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Camera vs. Blackberry

This morning for breakfast, I tried the teeny tiny GoodBelly shot.


It’s always good to start the day off with a smile 🙂


I liked the flavor of this one but not quite as much as the mango. I also kind of wanted more so I don’t know that this size is good for me – I think I’ll pour two in a cup next time 😉

I also had an English muffin with natural PB to round it out.


Mid-morning, I had a banana.

Here it is: the first official Blackberry photo!

I can’t tell the difference, can you? Actually, I think it might even be better.


For lunch, I had leftover chickpeas, green beans and a pita. I actually got hungry before 11 this morning, which bothered me at first but I’ve learned that our bodies do things for a reason so I ate a little early today.

This lunch was not quite filling enough so I had my afternoon snack a little early. But this granola bar was good! Tasted like pancakes (the syrup I guess).


After work, I was headed to a yoga class, but felt quite hungry so I stopped for a snack first.


It wasn’t the best but it held me over pretty well. I think I might have to start bulking up my meals again to keep from needing to snack as much.

After my class, I had to head to a meeting at church (busy day!) and I was freezing plus knew it would be a while before I ate again, so I ordered a new drink (for me) at Starbucks!


It’s a soy Awake tea latte. I saw it online when I looked up nutritional info. It was perfect.

I still enjoy the chai latte, but Awake is actually one of my favorite Tazo teas, so I think I’ll be getting this one again soon.

I came home very hungry (again) so I threw together some stuff quickly.


Vegetarian baked beans, green beans, and a piece of toast with Smart Balance light. It hit the spot! I think I’ve officially turned into a green bean now though, ha.

Of course I had to finish it off with another delicious vegan brownie 🙂


Today was a whirlwind but I’m feeling great and that is all that matters. We’re expecting some snow tomorrow so I’m just praying we all get around safely!

Good night all 😉

Thanksgiving Day

Tonight, I will be celebrating my first Thanksgiving as a vegan. My first without turkey, dairy, butter, eggs, etc. I am grateful to have family that respects my wishes and is preparing some things for me to eat.

It’s days like today that make me feel so good about my decision 🙂

For breakfast, I fueled up on my favorite meal. Oat bran with banana and peanut butter. I used 1/2 cup of oats this time to hold me over longer.


Suzie spent most of the morning doing this!


We are out of coffee at home and I had been drinking tea but today, I had a major coffee craving. I felt guilty for doing it since they have to work on Thanksgiving, but I went through the White Castle drive thru!


I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’d ever had their coffee but man, it was good! I can see now why they have “America’s Best Coffee” or some sign like that.

I went and visited with my mom for a bit since we are spending Thanksgiving with my in-laws tonight. When I got home it was lunch time!


I used to eat these all the time when I was younger but I hadn’t had them in forever! I heated up a cup and threw them on some leftover brown rice.


Yum! I didn’t include any other veggies because I’m going to be having a plethora of them tonight!

I think I am too sore from yesterday to go for a run today so I’m thinking yoga, some strength training and a walk with the dog is all I need today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am very thankful for this blog and the friends I have made because of it. Have a great day 🙂