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After posting about Lent yesterday and having some time to think and talk to a few friends, I still had no idea what I was going to “give up” this year.

But then it hit me…I shouldn’t be searching for “bad things” to give up like the occasional diet soda or my strange fascination with tortilla chips…no.

I also considered giving up television and the internet but I still need the weather reports.

Rather, I should be giving up something I love, something that I see every day. Something I have become dependent on.

Because as Matt put it on Twitter this morning: “I always thought Lent was about sacrifice, not self-improvement.”

I also read Heather’s latest post where she decided to give up Stevia during Lent because it is something she has been using often and as she so eloquently put it: “That’s the whole point of Lent right – to give up something you love?”

So, in honor of those two amazing bloggers, I will now tell you what I have decided to give up. This is going to be hard…


No, not the places, I’m not big on those anyway. I mean these:

I’m a little late getting started as I have one Larabar in my bag to eat today.

When is Easter? April 4, 2010.

So starting tomorrow (Feb. 20) through April 4, I’m giving up bars!

What am I going to learn from this?

  • To be more creative with my snacks 
  • To spend less money since I buy bars that are at least $1/each
  • Eat more whole foods as snacks
  • That I can go this long without eating bars!

I’ve enjoyed reading the responses of what you all are giving up. Keep ’em coming!

Recent fails

As you are reading this, I am on my way to Indianapolis for practice and qualifying for the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard (which is a NASCAR race, if you didn’t know)! Can’t wait to share what I’m sure will be a crazy weekend with you all when I get back.

I like to try a lot of new things and products for the blog and I have noticed that most of my reviews tend to be positive, which even I am getting tired of reading, haha. So I thought I would share with you a couple of things I tried this week that were complete FAILS!

First up…chunk light tuna on cucumber slices.


It sounded like a good idea. It even looked good. But after a few bites, I just couldn’t stand it anymore! I think the flavors just clashed or perhaps my cucumber was old? I ate the rest of the tuna and other veggies I brought as a side but tossed the cuc slices. Ew!

Next, another not-so-amazing product.


I just had a feeling that without chocolate coating or any other sort of “masking” that this product would taste terrible to me. And I was right. But I gave it a good 2 (tiny) bite shot.


Yuck! Right into the trash can it went. I hate to waste stuff but I just could not force it y’all 😦

Let me just note that these are my reviews and opinions only. I know all of us vary in our tastes and preferences and you may absolutely love these bars and other Amazing Grass products. That is why it is important to try things for yourself. I’m glad I did and now I know what not to get again 🙂

Happy Weekend!

Why I love bars

Bars that you eat, I mean, ha ha.

Bars are great for me because…

  • They make a great snack or part of a meal
  • They are convenient, don’t require assembly
  • They can fit into your purse or pocket
  • Easy to sneak into the movie theatre
  • Quiet enough to eat during church (assuming you don’t get a crunchy one)
  • There are so many different brands and flavors, the possibilities are endless
  • If you find a good brand, you can get some great vitamins and nutrients
  • Well balanced bars (good combo of carbs + protein) make great pre or post exercise fuel
  • They are fun to write reviews for!

What about you…what do you like (or not like) about bars?

I recently tried a couple more. It seems like new ones are coming out all the time, not to mention the ones I still haven’t gotten to yet.

First up, Odwalla Mochawalla (that’s a mouth full)!

food 004

When I first bit into this bar, the coffee flavor was a little overwhelming and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep going. But I took a second bite and suddenly, the mocha flavor really shined through and I loved it! I would definitely only recommend this to people who like the taste of coffee/espresso because it is rather strong. But when I finished the bar, I felt good and it really gave me a boost after a draining workout and held me over nicely until I was able to get home to dinner.

Next, Amazing Grass Chocolate Whole Food energy bar!


The kind folks over at Amazing Grass sent me some samples of their products, including this bar. I have to say, after trying the Odwalla Superfood bar, I was not at all optimistic that I would like this one, even if it was coated in chocolate!

But, I was pleasantly surprised. This bar did not at all taste like the other and the chocolate coating was the perfect touch. It did not taste like greens at all! The bar was chewy and took a while to eat, which is good for my satiety. My only complaint is that as I was eating it, some chocolate pieces kept falling off, so I made a little mess 😉

I’m really excited to try the drink powders next!

Happy Thursday.