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Fresh start

After lunch today, I decided to head to Wal-Mart and Target to return something and shop a bit. Two and a half hours later, I definitely feel like I got a workout today. Which is good since I skipped the gym, again!

I probably would’ve stayed out later but I was hungry and had nothing but pita and hummus on the brain. So home I went.


Suzie was also still being incredibly lame. Nice to know I didn’t miss anything.


Sun bather.

For dinner, I tried a new selection from Green Giant. I had been avoiding these because most of them contain butter sauce or cheese, both of which do not fit into my mostly vegan diet.


But hooray for EVOO sauce! This was tasty.


I also heated up a leftover black bean burger on some whole wheat toast with ketchup.


Dinner is served.


Starting over

Today, I recommitted to my healthy eating by actually measuring out portions and eating when I am hungry and not more than I need to fill me up. I can tell I have eaten a lot less today now that I’m paying attention again.

It’s not a diet, it’s just getting back to basics. Healthy foods, portion control, no mindless or emotional snacking. I did okay over Christmas though, I actually lost a pound! But it’s always good to take a step back and make sure your healthy habits are in check.

For those of you ready to make some changes in your lifestyle or perhaps just reignite your passion for healthy living, don’t wait until January 1st. Do it right now, this very minute!

You can have a fresh start anytime, not just when you turn over the calendar.

Tomorrow, I will recommit to exercise. I’ve had a nice few days off to rest my body but now I’m ready to hit the ground running again!

Good night all, feels good to be back 🙂

Just another rainy Friday

Ugh, this rain is really getting old. I think its going to rain all day today and then be sunny tomorrow. Too bad I’ll be so tired from running a 10-miler tomorrow morning to hardly notice. Haha, just kidding. For one thing, I don’t think I’m running the entire 10 miles and I do have plans to be out enjoying the day as soon as I recover. Even if its just sitting in the car 🙂

Breakfast this morning was GREAT. I had kind of gotten into an oatmeal rut and things that were once impressive to me were no longer. So I changed it up a bit this morning. I decided to use oat bran because so many other bloggers have been recently and I think it has more fiber than regular oats which I thought could help keep me full until lunch and eliminate the need for a mid a.m. snack (maybe). I also went up from my usual 1/3 cup to 1/2. I added 1 cup of skim milk and 1/2 a banana and cooked it all together on the stove. Once it was done (it cooks quicker than oats too) I stirred in 1 tbsp milled flax seed for some healthy Omegas and then threw on the toppings, which included:

  • The other 1/2 banana, sliced
  • 1 tbsp pecans (whole, so much better)
  • 1 tsp semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 tbsp organic peanut butter

Check out this beauty…


The chips melted and mixed with the PB, coated the pecans, mmmm…this was so good, thankfully.

Lunch & Snacks Preview

For lunch today, I made a cashew butter & preserves sandwich (holy nut butters batman), packed some Green Giant broccoli w/ potatoes & cheese, and an orange.


I’m hoping to not need a morning snack, but my afternoon snack shall be Fage Total 0% with strawberries and Kashi Cocoa Beach granola.


I’m going to work out sometime today, either at lunch or after work. I haven’t decided what yet. My knees and legs are feeling a little sore, so I’m not sure I want to run today but maybe I will do the bike or elliptical and some weights. Definitely abs!

Happy Friday! It’s coffee time now…

Last long Monday before NY

Whew today was a long day. But it’s finally winding down. Unfortunately I have to study for an anatomy test in the morning so I’m going to have to make this quick.

I had to cut my lunch hour short today so I just went outside and took a 35 minute brisk walk with some co-workers. It was really nice though and good to feel the breeze and sunshine on my face 🙂

I ended up eating the peanuts during class and they were really good at keeping my hunger at bay until I got home to eat dinner. The So Delicious vanilla yogurt was just as good as I remembered it too 🙂

For dinner, I made a veggie burger, some Green Giant veggies (broccoli + potatoes + cheese), and a slice of bread with some red, red wine (remember that song? haha)…




These veggies were really good; easy to portion out and the broccoli seemed to be of way better quality than the generic kind we usually buy 🙂

Right now I’m feeling hungry, my stomach is actually growling, so I’m going to have this small snack:


Signing off for now, see you guys in the morning!

CFW Day 2 in review

For breakfast, I had a bowl (1.5 cups) of Multigrain Cheerios with 1% milk (1 cup) and 1 medium sliced banana. I was either very tired, hungry, or both yesterday morning because I have no recollection of even thinking about taking a picture of breakfast, oops! I also had a cup of black coffee at work after the gym.

For my morning workout, I did 15 minutes on the elliptical, upping my levels to 7-10, burning about 150 calories. Then I did some weights and other exercises for 30 minutes:

Chest presses – 10 lbs, 2×15

Bicep curl + Shoulder press – 10 lbs, 2×15

Tricep extensions – 10 lbs, 2×15

The upper body exercises were quite challenging since I had not done them in a week and I increased their reps for the first time!

