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Sleeping, shopping and curry

After getting home around 2 a.m. this morning, I was planning on sleeping until about 9 or so, but Suzie had another plans (meaning it was 7:30).

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“You WILL wake up and take me outside now, Mama!”

After I couldn’t say no to Evil Eyes, I was up and went ahead and made breakfast since I was practically starving.


Nothing like banana PB oats to quiet a growling tummy stomach. I scratched that out because the word tummy actually bothers me and I don’t use it normally, ha ha.

I also had some coffee with light vanilla soymilk in a Christmas mug, which is another one of my favorite things about this time of year 🙂


Once everything settled, I organized my grocery list and coupons for a while before going to my mom’s house for a bit and having lunch at Subway (veggie delight-no pic).

Then I hit the grocery stores and did some major damage…for $54!!


That big can of oats is actually hiding a lot of stuff, ha ha. Today, I shopped at Target, Walmart and Kroger which is convenient for me because they are all right in a row on the same street (two in the same shopping center).

I found some great deals and used lots of coupons…I love trips like this!

I got hungry after all of that excitement and had a spoonful of peanut butter to hold me over. I didn’t want to eat too much of a snack because I needed my appetite good and ready for a special recipe!

I decided that tonight, I would make Mama Pea’s Vegetarian Curry. I followed her recipe pretty closely, making only a few adjustments for what I had on hand.


I decided to use spinach, mushrooms, potato, onion and carrots for my veggies.

And my favorite tofu!


Plus the rest 🙂


This was my first time using canned coconut milk, so I was excited (it doesn’t take much).


I followed her directions to the T and everything came together nicely. I started by sautéing the veggies.


Then I made the curry sauce, which smelled delicious.


All together, on top of some brown rice.


This dish was pretty good! I think I would like to make it spicier next time (even though my nose was still running) but it was definitely the best curry I’ve made yet.

Big thanks to Mama Pea for providing this easy recipe which I plan to make again in the near future (plus I have leftovers from tonight, yippee)!

Since Josh is currently yelling at the Texas game, let’s hear it…What is your favorite college football team?

HH’s Gingerbread French Toast

As usual on Saturday morning, I wanted a “special” breakfast. Luckily I had seen this post on Happy Herbivore for Gingerbread French Toast. Yes, please!

I threw all the ingredients together (I quartered the recipe to make just 2 pieces) and started cooking.


Of course, as I expected, this recipe came out delicious! I loved the hints of ginger, which were not overwhelming (even though I love ginger) and I added some powdered sugar on top just for the heck of it 😉


On the side I had a banana with peanut butter and some coffee with light vanilla soymilk. I got vanilla this time because it’s more flavor for only 1 more gram of sugar and 10 more calories. 


This was seriously the best breakfast! Makes me wonder why I made boring old French toast with eggs for so many years.

After breakfast, I went grocery shopping and got all this stuff for about $55. I went a bit over our budget this week 😦


I’ve had quite an exciting day and there’s more to come. Be back soon!

Groceries, avocado, wine

I did a major grocery shop today and managed to spend just $45! Including…


Most of the above is Josh’s, save the Larabars and huge can of pumpkin 🙂



I love buying fresh veggies as opposed to frozen. They just have so much more flavor and now that I re-discovered my steamer, I look forward to making them this week!

I went to three stores today: Meijer, Kroger and ValuMarket, after I studied their ads online to see who had what on sale. Josh remarked that soon we won’t have to have as tight of a budget (his car is almost paid off), but I said that would not change my “style” of shopping.

I still plan to be on a budget and shop for the best stuff for the best price, I just may be able to splurge on a high priced item every now and then 😉

For dinner tonight, I made another strange use of an avocado 🙂


I cooked up a serving of coucous and stirred in some green onions (chopped) and a slice avocado, then topped it all with salsa. It looked good, sounded weird, but tasted amazing.

I had my dinner with some vino!


I got this bottle at Meijer for $4 and I had never heard of the brand before so I couldn’t wait to try it!


The color was a very dark red and it tasted a lot like Shiraz to me. Pretty light and crisp for a red. But I’m no wine expert 😉 I pretty much drink it all!



You may have noticed my blogging has been sort of random lately.

I decided that for now, I’m just going to write about the “new” stuff in my day instead of making this a really boring food journal. So sorry if you really wanted to know what I had for lunch today, ha ha.

Luckily, I’m constantly trying new foods, combinations or recipes so it should be easy to keep it going for a while. We’ll just see where it goes.

I’m sorry to see this beautiful weekend come to an end but it’s time to get back to the normal routine and I’ve got to plan out a really awesome strength routine for tomorrow!

Good night everyone 🙂

Day 30.2: Suzie’s checkup

I just realized how funny it is that yesterday I got my blood work and everything done and today Suzie got hers (and some shots, which I thankfully did not have to do)!


Of course, she did great and everything is perfect. She’s a happy healthy doggie, I’m so lucky 🙂

When we got home from the vet, Suzie took a nap and I snacked on some peanuts.


I decided that since I already have the day off, I might as well run some errands today that I usually do on Saturdays. Which means grocery shopping time!

