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I think it worked

Today was a really good day. After my post last night about my concerns over eating too much to keep up with my new running program, I did a lot of thinking and research.

Breakfast this morning was of course a green monster.


As much as I love these things (and getting 3 cups of spinach in at breakfast) I am kind of glad this challenge is over. I’ve missed my oats!

I think I will try to incorporate these green smoothies into my diet from time to time but I don’t see them as a long term breakfast choice for me, especially not as the weather gets colder.

I snacked on some nuts mid-morning and then for lunch, I had leftover lentils that I made on Tuesday with some steamed green beans.


One of the things I mentioned in my post about my running diet was that I thought eating a snack before and after my workout would help keep me from overdoing it when I got home in the evenings.

Well, I think it worked!

I had a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter for a snack about 30 minutes before I went to work out.


We ran 2 miles and then came back and did some upper body weights and abs. It was great, especially in this beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with (high 50’s and sunshine)!

Then when I got back to work, I had a SoBe Lifewater and a Nature Valley bar.


It wasn’t the best snack but one of the only options I could find at work. I intend to plan my snacks better next week.

It also held me over quite well, as I did not get hungry until 7:30 when I started making dinner.

I had a random assortment of foods for dinner tonight: potatoes, carrots + hummus, and couscous. It was random but it was everything I felt like eating and used up more stuff at home instead of going out or buying something at the store.

I cooked the potatoes in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes.


And I tried a new hummus! So much better than the “original” flavor of this brand.


Yum 🙂


That’s organic ketchup 😉

I did go grocery shopping tonight (Josh is at a Megadeth concert) and I got everything we needed for $54 and I get to try a few new things this week, so that is exciting!

I’m getting ready to watch the film “Food, Inc.” which I won in a giveaway on Kath Eats a while back.


I can’t wait to report back my thoughts, I’m sure there will be a few.

I also enjoyed a glass of wine and a slice of cinnamon toast with peanut butter and chocolate chips for dessert 🙂



Good night friends!

Day 12: Getting into the groove

Happy Monday everyone! That’s right, I said HAPPY!

I know most people usually dread Mondays but I’m loving them (I actually find Tuesday to be more brutal). It’s the start of a new week and time to start something new, whether it be a fitness goal or cooking up some new recipes!

Something funny to start off the day…I forgot to weigh in! I had no expectations for this week really but I usually do it anyway, just to “check in” with myself. Oops! Oh well.

Breakfast was oats with banana and peanut butter. I chose to put half the banana in while it was cooking and then the other half as a topper. Mmm…

 NewFoodpics 136

I drove to work today, so I parked my car the 1+ mile away from my building and walked in the cold! It was 45 this morning but I wasn’t making excuses to be lazy 😉

Snack this morning was some plain ol’ peanuts. Hooray for good fats!

NewFoodpics 137

I also went for a chilly 15-minute walk on my break, which actually ended up warming me up a bit 🙂

Lunch was leftover Tuscan Beans with sage and garlic. Plus some carrots and hummus on the side for more bulk.

NewFoodpics 138

I used a new kind of hummus this time. I got this on sale for $2.50 at Meijer.

NewFoodpics 135

But I probably won’t get it again. It was okay but nothing near the flavor of Sabra or other kinds I have had – which are only a few cents more expensive. Worth it though!

For my afternoon snack, I had a Silk yogurt in strawberry banana. It was pretty good but a bit too sweet. I want to try some other non-dairy yogurts soon.

NewFoodpics 139

I had to walk the 1+ mile back to my car this afternoon, but thankfully it was much warmer 🙂 I was planning to run or do yoga when I got home but in the end, I just didn’t feel like it.

I walked a lot today and that is enough!

For dinner, I made another recipe straight out of Vegan Planet!!

NewFoodpics 141

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas!

NewFoodpics 140

It took some extra time and preparation, but I wasn’t in a hurry so I really took my time and followed the recipe exactly (except cut in half).

I had some topping leftover, so I decided to bake it on top of the enchiladas. Getting ready to go into the oven:

NewFoodpics 142

My plate…two enchiladas and lots of topping. The salsa I used was pretty spicy so this dish was exploding with flavor!

NewFoodpics 143

There were literally chunks of sweet potato in every bite. I love this combination!

NewFoodpics 144

Apparently, I hated them, ha ha ha…

NewFoodpics 145

I have to say, as a person who previously enjoyed Mexican food with lots of cheese and sour cream…I don’t miss them AT ALL! In fact, I think they would’ve ruined the flavors of this dish.

As I was packing up the leftovers, I ate some right off the spatula! 😉

NewFoodpics 146

I can’t wait to pick out my recipes for next week. Who knew this could be so fun and actually save me money too! I guess I did, somewhere in the back of my mind.

Off to watch Dancing with the Stars! Chuck went first and I totally used all my votes on him already, but I cried when Melissa Joan Hart got her scores from the judges, she was fantastic!

What has gotten into me? Ha ha.

Good night my dear friends! God bless.

p.s. Check me out on Caitlin’s Operation Beautiful site today!