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Day 7: A little too much fun

I took Friday off work to catch up on a ton of errands, including buying gifts for Mother’s Day and the wedding and two graduation parties I’m attending today!

I started the day off with a slice of homemade whole wheat bread that my stepmother-in-law made for me topped with peanut butter and banana. It’s so good!

I also had some green Naked juice!

I got a black coffee from Starbucks to enjoy whilst shopping!

For lunch, I had my leftovers from Ramsi’s of course 🙂

Before getting ready for my fun night out, I snacked on an apple with peanut butter.

Then I got to go to this!

But before the show, we went to BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company) where I tried a couple things called “Beertails” which are cocktails made with their special brews.

The first one I tried was called a Wheat Spritzer, which contained grapefruit, orange juice and wheat beer. It was good and not too sweet!

We also got to sit outside even though it ended up being rather windy out!

I ended up ordering another drink (it was happy hour) and this time I tried the Cosmo of the Kings (I think?) which was made with their raspberry meade.

For dinner, I ordered the Spinach Burger (no cheese, no mayo) and fries, which wasn’t really a challenge friendly meal but still pretty good.

The burger was yummy! I loved how when I was taking bites out of it, I could actually see the spinach. It’s homemade which is always better than when a restaurant serves you a Boca patty!

Oh my heavens, the concert was great. The Goo Goo Dolls have been my favorite band for the past uhh…15 years or so? Gosh, I’m getting old, ha ha! But I love them and seeing them in concert is always a great experience.

After the show, I wiped the drool from my face we met up with some friends who were in from out of town for the show and headed across the street to Cunningham’s.

I wasn’t really in the mood for anything to eat, but I was quite thirsty so I chugged a few glasses of water but then we all decided to have another drink.

I got the Chateau St. Michele Riesling which was awesome!

However, three alcoholic beverages in one night (even though spread out and none very strong) was not the best display of moderation on my part. I don’t feel bad physically at all, but I do think I need to control myself a little better in the future. Plus, I don’t need to drink so many calories!

All that being said, it was a great night and I’m so glad I got to spend it with my girlfriends!

I did get a little hungry by the time I got home (at 1 o’clock!) so I had a small cup of oats with peanut butter, perfect 🙂

What is your favorite band?

Last meal before the challenge…

Last night, I went out with my girlfriends to see a free concert on Derby Eve. I’m not big on the Derby myself even though I live in Louisville. I’m just not a fan of horse racing in general and it’s always been too close to my birthday, which to me is more important 😉

But we do like to check out the free show that happens down at 4th Street Live the night before! My favorite Derby Eve show of course was the Goo Goo Dolls two years ago (pre-blog).

Before the show, we went to Ri Ra Irish Pub, where we had never been before and it was a great experience!

For one, I had a “real” drink 🙂


I hadn’t had a Cosmopolitan in a long time, but I’m pretty sure this was one of the best I’d ever had (better be for $8, ha ha).

For dinner, I ordered the hummus wrap with a simple salad and a pickle. The wrap had olives and a few other veggies thrown in. It was delicious!


The show was pretty good too! The weather was perfect and while it was crowded, we found a nice place to stand so we could enjoy Three Doors Down along with lots of people watching.

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What is your favorite band?

Mine is the Goo Goo Dolls. I get to see them next Friday 🙂