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What's next?

As soon as a big race is over, I’m always left wondering what my next challenge will be.

For the past 16 weeks, I have been mostly focused on training for the mini marathon and now I have a little down time to do some different things and run a bunch of really fun 5K races!

But what else will I do next?

Today, I did a challenging 15 minute incline walk on the treadmill, one set of a full body workout with weights, and some ab exercises. I usually do 25 reps of each ab move but today I noticed they were much stronger, so I went up to 35. That’s the key to keep exercises working for you — either increase the weight, the reps, or change the moves completely!

I’ve been thinking of doing a 30 day ab challenge this summer. It is the most neglected area of my body and yet it is so vital to all the things I do, whether it’s sitting at my desk at work or running mini marathons…I need a strong core!

I also miss yoga terribly, I cannot even tell you the last class I took or did on my own at home. This is a travesty! Yoga can be expensive but there are so many options available for all budgets. I just need to make an effort. I also want to try Hot Yoga again soon 🙂

In addition, Josh admitted that he is not really using his gym membership. While I am sad that he’s not been going, you can only lead a horse to water. And we both agreed that someone should get use out of it, so we are having it transferred into my name!

The gym he goes to is not quite as nice as Urban Active but it will come in handy on the weekends and in bad weather. Plus, they have Body Pump classes 🙂

I’m also toying with the idea of running the Louisville Half Marathon in October. But I have a little time to decide. I figure if I do register for it, I will have to start training in July. So we’ll see!

As you can can probably tell, I’m sort of all over the place, but I like to think it all balances out 🙂

What are your fitness goals for the summer?

Baby steps

So I’ve been giving this whole vegan challenge some serious thought.

It’s not that I can’t do it…just not all at once. I didn’t achieve a healthy lifestyle or train for a half marathon in a short amount of time either. It took weeks, months, and now years to maintain.

I don’t want to do this for the wrong reasons nor do I want to give up the things about my current diet that I already prefer (lower sugar, moderate carbs, etc.).

I also don’t want to get caught in the convenience/processed foods trap or eat too many meat replacements as I fear this defeats the purpose of adopting this sort of diet for my health. So, if I am going to do this the right way, I need to take baby steps. Just as I did with changing my lifestyle and just as I did with running. Start a little bit at a time.


Meat is the easiest thing for me to “give up” because I don’t like it enough that I really miss it. In fact, I never miss it. Plus I have noticed when I eat too much of it, it doesn’t agree with me or my system if you know what I mean. I also don’t like eating meat at a restaurant not really knowing where it came from or what they did to it.

With the exception of Shane’s Rib Shack last Thursday, I haven’t had meat in quite some time. Even when I did eat it “regularly” it wasn’t every day. I even made it this past weekend in Chicago without eating any meat at all. If I can do that out of town, I should be able to everywhere. Cheese was another story 😉

This is going to be the easiest change to make so it is a good place to start.

Eventually I would like my diet to be: vegetarian, mostly vegan (?), low in sugar, low in processed foods, lots and lots of veggies, moderate fruit and grains. I want to try lots of new recipes and products too! It’s going to take some time to get there but I’m willing to take it slow and give it a shot 🙂

What is your “ideal diet”?

1, 2, 3?

An hour & a half after eating lunch, I felt so energized that I decided that would be the best time to go to the gym! Usually I wait until after work but sometimes fight with fatigue then, so this worked out perfectly.

Are any of you participating in Angela’s “Bikini Body Boot Camp“? I am!


I’ve been doing really well with my running lately but my body could use some toning, especially my midsection. So I said, what the heck?

But I started today’s workout with a 3 mile run. It’s funny how Wednesday I did 1 mile, yesterday I did 2 miles and today 3. Does this mean tomorrow I’ll do 4? Who knows…I doubt it though since I”m spending most of the day in the car 😉

Time: 35:00

Distance: 3.30 (I ran 3 miles in 33:58 which is 11:19/mile, then I walked for a couple minutes)

Calories: 300-ish

Man, have I said it enough times yet? I need  a heart rate monitor! It’s driving me nutso. 😉

By the way, I don’t recommend running without socks on! I left mine at home this morning but I just couldn’t bare not working out (that’s how you know you’ve got it bad) so I went ahead without ’em. Surprisingly, I only have a couple of small blisters and they aren’t bad. But I need to be careful. I’m always forgetting something. Wednesday, I forgot my t-shirt, but thankfully I had a full-length sports bra, so I just made due and showed a little more skin.

After the run and per Angela’s instructions I did 3 sets of push ups and 2 of Wigg’s Ab exercises.

For the pushups, I was on my knees for the first 2 sets and the wall for the last 1. I would’ve done them all on the floor but my arms are still kind of sore from Wednesday’s crazy weight lifting! I did one set of 12, one set of 10 and one set of 20. Can you tell which one was on the wall? I suck at pushups but maybe that’s something that can change.

The two ab exercises I chose were 1) regular crunches and 2) Side to side abs. For the regular crunches, I timed myself for 1 minute and just did as many as I could. Repeated 3 times. Then for the side-to-side ab exercise, I timed myself for 30 seconds. I originally intended to do 1 minute, but these are HARD. Repeated 3 times.

So needless to say (but I’m gonna), I feel pretty good today and I’m ready to go home and start my crazy long weekend. New York, here I come (tomorrow)!

Just to reiterate, I am going to keep up with blogging on my trip, so don’t go anywhere 😉