Hip Adductor/abductor machine – 65 lbs, 2×15 (each exercise)

Lower back machine – 90 lbs, 2×15

Leg extension machine – 50 lbs, 2×15

Leg curl machine – 50 lbs, 2×15

“Regular” crunches – 1×20 + 10 “pulses”

Clamshell crunches – 1×15

Bicycle crunches – 2×30

Woo, I’m feeling it today too 😉

Since I worked out and burned off some calories, I became quite hungry around 10:30’ish and decided to go ahead and have a morning snack instead of that early a lunch or ignoring my hunger any longer. I had this bar on reserve: Planters Big Triple Nut Bar.




This bar contains “honey roasted peanuts, almonds and cashews mixed with chewy granola.”

It tasted amazing! It sort of reminded me of a nutty candy bar only I can’t recall which one because it’s been so long since I’ve had most of them!

The nutritionals were okay, this bar comes in at 220 calories, 7 g protein, 3g fiber, unsaturated fat (from the nuts) and 110% DV of Vitamin E. I can’t remember all of the ingredients and can’t locate them on the site yet, but I do remember that this bar DID NOT contain partially hydrogenated anything, high fructose corn syrup, or common artificial sweeteners (that I’m aware of).

It was also a great snack…I did not need lunch for two more hours! I would definitely buy this bar again, in moderation, and once the peanut butter scare is over, I would like to try the other flavor, peanut + peanut butter. These bars were in a bin on sale at Kroger, 3/$1.

Lunch was another really great sandwich: Hormel natural turkey, 2% cheddar cheese, spinach and mustard on whole wheat bread. Speaking of which, here is the bread I am currently using: Healthy Life soft style 100% whole wheat bread.



This bread was on sale this past week at Kroger and I picked it up because it had no HFCS, artificial sweeteners, and fit the 100% whole grain carb criteria. Each 2-slice serving is just 130 calories too, which also helped me out a great deal. I love really thick, dense breads, but those also tend to be calorie dense. I will get them every once in a while, but for sandwiches, I think I’m going to stick to moderate whole wheat bread to keep the calories a bit lower. Next time though, I think I will opt for the non-soft style type. Just a personal preference.

I also had some veggies, Green Giant’s Sugar Snap Peas. These were so amazing and I love how you can just throw the package in the micro for a few minutes and voila! These were really sweet tasting and were not drenched in sauce like some other veggies. I ate the entire thing (just over a cup)!



I rounded out lunch with a pickle and an orange. It was a very colorful, tasty and satisfying lunch. I have done quite well with lunches this week, eh?




I was so thrilled, this meal lasted me 4 hours! I even though about skipping my afternoon snack, but I did start rumbling before I left work so I went ahead and had it so I wouldn’t be starving when I got home.

This is major…I think I have had the best yogurt ever, in my life. I love a lot of yogurts but this one really got me.

Fage Total 2% with cherry



I love how they keep the yogurt and the fruit topping separate! It makes it fun to mix up yourself 🙂


I am almost speechless, this yogurt is absolutely perfect.

The consistency and taste were like that of any other greek yogurt. In fact I’d had Fage before, but never with cherry and I believe I got the fat free (0%) kind. I think the 2% is actually better. But oh that cherry flavor. I loved this yogurt so much that I took the tiniest bites possible to make it last longer!

I’m also impressed with the nutritionals…just 130 calories, 11 g protein, no fake ingredients! You can view their nutritional statement here.

Is that not a beautiful picture (above)?

I loved it because it really satisfied me and held me long enough to finish work, go home, walk the dog, and take my time cooking a very tasty dinner!

I knew I would be having chicken that I grilled on the George Foreman, but I decided to be different and add some Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper seasoning. I love the Mrs. Dash line because they are salt free, made from real ingredients, and just a little bit goes a long way for flavor, they also have a big variety. This added a nice touch to my chicken.

I also had some steamed brussel sprouts sprinkled with S+P, my other half of sweet potato, topped with cinnamon + fat free cottage cheese, and a slice of whole wheat toast topped with Smart Balance spread. I still wanted something to dip the chicken in, so I checked the fridge and read through the ingredients on our bottle of Habanero ketchup — no HFCS, sucralose, etc. So I had a little bit on the side.



This was such a good meal and really hit the spot. After I ate, I flossed and brushed my teeth and sat on the couch with the dog watching the news. After my food settled, I got dressed and went to play volleyball for 1.5 hours!

It was such a good night, I definitely feel like I got my exercise this week not to mention my morning workout on top of it 🙂

When I got home, I treated myself to a nice bubble bath and then finished a great night off with some chamomile tea and applesauce topped with blackberries, plus some Nip/Tuck with the hubby.



I’m feeling really great and blessed this week. Hope you all are too!