I ended up going to Meijer and Kroger because Meijer had some great sales going on and Kroger is just right down the street so I saved some gas.

I kind of chuckled a bit at Meijer because they played the “X Files” theme song and music from “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” I can’t believe tomorrow is Halloween, it really snuck up on me this year.

Anyway, I got all this stuff for $50!


Lots of new stuff to try this week, I can’t wait. Kept Josh’s stuff in the picture just for fun 😉 Don’t you love how I sat the ground beef on top of the tofu? Ha ha.

When I got everything put away, I was majorly hungry so I heated up my leftovers for lunch, which was the exact same meal I had for dinner last night.


I took Suzie for a short walk and checked the mail where I found this awesome package from my favorite vegan, Carrie 🙂


I m so excited to try some vegan-friendly beauty products, especially that soap because now I can stop using Josh’s. Oops!

I feel laundry dishes a nap coming on, so I’m going to sign off for now. Hoping to find somewhere good for Josh and me to have dinner tonight that won’t break the bank.

Don’t forget to enter my awesome coupon giveaway before next Friday!

Have an awesome Friday!

Day 24.2: Fall flavors

I ended up going to Whole Foods, Valu Market and Kroger before my grocery shopping extravaganza was finished! I went a little over my budget (which was $40) but I splurged on a couple of seasonal items 🙂

This is why I love Fall!


There is also a “Nog” flavor that I will be getting closer to Christmas time.

I’ve been on the search for pumpkin butter for a while too and I finally found this little gem, which just happens to be local (from Hazard, KY) which makes it that much better!


These apples were no splurge, I got 3 lbs for $1.50!


When I got home, I was starving for lunch, so I had some leftover Vegan Refried Bean Cakes that I turned into a wrap when I topped them with salsa on a tortilla.


Then I had some carrots and hummus on the side to round out my meal. I really enjoyed this!


After shopping at all those places, I think I want to try and get more stuff from Whole Foods next time. They had a lot of winter squash on sale and also avocados for $1 each! I passed those up this time, but I did find peanut butter for $1.79, a new kind of hummus to try and of course the Silk Pumpkin Spice. I will be using that in my coffee tomorrow morning!

There were a lot of things that were more expensive though, like bread, lunchmeat, etc. that I buy for Josh so I doubt I will ever do all of my shopping there but maybe when we have a bigger budget.

I actually found some really great things at Valu Market, especially produce! So I think next week I may try to do Whole Foods + Valu only, we’ll see.

It’s time to go be crazy with Courtney at the Halloween stores!

Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

Day 17.2: The Great Pumpkin

Before I left home earlier, it really started getting cold in the apartment. But I’m still not turning the heat on yet! Supposedly on Monday we’ll be back in the 60’s so I don’t want to have to turn it on and then right back off.

So I knew it must be pretty cold outside and I needed to layer it up!

Long socks, check.


Warm hoodie, check.


Silly face picture of self in hoodie, check.


I went to the new Target and it was so nice! Everything was new and clean and the grocery carts and baskets were so much more ergonomic and comfortable to hold on to. I was really impressed with the handle of the basket (it doesn’t take much for me, ha ha).

But, I wasn’t all that impressed with their groceries. I did appreciate the wider selection than other Targets but so many items were overpriced. The one shining star I did find on this trip was a ginormous 2-lb. container of oats for $1.50!


That ought to last me a while 😉 They also had some natural PB on sale for $1.88 so it was still a good trip to make. I ended up going to Walmart and Kroger too though.

Here’s my stash: I spent $46 this time, still trying to work my way down. It would’ve been less if we didn’t need some non-grocery items this week.


Not too shabby!

When I got home I was so ready for lunch but I did not feel like making a salad like I was going to. Perhaps it’s because of the big container I just bought but all I could think about was oats. Here was my thought process…

Can I have oats for lunch? What about vegetables? Hmm…

Well, YES!


Pumpkin (a vegetable!) peanut butter and jelly oats! This hit the spot in a major way. I’m so glad I went with it 🙂

Now, I know some of you may not consider pumpkin to be a vegetable and that’s fine. I know all the reasons why it is considered either a fruit or a vegetable and sometimes both by some people.

But, I’m just curious…what is your opinion? I always consider it a vegetable. I group it in the same category with sweet potatoes whether that is correct or not.

Pumpkin: Fruit or vegetable? Answer in the comments 🙂

Why we blog

My walk at the Zoo this morning was killer! My aunt and I ended up doing 5 laps = 5 miles! And there are some really great hills there too. It was a great way to kick start the day, it really set the tone.

When I got home, I chugged water and snacked on some nuts!


Then I went and did my grocery shopping which turned out to be awesome! I went to two places, shopped for two people and spent a total of $31.87. Doing research, checking ads and coupons, not buying most packaged crap, plus buying stuff in season really does SAVE MONEY.

I had to hurry up and eat a lunch because my mom took me to see “Julie and Julia” this afternoon 🙂

My lunch was weird but it totally worked. I wasn’t that hungry but I knew I needed something so I heated up some leftover chickpeas (with hot sauce and sour cream) and brussels sprouts.



