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Why is there egg in my wine?

On Wednesday night, I got to try two more new wines. The first was Armento, an Italian white wine made of organically grown grapes.


This was much drier than white wines I am used to and that is a good thing, I don’t like the ones that are too sweet.


I checked the handy Barnivore site, but it wasn’t listed. In fact, I couldn’t even find a real website for it!

The second one I tried was this lovely shiraz from Jacob’s Creek.


This was so good, I am totally a red wine girl to the core.


Unfortunately, according to the site, this might contain skim milk powder or egg white! Apparently they use it to “remove excess aggressive tannins and astringency.”

I just don’t get why there might be egg in my wine 😦 It really makes me worry about people who have allergies too, but I’m sure they realize all the places dairy and egg can sneak in, I hope.

This is why I keep trying new wines…eventually I’m going to find a really great, vegan-friendly choice (like Yellow Tail shiraz, which I loved before going vegan).