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Wholly delicious

Wednesday was really a surprisingly good day of eats!

For breakfast, I had leftover waffles and half of a pink grapefruit.

Lunch was in two parts: first, I had PB&J on a rye bun. I don’t know what possessed me to do this (because you know rye has a certain flavor) but somehow it turned out good. With brussel sprouts.

And then finished it off with carrots & hummus. I was afraid this wouldn’t fill me up (PB&J rarely does) but somehow it worked today!

I snacked on a Larabar before a dental appointment (and brushed my teeth, ha ha). Then when I got home, I was hungry while making the meal for our Girl’s Night Potluck, so I had a banana to hold me over 🙂

Everything we had this week was really simple, but turned out great!

I once again made Mama Pea’s black bean burgers. I will never get tired of these; they taste great and they are so cheap and easy to make too!

I picked up these rye buns (same one my PB&J came on earlier) at Kroger on Tuesday, after perusing all the choices and ingredients. Most of the white and wheat buns had egg whites, so I was glad to find these. I think they tasted great!

For our side, we had some steamed mixed vegetables. This mix is my favorite, I must be a fan of starchy veggies 😉

But the real star of our show was the topping for the burgers!

The “pico de gallo style” guacamole from Wholly Guacamole was out of this world! Best prepackageg guac I have ever had 🙂

If you’ve ever had the black bean burger at Max & Erma’s, there’s comes with guacamole on it too, which is where I think I must’ve gotten the idea from.

Finally, my plate (plus more veggies afterwards)!

It wouldn’t be girl’s night without wine!

This Glen Ellen pinot grigio was quite tasty! I always like trying new brands I hadn’t heard of.

Courtney said she wasn’t sure what to think since this bottle was pretty cheap (I think $3.99). But sometimes, I think that just makes it taste better 😉

More than a little…

Oops, that is so what I get. Remember my rant about the snow? Well, we got more than a little.



Ah, winter.

Thank goodness one of my goals of 2010 is to avoid negativity. It is making me focus more on the positive of this situation. But I’m totally a warm weather girl!

At least dinner was great 🙂


I made Mama Pea’s black bean burgers again (I’m hooked) and had one with a pita pocket + Smart Balance light and mustard. For my veggie fix, I made a big salad with balsamic.


Dinner was a little on the light side so I made a snack of yet another whole wheat pita (these things rule) with some White Chocolate Wonderful and chocolate chips.

Oh yeah, and tea.



Good stuff. Time to brush my teeth and watch part of the Texas game with Josh. Since it doesn’t start for another 30 minutes, I doubt I’ll see much of it 😉

Thank God tomorrow is FRIDAY!

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Bunch of geniuses

Last night for dessert, I made Gena’s banana soft serve. Gena = Genius!


Then for breakfast this morning, I opened up this enormous can of pumpkin.


I grabbed the huge jar at the store when I saw it because apparently there is a shortage.

018 (2)

Pumpkin oat bran with chocolate chips, WALNUTS, and peanut butter. Genius.


My parents took me out to lunch after church and since Josh (who is not a fan of Mediterranean food) was at a meeting, I took the opportunity to talk them into going to Shiraz so I could get my favorite falafel!


Genius. Thanks Mom & Dad!

I was pretty full after that and didn’t eat again until dinner, when I made Mama Pea’s black bean burgers. Talk about a genius!


I made these once before, but this time I used the red onion the recipe called for and barbecue sauce (which I subbed for the Worcestershire). I also made the whole recipe this time and have plenty of leftovers. Genius.

I steamed a side of broccoli and made a slice of toast, putting Smart Balance Light on both. Organic ketchup on the burger.


This was seriously good, I enjoyed making it and eating it.

In lieu of exercise today, I ended up cleaning my entire apartment, even vacuuming both floors and the stairs too! Genius.

It really feels so good to have so much done and to have everything in order before starting a new week.

Now I’m watching the new Robin Williams special on HBO. So far it’s just okay, but in general he is a comedic genius, in my opinion.

Tina is a genius for showing me this snack via her blog several months ago.


A great end to a pretty awesome day. Good night!