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Feeling inspired

As I was blogging my eats yesterday, I was really inspired to do some more full day posts. I don’t know that I will do them all the time again, but we’ll see what happens!

For breakfast this morning I had pumpkin oat bran which was so delicious.

001 I used 1/3 cup oat bran and cooked it with 1/3 cup Silk original almond milk, 1/3 cup of water and 1/3 cup Libby’s canned pumpkin. I sprinkled cinnamon in the mix and for the first time, I used a squirt of agave nectar!

Of course, I topped it with peanut butter and chocolate chips 🙂

More mixed nuts to snack on with my coffee.


For lunch, I threw together a salad with black refried beans and salsa. It was delicious!

003 Here are the beans I used, they had quite a few different flavors so I’m going to have to try some more.

007 I also had a red pear with my lunch. Yum!


I had a second cup of coffee and then went for a 3 mile run with Farrah. The weather today was so warm, it was my first run outdoors in shorts in a t-shirt!

When I got back, I had a vegan jerky strip. I received a package of free samples from Primal Spirit Foods a couple of weeks ago.

005 I do love the Thai Peanut but the Texas BBQ is probably my 2nd favorite. Have you tried these? I was never a fan of “real” jerky before, so it’s amazing.

For dinner, I knew I wanted chickpeas but wasn’t sure what to do with them. Then I remembered, duh, chickpea burgers!


I topped mine with hummus this time because why not add more chickpeas to a chickpea burger? Ha ha. I also had some green beans and a sweet potato on the side.


For dessert, I had some strawberries with Dark Chocolate Dreams.

Another great day! I don’t expect things to go so well like this all of the time, but I’m feeling really good about the past two days.

Time to go to bed now, sweet dreams for us all!

Recipe: Chickpea Burgers with Guacamole

Doesn’t that sound like a strange combination?

007The original recipe on which this was based was called Chickpea Burgers & Tahini Sauce but as I was preparing to make the main dish for girl’s night potluck last Wednesday (St. Patrick’s Day), I realized “I need something GREEN!”

Guacamole was an easy choice and I have used it on black bean burgers before so I was sure it would be just fine on these too.

But first, I had to make the burgers! I changed a few things from the original recipe but I’m still “quoting” it.


    • 1 14-ounce can chickpeas, rinsed
    • 4 scallions (aka green onions), trimmed and sliced
    • 1 Flax “egg” (1 tbsp ground flax seed + 1/4 cup water)
    • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
    • 1 tablespoon ground cilantro
    • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
    • 1/4 teaspoon salt
    • Whole wheat pita pockets


Place chickpeas, scallions, flax mixture, flour, cilantro, cumin and 1/4 teaspoon salt in a food processor or blender.

Pulse, stopping once or twice to scrape down the sides, until a coarse, moist mixture forms that holds together when pressed. Form into 4 patties.


Spray skillet with non-stick cooking spray then add patties and cook until golden and beginning to crisp, 4 to 5 minutes.

005 006

Carefully flip and cook until golden brown, 2 to 4 minutes more.


I was so afraid these were going to be soggy and not hold together very well, but I was pleasantly surprised!


I tallied up my version of this recipe and each burger was 150 calories. Love it!

We enjoyed these burgers in pitas with guacamole (yum!) and some lovely fries and ketchup.

I love girl’s night!

These burgers were so delicious! I think I have another recipe to work into my rotation. I love how this was a non-vegan recipe but with a few small changes, I made it so 🙂