stronger, faster, able to go longer distances, etc. and some from non-runners (or former) who wish they could run. I used to think that I wasn’t fast enough and had to go longer distances, but the truth is, I am not competing with anyone but myself. And I have to keep reminding myself that I used to be a true couch potato who weighed over 200 pounds. Sometimes I forget, believe it or not.

I also realize more and more each day how different we all are from each other, whether it be eating or exercise habits, early birds v. night owls, whatever. So there is no need for us runners to be comparing ourselves to other runners or for non-runners to think they aren’t good enough because they don’t run. What is important is that you find something you love to do and do it with all of your heart. If you aren’t physically able to run anymore, find another activity that you enjoy that will be fun but not do harm to your body. If you are already there, kudos to you!

I’m really inspired by Caitlin and her biking adventures, she’s a good example of making lemonade out of lemons. Its not always easy, but it can be done.

Be good to yourselves and have a great weekend!

p.s. For those of you who are new to S.S.E. or are just unfamiliar with my running history, check out my running page!

Greatest Saturday

Yesterday was awesome!

I ended up making Matt’s Muffins on Friday night (and tried one to make sure they were edible for Saturday morning), only with lots of modifications:

  • 2 cups whole wheat flour (I don’t have any all purpose)
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar (had no white)
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup low-fat buttermilk
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce (no canola oil in me casa)
  • 1 egg
  • 3 really ripe bananas, mashed (well, only one of them was really ripe)
  • 074

    There’s nothing wrong with his recipe, I just went with what I already had at home so I wouldn’t have to buy that much. They are slightly on the bland side but very dense and thick and perfect with a little peanut butter spread on. I think next time I might add some honey and maybe chocolate chips 😉


    That led to this…


    I don’t have an “official” time yet but here is the time I got when I crossed the finish line! WOW 🙂

    If this counted, here’s what my stats would be:

    Time: 29:27

    Distance: 3.1 miles

    Pace: 9:30/mile

    Edit – Found the results, they have me at 29:28, so that’s pretty close. I still can’t believe I broke the 30 minute and beat my PR!

    I’m not going to lie…it was a tough race and if it weren’t for my friend pushing me, I might not have done that well. But I still did it and I’ll take it! I can’t wait to start working on my speed and training for the next 5K coming up in June! I love running short distances, I’m not sore at all today!

    (I’m actually more sore from a pilates class I took on Friday, it was awesome.)

    After the race, I went to Barnes and Noble to use a gift card I got for my birthday! I ended up picking up a tall decaf latte from the cafe while I was there. I’ve gotten to where after races, I don’t want to eat anything, but a nice beverage from Starbucks is always good 🙂 I purchased a cookbook called “Vegan Planet” that has some really great recipes in it that I can’t wait to make and share with you guys.

    Then I went home and took a shower to get ready for Abbey Road on the River, a ginormous Beatles festival that we have here every Memorial Day weekend. Its so much fun, lots of live music, food, exhibits and t-shirt booths. Not to mention the ice cream (aka frozen custard):


    My friend Beth’s ice cream looked pretty good too! Mmm, sprinkles…


    It was a beautiful day…warm, plenty of sunshine, it just doesn’t get much better. Here’s a pic of our favorite dancing lady, this woman goes non-stop all day long, all weekend long. I’d love to know how many calories she burns!


    After that, I went back home to take another shower (got a bit sweaty!) and then we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for the UFC pay per view. I got the veggie burger with fries, it was glorious. I think I had sun stroke though, haha, just kidding.

    I’m so glad Matt Hughes won against Matt Serra and even though there’s has been an exciting rivalry, I was glad to see them hugging and shaking hands afterwards, I hope its over now. I’m one of those people that likes to see others make up, haha.

    Rashad Evans got knocked out and while I have nothing against him, it was sort of nice to have the guy who has taken out two of my favorite fighters get a loss. But it was a great fight to watch, that’s for sure. The rest of the PPV was boring except for the two matches I mentioned.

    Hi my name is Sarah and I love the UFC.

    It was a great (if not the greatest) Saturday, I have plans for a great (uneventful and relaxing) Sunday and then we still have one more day off?! Woo hoo!

    Hope you all are enjoying the weekend 🙂 Be back soon.

    It’s almost time!

    My big 5K is tomorrow!!

    Okay, so its not really that big when you think about everything else I have done. But I have been training with a friend of mine for a month now and I’m ready to go out there and do my best. The last time I did a 5K, I had not trained too terribly well and even though I beat my previous PR, it wasn’t much fun.

    Tomorrow is going to be absolute fun! And I don’t want to jinx myself, but I feel like I can totally smoke my PR now, even though I hadn’t planned to. And I will have a friend running with me which is an almost totally unheard of phenomenon.

    Saying goodbye to this training schedule…


    After the race tomorrow (and a rest on Sunday!), we are going to start working on speed and see just how efficient I can be. It feels good to just focus on the short distances and not wear myself out or give my knees and the rest of my body more than it can handle. The next 5K will be June 21st, exactly 4 weeks away!

    I will be reporting to you all tomorrow on the results!

    Thanks to all my new readers who stopped by and left comments for me today…that really means a lot to me and helps me continue this blog with renewed enthusiasm.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

    p.s. I’m thinking about making some of Matt’s banana muffins for breakfast tomorrow…hmmm…