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Guest post: Food mantras

I am currently on my way to a conference out of state and not sure how much time I will have to blog so instead of worrying about it, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce you to some of my favorite bloggers!

So without further ado, please welcome Kim 🙂

A few weeks ago I thought about my food mantras.  I just now looked up the definition – and it came to watchword: a word or motto that embodies a principle or guide to action of an individual or group. 

Sounds good to me – so here we go! 

I am single and have $75 budgeted to spend on food and eating out in a given week. 

I will soon be living in a place that has tons of great restaurants, a farmer’s market year round and open every day, a Harris Teeter ½ mile from my apartment, a Whole Foods, and a Trader Joes all within a 10 minute drive.  Gotta love that!

So now that you know my background, here are my personal food mantras:


We have all been told to lose weight you need to eat less.  I’m not just talking about eating less – I want to take it one step further.  I want to eat smaller, healthier portions.  I can eat a whole pound of asparagus and pound of carrots, whole things of broccoli and cauliflower if you let me. 

But, even though all those vegetables are good for me, it does nothing to work on self-discipline and portion control.  Eating on small plates, using smaller Tupperware to bring lunch in to work, using measuring cups and small bowls for things like oatmeal and morning cereal.  I mean, who of us can’t eat 3 bowls of any of our favorite cereal? (Sarah’s note: I definitely can!)


I have now almost completely cut out all processed foods from my diet. But, potato chips (even good ones) still make it into the grocery cart; some frozen dinners make it in there as well. I want to make all my salad dressings (which I currently do), granola bars, meals, snacks, etc.

Maybe I’ll start buying mostly organic, but I don’t know that yet – especially the few times I eat meat, organic meat is so expensive! I don’t think I want to go to a CO-OP of CSA because of the NC State Farmers Market that will be so close to me in a month.

I am also excited to learn more about canning so I can do something with all these fresh fruits and vegetables.  For me, eating better is about balance. I love dairy – cheese, milk, and yogurt – that is all processed. 

For bread, I use Arthur’s sandwich thins, which are also processed.  I would definitely make my own bread before I made/bought my fresh/raw dairy, but it’s about balance.  Even the wheat flour for my homemade bread has been processed – and I don’t have the money to buy my own wheat mill. 

I have learned a lot in the process of cleaning out my fridge/freezer to prepare for a move in 2 weeks.  There is so much that will be going to waste – even from freezer burn or simply running out of time.  I need to have less stocked up and buy fresher ingredients.

So, I want to go weekend farmers market shopping and then supplement that with a trip to Trader Joes, Harris Teeter or Super Wal-Mart to get the random things I need.  I want to plan my menu by what’s on sale and what I want for those few days then start the process over again. 

That means my meals will be more seasonal and definitely fresher!  (And less processed!)

Am I really thinking this through? How can all these mantras work? I have figured out that if I do the first three things (Eat Less, Eat Better, Shop More), than I will actually accomplish this last one.

I will waste less food, buy less because I’ll be eating less, and be pickier about what I buy.  And in turn my food will taste great, I’ll stay on my budget because I won’t be wasting as much or buying what will go bad before I can eat it, and I’ll eat less of fabulous food.

I’ve learned this: better quality food tastes better so you are less likely to eat a TON of it because you are satisfied with just a sweet delectable bite!

Thank you, Kim for sharing those amazing tips! For more, check out Kim’s food blog, My State of Food.