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Bringing it all back home

We woke up this morning later than normal after our late night from the concert 🙂

I was going to get up and work out. I did get up but my body felt tired and sore so I said oh well and just headed down stairs to the breakfast bar.

Same thing different day. Why mess with a good thing?


After we checked out of the hotel, we were on a search for Al’s Italian Beef. Josh has been looking forward to eating at this place possibly even more than Gino’s, where we ate on Friday.

The first location we checked was closed due to “technical problems” and the second location, near a college campus, was closed on Sundays! We were about to give up when we checked a third location…score!



Josh was very happy to try this massive beef sandwich with provolone.



He said it was literally the best beef sandwich he had EVER had in his life. He can’t wait to come back to Chicago.

He also had some fresh cut fries..I tried a couple, they were pretty good. But I had fries last night so no more for me today!


Believe it or not, they had something Sarah-friendly! I ordered the veggie wrap with no cheese.



The veggies were fresh and there were lots of ‘em. This is the way to do a veggie wrap! It included lettuce, tomato, olives, red onion, peppers, mushrooms, regular onion and I think that’s it. I know some of it was their homemade relish. Yum 🙂

I also cracked up at the cups…can you see the message on the bottom?


“Caution:Beverage in this cup may be cold. Duh!” Ha ha.

After lunch, we walked across the street to use the bathroom at the original Gino’s East! Josh said this will be the street he comes back to next time for sure 🙂


We got back in the car and headed back home 😦

I napped and read some magazines in the car, including this article that caught my interest in the September issue of Shape (I think).


More on that later…

We stopped at a gas station and picked up some snacks and drinks for the rest of the ride home (it takes us about 5 hours). Actually I just grabbed drinks and snacked on some more popcorn that I brought from home.


Josh got a huge stick of beef jerky…


And some Doritos which he said come second only to his Pizza flavored ones. Ew. We are so different, ha ha.


One thing we did have in common…


His and hers Coke Zero. I swear I’m quitting again tomorrow!

When we got home, I knew I had to make a list, sort the coupons and go to the store. So I ate some dinner because I was hungry and you never want to go grocery shopping that way.


I had a Boca vegan burger with tomato and mustard in a pita pocket with some romaine salad with raspberry vinaigrette. It was a nice light meal that fueled me through my errands.

I snacked on some Cheerios with soymilk later on.


It is time to get to bed so I’d better call it a night. Back to work tomorrow. What a weekend!

Hope yours was fun too 🙂