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Is it really Day 4?

I can’t believe it’s already been 4 whole days of Crap Free Week! Honestly, this doesn’t feel like a Crap Free Week. It feels like the way I want to live. I’m so glad I did this and I’m really glad Caitlin, Lindsay, and others did it too because it inspired me to create my own CFW. I think from the end of the week on, I shall refer to it as Crap Free Living. I honestly don’t think I want another diet soda or artificially sweetened pudding again. 🙂 I’ll be going to Starbucks with my family tomorrow and the strange thing is, all I can think about is a nice hot tea! What happened to me? Ha ha.

Yesterday was a great day even after my breakfast debacle. I’m just glad I ate wholesome foods, even if they didn’t fill me for as long as I would’ve liked.

I mentioned scarfing these down around 9:30 yesterday…



I also had a cup of black coffee beforehand — might as well just commit this to memory because I have coffee every day during the week but I have switched to tea on the weekends 🙂

Somehow I managed to make it to 11:00, which is when I drug out my lunch. I’m really loving my lunches this week but can already tell I’m growing tired of sandwiches, so I think at the store this weekend, I will plan accordingly. I’m definitely going to pick up some veggie burgers and I still have salmon burgers in the freezer. I’ve also got some stuff to make some big salads so I hope to do that at least one day next week for lunch.

Today was a turkey sandwich (w/ spinach, 2% cheese and light mayo on whole wheat), some carrots + hummus, orange, and a pickle.



I didn’t end up finishing the carrots because I got full, so there are a few in the fridge for another time.

Aruond 2:00, we had a party here at work for which I was one of the hostesses. I brought fruit & veggies of course. The apples & strawberries were a big hit but not too many people touched the veggie tray 😦 I already had to use up some veggies from my previous one so now I’ll have to deal with this. I’m really going to get sick of broccoli, carrots & celery if I’m not careful. Perhaps I can come up with a creative way to use them? Hmm…

Anyway, at the party, I had some apple slices (pre-cut) and a few strawberries and some nice hot apple cinnamon herbal tea. It really hit the spot. I was having an afternoon workout though, so before I left I ate what has become my daily yogurt. Another new flavor!


This is the Voskos Greek Yogurt in Honey Vanilla Bean. I didn’t know what to think of it at first — it’s a smaller container than I’m used to (even though I had Blueberry earlier in the week) and I thought it kind of looked like ranch dressing! Don’t you think?



But I’m glad to say this yogurt was PHENOMENAL! I loved the flavor, the vanilla and honey really go well together, neither overpowered the other.

Its still not the thick greek yogurt consistency that I like, but it’s definitely not runny like Stonyfield. I would definitely buy this one again, not to mention the Blueberry. Can’t wait to try other flavors and even the plain 🙂

I kicked some major butt at the gym yesterday afternoon but it was slow going at first. Around 4:30, I was kind of tired and we started walking on the treadmills at 3.8 and it seemed harder than it was. Luckily my training partner was there (I’m growing quite fond of her!) and she started jogging, so I did too. We walked for a mile, then ran for about 1.10 miles, then we walked again at 3.8 and increased our incline gradually up to 15.0 and then back down gradually too. Then we did some intervals. I had originally thought I would be lucky to get 30 minutes in and guess what…we did 75! We also took some time out after our workout to do some stretching because we knew we’d need it.

Time: 75:00

Distance: 5.12 miles

Calories burned: 500+ (according to the machine)

Wowzah. In a good way! Lets just say when I got home last night I was totally ready for dinner.

I didn’t know it until this week, but I have to declare my undying love for Garbanzo Beans! I knew I liked them but now I love them 🙂 I decided to have my beans + brown rice combo again, only as a side and a pork chop for some more protein. It definitely feels good to eat protein after a tough workout, I could almost feel my muscles repairing!



I ended up going for 2nds on the beans, so I ate probably twice what you see there. They are so good! I definitely have to get those again. I would love to put those on a salad 🙂

After dinner, I did the dishes and some laundry and then plopped down on the couch to catch up on two of our favorite shows: “Big Love” and “United States of Tara” they were both good episodes too. Between the two, I got up (which was hard!) and made myself some Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea and a little dessert/snack:



Just a little unsweetened applesauce topped with some cinnamon and a handful of Multigrain Cheerios. This really hit the spot — I can already tell my sweet (fake) cravings are ceasing, this was perfectly sweet enough for me, plus I got another fruit serving out of it!

You know, if nothing else becomes of this Crap Free way of life, I love the way it makes me feel. The bottom line for me is that if I eat crap, I’ll feel like crap. If I eat mostly real food with no added junk, I feel good. You are what you eat?

Have a good day everybody, thanks for stopping by!