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Daytona and Beach

Oh, to be in Daytona this week. Would’ve been nice.

Nope, we were still in Kentucky, where it is cold and snowy, watching a little race called the Daytona 500. Oh well 😉

Breakfast on Sunday was more oat bran with strawberries and peanut butter, yum!


At church, I snacked on a tangerine and then we headed to Courtney’s to watch the race.

My plate included a vegan burger on a sandwich thin, veggies and chips with salsa.


I had a few more chips with salsa over the course of the day. We also built some friends during the long red flag break in the middle of the race.


Meet our friend Daytona.


And his pet turtle, Beach! Ha ha.


When we got home, I was actually hungry for dinner but the only thing on my mind was PB&J oats, so that’s what I had!


And some more delicious tea 🙂


It was quite the interesting day! The race got pretty lame with the red flags but it was good to welcome NASCAR back for another season 😉

Are you a NASCAR fan? Who is your favorite driver?