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Saying goodbye to moderation

First, I cannot thank you all enough for the most supportive comments ever. Sometimes when I write such personal posts as this one, I don’t know that anyone even reads them but I should know by now, you all are the best and always have my back 🙂

It was also interesting to read that so many of you are going through the same thing or have at some point in your journey. I think sometimes I try too hard and forget that I am human and I need to keep in mind who I used to be and where I came from.

In my last post, I mentioned making some changes. I’ve said before that being vegan has been amazing for my health, my body, and my soul as well. So there won’t be any changes there. In fact, I feel like I’ve gotten quite “used to it” and when I am doing everything the right way, I feel the best I ever have. So now, how do I get back to the “right way”?

This isn’t anything too drastic, just a refinement of what I’ve already established as my personal food philosophy. I will also be making some life changes and blogging changes (I need to be on here more!), but I’ll save those for another post 🙂

  • Get control of my carbohydrate intake (from grains): I love carbs and as a runner, I need them, but the amount I’ve been eating lately is too much and could lead to inflammation and excess body weight (since anything not used by my body goes to storage). I also need to make most, if not all, of my grains WHOLE and cut back on the refined, more processed ones.
  • Eat more veggies: including some big salads for lunch or dinner. This will be easier now that the weather is getting warmer because my body usually craves the cold, crisp veggies. Lately I’ve just been heating up a serving of frozen vegetables with dinner and skipping them otherwise.
  • Make protein a focal point: I am usually good about eating beans, tofu, or a veggie burger with a meal but I need to be more intentional in making sure that I am getting enough protein in my diet over the course of the day. Protein not only makes me feel more satisfied and promotes muscle recovery, I’ve also noticed that when I let it slide my immune system pays for it — like now.
  • Need dessert? Eat fruit: Last night, I had a really tasty pear for dessert and it made me realize that fruit would make the perfect dessert. I really don’t need all the dark chocolate and peanut butter all the time, or the bagels/oatmeal that I put them on. Even though I try not to eat too much fruit because of its sugar content, I’d rather eat fruit for dessert than have 1 or 2 servings of something heavier that I really don’t need at night. Like I said, I don’t have a moderation button.
  • Absolutely NO: diet sodas, cold cereal, tortilla chips, jelly beans, or other “red light” foods or drinks in my house. I have to admit that I can’t control myself and moderation is not in my vocabulary, so they need to just be gone. I do okay when I’m out somewhere and they are in the room with me, as long as I don’t start consuming them. There is no “just one” or “just a few bites” for me. I realize that now.

I had an awesome lunch yesterday at North End Cafe (post about that coming later) with my friend Kim and we both talked about our desire to eat more fresh, less processed foods as much as possible. I can’t wait to start going to more Farmer’s Markets.

I’ll be honest and tell you that right now, I don’t even want to buy bread from the store. I would rather make my own. I know it takes time and effort but at least I would know what was in it. And I feel like if I had to take the time to make it myself, I wouldn’t eat it all so fast! I would make it last.

So I’m brainstorming ways that I can eat more whole foods that are as fresh and non-processed as possible. I also want to buy more organic when I can afford it. Any tips?

What is something in your diet that you would like to change or improve?