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What a relief

After my easy workout yesterday and a great night’s sleep, I have NO PAIN today. Whatever it was that was bothering my leg and/or hips is completely gone. I told the husband last night when we went to bed that if I woke up in a lot of pain, it was time to get a new matress, haha. Guess that scared it off?

The Fage + Pumpkin + Almonds combo ended up being a really good snack yesterday afternoon, which I knew it would be…


Unfortunately, I got hungry for this at 1:00, so I was aching for another snack come 4. And also having a strange craving for some artificially sweetened cherry bubbles…


The bar was good, hadn’t had one of these in a while! But the diet wild cherry pepsi was BLECH! I used to LOVE these and while it tasted okay, it didn’t sit well with me. I’m pretty sure I got whatever that was out of my system. I will only compromise once in a blue moon for some Coke Zero. Everything else is crap 😉

I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to pick up some much needed yogurt stash and some ingredients for the salad I made for girl’s night. My husband texted me while I was there asking for ketchup and cheese slices. I don’t think he realized I was at Whole Foods because he made a face when he saw “organic” cheese and 365 tomato ketchup in the fridge, haha. But once he tried them, he had no complaints. Plus, the price was pretty much the same as it would’ve been at Kroger. I’m thinking of switching over more purchases to WF. Hmm…

Here’s my stash!


Ooh, I forgot about the Luna “cookie” and another package of Spirutein! I love the Chocolate PB stuff, can you tell?

Produce stash!


Whole Foods has 3 lb bag of apples on sale for $1.99! And the Annie’s dressing was $2.50 🙂

While putting away groceries and making my salad, I got hungry AGAIN, so I had a spoonful of PB to hold me over.


And now the beautiful, colorful salad!


This huge bowl contained:

  • 3-4 cups of spinach
  • 2/3 of large cucumber (from above picture)
  • Handful of mini carrots, chopped
  • 1 Braeburn apple, cored and chopped
  • 2 tbsp raisins
  • 2 tbsp Annie’s light honey mustard vinaigrette dressing

I had some spinach left over which is good because I want to make another salad tomorrow night (we’re having pizza takeout from Papa Murphy’s) and perhaps a green monster is in the works too? 😉

Now for the rest of dinner…Beth made a really tasty tuna-pasta salad, Court provided carrots and “spicy” Sabra hummus, and then my salad.


Oops, the flash kind of bleached out the tuna salad and hummus 😦

For dessert, Margie, or Marge-Dog as we love to call her, brought some brownies she made, YUM! I hadn’t had a brownie in a while and this really hit the spot 🙂


I ended up going back for another 1/2, plus some Peppermint tea, and a few handfuls of these bad boys:


I ❤ Jelly Beans!

When I got to the point where I felt like I might be overdoing it, I chugged some water and popped in a piece of minty gum. Works every time! Almost…hehe.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Wednesday, thank God its almost Friday!

Off to my last Anatomy & Physiology class, finals next week, ahhh!! 😉

Back to mornings

I’ve so gotta get back to morning workouts. They just feel so much better, I do them so much better…in the afternoons, I am usually so tired and worn out that a work out is really strenuous when it normally wouldn’t be. So there you have it!

This morning, I was running a little behind, as usual, so I just did a quickie run on the treadmill with a few minutes to cool down at the end.

Time: 32:00

Distance: 2.66 miles

Calories: 266 (I’m using 100 cal/mile now after doing lots of research)

I have an anatomy test in an hour that I can’t wait to get out of the way. I don’t know how well I’ll do on the details but I feel like I have the basic concepts down. So we’ll see. Around 10:30 though, I should be breathing a sigh of relief, at least it will be out of the way and I can focus on packing for New York!

When you were in school or if you are now, do/did you devote a certain amount of time per day to study or do/did you procrastinate and try to review it all at the last minute?

I’m definitely a combination of both; it really depends on the circumstances that particular week, haha…

p.s. More Giveaways!

– Danica at Danica’s Daily is giving away some Annie’s care packages that you must see and enter to win! I love Annie’s, they are fun products that you can enjoy knowing that they are all-natural and not made with any weird chemicals. I highly recommend the Bunny Grahams and Cheddar Bunnies 😉

The Hungry Yogini is giving away the blog-famous Barney Butter!

Kath is giving away Nature’s Path products 🙂

– Julie from Julie Go Lean is giving away a few of her favorite things, such a neat idea! 😉

Brilynn from Jumbo Empanadas is giving away a…VITA-MIX 5200! WOW! If I don’t win I may have to start a small savings account for one of these.

I’m sure there will be more, keep checking back!

Still sandwiches

Breakfast rocked my socks this morning! 5 hours! No mid-morning snack was even close to being required today 😉

Even after I thought to myself last week about that I wanted to get away from so many sandwiches for lunch, here I am making sandwiches this week! It’s really not a bad thing because I have quite a variety: lunchmeat, veggie burger, PB&J and today…Tuna!

I used a 3 oz package of tuna (I’m too lazy to drain the cans) and mixed it with 2 tbsp fat free cottage cheese (good sub for mayo) and chopped up two pieces of celery. I decided to eat it open-faced when I realized it would probably fall out the sides of the sandwich when I bit into it 🙂


Also had some Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, brussel sprouts, and a nice juicy orange. I love it when oranges get ripe, they are soooo sweet!

Question: Would you rather chew one piece of “regular” gum (with no aspartame or sucralose), or 5 pieces of sugar-free aspartame-containing gum? Or if you choose to avoid both, what do you do instead?