All together now!


I didn’t even finish the chickpeas because I was full! I saved the rest to throw in a salad later. It’s crazy how much different my eating and appetite are now that I don’t eat much sugar. Have I mentioned how happy I am?

The movie was great…it reminded me a lot of us food and fitness blog writers and the various reasons we started and maintained our blogs. For some of us, it is to keep us accountable to healthy eating or exercise, for others it’s to inspire their readers to live healthier lives, and some of us really just don’t know (ahem, yours truly).

But we do it anyway because there is that drive inside of us to do something creative, to share our experiences with the world whether we have 2 readers or 200. I’m so proud to be a blogger.

After the movie, my mom took me out for some coffee (my mom rules) and I got an iced one (it’s finally in the 90’s here now) with some skim milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon (a trick I learned from Tina, another great blogger).

It’s been a great day friends!

I just ate some dinner because I was HANGRY (another great blog) and I didn’t feel like eating at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight anyway (truly).

So I made something I’ve had for the third time this week but it hasn’t gotten old!

Guess? It included some of this beautiful thing


I’m going to have to go to Turkey Burgers anonymous…NOT!


I did things a little differently this time and left off the cheese because I really wanted to savor the flavors of the burger (I seasoned it with garlic powder, chili powder and sesame seeds this time) and avocado that I topped it with. But I sure as heck didn’t leave off the ketchup! Organic…no HFCS.


YUM! So good. It’s equally good with the cheese, but I’m glad I tried it without since I really wasn’t feeling it today.

Since it’s early, I will probably have a snack before we go to BWW, then I might order a glass of wine there (wink wink), and most likely will stash a dark chocolate bar in my purse for later…it’s going to be a long night, but the perfect ending to a great Saturday.

Hope you all are having fun too! “See” you tomorrow 🙂

Wild weekend

Usually, my friday nights are pretty relaxed, filled with grocery shopping, watching movies and sometimes going out to dinner. I sometimes joke about how old I’m getting because even on a Friday, I am in bed around 10!

But this week, we threw caution to the wind and checked out a free concert at 4th Street LiveTonic! Remember them? I loved the 90’s so it was really nostalgic for me, plus it was a great night outside (is it really August?) with great friends. And even though I felt rebellious, I still got home at a decent hour and in bed before midnight.



The best part is…we’re doing it again tonight! Only much, much later. We’re seeing a friend’s band play at a local bar and it doesn’t start until late, so this grandma is taking a nap here soon then grabbing some coffee before the show!

Yesterday’s eats were pretty unremarkable so I didn’t photograph them — all leftovers and repeat snacks. I went to the grocery store today though so things should get more interesting 😉

Breakfast this morning was very light…I had a small bowl of this cereal.


This cereal normally runs more $5.79 at Kroger but was on sale for $2.99 so I knew I could not pass it up. It has absolutely no sugar and makes a good snack and hopefully yogurt topping (I will find out soon)!

I ate this size “breakfast” because I knew I was going to a brunch later but I needed some fuel.


I met my two aunts at the Zoo for a nice 3 mile walk and boy did it wear me out! I hadn’t walked hills like that in a while so it was definitely challenging. It felt so good to get in a great workout on the weekend since I usually reserve the weekend for laziness, haha.

After my walk, I came home and got ready for a baby shower for a couple at our church. It was quite a spread of food, mostly breakfast items (my favorite) and I went for different choices than I usually do. I completely by passed the crazy carb table (all muffins, pastries, donuts, etc.) and headed for the quiches, eggs, grits and some fruit.


I finished that entire plate and some coffee which left me totally satisfied. Guess what else I did? I completely passed up the cake! I have found that now that I eat less sugar, I want stuff like that less and less, which makes me feel good because I always get that dreaded sugar high and crash that comes along with it.

When I got home, I sorted through coupons, made a list and checked some ads online before I went shopping. Josh has given in and decided to let me have complete control over our groceries…he just makes me a list of what he wants and I do my best to get him what he wants but as healthy as possible. He said it will be easier to resist candy and crappy cereal if he just doesn’t go to the store at all. Plus it gives me more time to comparison shop, which is easily becoming one of my passions!

To fuel this effort, I had a hard boiled egg for a snack.


I only went to 2 stores today (Kroger and Walmart) and while I spent the same amount of money we usually do ($50) but got a ton more stuff! The best news is that the two stores are only a mile apart so it’s not like I went out of my way and wasted gas. I think next week I won’t be getting as much because of this, so I could see us spending more like $30 next week.

Some people believe that eating healthier is more expensive, but when you stick to fresh, in season produce and avoid the extras like candy, processed snacks, sodas, etc. you actually save money in the long run. I believe if you make the effort (check prices ahead of time, find coupons, go to more than one store, etc.) it can be done.

I wasn’t completely starving at lunch time so I just had a cup of pinto beans on top of romaine lettuce with some chinese garlic sauce and sour cream. Sort of weird, but it worked. I’m full and ready for my nap!


Ok, so that and a spoonful of PB (that I shared with the dog)!

Have a great weekend guys!