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Why today is great

It’s true, I am one of those weird people who loves Mondays. To me, the beginning of the week is akin to a fresh start. It’s the start of a new week to focus on goals, accomplish tasks and get back to “regular life” after a busy weekend.

Since I am finding myself extra inspired on this particular Monday, I thought I would share with you how I already know today is a great day!

For starters, today is my best friend Courtney’s 31st birthday!

She’s gonna kill me for this one! 🙂

So happy we got to celebrate with her last night at a karaoke party! I’m no great singer but she has definitely inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and just have fun. One of the many reasons I am grateful to have her in my life 🙂

Speaking of parties, I had a rather indulgent weekend of birthday parties, baby showers, lots of cooking and no exercising. So much fun and totally worth it! And yet, when I got dressed this morning, I put on my smallest pair of pants and they still fit comfortably. Another reason that today is great! 🙂

Tonight, Josh and I are having dinner with friends whom we don’t get to spend enough time with these days. It is sure to be a rockin’ good time!

This picture is from 2007, that should tell us something, ha ha!

It will be great to catch up and fellowship with our friends over a nice meal. I will be making a very delicious spinach tomato & cucumber salad to take with us tonight. I just had to mention food since I declared this a food blog the other day, oops.

Lastly, it is quite possible that we are going to get snowed in at some point tomorrow. I am normally not a big fan of winter, but this year I have been learning how to take in all the seasons, not just the ones I prefer (read: every season BUT winter, ha).

It’s definitely an adjustment but it certainly makes the bitter cold and dark gloomy days more bearable. I’ve also caught myself observing the beauty of winter in nature and not just seeing the dead trees with no leaves.

Taken in our back yard

But just when I think I cannot take another freezing winter day, I remember that Spring and Summer will be here before we know it! Life is good 🙂

Now you tell me, why is today a great day for you?

Day 20.3: Wine and vegan meatloaf

What a great night!

My friend Renee was coming over for dinner, so I got started on the Vegan Meatloaf from Happy Herbivore early since it had to be in the oven for an hour.

First I got out all the ingredients:


Then I chopped up my onion like a mad woman. Big props to my Pampered Chef chopper…that thing rules and is totally worth the money.


Then I got started on making the loaf. It was SO EASY!

I followed everything to a T, except the optional ingredients which I left out. One change I did make, was I used oats instead of bread crumbs.


Before going into the oven (and topped with organic ketchup).


Oh my gosh. This seriously tasted so good. Except for the fact that it was not at all greasy, this tasted like meatloaf. I mean that, sincerely. YUM! Even Renee, who is an omnivore, agreed. I sent the recipe home with her!

We had some broccoli too 🙂


And some vino!


The wine was a brand called Cupcake which was picked for the name which was fine with me since I love cupcakes!


It was a Cabernet Savignon and at first, we both found it a little dry but once we warmed up to it, it was really good!


I know some wines aren’t vegan but I didn’t really worry about that tonight. Everything else was!

For dessert we had So Delicious chocolate peanut butter non-dairy ice cream 🙂


Okay, chocolate velvet has some competition! The peanut butter part was very…peanut butter-y,  ha ha. But I loved it and it was so nice of my friend to bring it over. We also had another glass of wine with dessert!

I had so much fun drinking wine, turning on some music, making a vegan dinner and catching up with my oldest friend.


Renee and I have known each other since we were five but it has been a long time since it’s just been the two of us.


She’s actually taller than me, this was a re-enactment, ha ha. When we were kids, I was a foot taller than her!

Hope you had a great night as well. See you all tomorrow!

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